Was there a worst humiliation on sports?

Was there a worst humiliation on sports?

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There wasn't and there won't be.

2-1 was pretty bad, but 7-1 is definitely worse

6-5 never forget

The Vietnam war was pretty embarrassing for Amerifats.

Probably not, at least on the world stage. Here in Burgerland 18-1 is a bigger deal though

Nice proxy

Bad bait

18-1 what?

This, the epitome of 'finland loses again'


Spotted the newfag

frenchies got btfo harder t b h

Frenchies? Am I missing something?

You are trying too hard to fit in.

first indochina war?

Surely the cavs coming back from 3-1 down is up there?

A world history class

>caring with frenchies
>at all
It's not like they are willing to fight actual fights.

>being this butthurt
7-1 user.

french were badass before the world wars 2bh


Its ok most people aren't aware that shit happened, shit australians here taunt americans over vietnam on a daily basis and they were involved as well

Most people aren't aware about the Lobster War either, but you don't see anyone bragging about that, don't you?

I guess?

Im still mad about 18-1

>Doesn't know what 18-1 is

You're on the wrong board m8

I have reasons to believe this is bait.

they've been shit since napoleon m8 they got BTFO in the war for alsace


To who? 99% of the country doesn't care m8. most NFL fans don't care, or at least don't think about it anymore. It's a bigger deal here because American's don't give 2 shits about Brazil, but it's not a bigger deal relatively to what 7-1 is in Brazil. Shit just look at the crowd and you can tell that.

If communicating in English was a sport, I would venture forth that your butchering of the aforemenetioned language competes.

Hold on, what's this about medical negligence??? I may need to make a phone call.


America losing at basketball in '04.


I have reasons to believe you are a butthurt mad Pats fan.

They where the original holders of vietnam

for all intensive purposes I find it harder Belize Vietman would of been the original holders

The 2-1 against Iceland was worse.
You guys got defeated by part-time players and a dentist. A country with 300k population.
I laughed at every brit because of brexit 2.0 and boy they were mad.

I feel sorry for the little boys.

They came to celebrate their team and then had to sit through the goalocaust.

I think Brazil thrashing Germany on penalties in the Olympic U23s tournament more than made up for the 7-1.


Thunder up 3-1 WCF
Warriors up 3-1 Finals

They could have just left

Reminder that the pats will NEVER live down 18-1

>winning on penalties
Pick uno

Have to agree, it was a 120 minute massacre

Get a load of this guy.

>1-1 AET
>5-4 on penalties
Fucking hues.

Let me help you: It was sarcasm.

Nice bait britain

it worked tho

>using sarcasm on the Internet

>not being bored and autistic on Cred Forums

never gets old

My sides

Semi-final soution is better.

>Was there a worst humiliation on sports?

This was worse IN sports. It's still the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history.

that by itself is embarrassing enough

they'll go 19-0 again some day. And beat a 15-1 Giants team. cap it

(You) now remember the >cusb will lose the WS

>In 2016 World Series
you're implying some serious implications there, Brasilia


Don't you want it? I mean, imagine the >cusb being beat 4-3 on the WS. Chicago will be on fire.

stats from that game, still the biggest blowout in NFL playoff history

Then a British team went and knocked your """""""""""golden""""""""""" generation out and you got mad.

Also all of Iceland's players are professional and they made the quarter finals of a major tournament, if they're part time then international football is in a pretty dire state, although maybe we could've guessed that by looking ar the FIFA rankings and seeing Belgium in second position

There's this meme on Hue71il that says footy is dying, and one of the symptoms is "Belgium's golden generation".

I'm not even joking.

Indians sweeping the Cubes is my dream WS for this year. Not even an Indians fan, but you have to admit a Curse Series would be pretty damn cool as long as it's not like the Subway Series.

