>tim kennedy going to fight for infowars.com

>DurianRider was heemed by his vegan girlfriend

>9/11 was an inside job


some shitty card on saturday

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Execute all bullies.


>/r/mma posters
Lauzon, Carwin, Bermudez, Alvey, Rose, Firas, Nguyen, Carmozzi

>heem posters

The weak must fear the strong.


>heem posters

That omega wolf must have been a real dick huh

>Overeem giving MMA clinics to a bunch of clueless goofs now


who /chael/ here?

>tfw all the former bullies itt will some day meet a bigger and stronger guy and will suffer de consequences
>tfw every time a bully dies a former bullied nerd get's a 250k starting job

Justice feels good man

Upcoming events:

9/16: Bellator 161 - Kongo vs Johnson
9/17: UFC FN 94 - Poirier vs Johnson
9/23: Invicta FC 19 - Maia vs Modafferi
9/24: UFC FN 95 - Cyborg vs Lansberg
9/25: RIZIN 2 - Cro Cop vs Myung
10/1: UFC FN 96 - Lineker vs Dodson
10/8: UFC 204 - Bisping vs Henderson 2
10/15: UFC FN 97 - Lamas vs Penn
10/21: Bellator 162 - Shlemenko vs Grove
11/05: UFC FN 98 - Dos Anjos vs Ferguson
11/11: One FC: Defending Honor - Aoki vs Folayang
11/12: UFC 205 - TBA
11/19: Bellator 163 - Chandler vs Henderson
11/19: UFC FN 99 - Nelson vs Kim
11/19: UFC FN 100 - TBA
11/26: UFC FN 101 - Rockhold vs Souza 2
12/10: Glory: Collision - Verhoeven vs Hari






Is this the new doom?

>Doom 5: The Beta Uprising

Let's get closer

i can't let you get close

stop stop st-stop it

>ryan hall vs. gray maynard

this is the fight no one asked for but everyone will watch


rematch when



>b-b-but Reebok™ Is a bad for the fighters

Warren isn't even in the UFC, are you retarded AND blind?


What? Fuck off troll.


>tfw @posting has spread to other boards

How do you not understand? I've not read the article but from the URL itself it seems a Bellator fighter is struggling to find a sponsor, whereas in the UFC you're guaranteed a Reebok sponsor as soon as you're under the banner and you're making money that way.

Truly we are the pioneers. It only spread because of us, solely us.

Lads I'm honestly debating hopping on the gas. Me hairline is on its last legs anyway so it's not like I've got anything to lose.


Go for it lad. As long as you don't start on that HGH, it's not like there's negative side effects.

>muh 2500 reebux

Fuck off, troll.

Uh, because he wouldn't have any sponsors if he was in the UFC either. How much do Reebok pay for one fight in the UFC again? 500 bucks?
Dumb fucking cunts, holy shit.
Maybe you should read the article because it says that the Reebok deal has had a knock-on effect on sponsors in MMA period.

You've been selected to star in Conor's new reality where normal people spend a day with McGregor and get a taste of the MacLife.

You are driving to the rendezvous spot, already 10 mins late, you're convinced that Conor is already disappointed in you because time is money yeh?

You make it there 20 mins late because of traffic jams and arrive in your Cadillac Deville 1992. You can see Conor from the distance, adjusting his 2000 dollar vintage ray ban sunglasses, even tho it's dark outside, he's trying to get a good look at you.

You approach him slowly, trembling hard, sweat spots becoming more and more visible through your replica Ralph Lauren polo that you bought from ebay for 20$, your haircut is all ruined and the cologne you dosed yourself with has fainted, you smell like shit.

Conor takes off his sunglasses, takes this pose and says:

>You're 20 fukin minutes late, that's about fifty grand in mac time yeh? What the fuk do ye have to say for yourself?

What do?

Who is Jon Jones fighting next?

/heem/ is a bully free zone mate

This is the user life yeh

Daniel "Thique" Cormier

Daniel "Suque" Cormier

Oi show oop when I fooken want to yeh

Great thread thus far. Keep it up, lads.

Schaub is gay

Did you lads see the shots he was throwing at Rumble on Twitter?

Weird since last fight Rumble was all about respect, this time they might try to build a bit of tension.

I'm surprised Aus Social Media poster hasn't posted any of them


DC and Humble Johnson are both too nice, it's hard to feel any actual tension

I heem him easily, Conor is a manlet

Don't you have church to attend or something?

pull guard

How popular is UFC in Bulgaria? I'm Bulgarian too (unfortunately) and never met any others that were into it.

Best one

>he deletes posts because of a minor spelling error


Lots of casuals, few real fight fans. But most people that train mma/kickboxing are into ufc.

Plus there are 3+ bulgarian posters on /heem/ so that's something

I miss her, lads

what went wrong?

>people were willing to pay $60 to watch Cat Zingano fight

Pick none.

Should she fight Paige?

No. I want Paige fed a steady stream of cans until she gets a title fight so that I can jerk off to round 5 of her face being pounded into oblivion.

