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off to a good start, rip thread

Top 10 for >tfw last weekend as neet.

Careful mate don't make me ask the French lad to post traps to trigger you again

>2 hours, 7 minutes until fp2
thanks for getting me started with my half-time fap break


IP ban all cuckstralians desu.

>Bot77as married

i love how verstappen's faced criticism so far, especially since belgium. everything just rubs off on him and he defends his style to the death, insisting he will not change and everyone will have to get used to it. plus he knows his stuff when his dishes out comebacks to criticism, like on villeneuve this past week and massa last year. what a breath of fresh air for f1 to have a character like that, in addition to his obvious skills. this guy is already ruthless and he's not even in his 20s. don't think i've ever seen a driver under 25 as mentally tough as he is. can't wait for what lies ahead on and off the track. we've got a superstar in every sense of the word.

>Crofty talking about how Emilia met Bottas
>he forgot to mention their first conversation was Emi saying Valtteri had a really nice bum

I liked that brohug though.

Your proxy isn't working lad

>Classic banter

>Crofty and Di Resta having lovers quarrel

one of the merc engineers was on snapchat on his iphone, not very professional of him

Friendly reminder that only literal autists and Dorftrottel follow F1.

>WEH fastest
Wtf I'm a Wehrmachtmissile now!

>Mclelen Hondshit

How shit can they be?

Kiwi 'JUST' Yacht just isn't getting any break.

Amx amx

Du bist eine grosse arschloch

Will ERI also loose FP2?

How many bongs til FP2?

Check the link in the OP

bit under 2 bongs

Why were the Mercs faster on the softs than the ultrasofts?


Wew, Amd Amx lads

>not liking Carmen

You underestimate my laziness, Klaus


What's the point of seeing FP1,2 and 3?


1. Martin Brundle
2. Murray Walker
3. James Hunt


4. James Allen
5. David Coulthard
6. Ben Edwards
7. John Watson


8. Paul di Resta
9. Jonathan Palmer
10. Anthony Davidson


11. David Croft


12. Jonathan Legard


Jorda a shit. Also blacked is a terrible fetish lad

I'm not saying I wouldn't root her - because of course I would - but I have this weird antipathy to Spanish and Portuguese accents on women.


I have nothing else to do on this friday night.

Bantz and memes

Better question would be what's the point of seeing the race, although this weekend isn't going to be MWL so it might be worth it.

That list kinda sucks. Di Resta should be above Blunder Brundle. But he shouldnt be #1 as well.
No one of them should be 1 because they all have their flaws. Now Kai Ebel, he's perfect!


Watson needs to drop a tier.
He's become a ranting angry old man.

Can Kmag make it to the points in singapore lads?

Ben Edwards and John Watson should be higher.

Jack Nicholls needs to be on there.

fight me

Jack Nicholls and Alex Jacques in the top or second tier

>above Allen


Never heard Watson call F1

Him and Charlie Cocks were a GOAT BTCC pairing though

I was going for life long achievements and his time on eurosport was some of the best.

Martin Haven and Charlie Cox should also be on there as well.

>tfw BTCC will never be this good ever again


Like this wasn't Touring Car Kino. This was MotorsportKino.

There has never been motorsport season better than 1998 BTCC.

He does Blancpain now.
He has old man disease and gets angry and rants at things for not being the way they were in 1974

Who the fuck posts in a thread 74 times then deletes every post?


>not 92


Lazy janitors deleting an entire post history m8

captcha being this kawaii

Not in a million years.
Donington 1998 is literally the greatest motor race ever in history


Matches your personality

oh, i remember this with joy...

>sign for the local meat factory

what is she even wearing underneath?

Full body fishnet

What this guy said

why though

Because Carmen is a dirty slut

>There has never been motorsport season better than 1998 BTCC.

Early 90s DTM


Any link for ustream or vlc? Canada is poor for coverage.

90's DTM was so fucking good.

Greatest racecar ever coming through.

> no sir jackie stewart

>good chassis

Yeah dat ass is legendary.

just get acestream
and use the link in the op


it's true though, they have a good chassis. I'd say after Merc, RB and Ferrari it's the best one

When's fp2

top lel let's make WEHrmacht a thing

28 bings

>Kai Ebel

When will they finally fire that asshole?

