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Lineups, start/sit, trade advice, curse anonymous and yourself for your bad decisions, and wonder why you dropped that guy who had a 25 point week while you take your seventh liquor shot on Sunday night.

Provide league size and scoring format for more accurate advice.

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>started forte for 28 pts
>opponent started Jets D for 0 pts

ayy lmao

>started Forte
>benched Sammy

Is Matty gonna be able to keep this up? Is Watkins pretty much a waste for the season?

>Already up 28 points

Okay, so you guys saying I'm better off streaming Matt Ryan instead of Luck:

I'm currently streaming the Patriots defense against the Dolphins. Should I drop them to pick up Matt Ryan, and play my primary defense (Houston D/ST against Kansas City) instead?

I am also playing Spencer Ware this week, if that makes a difference.


I am so sorry I spent the last two weeks trying to trade you

Fuck you Jets D

I'm on the left, any changes you would make? Should I start Jennings over Ware even if Charles doesn't play? .5 PPR btw

I wouldn't panic just yet. If he does have a good game later on I would shop him. He's an injury waiting to happen.

Help me decide:
Standard scoring
Blount vs Miami
Rawls @ LA
Muscle hamster @ Arizona

Sorry, should specify CHOOSE 2

Should I start Eli?

The Giants are playing the Saints and the last time they played he got like 6 touchdowns

I would start Luck over Ryan.

I stream the Pats D this week. They will get to Tannelel. Sheard should be a full go and the Dolphins o line is among the league worst.

>mfw i traded forte for brady


That's dumb, unless your in a 16 team 2 Qb league where you're starting Keenum or something

No, but I did bench Decker for Spencer Ware.

You're in*

I am. Yeah last year was crazy shootout. Saints pass d and giants pass d looked like shit last games. Eli has lots of weapons.

Fuck yeah. Eli will somehow manage to throw an interception or two but he'll put up points on the Saints "defense"

>the new York Jets are a consistent fantasy team

How the fuck did they not manage to get to Taylor once? I figured Taylor would burn them on one or two plays considering Revis is now a joke, but not one fucking sack?

>people in my league making trades and I'm not
>feels helpless

Sometimes it gets tiresome being so right and Cred Forums being so wrong. Thank you based Forte.

>opponent has Forte and Marshall
>Marshall gets heemed and I gloat about it
>He didn't get heemed
>I got heemed

People were saying to sit Forte or to not draft him? Either one is pretty retarded

Trade away: Demaryius Thomas

Either Langford or Woodhead.

Yes? No?

Should specify that its a 0.5 PPR league

Current receivers are Julio, Thomas, TY, Sharpe, Travis Benjamin, Josh Gordon

RBs are Rawls, Bell, Duke Johnson, Spencer Ware

Carr or Stafford for rest of season? Also would you play either over palmer this week?

12 team standard.

Just proposed a trade:

I send Rivers and C. Michael

For Zeke and T. Sharpe.

In place of Rivers I'd start Flacco who I picked up on waivers. Who will have the better year? Flacco or Rivers. Rivers schedule is technically "easier".

I still have time to cancel the trade. Btw, trading for Zeke because waiting for Charles to come back is making me lose my hair

Nah start palmer, TB defense is garb.

His QB situation is worse than my RB situation. Forgot to add that.

Stafford. Can't booter the cooter

he'd be retarded to take that trade

theres no way in hell he takes that

I agree. Only reason I proposed it because his QB is prescott

Anything i need to tweak? I'm torn on who i should put at my flex im in a 10 man ppr

Here's my bench

Every time someone showed their draft and they picked Forte some fucking retard was spewing nonsense like "ur rb depth sux forte is washed up old le injury prone" and every typical cliche i-know-nothing phrase.

Anyone have some insight into this?

Murray or Stewart?
Standard rules 10 man league.

They did HEEM Taylor at one point tho.

Do you think dropping chris hogan for tajae sharpe is a good idea?

>parent teacher night
>want to bench Forte for Ware
>no service in the school
>try and try
>fuck. Stuck with Forte
>watch game
>3 tds and 100 yds rushing
>thank you based school for saving my week

Pick 1:
>Danny Woodhead
>TJ Yeldon

TJ Yeldon = higher floor, safer start?
Woodhead = higher ceiling, riskier start?

I'm assuming whichever one I start will shit the bed and the other will light it up.

I'm 100% serious when I ask this.

Ryan tannehil against the Patriots


Andrew luck against the Broncos


1. Seriously consider benching Jeremy Hill. He got saved by a TD last time and pitts run d isnt a joke.

2. Consider starting snead or Benjamin over Larry. I believe both will be better plays.

Langford absolutely yes.
Woodhead is riskier.

Baldwin @ Rams or Maclin @ Hou? PPR.



Luck will continue to chuck even if Denver has a good D.

12 man, 0.5 PPR.

Is this what you guys would do?
>inb4 you're in an 8-man league

Currently have Rivers as my QB. I'm tempted to replace him with Fitzpatrick. Am I insane?

What RB to start in PPR:

Is this a serious question?

Yes? I'm new to fantasy and football in general, still learning all the players.

I'm leaning towards Ingram?

Start Ingram and don't look back.

They haven't even really been known for pass rush, though. They good interior run stoppers like Wilkerson and Richardson, but not that many pass rush specialists. I'm not sure what you were expecting.

>leaf giving fantasy football advice
My sides

Thanks Canadamate

Who wins? 10 team, 0.5 ppr.

For what its worth I drafted Fitz in a league and people raised their eyebrows, and yet here we are

Your lineup looks good as it is senpai

Maclin higher ceiling, Baldwin higher floor

Luck is significantly more talented so I say go with him

Yeldon if standard, Woodhead if ppr

>started Jets D/ST after my other 2 D/ST scored a combined total of 0 points last week
>Score 0 again
If I lose due to this bullshit again I swear to god

I like Sharpe more too

Which Murray?



Left wins.

Gurley, Ingram, Hilton and (maybe) Jordy will all under-perform.

Forte will keep it up as long as he's healthy, but with this workload odds are he won't. I own him in both of my leagues and have powell on my bench, so Im feeling really safe. I'd recommend getting powell for sure if you plan on keeping forte.


same as >started forte and mccoy in PPR
>also started jets D

Eh, I'll take it.

Matt Jones
Tajae Sharpe
Donte Moncrief
James White

Also starting Rawls, and Latvious in case you wanna sub out Jones or White for one of them

Sharpe and Moncrief.


>benched shady for forte
>but also benched decker for Maclin

Mixed feelings

Why will Ingram under perform?

>tfw traded Sammy Watkins to a normie Buffalo Fan pre-week one.

>tfw sharpe and fuller are free agents in your league but your bench is so good you can't pick up either

For my Offensive Player/Flex spot do I run Garappalo, Prescott or Cooks?

Cooks was on my bench last week, and Prescott did shit for me.
What do?

Garoppolo, he has the best team in the NFL leading him.

Pick four players to have stashed on the bench, PPR:

Alfred Morris
Chris Thompson
Will Fuller
Tamar Sharpe

Keep in mind that I have an extremely good receiving corps already (AB, cooks, decker, Maclin, Shepard). And a so-so running back corps (Forte, DeAngelo Williams, Shady, Melvin gordon, Duke Johnson).