Only if someone in matchmaking really hates PVZ

lmao is DurianRider the most butthurt man in existence

every video is him attacking some random person he has a gripe with for no reason

I would expect a woman to think the UFC is some magical meritocracy and to be oblivious to all of the marketing flying around her.

I'd like to see her kill PvZ yes

she couldn't kill a fly

He probably makes a few grand from making videos tho

fuck sam alvey

>no reason
the're on steroids

Just don't like pvz m8

you're on steroids

Be careful.

>all those joanna ''''''''''''''punches'''''''''''''''''''''
>still look like this

What about this pic annoys me so much?

>how do you want your back to look?
>ehh jasch fackch my shich ap


>that nose

Why do people sign contracts with the UFC before actually developing a profound understanding of how the company is being run. Everyone seems absolutely shocked and displeased when people like Sage and CM Punk pocket major paychecks while having shitty fight results. Even I as a fan know that when the contract is being negotiated the company takes into account your image/status and character as a whole, not just your fighting game. This is an entertainment business, NOT A SPORT, why are these nobodies complaining about their pay?

Glad to see everyone survived the car crash

I know what you mean, for me its the fact that I can just imagine her thought process while doing that retarded face and taking the pic. "Hehe I'm so cute and sexy, my fans will love this ^_^"

The face

anyone got more Claudinha bund

From what I understand, the UFC takes advantage of the fact that every fighter believes in themselves. Their deals are structured so that being "that guy" is the what they're after. Later they realize they aren't "that guy" when they're making peanuts and getting pimped out.

why doesnt she just get the mole removed? just a quick snip and it's gone

middle sister has the superior bunda

>tfw qt striking goblin will fuck up you're fightfu

Gives her character. Stop hating, la

Because it's qt

she hides it all the time though

This is when I knew that I loved her, and wanted her to stomp me to death with her heels.


judging solely off that pic, 3 is clearly the best

Because she's a cute and it contributes to her being a cute.

Because they don't understand the rules of the game. The UFC *is* a meritocracy, but your pay is determined by the number of eyes you bring to the table, not by your fight record.

That's part of what makes her a cute, you heathen.

claudia will be in new jersey tomorrow to watch the '''''''fights''''''' with YOU



>Cred Forums's favourite posters

Why they are so flat?

It's just contradictory.
She's not an anime character, don't pretend like she is one.

>she will never kill you with an inverted triangle

>Ronda "gurrl power meme" Rousey is the UFC's biggest draw

Will Rounda ever recover?

>that GSP tier roidgut


>The UFC is making anime real!

>It's her imperfections which make her perfect.

Choose either or both, whatever.



What's the next step in her master plan? Wait for Roidborg to get old and busted then head and arm throw to triangle choke?




Yeah mate, I want to use it as a cheese grater




Need more like this


b: lol @ u implying judo doesn't work in the meme weight classes


gender testing required

What do you think transpired on McGregor's private jet, after this photo?

>she'll never give you the long strap-on of the law

brb, working my prostate

Cookies were baked/eaten

Compete with Gabi Garcia in openweight at ADCC.

Didn't realise Karlolina was such a womanlet.

how can you recover from a KO when you get beat up daily by a male heavyweight?

Based French gook spicelord is back

Probably Dee bitching about his private time with Artem and threatening to take half of his fruits between lines of coke. Also, no way does McGregor own a private jet.

Judo worked with Ronda and Karo parisyan. That's it mate.

Hector had a decent run. Cub uses it pretty well. Mostly a meme though. Not a top 5 core discipline to have for MMA.

We're talking about WBW and WFW, and we're talking about someone who was a gold medalist twice. Harrison would ragdoll Ronda 19 times out of 20.

Reminder that KK wants only the Condit D

lel you implying a top 30 paid athlete in the world couldn't buy one?

Is Sage the natty limit?

yes, only super rich cunts "own" private jets

doesn't mean he doesn't have one available to him at all times though

He's worth around $20 million. Even a cheap jet costs like a 4th of that without taking into account fuel and maintenance. Don't be ignorant, la.

she cleaned the bathroom after the McGregors had left. Conor was nice enough to leave her a tip she found in her clothes after she changed out of her cleaning uniform

>/heem/ - Waifu and Conor McGregor discussion

Satoshi ishii is a gold medalist in judo too bro. He left judo in his prime to compete in mma and he unironically lost to 40 year old mirko cro cop twice. Judo is the memest of the meme martial arts.

Oh hey the weigh-ins are on

this is what im getting at

>Bob still not getting it

so yeah he could afford one, its just a bad move because its way easier to just charter one whenever he wants, so he has his own private airplane at disposition whenver he wants

I thought he beat Rampage, horrible fight though.

>watching a horde of literal whos weigh in

>that guy who is holding the mitts for me is actually doing longer punches than I do and hitting my fists with the mitts.

Yeah fuck MMA unless Conor's on right?

Yeah man that's exactly what I was saying

>so yeah he could afford one
Nigga, if you can buy the car and not the insurance, you can't afford shit. Pop culture leads us to believe actors and musicians and athletes are all Arabian Oil Barons, but Martin Shkreli's nerdy ass is the type of guy who owns a jet.