>GSW has the best regular season of all time
>Cleveland break the curse and beat them in the finals

>cusb has a great regular season
>Cleveland break the curse and beat them in the finals


>Cubs win 105 games
>murder Gints in NLDS
>sweep Nats in NLCS
>Indians suddenly catch fire with ten games left, kill Red Sox in ALDS
>down 3-0 in the ALCS to the Rags
>one strike away
>suddenly pull a 2004 Red Sox, reverse sweep Rags
>utterly destroy Cubs in sweep
this is the ultimate meme scenario for this year's postseason. the shitposting would be abso-fucking-lutely glorious.

>this could happen
Count me in for the shitposting.

Appalachian state ruining Michigan's whole 2007 season. Losing to an underdog is one thing, losing to a team to the division below you is another thing.

Let's hope so, soccer is a shit world game

Miracle at the Meadowlands II (Vick, Jackson, Maclin and Ertz Edition)

Manchester United vs MK Don's.

Thank you :)

>scoring 6 past the scum at the swamp
>that silva pass
>that balotelli
>that everything

City played better in the 13-14 4-1 victory, the score just wasn't as flashy

Underrated and made especially kekworthy by the fact Man Utd put out a pretty strong side as they wanted to avoid an upset.

> seven matches to prove if team A is better than team B

there is no humiliation if even the sport doesn't take itself seriously

Chelsea 6-0 on Arsene Wenger's 1000th game

Doesn't get mentioned nearly enough on here

weak but recent

IMHO, 7-1 is #1 all time and will probably never be beaten, here's why:
>Brazil loves football/soccer more than any other country on Earth
>Brazil has been extremely successful at the World Cup in the past
>Brazil spent a shit load of resources and money on setting up for this world cup
>They got utterly btfo in front of their home crowd with hundreds of millions of people watching on live TV
>Germany had absolutely no mercy

The worst part comes after though
>Brazilians still had to host the World Cup final, and either cheer for their eternal bitter rivals (Argentina) or the team that just raped them into oblivion (Germany)

I don't even meme about 7-1 or Brazilians, I genuinely feel pretty bad about that whole event. It's one of the worst things that's ever happened in sports. The Hues did not deserve that shit.

>>Germany had absolutely no mercy

This. Legitimately the best, most perfect nickname for a sports moment.

I think it speaks to the fact that at any moment you will most likely find at least one 7-1 thread on this board with a decent number of replies on it, as opposed to the Patriots/Seahawks meme ending which has mostly died now.

Also, I don't get people saying the Warriors 73-9 was embarrassing. IMO Cleveland pulled an incredible upset more so than GS blowing it and being humiliated

>Germans are only human after all.

Schürrle 7-0 gets me everytime

73-9 was bad but 18-1 is worse. All they had to do was beat a wildcard Giants team. They had Randy Moss and the Brady. And they lost.

I still remember what i was doing that day


>winning 4 hips in a row


>tfw meant to type 3 but the keyboard wasn't lit up and I clicked post just before I realised my mistake

now that is embarassing

The 7-0 against Chile was pretty fucking bad

I never understood 18-1. I mean, to only lose once in a whole season seems like a good achievement?

who were they playing

THE BIGGEST HUMILIATION OF ALL youtube.com/watch?v=1wg9ox9F7Vw

the aztecs

I like this bait because it really makes you think.

It was a David vs Goliath type event. The Patriots were historically good, on their way to the first undefeated season in NFL history, led by handsome supervillain Tom Brady. The Giants were fucking bad, they had a mediocre and barely scraped by each team they played on their way to the superb owl, led by literal autistic man Eli Manning. Every single conceivable thing in the universe pointed to the Patriots blowing out the Giants. In the last 2 minutes of the game the Giants made a ridiculous drive down the field and won the game by 3 points.

It's only really a humiliation if the losing side considers it one. American Samoa took the loss really well.

>The Samoan team was not feeling downhearted after the game, and even embraced and sang to the audience as the game finished. Salapu declared that he enjoyed the game. "I wasn't embarrassed because we all learned something from it. If we had all our players maybe it would have been only five or six goals, because I was without my best defenders and there was nothing I could do." Tony Langkilde also defended the goalkeeper, saying that he "kept the score down with a magnificent display". He also added that "now we are recognised by FIFA, it has really helped spark an interest in football on the islands". Samoan manager Tunoa Lui commented that football was being played in the Samoan elementary and high schools and "in five years we will be competitive."