I know Thompson and Morris are irrelevant right now but I can see Matt jones losing his job and Zeke getting hurt

>pick four players
>list four players

Whoops, meant to say choose two players.

Morris and Sharpe. It's close between Sharpe and Fuller either work.

Chris Thompson and Tajae Sharpe

Is this a thing? people would be guaranteed to lose when one of their QBs has a bye

I'm in a 2qb league and we have a seventh bench instead of the standard six.

What the FUCK happened to Jimmy Graham?

He had the same injury that kept Victor Cruz out for about 2 years.

As a Seahawks fan its pretty awesome having Percy Harvin 2.0.


Drop Christine Michael for Theo riddick?


Cruz would've been back in just over 1 year if he hadn't torn his calf after a year of recovering

Drop Sammy Watkins for Quincy Enunwa?

No. Watkins has value enough to be trade-worthy.

It seems to me that Taylor is afraid to hit Watkins and I don't see that improving much. Marshall speaks very highly of Enunwa and after watching him these past two weeks I think I'm going to pick him up myself.

Watkins is hurt so he was likely a decoy last night.

Would you trade Maclin, Kelce, and Abdullah for Gronk and Woodhead?

If you get Gronk I'd do it in a heartbeat.


I've liked what I have seen by Enunwa and I feel Watkins is going to take up a spot on my bench this season. Rumors are he needs a second surgery.

Well I fucked up with Watkins. Only real question i have is who to start at the flex. Woodhead, Tajae, or one of the M Jones.

12 team standard league.

I won my 10 man league last year doe

Which 2 do I start out of Rawls, Ingram, Bluont and Stewart?

I have Ware in the FLX and Bell on the bench just to clarify these aren't the only scrubs I drafted

12 team standard

Reminder if you don't offer advice or opinions to others you're attention-whoring.

I like Sharpe in the flex for standard

Stewart and Ingram or Blount, the latter depending how you feel the game script will go.

Now that Josh "The Clown" McCown will be starting in Da Land, will Gary Barnridge catch a god damn pass on Sunday? Or am I going to have to fuck around with trading for a new TE?

I like Ingram, but tbf i dont remember who they or carolina are playing. i say ingram or stewart depending on matchup.

Thanks man. I really should've started him last night but didnt pull the trigger.

Werent they best buds last year?

Standard 10
Should I switch anything around guys?

standard scoring, 10 man
who wins? i'm on the left
tfw gronk is on my bench

I know people trading for Barnidge because of this reason

>they played Sammy Watkins


>horrible game Sunday
>four day rest
>Thursday game

You weren't thinking m8.

Gronk may be starting soon so keep that in mind
Do you have any other options at RB?

Nope looks good to me

fucked up my RBs desu

I know man. I know. It was right before the game and decided to pull the trigger. AJ green roasted Revis last game and thought maybe he could ride some of that magic.

Generally speaking, never trust Thursday games.

Should I start Derek Carr or Matt Ryan this week? (Two qb league) My other is eli manning, hoping for a shootout in that game.

Other than Forte. But yeah hes bench riding until he proves himself.

Gurley, Ware, or Murray in the flex? 8 team standard.

>wake up hungover
>check fantasy to see Forte being based
>even better since I'm playing my best friend
>call off work and leave town with my friend to drink all weekend

8/10 day so far only because of the headache

Jones should be bouncing back soon as well. He wasnt good against the Steelers but they were needing to pass more often than not. The score will be much different against Dallas. Id consider starting Jones over Blount. Dont trust NE RBs because McDaniels and Belicheck fucking love switching their RB corps around to fuck with defenses. Theres no gurantee which NE RB will be doing what from week to week. Kinda why Dion Lewis was a big deal because everyone thought the Pats finally found their every down back

Guys, I need some advice.

Who should be my starting RB's?

Non PPR league.

Im assuming Stewart will play but I'd put him in for Ingram, I doubt much running happens that game and Giants front 4 is not too shabby

So is Snead the real deal or is he a one game wonder?

Always bet against dem loinz.

Me on the left

Hmm that's fair. Plus demarco did pretty well last week

>mfw got him off waivers in one league and traded TJ Yeldon for him in another

>tyrod, forte and decker say hello

>Had Fitz
>Going against Tyrod
>Losing due to 3 passes

Tyrod only got one more point than Fitzy in normal scoring

Not sure the scoring, but he has 5 more than Fitz in my league

That's unfortunate.

>mfw drafted Snead and Woodhead

>Standard scoring, 2 Flex

D. Baldwin (@LA)
S. Shepherd (vs NO)

I could also deploy one of these over Jennings (vs NO) or Woodhead (vs Jax) as Flex

Who would you rather drop D. Thomas or E. Sanders? I wanna pick up Wallace because the his next couple of games look more matchable. Bad idea?

Baldwin and Shepard/Woodhead.

Can't decide if I want to keep barnridge in as my TE (0 fucking points in week one) or dwane bowe. Are the Browns so bad that they can't target their #2 target? I lost a close game because that faggot didn't even have one fucking point.

Dwayne Allen* Im a retard.

Do I trade Jamaal Charles for Tom Brady and Tevin Coleman?

Streaming QBs right now (Matt Ryan this week) and running backs are Rawls, Matt Jones, Latvious, James White.

If you bench a stud after a bad week one you deserve to lose your entire season.

Yes, dear god yes.

Jamaal will last 2 weeks upon comeback and Coleman will unironically finish top ten at running back after stealing Freeman's job.

Brady in addition is just an awesome bonus.

Buffalo Bills just fired their Offensive Coordinator.

>tfw you targeted Forte in every one of your leagues, but you just missed out on him every time
I draft essentially 0 RB strategy, shit sucks. At least Foster/Ajayi, Riddick/Abdullah, and Yeldon/Ivory are working out so far.

Standard scoring. I waited way too long on drft day for a TE...

As such I'm left with Zach Miller and Brent Celek (who I just picked up in case Ertz is hurt), playing each other Monday. If Ertz is down, should I roll Celek?


>working out

1) meme strategy
2) meme tripfag
3) pics of a football shoved up your ass

No, fuck no.

I'm a Falcons fan and a Coleman apologist, but the fact of the matter is that this is basically another Hill/Bernard situation, where two good RBs cannibalize their opportunities to be an every week RB1. In PPR I'd prefer Freeman. Coleman has more upside. I would avoid this backfield for now.

Streaming QBs is smart, I typically do this every season. Last year I ended up sticking with Bortles or Fitzpatrick, this season it's looking like I'm using mostly Stafford since his ADP was ridiculously low in redrafts. Just keep streaming QBs and hang onto the hot QB. Ryan should have another good week against the Raiders, just be wary that he plays the Panthers-Broncos-Seahawks in succession in a couple of weeks and shouldn't be started in any format.

As for Charles, it was stupid to draft him at his ADP given we knew he was injured and it was unlikely he'd be back at full speed at least, his value will continue to increase with each passing week. A healthy Charles is a lock top 5 back and contender for top overall in PPR.