Mousasi is also a Judo BB iirc
But his style is pretty much solely based on kickboxing

>A jet for $5M
I thought jets were way more expensive than that desu

but even a cursory look at his record says that he only ever lost to name fighters and that killer prospect in Rizin

That's for like the Honda Civic of jets

Rose is best girl

Who wins Conor vs Alvarez?

We're not talking about WW and up, we're talking about WFW and WBW. Kayla Harrison would unironically murder Cyborg if they fought given that Marloes Coenen managed to grapple with Cyborg for 3 and 4 rounds respectively before getting heemed.

Rose is spineless though


Harrison would ironically look like CM Punk in there.

Rose is spineless though

I don't know, Conor can flatten Alvarez but Alvarez can get him down and get things done and isn't afraid to make the fight into the most boring pile of shit if need be (and I'd love every second of it)


You can't hiptoss someone to death
I doubt Harrison's sub game is even close to Honda's


>Conor can flatten Alvarez
According to what?

Or what buddeh

Alvarez will dew nuttin
Conor will take his head clean off

According to his punching power and the amount of times I've seen Alvarez get wobbled by less powerful and accurate strikers


no more (You)s for you

>that difference in hand size

Are you meming at me or do you actually not understand how ridiculously good you have to be (as an American) to gold medal at Judo?

She won all but one match this Olympics on ippon and gatame IIRC, so she's not exactly a slouch. Again, Marloes Coenen grapplefucked Cyborg for three and four rounds before losing. Kayla Harrison would outsize Cyborg and outskill her in grappling.

I bet she was wondering what those lunchboxes would feel like inside her.

Being good at judo translates to a very small portion of MMA.

Lads, Henry Cejudo is that GOAT because he won a gold medal. It's literally the same as MMA. Don't mind how retarded I am.

Lads, again: We're talking about Women's Bantamweight, and Women's Featherweight. One of those divisions is so shallow that it has approximately three active participants, and the other division is so shallow that Bethe Correia is a top ten fighter.

If you're telling me that being possibly the absolute best judoka in the entire world at that weight class isn't enough to be an elite competitor in MMA in that weight class then you haven't been paying attention.

I haven't seen much of her Judo desu, but even the fact that she's retiring makes me think her knees are going to shit, just like Ronda's.
That said, Cyborg's TDD is probably some of the worst in MMA, so I wouldn't put it past her to be able to take her down, I just don't think she'll be able to do it enough to beat her.

There's over 5000 gold medalists, but there's only one UFC flyweight champion.

I'll still give you one. Not sinking to your level.

I don't know about that beating Cyborg stuff though, she hits like a man. Girls take one punch and they don't want to be anywhere near her.
In the words of a great man, "I hit 'em in the head, and there goes your fuckin' black belt"

Pretty much everyone that Cyborg's beaten is a 135 who moved up for the cash. (Lina Lansberg fought Shevchenko in MT at 125, for instance). I would be astonished if Harrison didn't walk around bigger than Cyborg.

It's entirely possible that Cyborg gets the TKO, but I would lay down several hundred dollarydoos on Harrison if that match happened.

Cyborg's countering and footwork is much better than it used to be, good luck to anyone who tries to pressure her

Who is the p4p #2 poster on /heem/?


tell him that even for one day only, you're living the mac life yo you operate on your own fookin time

Who needs to pressure Cyborg to try and clinch with her when she's going to throw herself at you with winging push-punches?

Yeah you should watch some of her recent fights if you still think she fights like she did against Gina Carano


She's a big girl.

Who gives a shit about Dustin and MJ they suck compared to Conor and Nate

Poirier would tune Nate up
Nate does not deal with pressure well

If Joanna gets injured, anyone want to see Carla "The Cookie Monster" Esparza v Karolina "The Kookie Kween" Kowalkiewicz for the interim title?

WMMA is rapidly evolving m8. Ronda was the Royce Gracie of its inception and that time he already past.

>Esparza and KK
>not Gadelha and Andrade
spotted the pleb

dustin is a can
couldn't last one round with conor
lol lmao bud

Are you seriously comparing someone who was going to kill herself after 1 loss to fucking Royce?


>giving claudia a 3rd fight with jewanna

Wrestling is better than judo in every way except for its lack of submissions.

When will Sage take control of his life and tell his dad to go suck a dick?

>putting the interim title on the line for two fighters who are mediocre

You must not know much about the Gracies if you don't think they can compete with that. Niggas literally had special rules in place when they fought on Pride.They cry and discredit the people who bet them constantly.

we can do this all year m8

Joe Silva > (You)

you don't know what the hell your doing shitaly

I'm not talking about matchmaking, I'm just pointing out that there is a vast skill gap between good fighters and the fighters who came out of TUF.
I guess Esparza at least has good wrestling, but she's way too much of a midget and her standup is shit.
Kowalkiewicz is basically Joanna if Joanna weren't good.
Giving an interim title to either of them without having them face some decent competition would be bullshit.

>WMMA is rapidly evolving m8.

