United better attack

>United better attack
>Pogba,Fellaine,Rppney,Mata and memertial just 3 points lower than a midfield with Kroos,Modric and Casemiro
WTF is wrong with the ratings.REEEEEEE

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we're the biggest club in the world, get used to it

>we're the biggest club
>lower revenue
>No world class players
>1/4th of our CL

stay mad, gonna kick your arse with man utd on fifa and you're gonna sit there and cry about it ahahaha


>United better attack

an offense with both Ibra and Rashford tends to do that to you

>Ibra and Rashford
>Better than Cristiano,Bale and Benzema
How? None of them are better than any player of Madrid's trident

benzema's a bigger meme than ibra

Still better than grandpa Ibra and le pacy nigger Rashford

Dont they have a partnership with EA?

>Caring about FIFA


Benzema is shit now
Bale is nowhere near how good he was 2 years ago
And Ronaldo is massively overrated on Fifa.
Would argue United's defense is actually their strongest area though, not attack, due to De Gea, Shaw and Bailly actually being good an Ibra being slow as shit and Rooney being a very one dimensional attacker. Uniteds Midfield is okay, a lot more depth than RM but less quality overall.

>zlatan is a slug that needs 90 minutes to score a blooter
>couldn't get one past FUCKING feyenoord in 30 minutes
>this is considered world class by EA


Also lel fucking mourinho thinking this expired meme would do good

>Benzema is shit now
Still better than Ibra
>Bale is nowhere near how good he was 2 years ago
He just had his best season
>And Ronaldo is massively overrated on Fifa.
That should boost the attack
>Shaw and Bailly actually being good
>Uniteds Midfield is okay

I'm with Spanish geezer on this, Rash and Ibra don't compare to Ron, Bale and Zimma

Said okay, not better than Madrid's, it was the fullbacks who where shit last night, Rojo was shocking, and Darmain kept giving the ball away but Mata also wasn't supporting him at all. Herrera and Schneiderlin where pretty solid, Pogba kept coming in too deep though. Martial and Rashford were pretty isolated most of the game due to Pogba and Mata playing too deep or out of position.
Shaw and Bailly are good though? Please tell me how they aren't? Never seen Shaw exposed, Bailly has been solid this season

>Shaw and Bailly are good though?
Bailly is decent but not for a supposed big team.At least when he played in Villarreal
Shaw has potential but he is still pretty average

Not comparing them to world class players, it is a intra squad comparison, as in Fifa is saying United are better attacking than defending, when the Defence is actually more solid than the attack.
They still need a good RW/M and CAM to have a good attack. Also need a ST who is in his prime, Ibra is too old and Rashford too young.

Fifa is led by jews

united attack as counted by game
>ibrahimovic 90
Therefore, entire attack counted as 90.

Real attack
>Benz 87
>bale 87
>ronaldo 93

(Demo stats)

>Real Madrid 85 Defense
>Get rekt by a 21 kid on his CL debut

They won

It's also considered world class by brits.

Premier League clubs have been overrated for ages.

Take a look at their performances in Europe. They should all have 80 rating with City perhaps getting an 83-85.

>brits ITT really saying Bale is shit just to defend Poonited
Fucking kek

Do the team ratings going off the first 11 or the whole squad? I still don't see how United have higher stats on aggregate.

>being so underage that you made a post about fifa ratings


>taking fifa ratings seriously anymore

They gave Robben a 87. That's 7 ratings lower than Ronaldo, 6 lower than Neymar, 1 lower than Hazard, same rating as Hamez, David Silva and just one more than fucking Payet. They even downgraded his pace to 86, for reference Ramos is 78 pace.

Manure pay for these ratings

Who needs to actually win trophies or beat pub teams when you can trick FIFA kiddy casuals into thinking you're a world class club

pretty sure it goes off the whole squad but starters, bench and reservers get weighted differently. I.e. highly rated starters have the most influence on the rating, then the bench then reserves

FIFA is bullshit, La Liga dominates both Champions League and Europa League and EPL teams always get better ratings. Luckily, IRL this is noir the case. At all.

It's not Brits, it's united customers.

>Not playing FIFA on the weekends with your mates going into your 30's

Nothing beats having a few drinks and playing 2-2 or 2's online with your mates.

How are Atleticos ratings?

Don't thank they are on the demo senpai

David Silva is better than Robben tbqh. Both of them lower than Hazard is just disgraceful though.

Is there any other pic like this for Barca , City ,etc ?

>ibrahimovic 90
>>Benz 87
>>bale 87
How can Bale have lower ratings than grand`pa Ibra?

Why do people get so upset by this shite?
It's all bollocks, money talks and this is all it is about.

>Why do people get so upset by this shite?
Because kids in the online just pick Pogmeme and Ibra and ruin all the games

get good then.

>Le has 2 pick the same 2 boring characters to win
Fuck off

gotta sell this game to delusional poo in loos pajeet and little dick chinks

They don't though. Barca and Real madrid have far higher ratings that's why every cunt picks them. Ibra was 90 on FIFA 16 at PSG and had one of his best goalscoring seasons, they're hardly gonna downgrade him. There's plenty of La Liga bias. Fucking Ramos is the best CB in the game

How many years in a row of shit showings by PL teams in Europe do we need for FIFA to stop overrating English teams?

>united attack better than real
>can't even score against fucking >feyenoord

Post all ratings please.

When customers realise that the EPL has shit teams.So never


Shine being a Real fan in the stands shouting "¡Si Si!" And eating your tapas. Then you look to your left and right and see everyone speaking In Arabic and eatin falafel. Jésus Christo famalam

>and see everyone speaking In Arabic

this is not the UK tbqh

Stop playing FIFA. Not saying play PES but come on both games are the same shit each year just don't play them. English teams are always overrated, shit players like Ramos, Ibra, Pogba are rated too high. Good players like Rakitic, Casemiro, Gimenez are always underrated compared to EPL countetparts. The game isn't meant to be realistic its meant to get customers and the Premier league bandwagon is huge so just stop playing those shit games its not gonna change.


Who the fuck is this fucking gypsy posting demeaning shit about feyenoord? They're in great shape and the win was not even a surprise, Botteghin is a world class defender and our midfield tore le dab for 105m shekels man a new arsehole

>lower revenue

When did football 'fans' become so fucking plastic?

ITT: British delusion

I SCREENCAPPED the whole thread to add to my British delusion folder. Thanks m8s.

I've also just realised what "¡Si si!" Spells backwards

deus mia

>implying that Casemiro diving and Refball never happened.

>When did football 'fans' become so fucking plastic?
Like it or not the economic aspect is important in football

Can you tell me when?