>Contradictory statements

I'm fucked

I've been drafting 0 RB since 2012. If you do the math you can see that your odds of drafting more productive WRs in the early rounds are much higher than drafting RBs in the early rounds. Definitely not a meme strategy, although you need to be wary of who you're playing with in your league.

If you're playing with normies, zero RB is e-z. If you're playing in a competitive league with some more forward thinking and statistics based approaches, you will see more zero RB which makes it difficult to assemble backfield tandems.

For years I was living off Denver and Jets backfields. Out of one of those backs you typically end up with a mid to low tier starter at RB, and a very nice PPG bump over average WRs, if you know how to draft for targets anyways.

I'm good at fantasy and a complete autist for it. Anyone who has played in leagues with me knows that I know my shit. Feel free to take my advice or not, but either way I would at least see if you can let this offer sit on the table for one more week.

If you wait another week:
>you can see if Coleman will continue high production on a timeshare RB situation, or not. If not his value will be lower and you can buy lower. If you traded for him now you would be buying high
>you would have one less week of rostering a suspended Brady
>you have one more week of recovery time for Charles, and if he's back by week 3 you should definitely keep him

>football in pooper

Yeah I went heavy RB in most leagues. My main league got D Johnson, Martin, Forte, and Matt Jones in the first four and I still wound up with Decker, Cobb, Shepard and Marv Jones. Everyone went heavy WR, i went heavy RB, and it paid off so far. My WRs are far from studs but they get the job done. My TE position suffered the mst from it

Pics of football in ass

imo, if you do the Brady/Coleman for Charles trade, you would be getting fleeced for sure.I would also make this offer to someone else for sure. I would spam this Brady/Coleman offer to people who have buy low candidates I want.

From the perspective of the Brady/Coleman owner, he's selling high and buying low. The PPG you'd be gaining after week 4 with Brady over an average replacement is likely somewhere in the ballpark between 5-10 PPG. If Coleman averages a solid ~10 PPG you would still lose out on a 10 PPG average from a healthy Charles.

Stefon Diggs against Green Bay or Will Fuller against Kansas City lads?

12 man standard

Depends on format. If it was PPR or something weird with like 1 starting RB or PPR with nothing but flex, you dun goofed imo

In standard though you dun good. Except Matt Jones, fucking awful pick. You picked up good value at WR, some guys who had lower ADP than their real value (Decker, Marvin Jones) If only you capped it off with Doug Baldwin and Snead, two very undervalued WR assets.

I get the idea behind waiting at WR sometimes, there's still a lot of undervalued WRs out there. But you need to feel out where the other teams are trying to draft their players. If other teams are all trying to fight for those low-end committees with upside like the Dolphins, Lions, Jags, you will end up with nothing if you get caught in that mix.

Stefon Diggs

The guy who doesn't have Sam Bradford throwing to him

Z E R O FUCKING POINTS, NIGGA! Not saying it's just him but a team problem. I don't think the Browns are capable of doing anything with him.

>Matt Jones, fucking awful pick.
If he doesnt bounce back this week, hes done for. Ill package him and someone off to fill up on TE

>Baldwin and Snead
Didnt buy into the baldwin hype. I figured he was the product of an injury riddled offense and may not bounce back. With Wilson less likely to run, I can see Baldwin coming back. Snead, I just dont like the Saints in fantasy. Brees spreads it around too much and they tend to often drift towards RBCs. Defense isnt anything to write home about either.

aka the guy who dumped it off the Barnidge all last season

If McCown is starting, keep him in. Barnidge did his best when McCown was at the helm.

Barnridge should pick up production with McCown anyways. If you're in a shallow league, there should be Ebron out there if you feel like jumping ship.

I love Lions players this year because their schedule is fucking cake and the loss of Megatron means a wider disbursement of targets.

>mfw I got Forte with the FUCKING 34TH PICK IN THE DRAFT

Why are analysts such retards? Forte has been a stud his whole career, he wasn't going to suddenly go to shit just because he turned 30.

I got him at the end of the 4th round in my 10 man league.

Shit was nice.

What's this mean for Shady McCoy?

Steffon Diggs or Carlos Hyde

Leaning towards Hyde, Steffon Diggs has a histoyry of not doing too well against the pack, he also has no one throwing to him.

Because normies and projected points

>Ill package him and someone off to fill up on TE
I'd drop him, nobody is going to want him tbqh. His ADP was never a true reflection of his value or the outlook of the layman, it was mostly a product of ESPN's big board.

The Saints offense is a fantasy production haven because of Brees and that terrible, like all-time bad defense. They will continue to be in weekly shootouts and Brees will target players like Cooks/Snead/Thomas in garbage time for some cheap fantasy cheddar. The Saints offense is one of those rare fantasy situations where their relevant fantasy WRs are like 3 deep because of volume.

If Baldwin was being drafted at his points production (top 10) then yeah I'd avoid him. But he was being drafted as a WR3. I agree with the notion that his TD total from last season was mostly a fluke, but he still hogs the targets out in Seattle.

Weak. Got him pick 59 end of round 6. Get gud.

Actually it's Hyde Diggs or Ebron. Not really sure who to go with.

/ffg/ pls help, I only pretend to like sports for the bantahould I start Cam Newton or Alex Smith this week

>he wasn't going to suddenly go to shit just because he turned 30.
this shit gets me loling every year, it really does happen like every season with proven fantasy assets.

imo, Forte's value INCREASED from last season. He goes from an offense where he had zero help and a shit OL, to an offense with a solid OL, a QB who is dink-and-dunk all day long, and higher production than the Bears offense in general. Fitzmagic is fantasy gold in PPR, he boosts the receptions totals of the WRs on his team everywhere he goes.

Cam every week regardless of matchup until Cam proves he's fallen off a cliff.


Doug Martin (@Arz) or Rashad Jennings (vs NO)

I'd assume Jennings because New Orleans, but Doug just seems right..

>I'd drop him, nobody is going to want him tbqh
As much as i dont want to admit, youre probably right. I was hoping hed get his fumble problems together and, with Morris being gone, hed have huge touches. Lots of touches dont mean anything if theyre constantly playing from behind.

>relevant fantasy WRs are like 3 deep
Guess i never thought about it like that. But youll have weeks where he'll completely ignore some receivers in favor of others. Inconsistency in fantasy is a nightmare

Rawls or Ivory? I need to know. Ivory was my nigga last year. Rawls too was my nigga. I just don't know

DeVante Parker is going to play this Sunday, y'all who own him going to play him?

Ivory is out dude

No fucking way. Were you drafting with literal retards?

Just looked actually. I thought he was coming back. Hyde and Rawls it is.

Is this serious? Ivory is out for sunday. It's in the news everywhere and is listed as out on every fantasy provider.

What was your worst drafting fuck up this year, Cred Forums?

>mfw I took Golden Tate ahead of Larry Fitz

>Inconsistency in fantasy is a nightmare
oh trust me I know, I calculate standard deviations to determine who the most consistent week-to-week players are. Saints WRs are still great value for their ADP though.

