Really make you ponder

really make you ponder

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the idea of kneeling for the national anthem while representing your NATIONAL team is too stupid for me to process. and boo to the NT coach for allowing this shit to continue and take attention away from someone's sendoff match

hope she gets suspended arby's style

being gay in america is just like being black in 1860s


How many players on this team are actually straight?

disappointed tbhfam i've fapped to the thought of her pegging alex morgan a few times and now she's ruined it by caring about some bullshit i don't give a shit about because america is stupid

yeah all those lynched fags and separate drinking fountains around.

>female professional athletes


You do know that its only in murrica that people are that obsessed with its national anthem, pledge of allegiance and huge stars and stripes etc.?

>imprisonment or chemical castration for having penis in butt as recently as the 60s

why is america so ridiculous

You did it too.. Alan Turing.

admittedly, we've gotten a bit full of ourselves after saving the world from Hitler

ironically your post sums up america incredibly well. So many americans think that because you nuked japan that you're essentially immune to basic societal progress


Didn't know it was 1960.
Could have sworn it was 2016

stfu Newark

whats she protesting? the same thing as the nigs?

apparently the US literally needs a movement to stop murdering

But that's a core tenet of their national culture.

America moving into self hate now

wow i never looked at it that way. so powerful.

man she really got ugly recently

Literally who

Everyone should go enlist and serve the country since they care so much

That's an American hero. Real tears, brehs.

Nobody really cares.

The media just tells everyone they should care.

>last war in which any freedom was at stake was 60+ years ago
>it was still over money

Now hands down, who is treated worse in the US?

Blacks or gays?


gay blacks

White males who arent super rich.

Blacks. Gays can just go to Canada for vacation.

Poor people

This tbqhwu senpai

Everybodies treated like shit unless you have money

But at least if you're poor and black you get an advantage because of quotas. In England the demographic least likely to get into Oxford or Cambridge university is poor white kids.

this post is fact.
the only color that matters in America is green, no matter what retarded liberals think

Quotas are a myth

>the only color that matters in America is green

Its not easy being green

>2016 is 1960
US being the leader in gay rights over other nations makes it the worst nation according to gays. You know alot of European nations do not have gay marriage legal like Italy, Germany or Britain. Give an inch and fags want 10 inches.

Can't wait til she moves to Saudi Arabia. Can see why a black would have a negative opinion on the US considering that whole slavery and civil rights thingy but a dyke? The whole mistreatment of homosexuals was solely to gay men. Dykes never had anything done bad to them besides being born ugly as sin. Hell dykes and their feminism has complete control of our education system. They are theoretically the most powerful people in the nation.

affirmative action is no myth.

>Lol X Country is worse so you can't complain about problems in this one

Really makes me question the intelligence of average americans. Nationalist brainwashing has probably brought it down a couple points.

And neither is black guys getting disproportionately more jail time for non violent drug offenses or the CIA introducing crack and firearms to poor black neighborhoods.

Just as planned

Isn't gay marriage legal all over the US? What is she protesting?

Cis white males

Poor people, most of which are black

I don't care id still give to rapinoe raw as fuck while she covered her face in some dyke's juice

The fact no one is paying attention to her anymore.

Gay niggas

Blacks have the most complicated relationship with gay males. When I was a corrections officer, blacks wouldn't blink about sucking dick or taking a quick pound. Then as soon as they get out they hate gags more fiercely than any demographic.

Rap culture is extremely homoerotic, even if blacks themselves won't admit it. And since their hierarchy of importance usually depends on power dynamics, like feats of strength and domination, it's easy for them to rationalize it as just dominating someone for sexual satisfaction