Tfw my favourite league is dying

>tfw my favourite league is dying

what went wrong? someone pls fix

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>meanwhile EPL




which website?

has it always been like this? in the 90s and 00s was there only 50 percent attendance too?

crotone play on a different ground because their stadium is too small

its must be their relatives or some shit

soccerway senpai

i remember serie a fans used to be very loud so pretty sure it was way higher

>Tottenham joint lowest
>build new stadium

Our league is in its dying moments,ten more years and it's all gone

i couldn't even imagine a premier league game with 50% attendance, let alone it being the norm, the fuck is wrong with italy?

>meanwhile in the championship
Derby getting the same as Milan and Roma
Joe Hart playing in front of less than Huddersfield do

yes having a one team league tends to kill your competition

>tfw everytime i see romanian flag in Cred Forums i remember him


Do people not like football in Romania anymore?

its a long commute for romanian fans when none of them live in romania

Wasn't that so that they could accommodate the handegg games that they signed up far? You know, so that we can try to make the NFL a worldwide sport and fail (again) because finding fat people who want to bash each other's fat in and is willing to risk living with brain injuries is harder in Europe than it is here?

>leeds have less fans than brighton and hove albion

kek fucking tinpot

the romanians all left romania. and the ones that stayed starved to death

>what went wrong?

corruption, blatant matchfixing, failing economy leaves people without enough money to buy tickets

Pretty much,most people were always armchair supporters but you still had half decent attendances.

>league gets less and less teams in it
>clubs being dissolved
>head of the fa in jail for corruption
>shit in europe when they do manage to qualify
>national team sucks balls
>most stadiums are decaying communist bowls
It might be saved with the right investment and actually making visting a stadium a fun thing to do instead of freezing your nuts off in the shitty bowls,though good stadiums like pic related don't get big crowds either.

>everything has been downhill for the last decade
>last decent season was 10/11 when they finished 7th
>owned by a crook,players are shit
>promises keep being made and never kept
>another midtable season looming

>went from playing in the worst stadium in the world into a brand new one
>replaced league one mediocrity with being a constant promotion challenger
>team is pretty much guaranteed to make the play offs again

No wonder desu

felt kinda guilty about that


Would it have got this bad if decent players hadn't moved abroad so often?

No i don't feel like fixing anything

ha ha

I don't understand what happened.
Italian league used to be so fucking awesome.

So many levels.
>Italians are lazy
>Italians fix games
>Italians are associated with plumbers, who fix things

Probably not I guess,but every time a player is half decent he gets sold either to some half decent team in Europe or in some fucking shithole like China,Israel or Kazahstan,simply cause they pay better.
The fucking media don't help either,constantly making up stories of them joining all sorts of clubs.

I mean look at this fat fuck,he was one of the big boys in this league and he fucked off to play in the chinese second division cause they pay him like a million a year
Now he's back to his former club on loan till the end of the year,I'm guessing the gook league starts then or whatever,either way,he fucked his career up. He would have played at the euros but they told him to fuck off to his chinese pals and for good reason too.

glad that we stopped buying all fucking romanian midfielders in the world just to label them as "next hagi" or some shit. we got full of pancus, stancus etc

If a romanian is over the age of 23 and still playing here you can pretty much guarantee he's never gonna amount to anything on the grand stage.

Hagi left aged 25 but back in the 80's the league was a hell of a lot stronger than nowadays,as is the case with all eastern euro ones.

Nowadays you have dickheads like Stanciu and Chipciu who think they are hot shit just cause they play for Anderlecht,too fucking bad they are absolute shit for the national team,unlike Hagi who carried the shit out of it even as an old man.

Financial fair play fucked up the league.

At least you have some hope, Croatian football is dead as can be.

yeah the old teammates of him said in interviews too, he is too passionate for his club and even more passionate for his national team etc. too bad that his son is apperantly a shit tier footballer but still probably end up in turkish league because of "next hagi" memes.