He's so fucking annoying and has zero manners.

Is there a whiter picture on the internet?

Oh BTCC in the 90's was great. Used to show it on BBC I think on Grandstand?

he's the only reason i still watch the RTL coverage from time to time

>He's become a ranting angry old man.
>He has old man disease and gets angry and rants
And your problem is...?

Fucking millennials.


>tfw even your team mate makes fun of your autism

>GPS data show that #Honda engine is lacking 85 hp to #Mercedes, 60 to #Ferrari and 55 to #Renault


That's pretty masochistic, m8.

>Henno put his watermark back on

goshdarnit I wanted to report his sky number

Why is Bernie such a manlet lads?

they didn't have steroid pumped McNuggets back then

>being this salty
just leave britcuck

didn't drink enough milk when he was a kid

thanks bro

>guaranteed safety car: the circuit
wew memes!
who do you think it will be this year?
i bet it's a mchondshit

Did the stream go to shit lads?

Yes. Look at the hennostream chat.

nop official /f1/ acestream is working fine


at least audio is okay

Based Henno solved it.

>Based Henno

kill yourself


I won't complain about a good free service.
The memes and Ham praise I can stomach.

it's 44

James Allen's on NBC, but just as the pitlane reporter. It's quite nice however, minus all the 30 second Honda ad breaks.


>minus all the 30 second Honda race replays.




That's one set of tyres unusuable

I miss the days James and Martin Brundle.

>Greatest racecar

>Not a Volvo 850 Estate


Massa is demolishing Buttass around here

I'm upset because acestream is dropping frames like crazy.


The City of McLelren Hondshit

Guttierez's lap was perfect.

God, those were the days. Proper commentary, and Allen at his most biased was now where near as terrible as Sky is today.

Blundell was pretty good as well, 10 times fucking better than the unlikeable Di Resta.

>this ted autism of WEH's nose and helmet
he's babbling about disney's monorail logo from his childhood wtf wtf ted

>my feet are hot


it's burning like in "the world's fastest indian"

Felipe really likes this track. I remember that Shell did the tarmac for Singapore, and Ferrari had Fiorano repaved with the same bitumen. So he had a good feel in a sense for the grip the tarmac would give. But he just hooked it up.

>pic related Singapore 2008

>and Complain Grosjean complains again


Lewis looks like Nico today.


>Fat John

nice of him to leave his endplates behind in one neat heap

>Haas in charge of doing a good job copying Ferrari's car


Based Romain

>F1 won't just get rid of the endplates and be single support wings


that would be top lels, will never happen though because the endplates are useful for putting sponsor logos on

>reminder that Gene Haas was in prison from 2007 to 2009


friendly reminder if you don't pay your taxes you are literally scum

Have you ever backed off to not reveal your pace?

>Paul Di resta.

Anyone get a stream working for androids? Xmtv won't work. VLC too.

Center mounts are so sexy

i have one on my civic

A fast car like that needs a lot of downforce.


hamlelton is kill



mercedes sabotage confirmed #teamLH

>Hamilton troubles

>Sky: "is Hamilton on the back foot"

Don't you mean "does this give Nico the psychological advantage"?

Oh wait... only Lewis is allowed to have that.

>hamilton's session is over
>switch to ads
sky is the fucking worst

someone webm this



fucking RIP camera man

>Ricky Bobby lost 0.4 in the last sector.

Do you think he's sandbagging?

Fucking idiot broke his fucking head

manlet alarm


I wonder what her bfs think of her Rosberg obsession


>Nico Mana

That better be best friends because Mana has never had a boyfriend and is a pure maiden.

>backmarker tier driver gets in someones way during practice: "THIS IS PROOF THEY'RE SHIT"
>top driver driver gets in someones way during practice: "I don't know what he was thinking"

Pure cumwhore you mean

You're thinking of Hamilton fans m8

You realise she probably took it up the shitter from execs to fast track into better job positions. She gave her virginity up to some Yakuza lad who ended up sending lewds to her family for bants

Your nation deserved to be firebombed and wiped from human history.