Ivory is sick and won't play this weekend.

i took kevin white in one league which is lol

10 man league btw. Most of the dudes are pretty serious. Two don't even really like the NFL but have been playing fantasy for two years. The football buffs always try to out smart the system and pick sleepers like they're going out of style. Michael Fucking Floyd was picked round 2. They draft rookies early and it's not even a keeper league. They're retarded.

Should I start both LIons Rbs or go with a combo of Riddick/Woodhead/Abdullah?

Drafting on my phone in a 16 team league while busy. Team is absolutely fucked.

Woodhead/Abdullah is the patrician's choice

More touches

first pick gronk

Took shady with the 20th overall pick.

Otherwise, no real screw-ups yet.

Talk about outsmarting themselves.
Jesus christ, user. Unless you were in a 16-team league, there's just no excuse for that.

12 Man 1.0 PPR

I'm thinking about trading Mike Evans for CJ Anderson.

Now hear me out on this, CJ Anderson has a ton of upside now that he's not playing in Peyton's system and it really showed last Thursday when he tore the Panther's run defense (a group who's one of the best in the league). Furthermore, I don't exactly need a WR like Evans because I have Josh Gordon coming back week 5, but I definitely do need a RB. Evans is a great WR, but he plays a difficult schedule and has Jameis Winston throwing to him

Maybe I'm seeing this the wrong way, but I feel this is my best chance to trade my overwhelming WR depth for an upgrade at the RB position. What do /ffg/?

thats why its a fuck up my dude
i went dead last in a ten man

You see a lot of that. Normies circlejerk sleeper candidates to the point where they think they have to have Tyler Lockett and end up reaching up 3 rounds for him. Literlly reddit-tier retardation. Happened in my 10 teamer

Yeah, shit is funny. Then you have the flipside where (this only really applies to online drafts, not live ones) people take ESPN's rankings as gospel and draft devonta freeman in the top 8.

>tfw you are bad at drafting
>tfw everyone makes fun of you

Drafted Devonta over David Johnson in a 6-man.

I thought both were going to see RBBC time, but was leaning Devonta because of his success over a longer period last year. Gurley, Zeke, and Lamar Miller were already gone, I would have taken any over those guys.

(I got Johnson in my 12-man though and feel really good about him going forward)

Outside of TDs, Freeman had dogshit peripherals over the last half of the season

Aw I played 'em both like a dumbass. Knew I shoulda benched Sammy.

But my opponent has Bortles and I have Newton, so I feel good.

Thus, I fucked up... I panicked a bit when Miller got taken ahead of Johnson and Freeman.

(I got Le'Veon in like the 5th round in a league full of Steeler fans though. I got this)

>benching Evans

6 man leagues are dart throws anyway since everyone's team is stacked

>Gronk questionable again for Sunday

Just fuck my shit up

>tfw I spent $20 on this league because the commish is a dude I've been friends with since elementary school.

Tried to convince him to ask more people...

12 man league, standard scoring.
Latavius Murray or Jonathan Stewart?

should i drop pats dst for texans now that hightower is out?

12 man standard.

Todd Gurley for Jamaal Charles and Theo Riddick. Think this is a reasonably fair trade? Guy obviously sold high on Riddick but is it so bad it deserves to be vetoed?

Standard scoring

Do I start Eli vs NO or Dalton vs PIT


No, it's not even that bad. There is a world where Gurley is actually really bad this year. There was a report that came out that Goff might not even play at all this year, meaning he will be facing 11-man fronts all year. Jamaal is a top 5 back when healthy and Reddick provides some depth even in standard. Gurley owner is selling on the notion that the first game is a sign of bad things to come. I wouldn't do that if I were the Gurley owner, but I can see why one would.

Eli is a top 5 option this week

picked demarco over forte
end my life

Beasley or Maclin? Pls help.

rate my team also:

Do I start Flacco over luck???

Gore over Gurley???

10 man standard

>Do I start Flacco over luck???
Gore over Gurley???

Bamp. Just checked a weather forecast and saw that it's probably gonna rain in NY... leaning Jennings more now.

Pls help


Demarco still did well last week

you're kidding, right

Too early to hit the panic button on Gurley? Cause I want to smash that shit up

>in a 6-man
that was your true fuck up

he's a top 5 talent at RB but no doubt he's up against 9 man boxes every week from now until forever. At some point you've got to think with reps he'll get some TDs and bust out a big run or two, but this is not the best situation for his success.

>charles out for sunday
>opponent has ware



Should I play Landry @Patriots or Snead @ Giants for a standard league

Took Duke Johnson instead of Forte in the 5th of my 12 man PPR


lmfao u retard

im so fucked right now at RB. Cred Forums i need help.

i went WR heavy this year with jamaal charles being my only RB worth a damn in the 4th round.

i only have frank gore, matt jones, gio bernard, and christine michael to work with until charles comes back/i can make a trade for top 25 rb. who do i start this week? 10 team standard scoring.

im running woodhead/jones myself
same position


>The Sporting News' Alex Marvez reports the Bills' front office forced coach Rex Ryan to fire OC Greg Roman as a "sacrificial lamb" following Thursday night's embarrassing home loss to the Jets.

>Per Marvez, the front office "leaned on" Rex to make a "significant change" in hopes of "appeasing a disgruntled fan base." Ryan couldn't fire himself -- and certainly wouldn't fire his brother Rob -- so he fired Roman, who took the Bills' offense from No. 26 in offensive DVOA in 2014 to No. 9 in 2015, and scored 24 points Thursday night against a tough Jets defense. Meanwhile, Rex's defense finished No. 24 in DVOA in 2015 after ranking No. 2 under Jim Schwartz in 2014, and coughed up 37 points at home to the Jets. Marvez also confirms Rex himself "is feeling the heat" following an 0-2 start. The Bills are set up to start 0-4 with the Cardinals and Patriots next on the schedule.

i personally say snead. landry is better for ppr.

cool, thanks for the input

Pls respond

i wouldnt drop either of those guys. wallace, even when he was good, was a boom or bust guy. i doubt he'll be consistent in baltimore.

you dont have anybody shittier to drop instead?

Drop everyone

gore and bernard, i guess

>inherit league best or 2nd best defense in the NFL from Bowles
>turn it into a dumpster fire immediately, bottom half of the league
>hire your retard brother who holds records for coaching the worst defenses of all time
>offense put up 31 points on a very good defense on opening night, but defense allows 37
>fire the OC

Le cuck foot licking defensive genius face

>Arian Foster (hamstring) draws the questionable tag

Time to pick up Jay Ajayi?

I got Hyde, Bernard and Rawls as options on RB. Which two should I use?

Hyde and Rawls

Cook or Walford

I'm the 4th pick, 10 team 0.5 ppr. I think Watkins was my only fuckup.

What do you guys think of my lineup for week 2? 12 man PPR

>Ware as a written in.

Damn good call there m8.

Muscle hamster definitely
Rawls and Blunt is a toss up since Carrol named Rawls the starter.....last games starter was still in a committee backfield that is why my instict is blunt.