>5% for zagreb


nobody wants to watch a rigged league

Of course his son is fucking shit,pretty much every song of a good footballer is wank ever more so that little shit,since most of his life he was told he's special and will amount to greatness and shit.

Yeah,should have stayed at his dad's team instead of fucking joining Fiorentina aged 17.

Did the nigger not learn from ''the next Mutu'' Denis Alibec who joined Inter aged 18 and is now playing for Astra?


sfinternazionale made the whole mess

Same as Romania, head of FA in jail, FA in whole corrupt, good players leaving the country which leads to us always being shit in CL and EL, and lack of passion on the international stage means we will never be as good as we were in '98.

several reasons:
>old stadiums
>high prices
>orwellian security laws
>decline in quality
>teams buy and sell 400 players each time

Most of it is caused by insane repression of ultras movement by governments and police. As I said in another thread here, it is easier to pass the Gaza-Israeli border than to get into an intalian stadium.
>yfw my team Palermo used to have 99% of season tickets and now there are 10.000 people per game

yeah sad that he'll end up like this. but anyway. t-thank you for hagi romania, he is probably the most liked player of all time in turkey

>god tier national team
>shit league

uefa should set some new rules on transfers or some shit i guess.

>head of FA in jail, FA in whole corrupt
was that the reason that your fans threw flares at EURO 2016?

Nah, they were just chimps looking for an excuse, the head of FA is a large reason for us being as shit as we are. And while we have a great NT, there is just no passion in the more experienced players like there was 20 years ago.

>high prices
How much?


>Orwellian security

Are you fucking joking, I wouldn't want to go to a game with the chance of getting stabbed and fireworks thrown at me/friends/family outside the stadium and then have to stand in a cage with opposition fans throwing fireworks, bottles, coins and scooters into said cage.

It fucking obvious why no one goes, keep the violence in the woods away from decent folk and put your energy into turning you ground into a fortress without the violence.

>fireworks thrown at me/friends/family outside the stadium and then have to stand in a cage with opposition fans throwing fireworks, bottles, coins and scooters into said cage.

it's actually fun when you get used to it. add some excitement to your life lad

and get a stadium full of """"""fans""""" who sit down the whole time and clap a bit when a goal is scored

> because finding fat people who want to bash each other's fat in and is willing to risk living with brain injuries is harder in Europe than it is here?

You haven't seen a Saturday night in every town in Britain.

Meanwhile in the Bundesliga:
- Dortmund has 5k more on avg. than manure
- Bayern has just as much as manure
- >Schalke has more attendance than the second most popular PL club
- We have 6 clubs with over 50k avg. attendance vs. PL that has only 5

>the state of british football
>muh highest level of play in the world

Phone posting at work ignore the harshness of that post

fucking Hertha should move to another stadium

Australia shit posting again, read the fuck post properly.

Dip shit


The grounds aren't fucking TARDISes cretin.

>We have 6 clubs with over 50k avg. attendance vs. PL that has only 5

man city and liverpool are building new stands to increase their capacity to 60k,
spurs and chelsea are building two new stadiums that will bring their capacities to 60k
United has the potential to expand to 90k.

Bayern could probably fill a 150k for almost every game.

And what would you now about football violence.

I've been at a game when fans have charged and watched women and kids running in fear some jumping from the bottom of the stand fifteen foot of the side edge. This was nothing compared to violence abroad though and it's something I wouldn't want to see again here.

Think before you post asshole.

on one hand its pretty sad, but on the other its nice to see some say no to the ridiculous ticket prices. cant believe the english are stupid enough to pay those prices in droves.

>Dinamo Zagreb 5%
Jesus fuck

they are all foreigners who knows nothing about football

Where was that?

how expensive are tickets for, say, steaua?

in england going to a football game has nothing to do with going to a football game

they're trying to bring in italy also this system

it became a place for rich people that go to the event just to witness the brand or what they think it's a football club

>Think of getting seats for Champions League with FC Copenhagen
>68£ (80€) for a single seat

Yeah, no wonder clubs dont get full attendances anymore. It's gonna cost you a gorillion.