>Yakuza lad who ended up sending lewds to her family for bants

amx BTFO by his engineer

So Super GT has all the paki fans then

Amx btfo

He's wearing that filter to mitigate the stench coming from that cum-reeking slut.

I understand full well how the idol system works but she is not part of it.



Lad that ain't edgy. Are you that one of those soft cunts who got ran out of 8.ch /f1/ or something?

Is Max the least likable driver on the grid?

It's from the 86/BRZ series not Super GT

>nico gets booted out for WEH
>nico mana just switches straight to the choco nico

I 100% totally would this cute sluzbucket

what happened with max?

Pretty weak attempt m8

Reminder that Maldonado qualified 2nd here in 2012.

you can tell she wanted to get blacked.com

he was complaining and his engineer basically told him to shut up and keep driving

>Cute super-attached fans following you for interviews, photos etc. in F1 games when?

came up behind traffic, complained on the radio blaming the team or something, his engineer told him "it's a street circuit you dip" and to "get on with it"

> tfw know I understand why f1 drivers take so long to "man up and settle down"

can't make this shit up

>Rump roasted by janitor lad doing what a janitor will do between hot pocket breaks
>Leaves for 8.ch & gets bullied out
Aussie lads sort your weak boys out yeah


So max will do the same

>Mclelren Hondshit


good good

Maldonado qualified between 2nd-3rd about 4-5 times that year, which people have forgotten about. if he calmed down/didn't have an engine blow up, he could have won another race. yes, i'm still mad.

>$450 Million for constructor 48 points

I wonder what kind of retards would invest money into McLelren Hondshit.

Loserbernd would.

Wtf did she mean by this?

Is she Okinawan or something?

No I wouldn't because I am the one who made that post.

>claire williams not in press conference



ching chong ping pong I need another jaw surgery


Why is this okinawan semon demon so damn fine?

kek, i know. thanks for the >you

What are they looking at, lads?

her nose is off but the rest is fine

I don't think Codemasters has the technology for having your fangirl grow over 10 seasons

cucko's ass. and PLEASE enable deinterlacing.

She looks pretty korean and pig disgusting honestly. And I have yellow fever.

Stop exposing her now pls

Who are the most autistic drivers Formula One has ever seen?

>she has been a nico fan since 2010
>she was 14 in 2010
>2010 was 6 years ago

>tfw you don't like porn but do it to gridgirls pitbabes racequeens whatever you name it

the interviewer' short and shoes. just like jealous girls

I wonder if she'll ever give up on him?

MotoGP has best grid girls



exposing her?


She's already gone full slutfu. Look at the amount of surgery she's had.

curb your autism pal.

More photos like this
I love glowing buttons that i dont even understand

Then we would have only rude and unfunny union smelling krauts
Not Nice

I thought Max was supposed to suck at street circuits

have you been following her since she was 14 years old?
what's it like to follow a sweet 14 year old and see her go from little girl to teenager to young woman to trackside slutdemon?

i want to fill mana with my man mana tbphfam

Arrivabenis :D:DDD:D


Look I know for a fact that I've been within a mile of her.

If you want a race queen go get your own.


You know she has followed Nico since 2006 right?
Stop trying to fuck with me Australia you know nothing.

i got you senpai

>that cheeky eye brow raise by toto
who was he smiling at?

i don't care, and i don't like her. seek help.

I bet the little slut has her shitter used on a daily basis.

what an oddly-shaped girlcock desu


>his waifu lusts after another man
>she is still his waifu

this is pathetic brit poster

he's clearly the definition of a britcuck

>half of these girls are legit pornstars
Nico mana is a slut....

also anyone got the leaked photos from the yakuza boy she fugged?

Where's his chin going? It's almost completely disappeared.

>tfw you will never win an f1 race ever again


>this fucking italian journalist

who knows
maybe it disappeared to the same place as his talent

Wagfag is mentally disturbed

>id be okay with her fugging nico


who will replace arrabiatapenne next year at ferrari?

Hulk Hogan. Get ready, brother.

THey're actually sacking him?

oh my god do you think he's the brit/pol/ that keeps coming up with the insane hamilton conspiracies?

