What went right

What went right

He became a multimillionaire and achieved a level of success at his chosen craft that most people only dream of.

I think he got a nosejob and hair plugs as well but he started taking his health seriously and lost all that baby fat and became a grown man.

He was already a 7/10 but now he's firmly a 9.

He lost weight.

He actually gained weight, but lost fat.

avocado ice cream

i hate the fucking patriots but this dude seems like the coolest bro ever, would get along

I said he lost his baby fat, a euphemism for that freshman fifteen he carried through to his rookie year in the pros.

The 2nd picture isn't as close up tbf

Reminder that Brady votes for Trump

I don't think he'd like you.

I'm pretty sure he got a nose job. There's a pic that gets posted on here that's a collection of Tom's team photos through the years and for the first 4 or 5 pics his nose is noticeably more bulbous than in the rest of the photos. Not that I'm knocking him for getting plastic surgery though. I considered getting a chin implant at one point. I have a good face but my chin is smaller than I'd like. My chin looks good from straight on but it's noticeably small when you look at it from the side. A chin implant would give me Chad-like facial aesthetics.

Nah a minor rhinoplasty or getting your chin pushed forward a little bit isn't really a big deal, it's not like he got full plastic surgery, though he also didn't need it.

I'm kind of the same way. I've always liked my facial aesthetics but have always felt like my nostrils were a little bit too prominent, kind of that pig snout look. I'm sure it looks worse to me than other people but I've thought about getting it fixed.

fuck him then

Sold his soul to Satan.

I had a girlfriend who lost a ton of weight over the course of a few years. Her nose went from being a round little button to a ground big Roman nose, just from losing the weight in her face.

Wouldn't be surprised if some weight loss plus 16 years did that to Tom.

Men's noses never stop growing.

Fucking Normans in this thread. The pic on the left is his brother

Did she leave you when she got skinny and hot?

A good plastic surgeon

Fuck you taco. Shouldn't you be building a wall?

Brady has never said he agrees with Trumps points, just that Trump is a personal friend of his and so he supports him like he supports all his friends in all of their efforts.
Brady is likely not with Trump politically considering Brady came out against Drug Prohibition in the states and Trump wants to increase the power of the DEA

How long until he is governor of a new England state?

Once he decides he wants to be on the ballot

I left her because it took me two years to figure out she was literally autistic and never showed any real emotion.

Kek you're like my friend who dated a mentally retarded girl for 2 weeks in 10th grade before he found out she was retarded.

then what do you call a ten