Create a better World XI than this

Pro Tip: You literally can't

neymar instead of saurez and penaldo as centre-forward


Way too many barca players

>de gay

Bale over Ronaldo and Neuer over De Gea, otherwise agreed.

You must not watch Barcelona and Real if you think Neymar is better than Suarez and that Ronaldo is a good centre forward

Bale over Ronaldo

>No Mané.

I watch both you stupid polack

>le bald set piece man

Mahrez instead of Ronaldo
Ozil instead of Verratti
Otherwise fine

Surely there are better options than Veratti and Pique

Boateng for Pique, Neuer for de Gea

Like who?

>de gay

Is superior to
>Le closeted homosex penalty man

Where is Ramos?

>De Gay

>No based Carvajal
>No Pepe
>System baby Busquets
>I evaluate Neymar
Your shitposting needs to be polished

This team should be 11/11 Madrid/Barça/Bayern players.

Neuer - Marcelo, Boateng, Puyol, Lahm - Xabi Alonso, Iniesta, Modric - Ronaldo, Suarez, Messi

De Bruyne on for Verrati.

Pepe* for Puyol kek

here you go

I fixed it for you

>no pogba

>De Bruyne on for Verrati.

Hellow FIFA pro

Worst post ITT

>rating lel liga
>implying mahrez isn't a world class winger
Ozils clearly the best CAM in the world

People don't rate Verratti yet?

In how many ways is Verratti better than KdB? Goals? Assists? Chances created? Pass completion? Dribbles? I just don't see it.

>Not rating the most succesful leaue in the world
>Rates Mahrez
>Ozil is good
Now your shitposting is getting better
He is a good player,but is he capable of dabbing?

>I compare an offensive midfielder to an interior
Just stop shitposting.KDB is not even the best in his position and he is a total meme

You just went full retard m8

I personally think that Kroos is better than Verratti, but that's mainly because the R. Madrid midfield of Modric-Kroos-Casemiro gives me a hard-on.

I'm comparing them at a CM role as in the OP.
> KdB is a meme
Oh I thought you had an actual point.

>Ctrl+f Silva
>0 results

Oh boy

muh stats

>I'm comparing them at a CM role as in the OP.
De Bruyne doesnt play as far behind as Verrati does and he doesnt defend.He just walks through the field shotting pointlessly and missing 75% of his passes.He would be the biggest meme in the EPL if it wasn't for Pogba

Don't have to talk about stats, he's good but I just don't see how he's better.

> De Bruyne doesnt play as far behind as Verrati does and he doesnt defend.

Okay so you're saying he's more of a holding mid? Playing a different position doesn't make him better or a better fit to the OP though.

No idea how amyone can call KdB a meme when he's been proving himself for a few years now.

KdB is pretty much the closest thing to an old-school No.10 that currently exists at the highest level of the game. Sadly a 4-3-3 doesn't need such a player, so including him doesn't make sense.

It's a similar situation to James Rodriguez at Real. Good No.10, but that position doesn't exist in the current system, and he can't get past the wide players and central midfielders.

They are two totally different players. I would say that Verratti is better because he does unreal things on the pitch. Seriously you just have to give him the ball and he's gonna get out of every situation, even with 2/3 players on him with his dribble/passing. He's ultimate tool against pressing, you just can't get asphyxiated if you have Verratti in your squad. It's for me more unique and valuable than what De Bruyne does.

>Xabi Alonso

Thank you.

Yeah thats true, I think he's getting used to his new role next to Silva though but it's still early.

>120 gazillon sterling pounds for dabbing kleberson

>when he's been proving himself to be a meme for a few years

Of course a spaniard will think a guy that try to speed up a game and try difficult pass a lot he's a meme player.

God your football is boring

>Of course a spaniard will think a guy that loses the ball all the time and fails lots of passes is a meme player.