International games are even worse.
Germany vs Georgia started at 50€ iirc.

Was it better 10, 20 years ago?

for big, european matches its pretty expensive, iirc they start at around 70 euros.

for domestic they had it starting from 2.5 euros to 25 euros being the vip 1 tickets and that was for a "big" game.

>West Brom the lowest

Not surprising given the chucklefuck in charge. They absolutely hate him.

ai all happened in the last 10-15 years

and it's not even a thing about football

yeah but right now we're in the middle of the two situations, which is the worst possible place to be
families/average joes still don't want to go because they're afraid of ultras
ultras don't go because of increased security
add overpriced tickets for shite stadiums, disinterest about football because of various scandals, declining quality of many big teams and the league in general, people are 10 times poorer than they were pre-crisis, and you got your reasons

Check out how low the capacity is in our league. Now, image these tiny stadiums only 50% full. That is an NIFL match. Still, have to turn up every week!

They had 85k against Monaco at Wembley. I don't know why you wouldn't think the people who chose to build the new stadium don't know they will be able to fill it.


Did people just start watching at home? What's it about?

>5% for the best club in your country
Fucking how?

Dortmund has GOAT atmosphere.

Forest v spurs 1996 or 7. Fucking Yids.

>get a WC
>build new stadiums
>hurr durr why don't you have more attendance englel?

yes, they watch on the tv at home

>families/average joes still don't want to go because they're afraid of ultras
bullshit, nobody is scared by the ultras, that existed even when the stadiums were full

Because they apparently can't fill it now, although I guess this
implies that the capacity on soccerway is wrong now, so perhaps every seat is taken.


that doesnt have much to do with attendance m8



Italians pls explain

Because everyone hates Mamić and Dinamo administration.

>We have 6 clubs with over 50k avg. attendance vs. PL that has only 5
How can you have more than 50k when your stadium doesn't have a 50k capacity? Tottenham, Chelsea will have over 50k when they build their new stadium/expand their stadium, will probably at least push 60k too. Everton would most likely get over 50k too if they had a stadium that big.

Are you talking about the prawn sandwich brigade? How does that impact everyone else?

>implying italians actually pay for their tickets and they don't just get for free at the stadium

We get these attendances which are pretty decent for a country our size and you guys are actually going past us in the UEFA ranking. Our FA is so incompetent it hurts.

Boo fucking boo, idiot. hooligans where never nothing more than shit. Stop comparing Ultras to your fucking retard fans.

I don't know how it is in Spain, but in here it's impossible to follow a big club without a ticked.

>How does that impact everyone else?
with the wall of the ticket prices you select only a certain type of fans

That is pretty good. I wish we had those kind of %. Only big clubs sell out regularly.

you have 5 they have 6. main difference isnt at the top, its at the bottom you have too many 20k stadiums that drag the league average down.

anyway, my point was that it wasn't the world cup that is to blame for this and it definitely wasnt the building of new stadiums since the vast majority of them were just renovated and marginally increased their capacity. even without the world cup the situation would've been the same. hell, before the world cup dortmund had a bigger capacity.


Does that say 120% occupao?

>tfw Pescara

This is our year lads

No, hang on.

English football was apparently much better in the 80s because dozens of people died every month, you could piss on each other and attendances were about a fifth of what they are now. They had passion though, so that's what counts.

They probably had to play one game in a different stadium, and the their math does not account for that.

Can't argue with Germany in the way clubs are ran,51 % ownership to the fans,cheap tickets,there's no topping that system.

Meanwhile in England

>blackpool ran into the ground by a rapist
>leeds owned by retards all throught the 2000s

Way too easy for some retard to fuck everything up in England,fit and proper test is a fucking joke

>tfw just realized italian teams like catania and messina(?) just fucking disappeared out of existence

Same shit here,third biggest club in the country went bust and now there's like 3 phoenix clubs,what the fuck.