If they go full Ferrari, they'll replace him with an engine man, then replace the engine man in summer break 2017 for a mechanic, then the mechanic with an investment broker with a cool haircuit.

Boys, anyone else mad enough to have won of these on their wall?


Wagfag comes back here to post because he seeks attention.

Pretends that he has left and then posts wags with stuff like "Why did we replace wagsguy with Nick?" or posting "look at the fucking autism wagfag has" as he posts a screenshot of 8ch.

He is probably a lot of brits just permanently seeking attention.

>vettels face when he's being bossed around by investment broker with a cool haircut

Too european and gay for me lad

>insuling Spa-Francorchamps

what did he mean with this

>Alright tiff-oh-see, lemme tell ya somethin' ,brother, y'see we here at Ferrari, dude, we're bringing the fight to Mer-kay-deez on Sunday, brother. *flexes arms* Lewis Hamilton had better say his prayers, eat his vy-ta-mins, drink his milk and eat his fruit, 'cause Kimimania is gonna run wild on his ass. Watcha gunnadooo, when you see these 13-inch pythons *points to tyres* in your mirrors, brother? God bless, HH *posts racist tweet*


>tfw this will never happen
>tfw we will never get a hulk hogan podium interview

That's basically what arrivabenis is

Who /WouldTotallyLetNicoFuckMe/ here?

>Nico trying to joke around in English

at I know he'd never be the first to cum :3

this just raises questions to me:
who took this picture?
why take this picture?
who even posted it or put it online?
for what purpose?
why did you save it?
et cetera, et cetera

m8. Get. A. Grip.

Why don't you get help?

Doubt it. The britpol guy has a double-digit IQ and can't argue his way out of a paper bag. Wagsfag just seems like an extreme autist.

>tfw you will never go over the edge and uncontrollable cum all over Nico's chest
>tfw he will run his finger through it and force you to lick it clean as he continues to pound your boypussy

>who took this picture?
His official photographer Paul Ripke who has been in charge of his social media since Barcelona

>why take this picture?
As a treat to Rosberg's many fans and to show exactly how hot Singapore is

>who even posted it or put it online?
As I said Paul Ripke who put it on Nico's twitter

>for what purpose?
That is the same as "why take this picture?"

>why did you save it?
Because Rosberg is hot and I touch myself at night

>et cetera, et cetera
That is not a question.

nico's wife
filename says it all

It's more sad than anything really. Imagine if the only form of human contact you have is on a slow as hell 8.ch board, or here on occasion.

Spending your spare time, looking at lives you'll never be a part of. Maybe your mind will run wild with dreams. But there will come a moment, when there's no new posts, no new updates, and all you're left with it is the shambles of your life.

Even then he still won't get the help he desperately needs.

SUCH a strange, little man.

I'm more worried by the fact he actually has a job. And earns enough to buy a season ticket for a football club he regularly attends.

Like I might come into contact with him at an away day and wouldn't know.

My cat just got a hold of some sort of flying rat thing & has ripped it to shreds. Blood & feathers all over the place. Last digits are who will win this weekend with the puss blood sacrifice

Does that mean Button because he's the closest?

I hope he puts in a cheeky RELENTLESS drive

>WAGfag is a footie fan
Going to say Fulham

Imagine that. I wonder what's life really like in his head. Like I almost want to know, maybe I should go to 8.ch and find out.

My honest question is how is he not suicidal? Like seeing those posts, and staring at your collection, that's probably worse than torpedo.

What club out of curiosity?

>flying rat thing
bats are a protected species ya cunt

could be just the 3 for Tricky Ricky


In one of those seats every matchday he sits.
Do you think one day he will crack?

Tell that the this little shit

I wonder if he dreams of Mana kidnapping him, and tying him up in the Mercedes Garage, so that Nico can torture and screw him to take out his frustration, when he botches another defensive move.

All Nico's frustration and anger, at himself, Lewis, his attempts at jokes. Mana would be there to assist him with any request, almost taking pleasure in seeing Nico's relief. When he finished with him, leaving him bruised and battered, he'll jump on his plane so he can help Vivian take care of their baby.

Mana would run her finger over every mark Nico made, before dragging his barely conscious body way until next time.