Anybody please help
Need a flex for standard scoring.... Pick one
Moncrief @ Denver
Rawls @ LA
Diggs(Vikings) vs GB
Coleman(falcons) @ OAK
Tyrell Williams(chargers) vs JAX

Started Decker and Forte, benched Watkins
Its gonna feel good to to go 2-0 lads!

>D. Washington

All I want is a good trade proposal. See my roster a delve what I need & what I have that you need.

Why is this so hard to enact & accept?

This is my first year playing fantasy football. It's my bye week. Is there anything I should? Just watch the wire, and look for people to add and subtract.

Washington is a stud. A running back out of a Texas Tech offense, he's basically a healthy Dion Lewis.

Mark my words.

Was just offered Jamaal Charles for Spencer Ware. Obviously my gut says "TAKE IT AND RUN", but Ware could be a surprise and become the lead back. Am I retarded for not accepting it yet?

My friend convinced me to draft Laveon Bell. Was this good or bad?

I picked Golden Tate too early
Picked Dion Lewis, then 20 minutes later got the news that he was out (not really my fault but still)
Could have picked up Phil Rivers in the 10th round but I waited, then he got picked up

>tfw too scared of getting memed by bellichek to start blount

Jimmy G. needs him. You're a lot safer starting Blount than you will be week 5.

How did TNF go for you guys in Fantasy?

I started Forte, friend didn't have anybody on his team to start in our league.

Ryan Matthews or Ameer Abdullah as my RB2?

opponent flexed watkins


Tyrod did well for me. I shouldn't have fucking started Watkins though.

how's flacco gonna perform @ cle?

Did you draft Deangelo Williams?

E. Elliot or DeAngelo Williams? Sat Williams week 1 and he dropped 28 points. How shit is Cincy's D? Also having a hard time picking between Luck or Dalton. Denver's defense is obviously great, but Luck is always possible to go off for shootout

worst case scenario is it turns into a full blown committee, they both suck, and charles gets released after this season.

best case scenario (and more likely) is charles goes right back to raping like he was last year and be a top 5 RB.

charles is guaranteed to get touches if he's healthy, ware is not.

I had Marshall

Can't complain too much about 10 points, and I'm mostly just relieved that his knee didn't explode

Because he went late in all my draffs

That's a weird trade. If you have other backs to get you through the next couple weeks, I'd do it for sure.

Cowboys suck. Williams playing like it's 2008 again because he knows reinforcements are coming.

Williams without a doubt

Our tease reviewal time is 1 day. Am I an asshole if I accept tomorrow and get to keep Ware through the game tomorrow?

And no, my back situation is rough until Bell is back. I have Ryan Matthews and Christine Michael.

Cowboys are Bills tier. They just don't have to play the Pats two times a year.

P.S. What is the bare minimum that I should trade McCoy for?

Start Williams until Bell is back.

Demarco Murray or Spencer ware? Or do I bench Adrian Peterson for one of them?

Im in the same boat. I'm probably going to go with murray because of >lions

Spencer Ware, just bench Murray.

How realistic would it be to get a WR like Sanu, Crabtree, Hurns, or Marvin Jones/Golden Tate for Sammy Watkins?

I get the feeling Derrick Henry bout to take over at any point, but it's still week 2.

Ppr league btw.

Should I start Jason Witten or Gronk

Sanu? Isn't he hurt and also a major dice roll?

Decker's not bad for a mid-draft WR pick . Had him last year too and he got fairly decent numbers

I seriously need help with this one: Palmer vs TB or Stafford vs Ten?

Better to trade Watkins for a quality RB/TE

Take the burn & realize... waiver wire always produces wideouts.

I stand by what I said.

I forgot I also have eddy lacy. My team has too many RBs

Huh. Guess I didn't know Sanu was questionable too.

I dont think so. I havent heard anything about htat and I'm a falcons fan. Devonta and Julio have been kind of banged up but I dont remember hearing anything about Sanu.

>Chubby Lacy

I didn't. But I got Laveon late.

Sanu is banged up, ankle problems. He's been limited in practice this week though he is slated to play against Oakland.

Would anyone play Sterling Shepard (home vs NO) over Jordy Nelson (@Minn) or Larry Fitzgerald (vs TB)?

I feel like I need to get in on the action against NO's garbage secondary, but I dunno if it's worth sitting a vet.

Is Marvin Jones Jr. A good play this week as a WR3?

Only other options are John Brown and Stefon Diggs

So you are that shit for bench?

Bell will pay off, but you didn't draft accordingly?

10 man, standard scoring. Flex has already played obviously, pretty sure I'm going to leave it like this with Rashad Jennings on the bench.

Bench to follow



I would tell you to try to fit Woodhead in somewhere, but you already did well with your flex and KC's run defense wasn't very impressive against SD last week so MIA might make hay.

Yeah earlier this week I was thinking about trading him for J. Thomas or Kelce. Haven't looked at RBs really but J Stew, Hill, Yeldon, and Tevin Coleman are "available" on trading block.

Kelce can be used on flex certain weeks. Just get something else besides. As little as it is.

Yeah, apparently the Texans are expected to be going to be going with more running strategies so, obviously, that would favour Miller.

Think I'm going to leave it and if Woodhead plays well again, swap McCoy onto the bench and have Woodhead in the core team in future.

Tyrell is a major sleeper going into this game with Allen out.

A. Luck @ DEN or Bortles @ SD

left wins brah

How bad of a trade rape is Adrian Peterson and Julio Jones for Antonio Brown on a scale from 1 to 10?

Luck lights up the Broncos every time he plays them

would rape again

A wash if the Viking's QB sucks all year. Legitimate rape if Bradford (or someone) is competent enough to keep defenses from selling out to stop AP.

Ajayi is out already, and Foster is apparently ready to go, the coaching staff just gives him days off to keep him healthy.

If you have Foster, he's a start. Even when Ajayi is healthy, Foster will be the bell cow until he gets hurt.

10man Standard
Should I change anything
Not sure how i feel about Cobb and his lackluster production
Also should I throw in Foster?

How do you have Julio and AP on the same team in the first place

with who you've got, I would roll with it as-is

Do you think I should drop Wallace for Enunwa?
Enuwa seems to put up very nice numbers and not sure if Wallace will be consistent

Gronk is questionable again.

Should I sub him in for either Sterling, Fuller, or Golden Tate?

So I have several questions. My league is 10man PPR.

1) Do I play Ebron or Delanie Walker
2) With the Vikings QB situation and my current rb's, and the situation with watkins, is making a trade where I give AP for Allen robinson a good trade?

3) What is Cred Forums's opinion on also trading snead and watkins for danny woodhead for a better flex option?

I'm asking these because i'm concerned about my WR2 situation and AP's productivity

I would wait until hours before gametime since gronk is so good

Yes, Enunwa has showed he can make big plays and is a solid WR3 in the jets offense where as wallace is competing with like 8 or 9 other receivers for playing time let alone targets. Enunwa is also valuable since if Brandon Marshall's knee gives out, he can then be good trade bait for anyone who has marshall in your league

12 man standard. My team is on the left.

Do I keep Hilton in there or should I bench him for Sharpe, Williams, or even Cruz?

