Motor/sp/ort - Meme Points Edition

it's the playoffs sub-edition

Indycar FINALE & Pirelli World Challenge @ Sonoma; NASCAR Camping World Trucks, Xfinity, & Sprint Cup at Chicagoland; Continental Tire Challenge, Weathertech Sportscar Championship, & World Endurance Championship, BTCC @ Silverstone; V8 Supercars at Sandown; Blancpain Endurance @ Nurburgring

>Robby Gordon's father and step-mother found dead in home; RHR's wife and Robby Gordon's sister gives birth
>Twitter handles to be used on drivers' windshields for first 3 races of the Chase
>Zanardi wins more Paralympic gold in Rio

Friday, Sept. 16
>NXS first practice, NBCSN 1230 ET/1630 UTC
>NSCS first practice 1330 ET/1730 UTC
>CTC Race (2.5h) 1340 ET/1740 UTC
>NXS final practice 1500 ET/1900 UTC
>IMSA Quali 1645 Et/2045 UTC
>CWTS Keystone Light Pole Qualifying, FS1 1645 ET/2045 UTC
>NSCS Coors Light Pole Qualifying, NBCSN 1845 ET/2245 UTC
>CWTS Race American Ethanol E15 225 (150 laps, 225 miles), FS1 2030 ET/0030 UTC (Saturday)

Saturday, Sept. 17
>NSCS second practice, CNBC 1030 ET/1430 UTC
>NXS Coors Light Pole Qualifying, NBCSN 1145 ET/1545 UTC
>IMSA Race Lone Star Le Mans (2h40m) 1235 ET/1635 UTC
>NSCS final practice, NBCSN 1330 ET/1730 UTC
>NXS Race Drive for Safety 300 (200 laps, 300 miles), NBC 1500 ET/1900 UTC
>PWC Race 1 GT/GTA 1645 ET/2045 UTC
>INDY Quali 1800 ET/2200 UTC
>WEC Race 6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas 1800 ET/2200 UTC
>PWC Race 1 GTS 1950 ET/2350 UTC

Sunday, Sept. 18
>BTCC Race 1 0657 ET/1057 UTC
>BES Race 0845 ET/1245 UTC
>BTCC Race 2 0932 ET/1332 UTC
>BTCC Race 3 1217 ET/1617 UTC
>PWC Race 2 GTS 1315 ET/1715 UTC
>NSCS Race Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 (267 laps, 400.5 miles), NBCSN 1430 ET/1830 UTC
>PWC Race 2 GT/GTA 1615 ET/2015 UTC
>INDY Race GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma 1830 ET/ 2230 UTC

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First for /ragsinabox/

Briscoe wins lol

when is she getting that win


>Twitter handles to be used on drivers' windshields for first 3 races of the Chase

mirin those absssss

Cuz they need new fans badly, want to show they are down with the modern kids. Latest silly season bullshit is that Coke is only going to be title sponsor if they can't get Microsoft or Samsung to a deal as France wants a big tech company sponsor to make the sport look more advanced than the "Redneck" image "Problem".

France is now talking about adding a fourth manufacturer to try bring up interest again on top of that

>1. Dodge/Chrysler
>2. VW
>3. Hyundai
>4. Nissan

wewwww laddy

Contintental Tire Challenge starts soon at COTA

should be p good




Micheal Shank suspends his Prototype programm next season to field two NSX GT3s in GT3s.
RealTime swaps the keys of the TLXes for a pair of NSX in PWC as well


damn prototypes are hideous

COTA and street cars like PWC or CTC never fails to disappoint

>ModSpace MX5s bumpdrafting
based as fuck

The Toyota and Porsche look pretty good although the liveries are bland.

What did they mean by this?

>Twitter handles to be used on drivers' windshields for first 3 races of the Chase

It means that Nickelodeon sponsored the race and used the opportunity to promote one of their shows.

Honestly it's hard to tell the difference between the P1 cars. They all look the same: Ugly.

Pole motherfuckers

>JWT 2nd

>Townley and Gallagher starting together
>Memecheck and Custer starting together

meme trophy for a meme race in a meme system called the chase

It's ridiculous that every factory P1 car is black and gray/white with red accents. Toyota used to use blue until they went full Gazoo.

We going to have a trucks thread, lads?

memelord never posts it in the thread

When will cup drivers in trucks end?

>“We’re just so low on power,” Briscoe said. “We can’t accelerate."
>Briscoe wins pole


v8's Race for the Grid on now


That image is pornographic and that car isn't hardly a month old.


Seriously my dick is too fucking hard right now.