Literally who?

Well at least not after some big name team. Also looks pretty comfy setup there. Why the move from the older ground anyway?

Morecambe known as The Shrimps are a smaller team & are feared in Asia, especially China

Of that there is no doubt, it's just what happens when he loses his mind. I just sort of hope he wakes up before then. He doesn't seem all that bad.

Maybe he'd attack Nico at Silverstone. Or he'd go after Hamilton for Nico and Mana, in the title decider. His final act would ensure Rosberg's the title, and ending his suffering in one fell swoop.

In 2008

in 2016

well that is a picture of him being bossed around by arrivabenis for real

Go find some of the fanfics he write

>Why the move from the older ground anyway?
How would I know I'm not Wagfag

>People like this actually exist

God damn.

fucking nico fans everybody

Dear lord

>tfw Hamilton fans are weird but not that weird

I tried to look up if they're in the premier league or something and then realised your soccer leagues are whack and I don't get that shit at all.


>to follow this girl from 10 years old to 20
>to see those lewds be released from her out of no where
god damn lucky bastard

i think you have to be weird to be super fans of a guy like nico
see hamiltons fans are mostly bandwagoners that are following the victory trail and the controversial/skillful racing manuevers and performances he occasionally pulls off

nico fans have to like nico purely for nico and that's fucking weird

>Morecambe in the Premier League
That is on par with one of those $800 GP poo car packs getting into F1


Hamidubs on a Nico post.

4th WDC confirmed?

Well, I figured if their logo is a shrimp, surely they couldn't be in the top level.

Otoh, I wouldn't entirely be surprised if they ran out of lion logos.

In his head m8

fuck, i feel sorry for that dude now. honestly hope he gets help.

it's no Burton Albion

Not doing too bad in Championship your lot. Just need to keep form solid so can bag enough points to stay up

>Posts depressing shit about his own life
>Throughout it he blames only himself while being utterly kind to his friends
>At the end he just brushes it all aside with a joke

At least he recognises he has a problem but just blowing it off is highly worrying.

>tfw only ever seen one Morecambe fan on Cred Forums

Jesus christ it was him all along.

gotta go fast

Nice night for a walk

christ that guy needs help
he's worse than greek nick

I knew a girl from Morecambe. Gorgeous blonde thing, beautiful big arse and had a thing for Australians.

Then she finished high school, started dating some prissy wanker, ruined her body with tattoos, dyed her hair a hideous brown and went Kylie Jenner spec with her lips.

Oh well.

Never ever lad

How bad were the Tattoos?

Like Alizee tier bad?



Worse part is she still looks amazing if she wears full sleeve tops

RIP Alizee

That's some sixhead level shit



How much worse though?

nearly forgot are /f1/ on tonight or tomorrow for El Generalico Classico?

rip boner, your life was short

She also went blonde for a short period as well

>Blow load on forehead
>Months later gets into her eyes after it had been long forgotten

Never got the whole blonde thing, especially fake bottled blondes

that forehead

What the fuck was she thinking?
It's like buying a brand new Nissan GTR then sticking a huge anime decal down the side.

It was for her latest album. She is back to normal now.


This guy tries a cheeky divebomb down the inside of a corner. What do you do?

Current Alizee for example

>he wouldn't have an anime livery

>sharp knees, wouldn't bang

you are all literally faggots if you think this is unnattractive


goat racing team t bh

sorry we don't like your nig/trailer park hybrid women lad


>Giant tinkerbell on her back

>Full right arm sleeve which contains:
>Sailor Moon
>Snow white with a machine gun
>Parrapa the rapper
>Manga characters poking piles of poo with a stick
>Other anime stuff
>My Little Pony

Yeah no


I think you're a tad obsessed with her lad

absolutely disgusting

what mango is she from

>French pop singer Alizee's latest tattoo on her right forearm is of Arale-chan and Unchi-kun from the Japanese manga/anime 'Dr. Slump.' The new work depicts Arale poking Unchi with a stick because there's no way she's touching it with her hands. In the manga, the Unchi-kun character is a sentient piece of poo who lives in Senbe Norimaki's toilet.