So glad Forte got me 28.9 pts since Fleener will bring me another 0 for the week ;_;

Why the hell do you have 3 defenses?

Since hes facing the best defense on paper right now I would switch him out for Williams. Keenan is out so Tyrell is going to be getting a lot more looks in the SD's pass happy offense.

Can you help me out? I'm the one who posted his team above yours

I'm streaming the ravens for the browns game and then dropping them after that, I'm saving the empty spot for enunwa since I'm afraid of marshalls knee? Can you answer my other questions?

Sharpe has the higher floor. But after the Aints shootout with Oakland last week, I think the Gnats receivers have the higher ceiling. Cruz in particular who showed last week that he can still go and might break out for a big play or two.

I feel like Walker is always a safe choice since there's no one else dependable to throw to on that team.

Mike Wallace or Tryell Williams?
12man Stand

I want to start Williams just so I can name my team, House of Tyrell

would appreciate your opinions - standard scoring
pick 3: Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffery, Sterling Shepard, Willie Snead

Jeffery, Shepard, Snead.

who wins, left or right? standard scoring

Not Dez Bryant.



Left should win. Peterson will probably fuck the guy on the right over.

Lmao I'm going to post my matchup every week senpai! Appreciate the feedback bless up

>mfw i'm set to go 2-0 in the Cred Forums league
Playoffs, here I come!

I dropped him after one week of poor performance :^)

>the sp league
there are like 45 of those, friend

Has anyone that devontae Freeman dropped him? Or waiting for him to have a big one and trade?

>those two players on the same team
>>>\out\ 8 man leagues aren't welcome idiot.

I was never big on him for this draft, but he just isn't droppable. If you can't find a trade partner, you just have to hold out hope he comes back for a while. Don't give your commish a headache.
>I suck at fantasy football and take it out on new players: the post

How am i lookin


Hows my team looking lads?

10 man 0.5PPR

any changes i should make for this wk>

>he took Gurley in the first round
>he's starting Fleener

Whatcha listening to on Spotify senpai?

Who should I play as my flex this week in standard scoring league

M. Sanu @ OAK
S. Diggs @ GB
I. Crowell @ BAL
D. Moncrif @ DEN


Some alright starters, but you invested waaay too much in Gostkowski, the Cardinals D and your tight ends.

I had the last pick of the round there wer no other backs or wide recievers left


PPR, pick one:

Desean Jackson
Emmanuel Sanders
Michael Crabtree

Took gostkowski around round 10 with fleener right after. Work leagues are weird dak presscott went before Ezekiel elliot

My matchup against the office fantasy "genius"


Gets more passes plus dat ATL secondary is garbage. I'm thinking it'll be a shoot out like last week vs NO.

I'm leaning that way. Thanks bruh.

Guy is offering Aaron Rodgers and Todd Gurley for David Johnson and Andrew Luck.

PPR. Yay, neigh?

>gurley for johnson


Anything i need to fix?

.5 ppr 10man btw

its only a matter of time, marshall owners...

The dude walked it off like it was nuffin.

His knees are diamonds

Gurley a freak, Johnson injury prone..

Ttiittes be damned. I'm high.

Nigga came back a few plays later and immediately caught a 20+ yard catch and went on to have a 101 yard game.

Just hope that it doesn't nag him all season. As a Jest fan, I hope they rest him as much as possible and maybe even bench him for Week 3.

Beatles or Kanye?


john brown or ameer abdulla in the flex in a ppr league?

Carr or Luck?


Forsett or Rawls at RB?
Sharpe, M.Floyd, or Smith Sr. at Flex?

looks like a good set up
MAYBE Fuller in for Ingram
Ingram probably wont be used as much, Giants v Saints is gonna be a mostly pass game but he could sneak in a couple goal line carries

Fuller really looked good last week, if he does well this week against a not-great Chiefs defense, could be a solid starter

Ingram has a higher upside so I wouldnt do it
Thats the only thing that could be changed if you were tempted to change anything at all



I don't get this Fitz isn't black but I'm new to football so maybe dis another QB from before

Should I start Demaryius Thomas still?

My alternatives: Hurns, Corey Coleman, Eli Rogers


Yeah picked up fuller after watching some of last weeks match.

I wouldve though ingrams ppr value wouldve made him the clear flex choice over fuller?

He is
Thats why itd be the only thing IF any
Like I said, youre all set up for the week friend

Was in Vegas for the week...Forte was my only starter so didn't check on it at all.

>tfw finally came home to see he scored 35 points for me

Jay Ajayi isnt on the injury report and Gase said everything is good now and he is ready for this Sunday.


Justin Forsett against Cleveland or Mark Ingram against the Giants?

It literally makes reference to Fitz in the image. He's a current Jest player.

Judge me.

10 man PPR.

You should start Stafford over Rodgers because he is playing against the notoriously bad Titans secondary. Also Rodgers hasn't had any success against Mike Zimmer in the recent times.

Guys my fantasy team is really fucking shit, I am in desperate need of running backs until Bell returns.

>out of RB's edition

>Am wanting to trade away Bryant cause fuck him

Here are a few trade options I'm considering sending out
>Dez Bryant for Jammal Charles straight up
>Kevlin Benjamin for Jeremy Langford, Arian Foster or possible both
>Alfred Morris to the Zeke owner for Iasiah Crowell
>Dez for fucking anyone really

>pls help Cred Forumseee
>am doomed
>much sad
>will be good user
>pls no toilet bowl

Shop as much as you can
If no one takes the bait, youre gonna have to go without
Sorry friend but you had a bad draft and will now suffer for it

Got sniped so goddamn much in my draft by the guy in front of me.

>Sniped Forte
>Snipe Christine Michael
>Sniped Emmual Sanders
>Sniped Julio in front of me in the first round

I should have shown him thy hands

Had a guy like that a few years ago
He was new so I dropped all the inside deets on players
Sharked every single one from underneath me
The only reason I made the finals was Knowson Moreno

>It's a "fantasy footbal expert" playing in 4+ leagues bragging about a week one stud in one of his leagues episode

kek is that boogie

I bet that fucker was hogging all the sheep

I have Viktor Cruz on my bench and I'm really liking his matchup against the Saints. Should I take a risk start Cruz over Michael Floyd or Edelman?

I wouldn't push it yet. He's missed literally 18 months of football so he probably won't be hitting his stride until midseason if he even still has it.

12 team .5 PPR
Pick 1:

2 QB system. Who should i Start

Carson palmer, Aaron Rodgers, Mathew Stafford

This. I like the idea of Cruz coming back but hes an older injury prone receiver coming off a major injury after not taking snaps for so many months. Id start every relevent Gaints receiver I could but Cruz would be on the ass end of that list

This is gonna be a shootout between Brees and Eli. If you want to risk it, theres a high ceiling but, imo, Id sit Cruz out despite how much I like the Giants passing attack. They may keep him limited so they dont lose their three headed dragon at WR for more important divisonal games

Oh shit, you're actually right. He got taken out in his prime.

Also want to add he tore his patellar tendon which is an injury athletes rarely, if ever, come back from as good as they were before.


Important. Will DeAngelo Williams play?