Gotta admire how englishmen unite and form a single new club if theirs goes down isntead of shit like this happening

That's all well and good, but English football spent from about 1975 to 1994 in the toilet as far as the world was concerned. The only reason English football recovered from that slump was because of the money.

If they had attempted to replicate the German system they would have come out with something more like the Dutch league.

Almost happened with my own club too. Luckily we got lucky as fuck and now still play Eredivisie with all the fans of other clubs hating us with a passion.

holy shit i remember rapid bucaresti being a pretty good team. its just sad to hear that

which team? i dont know much about eredevise

How is not wanting to get my face smashed in reddit tier, how is wanting to take my children to a game without fear gay.

How is wanting to go to an entertainment event and people being horrifically injured or killed justifiable in your head fine? oh hang on I just figured it out... your a middle class white teenage boy from the burbs being edgy on his secret little club.

Fuck off mate.


Fan owned clubs are like that.
In here Leiria and Boavista fucking disappeared but they where rebuilt.
Boavista are back on the major league too, even if they didn't actually deserve that.

I still miss Estrela da Amadora and Salgueiros ;_;

When the fuck did I compare hooligans to ultras? Quote it.

oh guessed right i guess. enes is going to get breddy good there


Aren't you English, m8?

English football problems where completely different from the Italian ones.

didn't steve mclaren win you lads a league title?

I was talking about Italian violence not British. Didn't make any comparisons or write anything that could even be confused for my talking about the British.

Have you ever heard of British throwing scooters over the stands?

Wtff de cand joaca astra la cluj?

Nah they threw flares because a group was fans of Steaua and the other of Dinamo, rromanians are CHIMPS

German football can exist for another 10,000 years and never match England's tradition

Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd - classic

Hitlerberg 1870, Munchen 1904 - no one gives a shit

>tfw the gap between the top 3 leagues and the rest is getting bigger every year
Egyptian league is shit nowadays, the quality has gone down and all the good players get bought immediately (Salah, Sobhi and El Neny) and the fact that they banned spectators is also destroying the league. Back in the day Ahly would easily win the African Champions League and Egypt would dominate the African Cup.
Now Egypt can't even qualify and Ahly are shit

>thinks his league has more tradition
>most clubs owned by Arabs, Asians, Jews and Americans

the premier league is a soulless money making franchise.
German football still has it's character and good tradition.
German football would win hands down for atmosphere, attendance, being more affordable and enjoyable.
Bayern just seem to ruin it for me though.

>Some midtable clubs who won a couple of titles 25 years ago
>Muh tradition

why did they ban spectators?

Ever since 74 Ahly supporters were massacred by 'thugs' (police) back in 2012 in the Port Said stadium, they've banned supporters because of violence.
They did it because the ultras were becoming more political after the revolution.

What are the ticket prices like? I'm going to be in Milan for a year and wouldn't mind catching a few games, they seem pretty easy to get with those percentages

don't get attacked mate. they don't like us brits. stay safe. much love.

Slovenian football on the rise!

>we have larger stadiums: the post

Because you bought the WC in 06 and extended a bunch of grounds. When Newcastle get promoted next year our avg attendance will go past Bundesliga. Tickets here aren't 5 euros either.

>tfw best fans in the world

>You haven't seen a Saturday night in every town in Britain.

...fair point...

Portsmouth are owned by their supporter's trust, so technically the fans

and let's not forget our stadiums aren't called Allahu-Ackbar-Arena etc. like in England.

>Red Bull Arena
>Mercedes Benz Arena
>Allianz Arena
>Signal Iduna Park
>Veltins Arena

Nearly every stadium is named after a brewery or bank or car manufacturer in the Bundesliga. So much better.

>80.000 people go see their team get second place every year

Really makes you think.