>Shitssi over Bayol
>Veratti over literally anyone else
>Biscuits over Casemiro
>Pique over Chiellini
>De Gea over Keylor
>I r8 Barca

>inb4 ABEs

Pepe as CB. Also kick out Alaba, he never does anything when Austria has important matches.


>De Bruyne


He never proved himself in anything. He's worse than le dab monkey vampire.

>Still not rating Messi

Kys my man.

yes these are the non-spanish players that play the pl

He's overrated get over it. If it wasnt for his balance he wouldnt be anywhere.
>I rate a player who cant score from over 6 yards out

>Pique over Ramos or Godin

And none would make it to the best starting XI.

Autosage these autism packed threads


¿Koke, Griezmann, Carvajal, Marcelo, Filipe Luis?

Verratti,Boateng, Alaba... are memes.

Nigger, Marcelo is the biggest meme ever to play the game


>Slippy G
>Le High IQ deflactions man
>Muh Pirlo
>Muh Totti
Nah m8

>de gay
>neymar instead of suarez
>ronaldo instead of suarez
top kek

>fat cf

Replace pique with Pepe and there you have it p much spot on

>fat best finisher in the world cf

germany is underrepresented in all of these teams

>best finisher

Kek, that's the worst lineup I've seen in years


>his replacements are all memes

Kroos should be where Verratti is

>No Payet anywhere



take out ronaldo. It' not that he's not good enough, but he plays only for himself and takes away from the rest of the team. A weaker guy who plays well with the rest of the team will make the whole team better.
So put neymar instead of penaldo

zidane was the same, although he avoided pressing with a different style.
There should bea "pressing nullified" stat for statfags to understand the value of this type of player.

>list of historical meme players
>no Ronaldinho

Alaba and Pique are overrated and not even on the same level as the others.

ITT: trolls trolling trolls


what did he mean by this?

>a meme

Ronaldinho at least had 2 good seasons

>Madrid players

get the fuck out


Goalie should've been Neuer

>Calling him Fatnaldo

Found two

fouling someone and getting away with it

>Shakira's twink
>de faggot
are you trying to make a fuccboi 11?
>donaldo AND missi
two divas who don't track back, BOTH need the team to be built around them. why not throw in ibrahimovic while you're at it?

forgot to add a team of my own. pic related + replace bodo with KAHN and berthold with lahm.

PERFECT team that will beat anything

Messi has scored 4 goals from outside the box already this year. Last season he scored 5 fucking free kicks mate + a slew of goals outside the area. He has now scored more outside the box than Ronaldo I believe.

This desu desu, although would personally have KDB over modric.

Best team that would work together


>he unironically said this
you understand how laughable that is right?

Verratti and Modric don't score many goals, nor does Busquets. Just having KDB in for the goals senpai.

messi is the best passer, dribbler, shooter etc, if not he was not so long ago, hope your trolling

How the fuck would le cut inside homo score anything with messi & suarez there? No one will feed him the ball.

cheeky, I like it

Pique's trash desu

It's down to the team he's in

>People don't rate Verratti yet?
He's in a piss easy league and he doesn't stand out

>doesn't stand out
>PSG is literal shit without him
what the fuck

anyways how are you fucking casuals completely forgetting Godin?

PSG isn't any good with him tho

I can't take your opinion seriously.

Show me anything impressive that PSG have done

With him they waltzed through Chelsea. Without him they looked horrific against City. The only thing Mou and Chelsea took seriously that season was the CL.


Ah yes the Chelsea who were near the relegation zone at the time


there are at least 3 better brazilians CBs I could fit there.

That's all of Cred Forums. It's called irony and post-irony.

>Brazilian defenders post-Lucio

>cherry picking the exact one that played for a german team
it's such a hard time dealing with insignificance isn't it?
specially when there's no need to hold on to a complex for so long

if we were to pinpoint the last peak talent in brazil's defense we wouldn't be looking at lucio, but at Aldair, that, just so you know, was infinitely superior to farcenbauer.