He looked good last week. Caught all 3 of his targets for 55 yds and a touchdown.

put up a nice 15 points on my bench, thinking of starting him over Jeremy Maclin this week

Yes, why would you doubt it?

Anyone have any advice for daily fantasy lineups? I do like three leagues a week but I usually like to run an Cred Forums lineup for giggles

Titans secondary is a joke id play stafford this week

value value value

Should I be looking to dump yeldon and sell him high? I feel like ivory will poach his red zone carries when he is eventually healthy

Sanu @ Oakland or Cobb @ Minnesota?

.5 ppr

>tfw Eli in one league and Brees in the other

Can't wait to sit back and enjoy watching those """"""""""""""defenses"""""""""""""" get embarrassed

Rodgers is an every week start, and Stafford has a good matchup + is on a roll

Stafford for sure. Titans pass rush is meh and their secondary is god awful.

10man .5 PPR

Bros do I start Steve smiff or fuller? Other less considered options on my bench are Dorsett and t Williams

Sanu bruh


Pick 3. HALF PPR

Gio Benard
Arian Foster
Randall Cobb
Spencer Ware
TJ Yeldon
Dante Moncreif
Will Fuller


these are my pickles:

Dropping Duke Johnson for LeSean Mcoy, but have to wait for a while for the waiver order. I wont need any of them anyway, IF Devonta Freeman plays. 'therwise i'm fucked.

My other team is starting Eric Ebron this week, not sure if i'll keep him... my other TE is Ertz. I gave Graham away for Ebron. Yep.

These are my current starters. Should I move someone to my bench to make room for TJ Yeldon, or should I roll with this lineup?

Personally I would start yeldon over murray

Why the hell is Shady available in 10 standard? Yes, pick him up.

I think Ebron will keep doing good things. Hold onto him unless the idiots you're playing with left Gronk on the wire or something.

Ware and Yeldon for sure. I'd go with Fuller for the third.

Yes. Get rid of Ertz and fill that spot with someone actually useful

Pick my flex pls. PPR

Arian Foster @ NE
Jeremy Maclin @ Hou
E. Sanders vs Ind
Doug Baldwin @ Rams

A'ight, thanks for the advice!

lol, no Gronk in the wild. Yeah, when I saw Mcoy I was surprised too.

Oh, right. Forgot to mention that that I benched Melvin Gordon to start Dev. Freeman last week. Am I to blame? My gut tells me to start Gordon this week too, but I keep seeing shit like >pic related.

Still won the match-up though

They had two sacks erased by penaltys

Rogers or Carr?

Start Doug Martin or Yeldon this week?

Colts game was a shootout last week. Take a gamble on sanders

12 man non ppr

My team is pretty shitty. Anyone on my bench I should be playing? I'm still not sure about Lacy over Danny Woodhead, the Vikes D is good but lacy generally runs all over them


I have Eli in instead of Tyrod. I'm hoping I won't regret that.

That's a tough call, Vikings pass D is pretty weak so I expect Rodgers to roll over them. But the Raiders are playing the falcons so...

Eli's autistic ass is gonna throw 5TDS

>people are STILL doubting Eli
>playing the same defense that Kirk cousins threw for 400 yards against last year, without its best cb

Kelce against the Houston D
Ebron (together with a +10 confidence Stafford) vs the Tits

really makes ME think.

Here's a good one that I"m kind of on the fence for:

Start Luck or Stafford? 6 player league, standard shit.

That's another big issue, but it seems like whenever I bench Kelce he scores 2 tds

Yeah, all in the 4th quarter

>6 player league

Can anybody help me sign in to NFL.com? I've cleared my cache and cookies and updates Flash. I don't know what else to do.

Current TEs: Witten, and Miller
Give Away: Deshaun Jackson and Williams
Receive: Delaine Walker.

lat murray or woodhead or rashad jennings?

Should I start D. Thomas; M. Wallace; or M. Floyd????????

ppr btw


mike evans or jarvis landry

Woodhead or DeMarco Murray?

1.0 PPR/Bonus

Both of them have shit matchups, but Tannehill's the weaker QB and NE will probably bully the shit out of Miami. I'd run Evans.

Help guys. Hilton or crabtree for my flex? Right now I'm starting Brown and Alshon. Wallace is on bench. Standard scoring.

Crabtree has the better matchup on paper, but to be honest the colts always carve up Denver (especially luck to Hilton) and I don't see that changing this game. Colts always overachieve when playing the broncos

fuck. i hope i dont regret not listening to you.

Pick 2 (standard):

>T. Benjamin
>Arian Foster
>T.Y. Hilton
>Eric Ebron

What is wrong with your current TEs?

Have Witten
Dropped Fleener for him. Wondering if I jumped shit too quickly.

Who will have the better season?

Benjamin and hilton by a fucking mile

Don't be fooled by any of the lions players after pounding on a junior college-level colts defense. If you believe in Ebron, Abdullah or riddick after that performance you are taking the bait.

I waited too long to draft TE...

Standard scoring.

Zach Miller or Brent Celek (Monday night in Chicago)?

Leaning Celek (only picked him up because Ertz is out) since Miller didn't do much with three catches last week...

Latavius Murray or J Matthews in FLEX this week?

You quit your own league last year queer

Football in ass

against forte in my $10 cash game on DK. just kill me now desu

fuck it. going with hilton. thanks.

So Fitzgerald is good for 3 touchdowns right? Tampa last season was 30th place in passing touchdowns in the redzone.

Does anyone else get looked at on the cardinals for red zone work?


>mfw don't know whether to start Wilson or Stafford
>mfw whoever I bench will have the far superior game

Id go stafford just in case Wilson isn't as mobile as he normally is

Tevin Coleman is still available on waivers, thinking of dropping John brown for him

Stafford. Isn't Russel hurt?

Stafford nigger

Should I start Dak or Dalton? Standard scoring league.

If I were you, I'd go with Stafford. Not clear how bad Wilson's injury is.

>thinking about starting dak at all
>keeping him on your team

Stafford. Offense looks pretty good even with megatron gone.

Is Shane Vereen a waste of bench space?

Not even against washington?

And Dalton doesn't have the best history against Pitt

>not even against Washington

Sorry I missed the point where dak is as good as Big Ben. No start dalton and what the user above said, why do you still have him on your roster. Gets an elite better game manager like smiff

Shit that came out horrible. Start dalton and drop dak for a better qb like smith

Who should I start at:

WR (2 picks)

slim picking in my league; best ones available are Bradford and McCown

I understood, thanks for the advice

I'd go Barnige (TE) and Ravens (D/ST).

Less confident on the WRs, but prob Thomas at least

Get rid of Dak. Everything that he showed says he is bottom tier qb. All his connections were in front of the defense on screen and flat routes. He cant throw over the top of defenses. As long as Dak starts, its also going to hurt anyone who owns Elliot, because teams will just stuff the box and challenge Dak to throw.

Dak is sub-par QB. Pick up Bradford if he is available. He will be top tier QB by end of season with QB wisperer Norv and having Oklahoma buddy AP with him.