Strawweight is. Fatbody womanweight is still essentially garbage. There are no fighters in the top ten of WBW who aren't one-dimensional. Ronda is nothing but judo, Holly is nothing but boxing, Zingano is nothing but wrestling, Pena is nothing but wrestling, Shevchenko is only nak muay, Tate is nothing but wrestling, etc etc etc etc.

Sorry mate I was having my Friday night wankathon
I've been very inconsistent the last couple weeks I admit
I will do my best to improve my efforts!

lmao every time you present your casual opinions as fact

>I guess Esparza at least has good wrestling
worse than Claudia's

There's a reason that Esparza is still ranked #3, laddy.

Nunes' standup isn't that bad desu and her BJJ is supposed to be good.


Do you actually think Kowalkiewicz or Esparza will ever beat Gadelha or Andrade or are you just being obsessed with me as usual?

1) What an extremely basic grasp on MMA you have there.
2) How is Kayla Harrison any fucking different?

Esparza's is definitely more technical, but it might not look like that to a plebeian eye because she's a worse athlete and can't use her boxing to close the distance against a dangerous boxer.

Judo is great at what it was designed for. An efficient, streamlined martial art for the Tokyo Police that they could put into practice when dealing with violent people quickly and safely.
It's mostly useless in MMA because MMA is fought half-naked, and that takes away the entire offensive arsenal of Judo pretty much. Whereas wrestling, which has always been done either half-naked or fully naked, is perfect for MMA in that respect.

Ronda's T/KO'd two people with her standup, she's still a one-dimensional judoka. Nunes has excellent GnP and okayishforherdivision standup.

He double legs aren't nearly as good as Claudia's, she can't turn the corner, can't enter as smoothly, part of that is because she has zero striking ability or confidence yes, but the end result is Claudia being a more effective takedown artist, all the same.

i'm the best fighter here

I was having a think about Esparza the other day. How do you think her title reign would have fared of Future GOAT Joanna didn't exist?

Because good competition hasn't come up yet.
As of now, most of WSW are fighters who have only been training for 4-5 years and are not particularly good at any skill. Right now they have no chance to compete with those who are elite in an area of their game.
I think they will remain in the 5-15 spots until fighters who are actually great at something come and take their place

Paige herself. What an insufferable attention whore cunt, how can anyone like this bitch. If I want an actual hot chick to jerk it to, there's a lot of that online already.

Catch wrestling was a thing long before BJJ m8.

Gadelha would've worked her over, Rose, too, if she fought a bit smarter

>implying conor wouldnt be at least 30 minutes late


She's far better qualified at her discipline than any of the women who will have entered the octagon. Female judoka have been able to compete in the olympcs for twelve years longer than female wrestlers, and Harrison won gold twice. She's also physically larger than Cyborg.

Explains why Ronda lost to a woman who was a gold medal wrestler. And why Meisha Tate lost to her too.

Wait, no, neither of those things happened.

when are the weigh ins

Post rare pictures of MMA fighters

Yeah I agree but my secondary point would be that since Esparza's chain wrestling is more technical, it's more likely to work into round 4 and 5 whereas gadelha gases herself with her doubles.
Gadelha just handles the striking better and has a more explosive blast double.

>She's also physically larger than Cyborg.
so no 135 then, i.e. fighting elsewhere than the UFC

I felt bad watching Ronda hurt Mummy McMann desu


>She's also physically larger than Cyborg.
Oh, so she'll be able to dominate the zero people in her weight class?

not rare if you post it in every thread fucktard


Why are Australians so bad at MMA?

If you think that the UFC wouldn't sign her for the Cyborg matchup you're absolutely dreaming.

relax bro havent posted it in weeks

desu, I think good striking beats good judo most of the time.
Ronda only ever faced generic mma fighters/wrestlers.
I think Ronda loses to both Nunes and Shevchenko

I think nobody knows who the fuck she is and she'd need to fight a few times on the regionals first



Paige VanZant interview

Early stoppage, same as Cyborg/Smith. We need to let WMMA fights go on further, male refs just don't like seeing women take it hard so they call it, get Kim Winslow in there

>these aren't my glasses

There is no history of martial arts there. All Australian mixed-martial-artists are basically post-TUF just-bleeders.
Don't any of you dare mention Elvis sinosic and company. They don't count.

What is the most popular picture for any fighter?
Pic related might be the one for GSP

>get Kim Winslow in there
>Cyborg/Finny 2.0 on a FOX show
MMA is banned again by the end of the week

google.com/trends/explore?q=kayla harrison,cyborg mma

Compared to Cyborg?

Anthony Perosh would like to have a word with you and your attitude



>Elvis sinosic
>1-6 in the UFC

Christ almighty.


Cyborg is known to anyone into MMA, other girl isn't. Like I said, she needs to blood herself in eight or nine low level fights. Cyborg would body her if she debuted (and generally).

how do I achieve this mode

Actually probably this

train at Hammer House

lol what a cry baby pussy salty bitch

>talking shit about the king of rock and rumble

heard he tapped out a full grown wallaby to get this title

Everytime I see that name I think of that lame thing she did at some applebee's.


Leave Maia to me.