It's only 120 photos m8.
Nothing to be worried about.

how many different folders do you have?

this can't be real

i bet she's a freak in bed

I'd an anime car


>F1 girls
>5,234 Files, 319 Folders

how? why?

What's the one between Sailor Moon's legs? It's familiar.



Looks like it. I seem to have no recollection of it besides their appearance, though.
I must have had some sort of toy related to the series.

He looks like Nigel Farage

For what things?

The F1 girls folder is pretty horrible sorted to be honest.
The reason there is so many folders is because I categorise by driver first then a folder for each WAG they have had.
So there is 20+ folders for each of the current drivers (including reserve drivers) and then folders within them for every WAG they have had and then folders within that incase I need to split it even further.
And there is another folder for retired drivers.

1,750 of them are Jessica
505 of them are Mana
200 of them are Jennifer

Oh and before anyone says anything the "Children" folder is exclusive for photos of Schumi's daughter Gina.

Shit that Emilia thumbnail is gonna get me banned isn't it?

>f1 porn

do you have any Kobayashi stuff?


Post some children!

That is in the Koba folder.

The F1 porn folder is pretty much just pictures of Madison Ivy as she is a bit of an F1 Fan.

>f1 porn
Do you actually collect people's tributes?

As I said it was for Gina who is a horse riding champion.

Yes but they are in the folder of the WAG being paid tribute to.

she's a total plastic
>supports Mclaren, Lotus AND Mercedes
she was in the F1 broadcast at Monza 2013 tho

>she's a total plastic
Guess her fandom isn't the only thing that's plastic. Jahhahahaha!!!!

She was there distracting them during the pitstop


I haven't heard from her since her horrible car crash

Jesus not bad for a German that one

hmm, really makes you think

i was wondering why her social media activity ended so abruptly
maybe she got totally bianchi'd

Last tweet was her going in for spinal surgery.

>tfw somebody hit the wrong vertebrae and she is quadriplegic
>tfw she can't stop the doctors from abusing her body

just like my lewd visual novels

>tfw she has the same doctor as schumi
>tfw they're both vegetables sitting in armchairs being forced to watch endless Best of Ayrton Senna VHS tapes

Imagine this cow walking around the paddock. Jesus, such desire for attention is a mental disorder.

gosh dang

Terrifying. Why can't all girls look like their mums?

Also, the horse's eye; kek

that's clearly traced

>Why can't all girls look like their mums?
Corinna isn't exactly pretty herself

>2008 car drawn
>2013 car on TV


qt though

And she was dating Frentzen before being snatched by Schumi when they were teammates

i really wonder what this clothing would even feel like, no desire to be a tranny or anything but i bet it would just feel so awkward

that'd be a damn sight better than having a long haired MSC yelling "fuck me, daddy!" while her legs are over your shoulders

also a perfectly clean flawless 'sketch'

Is Ocon a shit?

he won the F3 championship over amx, so yeah, he's an shit

Her boyfriend is called Ricciardo just to make things even more convoluted

it took 5 years to draw

this is, what, his third race? wehrlein had more testing at force india and meecedes than ocon has at mercedes(?) and the shit box renault - one of his fp1s came to nothing iirc.

given that he hasn't been in the manor all season long, he's done okay so far. he's definitely struggling with the tyres, but he hasn't disgraced himself.

he looks like a gay Giovinazzi desu

Fuck I missed FP1&2 but it seems like there were some good memes

Manlet rage

Top bantz

Have you ever got a boner from walking around the house naked

that's kinda how it must feel like

jesus christ

she's less attractive than I originally thought

you're missing Amx being told to "DEAL WITH IT" by his race engineer

kek, saw that now


Hennostream just scored on Chelsea

holy fuck, did someone edit MSC's face onto her?

Okay thank you. I didn't realize how much testing Pascal had prior to his first race.

Na he's right tho. Kai is great at picking up interview partners. All the other reporters from RTL are cringy af.

Literally fuck off, she's beautiful.

he wouldn't have got a super license without it.

Ocon had enough points to get his super license from winning F3 then I suppose?

don't worry, I'm sure she's a lovely person

yes. you need 40. he had 75 before this year, wehrlein 16.


