You now remember memphis depay

you now remember memphis depay

>Another pacy nigger flopping
colour me surprised

honestly lost track with all the overpriced flopping nogs at united

I remember the 25 mil we got for him :^)

Though we should have sold him for more, he's worth more than 1/4 Pogba.

>paying 30 million rubles for tennessee depaypal

>memepiss jizzpie

>you now remember calling Firmino a flop and praising Depay as a complete player

>tfw I believed in him

when was the last time a heavy goalscorer successfully made the jump from the Eredivisie



Pelle I think


Is he doing well?


fuck off lad he's looks really good every time he's played this season.

You had me excited for a second there

don't listen to him, the lad's a spastic. janssen's been good and should really be starting ahead of kane at the moment

Ok cool
We could really use a good foward in our NT right now
I was a bit worried about how hyped people were getting over him.
After he scared that penalty in that friendly against england people were saying he was the next van Nistelrooij and that he would "save dutch football"
I was worried he would end up like Depay
But if he's actually doing well, that's great
I looked up some stats on him and it seems like he hasn't scored but he does get into good positions. That's fine. Transferring to a new club is always difficult, especially for a young player, and especially to a club abroad. You can't expect him to start scoring on a regular basis right away

Now I also remember marseal too

Is literally the only answer

>you now remember Afonso Alves
>you now remember Mateja Kezman
>you now remember Jozy Altidore
>you now remember Jon Dahl Tomasson's spell at Newcastle

Kek. This is even below the usual manure customers.

>Firmino Otamendi Gundogan and more

top kek.