Dat runoff doe


I cant find one

Tits out

>Busch fails postrace inspection after Truck win

COTA is lame

Floormat Championship

>bullying the dildowing already

No patience for mememobiles.

...And if you don't live in a country where you get demanded to show your papers, you can watch the race here:


>AXR taking each other out

haha...Fuck you. #66

#31 does not deserve a penalty. The #5 gave him no room.

>fastest GT cars in the world
FOX please

well, super GT aren't real GT cars

Well, what are the fastest GT cars?

>Viper hitting the cone

Porsche driver booped his team mate in the pits.

>Sign 1 - 0 John Pew

>xfinity race on NBC
>sprint race on NBCSN
I hate football season.

who /nolimits/ here?




fuckin porsche bullies

Xfinity KWL in Chicago starting soon

>race near the end
>shit starts pixelating and cuts out

lmao what a great deal IMSA did to get trapped with FOX. what a great product for the fans

>white flag
>no video feed

How does John Poo still have a job, lads?


he pays to do it. he owns part of the team.

F1 is shit

At least he'll be in a GTD (Where he belongs) next year.

Porsche wins lol.



>Gustavo Yacaman
Comedy gold.

Bamber and Tandy never got to defend their Le Mans win thanks to diesel-gate. So Porsche executives send them to dominate IMSA.


My favorite time of the thread: when the reddit f1 fan spams his shitty and unrelated webms!


Best track in the world.

but there are no webms on leddit.
it's a text board like 2ch.

Eh, the amphitheater section is kinda garbage. The rest of it is bretty good as far as modern f1 circuits go, but its no Road America

>Kyle is almost kill
>Muh nards in front


Not even GTD, it's been confirmed that he won't be back with Shank next season

Someone going to make a WEC thread? Starts in 8 bings, right?


Well then, he can always retire and live happily with his wife and go sailing until he croaks... Also holy shit Shank's got a shot at the GTD & Pirelli World Challenge titles next year if the NSX doesn't get BOP'ed too quickly.

>Hunter-Reay the only Andretti to do well in qualifying
Yet more proof he's the only one who isn't a hack. Munoz has his moments, but he will also be sacked.

Hunter-Reay isn't even particularly good.

>2003 14th
>2004 9th
>2008 8th
>2009 15th
>2010 7th
>2011 7th
>2012 1st
>2013 7th
>2014 6th

His championship was like the time Maldonado won a race on a season scale, otherwise he's an inconsistent 1 or 2 wins per season 7/10 driver that only finishes one or two spots ahead of Marco in the standings. Even Danica could get top 10 points finishes in IndyCar by having good cars on ovals and the right pit strategy on street courses occasionally. But homers massively overrate him because of oval results, also like Danica and Marco.


Qualifying for Sonoma is probably going to end up being more important than the race. Hopefully there's some overtaking tomorrow.

>heat seaking Ferds


I wish Weathertech would add Sonoma to the schedule. Neither the old ALMS or Rolex series have been there in 2008.


I can't wait for the new IMSA prototype rules next season. No more DPs.

500 thread up

>No more DPs
i thought they were getting rid of the PC class and the DPs were getting updated?

Thats almost as bad as that abortion of a trophy that was shaped like spongebob.

Do you think that any of the chase drivers would display that in their homes or do you think they will throw that fucker in the trash?

If they have kids it probably goes in their room


>green Sonoma
What month is this?

a work of fiction

They usually keep them at the team's trophy case in the building the team works in and the driver usually takes home the ones they feel are most important to them when they retire or even give them away (Carl Edwards only has kept two trophies. He usually gives his away to fans he met via his charity work who are disabled and/or have terminal illness).

That Spongebob Trophy is on display in Hendrick Motorsports trophy case in their lobby, for example.


Anyone watching the BES race right now?

Thats what you get for running wide there


>B-but we need runoffs for safety reasons, honest

>expecting clean drivers ever

McLaren really top notch this race

>Ty Dillon in for Regan Smith today

find a flaw

Holy shit these driver intros are awful

>Skrillex music in the Carl's intro

>That JUST hair

Cup thread

>No Wally's World theme
Feels bad man

>Matt Kenseths look of absolute disgust at the Dubstep

[spoiler]Matt has patrician tier taste in Metal[/spoiler]


hype for sonoma

still nearly 2 hours ahhh


We close, lads. 10ish bings

Or rather 10ish to tele coverage. Green flag in 25 bings.

I am too hyped. Someone make a thread.

Indy thread when?

Anons where are you
Everytime i make one we have two at once


>truex and gimmie fail post race inspection

>Save anything
I'm sorry, but lel