Shit, go Bradford I guess. In any case you're solid with the ginger until his bye

Thomas and Landry. I'd rather take demys upside than start garçon

Start Andy Dalton or Andrew Luck?

My running back situation is as follows:
RB1 Todd Gurley
RB2 Rashad Jennings
FLEX Lamar Miller

I have TJ Yeldon on the bench. I guess what I'm really asking here is whether or not to bench Gurley.

Meant to reply to you too

Should I trade Elliot?

>palmer vs Tampa or Rivers vs Jacksonville
>djax vs dallas or snead vs giants or KBenjamin vs san francisco


pick 1

standard, sorry

1. Who do I start? I'm on the left
2. Who wins? .25 PPR

fack forgot pic


Move Baldwin up to wr and switch out Tate for jennings

Elliot is a really good back in a shitty situation. He has a great o line he plays behind but if there is no threat in the passing game then his options to run are limited. If it were my team, if you pull the trigger now, you might get some value back. If you wait a week or 2 and the QB situation doesnt change, they nobody will want him.

DESU, as bad as Sanchez is, he is a better option that Dak because at least he has an arm to throw over the defense and teams will play Dallas straight up, instead of stacking 7 or 8 in the box.

Dak has until week 4 before he loses his job to butt-fumble.

If it were me, i would trade to hedge my risk. I know the reward is high, but if you can get somehting back that brings steady points, it might be worth it.




What does your team look like?

Held off for too long to draft an rb and had to settle with Matt Jones

Pick 2

Hilton vs Broncos
Crabtree vs Falcons
Snead vs Giants
Coleman vs Baltimore

Standard scoring

Snead and Crabtree

>someone answer me reeeeeeeeee

bench gurley start yeldon

Guise should i start Mike Wallace or Allen Robinson? Pls halp


Mathews are you dense? Also good drafting if they're your flex options



Snead and Crabtree

Yes, he'll never get more than 10 touches

>That feel when you draft Forte in the 5th round.

Feel good man!

Who for PPR flex: Tate vs TEN or Woodmeme vs JAX.

PPR league:
Am I crazy for thinking about benching Randall Cobb for Moncreif this week?

stroke your wood

2RB and a Flex standard scoring

Doug Martin
Deangalo Williams
Jonathan Stewart
TJ Yeldon
Theo Riddick

I'm leaning Martin/Williams/Stewart

12man Standard

Pick One QB
-Rivers vs JAGS
-Flacco @ CLE

Pick One Flex
-Wallace @ CLE
-Tyrell vs JAGS
-Foster @ NE

I kinda wanna bench Cobb and start Tyrell since I never really cared for him and I wanna goo all on the Tyrell hype train

I'd go rivers and Wallace

I was wondering between Carr and Luck, and Crabtree and DeSean Jackson for flex. I'll likely play Spencer Ware at flex if Jamaal Charles is out

Ones going up against the best defense in the league that also has a poor oline and the #q wr is slightly nicked up while the other has Rodgers throwing to him...

Williams for sure, I would work Riddick in there as well for Martin. Then I'd definitely start Stewart over Yeldon even though I don't think Stewart has better than an average ceiling this week.

10 person PPR, standard scoring. I was wondering between Carr and Luck, and Crabtree and DeSean Jackson for flex. I'll likely play Spencer Ware at flex if Jamaal Charles is out

The reason why im considering the the switch is rodgers has more targets, and Luck is going to have to throw and throw quick in this game and Hilton, while he will play is banged up. So Moncreif and Allen might just eat up a lot of targets. While Cobb will go 6 for 56 again with maybe a TD.

Amari Cooper or Larry fitz. PPR or Spencer ware in my flex and run then both?

8 man pls go

Yeldon (Chris Ivory is out and he has a favorable matchup)

I'm starting Martin and Yeldon this week, Stewart is riding the pine.

I have Hopkins, D. Thomas at WR1 and WR2 with Michael Floyd at my flex. 3WR .5PPR, Decker already played.

I have Forsett, Jonathan Stewart, and Antonio Gates on my bench, should I flex one of them over Floyd?

Which of these D/ST's should I stream this week? I have the Bengals but I don't want to start them against the Steelers.

Also, I can safely drop Derek Henry at this point, right?


CAR should steamroll SF and riverboat Ron has bee named pretty clear that he want some Newton running less this week so I'd imagine Stewart gets a big workload this week.

Lol no one even had Spencer the first week. It's 10 man. Just people who are homers and have rose colored glasses for players that used to be good. (Jamal charles). Also no one wanted Larry cause muh retirement talk

Which two out of: latavius murray, blount and jennings?

Rasm. :^)

>CAR should steamroll SF and riverboat Ron has bee named pretty clear that he want some Newton running less this week so I'd imagine Stewart gets a big workload this week.

That's what I keep hearing, and that's why I drafted Stewart (probably a round too early), but that's easier said than done. They can play-call to give Stewart a bigger workload, but that's dependent first and foremost on Newton not going HAM and holding back.

I feel like Floyd might be riskier but he has a bigger upside. Then there's also Gates who should be good for at least 10 points (Ebron is my starter, dat upside). Also Forsett could have a monster game against the Browns.

Yeah, I have Cam on my team so I'm not too upset if he doesn't have have the discipline. Gates will probably have an above average game with Allen out now. And Forset is a 50/50 chance because he seems to be on a very even split with West

Pretty shit options for streaming this week. Dallas or Chicago maybe? You're going to need a monster stat-line because you're not going to hold anybody under 20 points.

>week 2
>flexing a TE

I might just do it, but I feel like the flex spot is where you put the high-ceiling guys. I feel like Stewart and Gates need to find the endzone for me to play them. Floyd doesn't have to especially if it's a shootout and he gets 6 receptions for 100+ yards.

If it wasn't for the Rasm getting BTFO by SF I'd start Stewart. Does that game say more about how bad the Rams are or is the 49er D that good against the run?

Yeah, I'm leaning towards Chicago. Facing a rookie QB who had an easy matchup last week.

I agree but I don't think the Bucs can make it a shootout. As for the 9ers I can't believe that they've improved that much from last year. And it's not like the Rams have a ton of talent to stop on either side of the ball. Gurley and Donald can't win games on their own.

Pick up Chicago then. The Eagles are going to have to go through the air since Chicago isn't terrible against the run (early, anyway, before the defense gets gassed because the offense can't stay on the field) and they have guys who can make plays in the secondary.

So Stewart maybe... I'll make a game-time decision tomorrow and then shitpost on Cred Forums after the guy on my bench scores 20+

That's the way to do it

> J. Langford RB-CHI
> J. Maclin WR-KC

pls help

langford no question imo

jeremy hill
mike evans
deshaun jackson
victor cruz
derrick henry
pick 3 with 2 wrs

i didn't know 20 man leagues were out there

dude, you're chilling with your line up

Go with Langford

for this

10 man Standard
Should I trade Zeke for AJ Green

My RB's are
-Derrick Henry

My WR's are
(RIP mybbyboi Allen)

Langford. Are you insane?

Who should I pick as WR2 and flex in my PPR league?
Travis Benjamin
I was thinking benjamin and edelman, but Im not sure about cruz. Hilton looks like a bust this week.