Chuck's KO face is the only competition

WMMA is a joke in general

>sage without lifelong drug abuse

anyone remember that long story a random hue posted on Cred Forums that was threads long and ended in a gust of wind heeming overeem?


The whole thing with his dad and him is weird, I was thinking the same thing the other day.

Maia would probably memejitz him. Woodley is the better match up for Maia. Unfortunately.

Kayla Harrison is known to anyone who is serious about MMA as someone who would likely dominate if she transitioned, you Islamic casual.


I don't know her, only just found out she was the one who shat all over MMA for being more about marketing and PR than being an actual sport. So your pipe dream is pretty much dead.

>Dominating a division with literally nobody in it
We get it, Straya. You watched judo this Olympics.

>this is probably actually true

>train all your life to be the best
>get out of the slums
>become champion
>stay undefeated for over 7 years years
>defend your title 10 times
>at one point many consider you to be the GOAT
>the world remembers you for having been KOed in 13 seconds by a loudmouthed irishman who is much more famous than you

She shat on MMA for not being respectful and about looks rather than skill, goof.

That judo woman is roided out of her mind

real niggas know Aldo is Top 5 all time P4P
>about looks rather than skill
which are a form of marketing, you dumb cunt, stop splitting hairs and talking about this irrelevant nobody

What a twat that girl is

you'll enjoy this:


> he watch woman sports HAHAHAHAHA


There's no way I could watch that buddeh

So did this guy

Who is that boner baron?

You think she's got a small dick? I'll bet it's quite feminine.

hard work and good diet bro

>lu xiaojun isnt natty
he was even tested by usada unexpected when he came to the states and still didnt pop

will the cbd oil keep Nate from developing early alzheimers?


How long until Nick Junior shoots up his brother's house?

>one random test in your lifetime is enough to disprove an obvious fact

I was pretending bro

has anyone ever seen someone wearing one of those IRL?

just ordered this for $30, thoughts?

why the fuck does 1 shirt cost $95?

good buy

How long till the reebok deal runs out?


it's official fight gear friend! haha

I'm gonna need a meme disclaimer next time.


6 year deal iirc
So that'd be another 5


li hong li is natty too bro he just has a pump in that pic

looool are you serious, son? Alvarez has been wobbled silly from much lesser fighters than McGoobs

>Ever again


Will Josie survive another encounter with St. Gooby?

this weightlifter is natty too he just popped for tainted chinese herbs one time

fuck baldo

reebook was a mistake

>There's a reason that Esparza is still ranked #3, laddy.

She gonna fall hard after her next defeat. She can't hang with any of the top 5 in that division.

How do I achieve ''Super Saiyan Haha'' mode lads

he'd probably win on account of McGregor being dead in the cage from the weight cut

He needs to walk out to Big Sean and kick Woodley in the head first round


What percent body fat is Sage?


around 8%

Delete this

That song sucks though

>implying that's unachievable natty

Is this the most JUST picture in MMA?

>horrible restaurant failed miserably
>will never be in the title picture again
>post-USADA, will likely never beat a top 10 fighter at WW again


if he fights the same way he fought frankie with a lot more leg kicks yeah i think he'll win

Wonderboy should walk out to this against Woodley


That works too

I havent seen an OP this good in weeks. Fuckin outstanding work, user.

I bench 426

Can someone redpill me on Koksal Baba?

Is he a legitimate UFC prospect?

lads I heard tim kenedy just takes Super Male Vitality does that enhance performance??

Fight companion with no Callen tomorrow

haha it's funny because he's so small

On route to Brasilia #ufc #ufcbrasillia

>chance to watch ufc without hearing that insufferable cunt rogan
>people listen to him anyway


I like it more with just Joe and Edgy

I wish he did one with guys like Bang and Bas

He's bulking to fight Benavidez

Saw that on reddit just now. Fucking morons over there swear UFC fighters are all missing out on $30k sponsor paychecks.


>I listen to retards being retards so I can pretend I have friends

subtweeting Sage?

Warren has no sponsors because he's fighting in Lellator. If he was fighting in the UFC, he'd have no trouble getting ass-branding. I was making greater than 100k per fight by way of sponsorship, ask Joe Rogan.

Let me guess, youre a BJJ guru? A multi-millionaire t-shirt salesman? A UFC fighter? A podcasting pioneer?

Oh that's right, you're a nerd. Know your role and shut your mouth.


#SoFreshAndSoCleanClean #CleanAF

>losing to smaldo twice

this desu

>After his first-round submission loss to Darion Caldwell in March, all the companies split, he said.
its because he got raped by a young up and comer, not because he's in Bellator

who's watching smith vs canelo tomorrow along with this weeks UFC hard

based micky biz

Who's idea was it to feature Jacare's ugly mug in that ad?


it's all about diversity

Listen bud, some of us are older. Our friends have wives and kids now. I rely on /heem/ and fight companion to simulate friendships I no longer have. There's nothing wrong with that.

Having said that, Schaub is a fucking obnoxious idiot who doesnt know how to be respectful and let others talk without interrupting. I like Joe, I like Callen, I like Edgy Brah. I don't like Schaub.