Does anyone here play the betting game of F1 Pick 6?



chebs desu


Nicole is cuter

She barely ever has driven a formula 1, she just sits on the augmented ps3 and plays the simulator, I don't really know if that qualifies her as a formula 1 driver

I laughed at this post

>tfw someone saved and still use my bad quality webm.

Tits and sponsor money.

kiss off fake austria

>kiss off


did you ever think that perhaps you are the fake Latvia?

who ?

>Pirelli won't introduce new tyres at Malaysia. Number of compounds could be increased 2017. AMuS

MORE compounds?

>I still have all the files

Mind posting them?, I'm curious to see more of that car.

other direction this time, ULTRA Hard. Possibility of zero pitstops in the very short races or the ones that are easy on tyres.

>tfw the ultra soft was just a gayer looking version of the super soft
they'll probably just paint some other tyre a different colour again and claim it's different

one compound for each color of LGBT flag

kiss off fake latvia

super hard, not ultra hard

I went down ultra hard on your sister

for you maybe.

She looks just like camgirl sassyhelen

Jesus christ somebody ban this faggot, literally worse than fucking toothpaste posters

>current year
>not supportive of someone's fetish

kill you are self

>this low quality bait
Honestly though he must have some sort of mental illness and people posting shit that has nothing remotely to do with F1 should just off themselves

This 1

Was not baiting. support the fetish because they are the ones that ultimately will bring us the good stuff.
Might not be your fetish but there's someone out there who does and one day he will blow your mind and open up a whole new world you can embrace.
As with everything its the freaks whom push things forwards. not the normies.

pls no bully

>listens to alternative music once

Sure is edgy teenager in here

oi krikey mate

Nah Canada is right. I just got bored of pretending to be disgusted at my own posts and started shitposting for the fun of it.

All of these are me.

I'm a bad lad


who's gonna get on pole?

Just learned you can pin threads. Wtf.

ur mum

last digit

who /F1neckbeard/?

Watching Fp2 replay: Ted talking about monorails. This. Guy. JUST.



paddy lowe

What do you mean by that?

will this be the Top 10 in quali

1. ROS
2. RIC
3. HAM
4. VES
5. VET
6. RAI
7. HUL
8. PER
9. ALO
10. SAI


so 7 bongs and 50 bings left?

>1. ROS

hamilton left fp2 early because of oil problems which have already been fixed
but otherwise he was leading the pack

rosberg has already put his car into a wall streamable.com/afwk

>like a gay Giovinazzi
clearly he's only with her so he can get close to Dani

blessed bongs blessed bings blessed tings until fp3

Wow she is massively improved when you can't see her mouth

My time!

Can someone post that 90s pic of msc doing stretches in Lycra and awful socks



He also botched the entire start of the session.

damn, i always thought he was next to a swimming pool but thats just a very shiny floor



>There's no swimming pool




He's starting to get good again.

Tree lad besides your A1 GP stuff you had going when that was a thing, what other motorsports actually go on your way?

>That one leb lad who was in my racing game group who was near impossible to beat in any event that had a BMW somewhere in it. The guy was like Rain Man when anything with the badge turned up.


I don't know man.


>tfw just remembered there's no GP2/3 this weekend

argh fuck you just reminded me
i was so hype for kino after quali tonight

how the fuck are you supposed to watch WEC rallies or replays of events longer than 2 minute clips on youtube?

how incompetent are the FIA?

you mean WRC

black people

are you looking at the wrc channel?

uhhhhhhh my b dudes

too many race series

either way how the fuck do you watch rallies in full

Turn on Motors TV at about 8am and watch local shitbox rallying.
Professional stuff is absolutely nowhere, as far as I can find.

>in full
i dont think you can. the format they race in isnt really conducive to live TV.

does no one care about p3?

i do. playing driveclub right now.


finland pls

Been complaining about this for years. You can't. The coverage is much much worse than F1.

how many bings/bongs until quali lads

Still got it in my backlog of PS2 stuff to play lad

>tfw bf isnt here so i can cuddle with him while watching f1

bad feels

11 bings until fp3
3 bongs, 10 bings until quali
might as well turn on the acestream now

10 bings then 3 bongs

do they not realize that entertainment sports need to be watched by somebody in order to keep the sport alive?