Didn't German fans universally hold up refugees welcome signs? I'm quite sure they'd welcome sponsorship from some middle eastern airline, but they tend to go for clubs that will make them money.

Norwich top as literaly only thing to do round there for 100 miles

depends on the game, usually ranges between 30ish € for shit seats (third ring or curva) to around 80€ for good lateral seats (obivously there are also deluxe seats that can go over 200€ but i doubt that's what you want)

it's not in the Nairobi slums m8, relax

eh could be worse I guess.
like half of these teams are club sides (not state) so they have no fans.

Here too, and I don't know how it is right now in Italy, but a few years back you could enter for free in Delle Alpi or San Siro without major issues. Maybe you just would need to run a bit.

>Blackburn 11,000

So did everyone who supported them when they won the league die?

>tfw the rapid rise in the commercialism of football and focus on pushing the richest leagues onto people with endless television exposure is killing countries with less plastic clubs

I feel slightly guilty desu

as long as they're german or at least austrian, yeah that's a lot better. why so upset, are you currently posting from the jihad I mean etihad?

>we can never undo the damage caused by UEFA endlessly pandering to the moneymen


What are you doing here, don't you have a refugees welcome sign to hold up?

easy when your tickets cost less than a pint

try getting 60k people at £55-£200 a pop on a Tuesday night in the middle of winter

I always supported Cliftonville cause I live in Cliftonville in Margate

Germany is a country of Arsenal fan tier leftists.

Them and arsenal are Reddit, the club

does this have to do with globalization and people watching more epl and bundesliga no matter what country they are from?

prove you aren't the shitskin city bandwagoner and post a timestamped pic of your arm.

They're effectively the Celtic of northern ireland

wow, you found that one pic with the refugees welcome sign at a football game, well done

Attendances? No. Out of the 13.8 million people who attended premier league games last season ( only 800,000 were from overseas - - which is about 6%, and the most common were Irish hopping over to watch Liverpool and Man Utd

anyone have that tweet from the muslim who saved up for 2 years to fly to England and attend his first ever United game and then it was called off for the bomb threat

Gook here, the chink league started months ago, maybe he's just really shit

It was a guy from Sierra Leone, he got q free ticket for the FA cup final

nah not him the guy was arab and took a picture outside OT

I'll have a look

damn, we are crushin it

Is Romania a nice place to live lads?

I have free airline tickets to anywhere in the world and am legitimately trying to leave the country and go anywhere decent for several months by the end of this month.

here it is he's actually Indian

but about 5 minutes after this it was abandoned and he had a meltdown + went private for a about a month

seems to be taking it well now though^tfw


I live in 95% white British seaside town, 1% white Polish in that total there is almost zero crime beside youf shenanigans

almost all crime is Albanian and Romanian gypsys who either outright steal or do various scams. Majority is carried out by their women as well

Romania was a fucking shit hole until they got accepted into the EU, now they're probably the most decent country on the Balkans.

However there are much, much nicer places to live in Europe.

serie a attendance has always been bad. Even in the GOAT years, Roma/Lazio/Juve were only filling half of their stadiums.

>tfw Morecambe fan

That must be for this season because last year was dreadful at times.

>tfw literally less than 1000 to watch us lose at home in the FA cup to Dag & Red

They're joint lowest because they just removed 15% of their stadium and the website hasn't changed the capacity to reflect that.

I rooted so hard for you guys in the euros and was so let down

>80k ground in fucking malaysia

Come on mate I'm sure your country has better things to spend money on

No they used to be nearly full. As we said multiple times, the ticket price are too high for how shit the stadiums are (some werent renewed since the WC we hosted). Many teams being weaker than they used to be and Juvewinslol doesnt help either

Fuck off to reddit if you want sympathy and upvotes. They shouldn't have been sitting in those stands then.

Inter is still the most viewed teamI didn't expect it. feels somehow good, even after all those years of suffering

I guess Juve's stadium being only 45.000 helps