Hey Brandon, why do you take pictures with little tiny cups of coffee? Why?

Active visualization.
Close your eyes, imagine grabbing a lime, cutting in half, taking one part and squeezing it in your mouth. What are the reactions? What do you feel? Now do it again not just thinking but mimicking as well. Does have a stronger sensations right?
So do the same with your training. Shadow box + visualization is a great way to get your body and mind used to the feelings of a fight. My 'dad' Howard Davis Jr. who taught me how to box was the one who implemented this on my system. Always remembered dad.
At the beach getting some work with my @ebandz1 wireless headband.

if he punched instead of slapped he might have put him to sleep, fucking idiot

So did we ever get a video of Idris Elba's debut fight or what?

2 based

JZ bless


>Bosnian MMA fighter Tomislav «Beast» Spahovic admits to murder in return of a 7,5 year sentence. According to police, he shot a man, according to «Glas of Srpska».
>In addition to participating in the fighting in the ring, the athlete was involved in criminal Affairs. He was engaged in knocking out debt.
>Athlete a few days hiding. But then voluntarily surrendered to the police.
>Tomislav Spahovic spent on a professional ring 14 fights, 8 won). The last four fights he had in the tournament FFC — Final Fight Championship (3 victories, 1 defeat)

I say ban MMA, this has gone too long

Boxing is absolute dog shit

those odds on the canelo fight lol

"There's an outbreak in the UFC. An outbreak of pussy-itis," Holloway said "A lot of fucking guys.


I don't see the line on betdsi or bovada.

What is he? 4 foot 8?

Nevermind i'm an idiot.

Chocalatito-Cuadras was dope. Watch better boxing, la

lol what are the odds

>He was looking for Canelo instead of Saul Alvarez

totally fucked lol

why wouldn't anyone sponsor the baddest man on the planet?

putting a cheeky fiver on liam smith
I just checked, holy fuck +700 for smith


5'10'' manlet rage got to him

Canelo is -1200


Seems reasonable.


new hack slack article lads

mirin that trip, my man

Shades of Ted Cruz

>tested by usada

did you even watch the 3 hours victor conte spent with joe rogan?

desu I think people are really overestimating Canelo, he's only ever KO'd people with no chin

Smith has some pretty nasty body shots and uppercuts and Canelo hates getting hit


A better question is "why does anybody care about Jack Wack."

best analyst and writer in mma media la

Conte is a retard. He didn't even know that USADA uses CRI.

Damn this canelo ppv is $65 fucking dollars.

>buying PPVs

It might be worth it to watch him KO another glass chin Brit

Don't knock posting user though my man I'm team user all the way. 100%.



Yeah huge retard, only doped up the biggest player in baseball, best female olympian ever and bill "I'll fuck your bitch" romanowski

>Conte doesn't know what he's talking about

You ever see him calling people out on his twitter? He doesn't give a fuck

you should see how HBO doesn't even want to be part of pacquiao vs vargas lmao


Lmao, fucking botox.
Imagine how dead he would be if she was on the gas.

>people who puts up their personal drama online

Thank god I'm an aspie who nobody cares about.

Gall bless


Hahaha oh wow. You werent kidding.

>The fight will be a pay-per-view event, but Pacquiao will not be fighting on an HBO presentation this time, as Top Rank boss Bob Arum has decided to do the pay-per-view production himself.

When was the last time Top Rank produced their own PPV? Every boxing ppv I've watched the last few years has been hbo or showtime.

>Arum noted that by bypassing HBO and negotiating directly with the TV companies, he can save the 7.5 percent charge that usually goes to HBO's production arm from the fight sales.

Oh boy. Just when you thought the jew couldnt jew any harder.


Nah that's scooby

the funny thing is that people were saying that if it had been crawford HBO would've been onboard, I don't see why that would be better when Postol vs Crawford did fucking abysmal, HBO lost a lot of money on that one

I have no clue, but its been awhile, but they'll save a lot of money on press conferences and 24/7 and all that shit, so I guess more money in Arum's pocket, people act like it's not an interesting fight, pacquiao is over the hill and vargas exposed the sadam ali meme, we'll see what happens

>Shits on fighter and his division to open the article
Wtf I don't care now either

Only watched a few minutes.

His girl lied to him and used botox or something. Now he's crying.

People are pretending Vargas is in his league? Who Mexicans? Over the hill Pac shirt on Bradley 3 times

durianrider used to gas bruv, he's crying because botox was tested on animals, and he's like vegan or something

He's not, but Pacquiao isn't the same fighter anymore, JMM heemed him stiff into fearing getting hit by one of those shots again, Bradley has never had that kind of power, people see to think that since he """""""""""""almost knocked out bradley""""""""""" and KO'd Sadam ali he can do the same thing to pacquiao

I don't see it happening, but I think its an interesting fight, Crawford vs Paquiao would have never happened anyway

>youtube drama

>see flag ITT
>can only thing of pic related


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still would and I am not ashamed at all

Nigga, he fought Marquez 4 times and didn't sleep until something like 40+ rounds. Vargas' best win is Ali who was unproven and Bradley who beat him.