Lads I missed FP2 yesterday, anything interesting happen?

nobody missed you

fp1 was more interesting desu



Next year I will be studying in Singapore lads, I can't wait :)

I'm sorry lad

enjoy going to jail for an innocent cultural faux pas because they have insanely autistic laws

other cultures are shit, youll feel incredibly alone and depressed, you'll almost never talk to anybody else and if you ever did you can never have a meaningful conversation because that requires cultural reference points to make in conversations


dont say nobody ever warned you.

>ameri/pol/ giving advice on experiences he's never had or never will

>track where engine isn't that critically important
>mostly low and medium speed corners
>McLaren still shit
>McLaren possibly worse than normal

wew what a surprise

McLaren is total fucking shit

the youtube channel has full replays of selected in-car stages.

there is a live stream on the WRC website.

there are half hour shows highlighting the day's stages, plus preview and review shows.

i live in chicago bud

my neighborhood is flooded with nouveau riche chinese and indians and everybody avoids each other like the plague


Is it all Honda?
I thought japanese were supposed to be smart?
Did anime make them stupid?

Anime was a mistake



so you haven't been to Singapore yourself then?
have you even been overseas?
>how people behave in chicago is how people are going to behave in singapore
well here's your (You)

Well, think of the average Cred Forums user.

>Crofty's hatred of Di-Resta is palpable

>that slide out by wehmarcht
probabl should have kept on the power a little and powe slided it out of it

white man keeping another black brother down

>people like their own cultures and dont like interacting with people outside of their own sphere of comfort
moving to another country with a completely different culture is going to ruin your self esteem and personal happiness


clicked to get a reply box up
forgot to get rid of the auto reply text

what'd you do, talk to your travel agent and they convinced you it's a good idea? you realize it's their job to sell it to you, right?

it doesn't take a cultured person to understand that going to a place like singapore isn't advisable

>mad max


>mad max


Wow, was that Pepe :D

wew lads, the lizard man meets an actual lizard

>this is what Cred Forums actually believes
no dude that only happens if you're an anti-social loser or an autistic weirdo


The engine is no doubt the worst on the grid (not incredibly terrible anymore though, and close to Renault, just uses more fuel and lacks top speed a bit)

What I was implying though that McLaren are also shit on a track where engine isn't that important, suggesting that their actual car itself is just complete shit. Considering they claim to be like the 3rd best chassis and the best in slow corners.

Their car is draggy, shit downforce, not a great chassis, bad drivability, shit engine, shit on tire deg, shit at top speed etc etc

All of this on a top-team budget comparable to the likes of Ferrari


>bring F1 to third world countries
>the track is full of lizards, spectators or fucking giant lizards
>there is a chance of getting bombed from a nearby island

Colour me surprised

>tfw spent 12 hours of my life in Singapore airport

>waiting to let the cars through
What a gentleman.

>2 lizzards in the track





living in another country is going to make anybody very unhappy after a while

theres a reason why people form ethnic enclaves within nations.

why the fuck do you think theres a china town, little italy, greek town, etc. in eveyr fucking major city?

Honestly I can see myself pissing on a cop car wasted and getting shot or something but whatever.

I have plenty of Singaporean friends from Uni already, and actually they suggested going there and I liked the idea. We'll see how it goes!

max looks like a frog
where's this steam at boys?

>he's never been overseas
>he's an anti-social loser
>he's never been backpacking
>he doesn't have any friends outside the kids in his clique from highschool and the one kid he was forced into a dorm room with
poor lad

Is Ves old enough to know what a Godzilla is?

hamilton will kill a lizard in quali


fucking retard

>literally posting Cred Forums anti-immigration anti-globalization rhetoric
holy shit make some friends you weirdo
hop on a plane and go see the damn world you freak

someone post the lizards!

It's funny because there are actually people that think like this.





Good aero package

>everything i dont like is Cred Forums

so much of people's interpersonal lives revolve around cultural allusions and pillars of familiarity

if you want to get rid of those for whatever reason then go ahead. im not interested in anything outside of my country, dont care what you do.

>im not interested in anything outside of my country