Is Singapore the new Costa Rica?

>Muller waving hands in "the fuck"-mode after Schurrle scored the 6th one

big kek


>no flashbacks of der blitzkrieg and german soldiers marching on the Rhine


>non-americans thinking they know what americans care about
>implying arbitrary numbers are supposed to mean something to us with no context

See we have a lot of shit going on in our country, that could literally be anything. You foreignfags wouldnt understand.

Is it the patriots losing to the giants lol?

Nobody here likes the pats unless youre from the boston area. We LOVED that, holy shit you fucks think it was embarassing.

Srs doe, if it didnt happen within the past 2-3 days its fucking old news and has passed from the social conscience.

>implying either of those countries are anything

You sure sound mad.


And I'm talking REAL football, Not povertyball.

Fucking yuropoors.

Which helmet is this? Ohio State's?

yeah they added a really thick center red stripe a few years ago

why isn't this guy getting

>you ????

7-1 digits

You sure sound mad, user. Don't go blowing airports up.

It really doesn't look bad.

Yeah it's not bad. I fucking hate Ohio State so I don't care what they wear. I guess I just don't like seeing uniforms change very much.

This will never be surpassed

Graham Rahal (born in Ohio) made a replica of the helmet for last year's Mid Ohio race, which he won (and had a huge ass milkshake afterwards).

Problem is, he wasn't a graduate from Ohio State.


Cruz Azul losing to America in the final game 3-2 then getting scored on twice by stoppage time by a dead guy and the goalkeeper.
And it happened again last week

Victor Aquino is that you?

You ccouldn't make this up:

#4 Most goals scored by a country in the World Cup

The Germans now have 223 goals since 1930, three more than Brazil. Thanks to the efforts of Thomas Muller (11’), Klose (23’), Toni Kroos (24’, 26’), Sami Khedira (29’) in the first half, Germany passed Brazil in the all-time top scoring nation list before the first-half got over.

>they'll go 19-0 again some day

>It's one of the worst things that's ever happened in sports.

For Brazilians maybe, but it was the best World Cup since '02

I don't see the problem. Having dealt with Ohio State fans, I can assure you most of them wouldn't qualify to attend a four-year college, never mind graduating from Ohio State.

>Having dealt with Ohio State fans, I can assure you most of them wouldn't qualify to attend a four-year college, never mind graduating from Ohio State.
Huh. Well, you know better than I do.

>Own government stole money for this fiasco event
>Germany humiliated your team in your country
No user.


College sports in America are weird man. I've never understood rooting for a school that you couldn't get into, yet huge chunks of the population do.

stay booty blasted, you little faggot

I take it you've never been to Ann Arbor on game day. There are as many, if not more toothless morons outside your hole in the ground stadium as there are outside the Shoe on Saturdays.
Neymar, ignore this guy. Michigan fans are the scum of the Earth, they haven't been relevant since the 1910's and they still act like they are the kings of the fucking world. They have just as many fans that can't get into their school as Ohio State does.

Oh please, like I'd ever be caught dead anywhere near Michigan.

>somehow a 7-1 thread became a polite discussion and light banter over college sports fanatism
Good job Cred Forums, why can't you be like that everyday?

their defeat against uruguay was worse

200k people at the maracana, all of them ready to celebrate, their team only needed a tie to win because bullshit dinosaur era tournament, it was going to be their first world cup ever, and in home soil too, their team was actually really good, they were way better than uruguays team so everyone was actually pretty confident unlike the 1-7 team that was showing clear signs of an upcoming choke, even uruguays captain later said that if they have played a hundred games against them they would have lost 99 of them, everyone was ready to celebrate and then Gigguias gol happened

dont get me wrong, the 1-7 is pretty bad, but i cant imagine being a hue that loves football more than anything else in that particular day

I think people killed themselves in 1950 over this, I'm not sure though.