Marquez beat him twice bro, it took Marquez sleeping him for people to recognize he was better, he got caught and it changed the way he fought after getting KO'd like that

Nah I aint saying he's even in his league, I'm like 99 percent sure Paquiao is going to win, and boxing rarely has upsets, it would be hilarious if Vargas pulls it off somehow, though he'll probably get stopped


Marquez is a great fighter. Vargas isn't.

Marquez is absolutely a great fighter, one of the greatest in a long time

I'm not disagreeing with you man, Pacquiao is probably gonna wipe the floor with Vargas, I don't even see Vargas actually beating Bradley either

This all started because you suggested people thought Pac-Vargas was interesting. Just wondered how m8.

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
For me every day is #constitutionday

Oh, well I think people find it interesting because of those reasons, I never believed that with 10 seconds left he could've KO'd bradley he was hurt but there was no way he was going to stay down, and he won every single round, Sadam Ali was unproven, but people expected Ali to win that one, I guess it's just a case of timing that he's WBO champion now

While crawford vs pacquiao is a more interesting fight, he'd never take that fight because it's not worth it, its a much bigger risk with less money involved possibly, and with Vargas he can retire having collected another belt at Welterweight, and Vargas doesn't have the power to knock him out, it's probably the most logical fight for him to take after Crawford which he won't take

His kids are gonna see that.

what kids?


"Go cover bellator"

Name my band

The last emperors

No, I'm back now.

3 faggots!

The Fatboys.

>those honeydews

I've never heard this before. Chael talks about Dana and Vince McMahon's beef when they aired next to each other on Spike. Vince tells Mike Goldberg he'll give him 100k to not show up for an event. Goldie goes straight to Dana with it. Arlovski was making 18k/18k as the heavyweight champ back then.


The Can Crushers


delete this

Vince tried to hire Goldy before he joined the UFC iirc

nice, another reason to skip the early prelims

"You came to the right neighbourhood sissy boy now bend over and take that pant off it's time for your anal jiu jitsu daily intake " band

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keeping it Pt

Based Mike "If you're eyes are slanted, on your face my fist will be planted" Perry

"im going to fucking kill you"
Mike "Gook Spook" Perry


TJ is my boy

Cruz bandwagoners will always try to smear him but he did the smart thing, following a great coach and a great camp and leaving team alpha manlet that has no head coach and a gambling-addicted striking coach that bets on his own fighters to lose

TAM was falling apart at the seams even before TJ left and he just became the scapegoat for their problems

Goook spook.

Blowing up asians harder than the atom bombz.

>that bets on his own fighters to lose
Did this actually happen?

Benavidez is now doing the same thing
Alpha Male has a ceiling and it's not exactly title level any more

Conor is the one who started the whole snake in the grass stuff

I rove gambring! It's kirring me inside! Herp!

Yep, Thong bet on Barao to beat Faber in the 2nd fight and allegedly won 10k on Mendes losing to Aldo

>Mike "Non-Khan" Perry
>Mike "If you're from Seoul I'll put you in a hole" Perry
>Mike "Make'em snore in Singapore" Perry
>Mike "If you're oriental then I'll go mental" Perry
>Mike "Pyongyang? You're gonna hang" Perry

lads how can i become as driven to succeed as platinum perry?

is this how a cult starts?

It was a good story but not as good as chael hyped it up to be. I think we all knew Goldberg is a loyal soldier.

you gotta be Platinum baby

I love Cruz and he's my boy, but Dillashaw is a fucking great fighter, I don't think anyone can even deny that, I'd love to see a rematch between Dillashaw and Cruz DESU

Hope someone sends a youtube of your fight to Dana

Mike "slant eye needs to die" Perry

they're going to feed Garbrandt to him and ruin him forever

please no bullying

Duane Ludwig talked about it on a recent JRE. Hilarious stuff. Really good episode that also had TJ and Bas.

interesting desu

Ruin cruz you mean? Garbrandt is too green to beat Cruz yet

no, obviously, Cruz is going to kill him

Awesome job cropping out the part that tells us which is which. Youre on a roll today, Pepe.

Yeah, Garbrandt is too used to putting the guy away early, he seems to feel like he can KO anybody, it's pretty useless if he can't even catch Cruz

Dillashaw was doing a pretty good job against Cruz, if he had focused on that leg more he probably could've won that fight, he was literally limping at the final round

You can figure it out, I'm sure

Dillashaw and Cruz did good ratings too, idk what their deal is, Garbrandt isn't nearly experienced enough, Almeida could turn out to be super overrated, and what does he have outside of that, Mizugaki? Not a top win. He should fight someone like Caraway, gritty grappler who's tough as shit and has good cardio too.

Anybody can get hit, and Cody only needs to hit you once. If Cody by ko was +400 or greater I'd drop a lot of cash.

Crashing #MrOlympia today. What deliciousness and muscle abounds! #fitness #health #wealth #chi

Well I think its more based around Dllashaw's last fight, he didn't really do "spectacular" so I guess that's the excuse for not giving him the rematch, Garbrandt is good, and could go for the title but he needs more fights, more experience with someone like Caraway, who's a good grappler, and prove he can change levels and do good in both situations, for Cruz he's thinking about how weak his body can be, so he's probably better off chasing the bigger fights, a fight at featherweight for that title, him moving up seems like a good choice for him right now, maybe defend his Bantamweight title one more time then move up and see if he can get a shot at the current champion, whether it be Conor or Aldo if he happens to get stripped or he vacates after Alvarez if they let it slide for that fight

That's true, this is MMA anything can happen, I still feel like Cruz would be able to out footwork him

I think Mighty Mouse wants another crack at Cruz. Cruz has a better chance in that fight than he does against a guy like Aldo, I think, it would probably be a bigger fight too considering MM's P4P #1 status.

At Bantamweight? That could happen too, but the two belts thing seems to be a really appealing thing for champions right now, I think Cruz could win that fight against Aldo, I think it would all depend on if his legs could hold up, and on if Aldo fights how he fought against Frankie recently or go back to fighting a bit more aggressively, but MM vs Cruz is another fight that could happen sure

>Chael vs Tito
>Chael vs Rampage
>Chael vs Wand
>Chael winning the belt from that piece of shit Carvahlo

If you don't want any of this heem yourself. I

>a prelim tier fighter is on an ad for reebok

Mighty Mouse really wants it, too. After he cleans up this TUF thing and Cruz beats Garbrandt I think it's fairly likely it comes to fruition.

I don't think Cruz, stylistically, can do a lot against Aldo. If TJ's low kicks were giving him trouble early, Aldo's will cripple him.


Yeah, I can see that, especially since Cruz embarrassed him the first time, I can see that happening actually, sucks for Cruz since all he would get out of it is beating MM again, aside from beating the P4P in the UFC rankings, which don't really mean too much, he'd literally die trying to make 125

I was thinking about the leg kicks, Aldo's leg kicks are fucking nasty, it would be a really hard fight for Cruz for sure, though like I said it depends on if Aldo would be aggressive that fight or not, which he probably if Cruz would be the one going up

I wanna see Chael smother Carvalho for 5 rounds

I swear to God I have. Some guy in my class had one on. He had a Michael Bisping one. I was going to strike up a convo but my autism acted up. I get paying 60 bucks for an NFL jersey. It has stichitng, patches, embroidering. But the UFC fight kits are boring for 80 bucks.

I miss the pre Reebok days.

He didnt embarrass DJ at all. DJ was doing very well on the feet but Cruz was able to utlize his size to comfortably outgrapple him. Every round was still pretty close though. Decisively and definitely Cruz but not overwhelmingly

Guess I gotta watch that fight again, I remember Cruz's size really being apparent and MM not really being able to get over that hurdle, it would definitely be a much better fight now though, pretty cool fight to watch


>No Punk
They can fuck off.

why should we trust this guy again

solid card for the moment but cain is gonna get injured like always

And Ufc 205 is rumored to be Conor-GSP


he's been spot on about all the 205 fights so far.
He's been saying they're this for a while now, and every day his predictions keep coming through.
I've only started paying attention to him this month, if he starts being way off I'll stop paying attention, so far he's been accurate

>mfw Cruz makes an example out of Garbrandt

Dillashaw said he wanted to fight MM at 125, I think Dillashaw wins ez pz

When was that tweet? we'd known about most of those for a while

Literally after half those fights were announced

Consider it's got Cerrone/Gastelum and it's pretty recent

not sure about that one in particular, but he's been saying it for at least a week


whats 206 then?


here's a tweet

>mfw Cody ends the Cruz meme

If you want to dance go to Dancing with the Stars bitch. A real man like Cody fights.

he says GSP–Diaz 2 is rumoured to be in the works

>Nick fighting GSP in Canada again


Fuck Cody and his fuccboi tattoos

The only meme that's going to end is yours if you post again.

Sonnen want an entrance like pride days.

just imagine the memes

Apparently Shael's gonna appear on Lellator tonight




anyone got the weidman edition of this?


He also reported DC dropping out of UFC 197 a few days before they officially announced it

>not letting Goober keep the stupid belt for a couple weeks more to land the deal

feck off Dana, UFC=WGAF, fighters=why people watch the sport

its probably mostly because he was telling every media outlet he HAS to defend his belt against aldo next, that the time for money fights is over

love me some thai




Tbh I think Goober should vacate the belt, Baldo had to go interim when he was injured after all.

That being said, it's retarded if Aldo has the belt that Goober killed him in 13 second for. Just let the man have his little ego trip so he can fight Alvarez ASAP. (Alvarez is my boy he had the best fight in mma history with my countryman Hellboy Hansen)

Its not going to kill anyone to let Conor have the belt a little bit longer and possible be two division champion

But it's all about Dana's word being final or something, but I agree I want to see Conor vs Alvarez too, but I'm on the opposite side of the camp

I think Dana might cave on this one
I think he needs McGregor at MSG more than McGregor needs to fight at MSG


A punch wouldnt have landed if he put any power into it and if he had clenched his fist there it woulda had no power anyway.