Correct, have never been to Ann Arbor period. What would ever get me to a frozen shit hole like that?


yeah, some people did

>For instance, after the final whistle, a distressed fan committed suicide, and three others died from heart attacks.


this shit was pretty neat

just looked this up.

fucking brutal

18-1 is right up there.
>win all 16 games in the regular season... win the two playoff games to earn a trip to the owl... just to lose to Peyton Manning's autistic younger brother

>tfw i was actually rooting for >you
>tfw >you actually delivered

>22 gold medals were made with each player's name imprinted on them. Even the mayor of Rio got into the act and delivered a speech with the words "You, players, who in less than a few hours will be hailed as champions by millions of compatriots! You, who have no rivals in the entire hemisphere! You, who will overcome any other competitor! You, who I already salute as victors!" A victory song, "Brazil The Victors", was composed, practised and ready to be played after the final.



>tfw born in new york but i lived in new england for 18-1

i also lost my virginity during that game to my virgin gf of 3 years. what a fucking day.

What was the announcing like? Did any announcers have a little giggle about it?

Your gf was 3?

I know you're a Chimpcago fan so you need anything you can get, but Civil War era scores don't count.

no. we had been together for 3 years at that point.

Three years before sex? She was cheating on you.

it wasn't that, she and her family were super conservative christians and we were waiting for marriage.

she blew me all the time though, and i got her off with fingers/mouth.

The worst thing is that Germans went easy on Brazilians. They were 5-0, then they decided to chill.

Chileans on the other hand were 2 up in the first half, but they didn't stop and they went for the 7-0

Listerene has defeated more Redskins over the years since, though

It was sexier the first way.

don't forget Klose breaking Ronaldo's total WC goals scored record in the same match, while Ronaldo was there commenting for Radio or TV or something.

Certainly not in recent history

Biggest sport on the biggest stage, and a complete blowout in the hosts home country with highly expectant fans

As an aguilas fan, i felt bad for you guys on both occasions, but by god if both those games werent good

>killed 10% of the country of Vietnam
>only cost us 60k soldiers

18-1 is a big deal

>huehue history

we lost 8-0 :'(
i swore a lot when ozil missed the chance for 0-8, which resulted in your goal

I still don't get how Brazil were ever considered favorites in 2014. They never really stood out except for having Neymar and receiving huge ref favors.

>i swore a lot when ozil missed the chance for 0-8, which resulted in your goal
I was so fucking mad at that moment, especially as he just stopped and did nothing instead of trying to win the ball back. again.

>no scrolling score

i dont get why people think this is eventful.

its not like germany were the shittiest team in the world, or that this incarnation of brazil was even good, or that its hard to run up the score on a routed demoralized team. plus they even got 1 goal in themselves.

because 7 goals has never happened on that level. a team like brazil should never have been humiliated like this. never. and especially not at their home WC

From idolized by feminists everywhere to literally who in 2 rounds.

>look up the radiohead album to see who that woman is
>there's a song on it called "JUST"
so who is that anyway?

ronda rousey

it's a shit, manufactured rivalry. only relevant because of arab money

7-1 was more humilliating because it was a slow rape.

The Maracanazo was a movie tier upset that is actually hard to believe it happened.

Brazil shouldn't host WCs anymore.

Also it's the reson why Brazil stopped using the traditional white shirt and started using the verde amarela.

I was aware of that.

last for /rug/

Don't forget this WC was supposed to save Brazil's government from falling apart.

Erm, that had nothing to do with anything. If anything, it was one of the main reasons the government was that bad.

yeah but18-1 is represented by only Boston.
7-1 is the entire country of Brazil getting btfo in the finals at home of the world cup, I don't care for euro ball and actually like nfl too.

for me personally biggest loss was game 7 Stanley Cup but the riot was pretty fucking cool desu.

fuck any team out of Boston.

I keep seeing images of Canucks fans burning up shit, is that it?

Denver was a power house that year as well, and it's a he'll of a lot more relevant now.

they did redeem themselves though against the Panthers.

Yeah I just assumed the government was corrupt but then it came front and center all over