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cool thread nerd

fanks bro

>de gay

oh look its another chelsea prospect who will never amount to anything

looks like it's back to the old new big 4 in the epl. city, utd, chelsea, arsene.

will liverpoop and spuds kill themselves?

he's decent and will be pretty good in the championship or low pl if he accepts his fate

chelsea loanees only suffer if they hope to play for chelsea soon

he's around tom cleverly level

liverpool are better than utd and arsenal though

Imagine literally losing to the Dutch Liverpool, >we even sing YNWA and talk about it being our year

yeah yeah, we heard you the first time

Imagine literally losing to the Dutch Liverpool, >we even sing YNWA and talk about it being our year

>those dutch kids that showed up in utd jerseys celebrating the goal like crazy

arsenal always underachieve for some reason. maybe it's been too long to say it's still that, but i respect wenger's ability to keep them top 4.
they "can" play better than liverpool, but fuck up just as much. also liverpool seem pretty strong as a unit rn

Can you imagine it though?

Has Pogba really already had 4 different hairstyles?

group kek

>losing to a beer company

group Ahahaha

Does dabbing really increase your market value or is it just a meme?

Iceland? More like Niceland haha!

>lower in the group than an overwatch character


I think so
Lukaku pre-dabs = 26m
Lukaku post-dabs = 60m+

Chelsea 1 - 3 Liverpool
Hull 0 - 4 Arsenal
Man city 5 - 0 Bournemouth
West Brom 1 - 0 Aston Villa Cosplayers
Leicster 1 - 1 Burnley
Everton 2 - 0 Boro
Watford 3 - 2 Man United
Palace 2 - 0 Stoke
Southampton 1 - 0 Swansea
Tottenham 0 - 1 Sunderland

Never heard West 'Am called that before.
Hmmm. HMMMM.

terrible terrible predictions

Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool

Hull 1-2 Arsenal
Man City 7-0 Bournemouth
West Brom 0-0 West Ham
Leicester 2-0 Burnley
Everton 1-1 Middlesbrough

Watford 0-3 Man United
Crystal Palace 2-1 Stoke
Southampton 2-0 Swansea
Tottenham 4-0 Sunderland

Only if you were one of the trailblazers. Now it doesn't really affect your stock much anymore

looks sensible enough but Liverpool will lose to Chelsea.

I really don't think they will. I think they've got a meme result coming.

the Chelsea goal is a hazard pen btw


remember before the season started how all the pundits were saying how pep had the harder task ahead of him and mou was better equipped to win the league?


was he picking up some mountain dew and doritos?

i'm sure united made a deal with sky this past window to exchange dick sucking for being first on their transfer dealings

Afternoon lads

>chelsea v liverpool is on at 5am
gunna be a rough one getting up for

Careful the scorpions don't consume you

>tfw >we are going to get destroyed by poop

Fuck off

just gonna watch it when i wake up instead

report and ignore lads, report and ignore.

report and ignore what?

>there will never be a thread as good as /trans/ the night before deadline day


a harrowing account, if I dare say

Any mention of this being a pro-Israel thread. /epl/ supports a 2-state solution obviously

what the fuck am i reading

I don't know, you haven't mentioned any material.

The hitchikers guide to the galaxy, prehaps?

mental disease

it wishes

how did this "person" get arrested.

just spoke to the lads who fix the prem

liverpool will memenpress to 1-0, but die around 80 minutes and costa or someone will equalize

asian man 2: electric poleaboo

most likely someone from here or the other boards he blogs on sent the girl the shit he was posting and she reported him

>The hitchikers guide to the galaxy, prehaps?
Nah, Vogon poetry.

what a shitty idea for a thread. op, you suck.


>Hull 0 - 4 Arsenal

you filmed her in the bathroom

hilarious, although i don't see how that is enough for an arrest.

news article?

>just free speech

Why do you keep taking your trip off to talk about yourself in the third person?

>trips attract bans
no, being a faggot attracts bans, faggot



Strong English name

not him but that's hilarious thanks

>Chelsea have only conceded 7 shots on target this season
>conceded 4 goals
is kortwa finished?


he was finished last season

I don't rate Tebow but this is a stupid stat.

>>mcdonalds arc
You worked there for two weeks you useless paki

but he's rated 89 on fifa 17 so he must be good

will pogba ever reach toure's level Cred Forums?

holy shit lads imagine being a customer

how can they lose to fire nord?

oh well nothing another 300m wont fix

No. But it's encouraging for Chelsea they've only had 7 shots on target this season, last season they had shedloads

Does /epl/ rate Kuyt? I rate Kuyt

I said at the time that he won't get to Cech's level

>spend quarter of a billion
>lose to midget land
nothing another vast sum of money won't fix eh lads?
>spend 300 million great fucking british pounds
>lose to dutch stoke city

what do you lads do when youre bored and dont know what to do? ive already had a fap so thats out of the equasion

any websites you go on? games you play etc

Devil may cry 4

Heerenveen is the Dutch Stoke I think

yes i do

he's the dabbing aguero

why don't you go out and play football if you like watching it so much bong? Gther a couple of la's and have a kick about eh?

That's wrong though.

The bundle of sticks thing is true, and they were collected by lads in all boys school, so people ended up making jokes about them being gay because they're at all boys schools and faggot started meaning gay


i thought a faggot was some kind of meatball

Did Belgium bomb a paki shithole or something Amir?

listen to the radio

Why are you fantasising about balls of meat?

You some kinda gay lad?

good afternoon lads

its a food amir google it

Go fuck yourself

But what is Chelsea's net spend per shot on target conceded?

Daily Mirror @DailyMirror 5m5 minutes ago

Ex-Manchester United steward found guilty of ISIS-inspired murder of pensioner



how is that a useful stat?

they only singh when theyre winning



>mr brains

who thought that was a good name for a food company

>let in millions of people that believe in shit like black magic and sharia
>expect this not to happen
lebanese are the only cool arabs tbqh.

>"T-there can't be black people in England!"?


look who i met today

debate me. Maybe jordanians but lebanese are complete bros

Did your mom drink when she was pregnant with you? I'm not even internetting you but your face looks not right

Get a better camera, you twink


I have no idea what you mean by that.

Stats is stats, the morer the betterer.

they are responsible for all crowd trouble in the nrl and also caused the cronulla riots

Legitimately got bummed in the arse today, lads. It was my first time and it felt so good. I came buckets. I can't believe I waited this long to be gay.

i'm 6'4, I was just leaning down so we could both get in the shot, cuck.

wish you'd all shut the fuck up

A floating hat?

centre the camera if you're gonna take a selfie lad

well i'd guess it's among the highest in the league along with manchester city

do you actually feel the cum inside you?

I'm not joking. Just because my name is Reddit doesn't mean I purposely make posts about being gay.

Feel free to ask me anything questions about my first gay experience. There might be some of you here that are thinking about trying it. Especially those of you that have strayed here from the Arsenal general.

There is a giant space in the middle of the shot for you to stand in and you're off to t he side? Fucking retard.

Yes, it felt fucking amazing. Honestly, I don't know why straight guys are so scared of a cock up the arse. It's literally the best feeling you can have.

Nice dubs la

What would be the perfect first gay date?

oohhh the big man on Cred Forums is well tough

trying a bit too hard lad

Teebow has always been overrated as fuck since he came back to Chelsea. The only thing he was good at was picking out crosses from the air, but now seeing as he's bad at that he basically has nothing to make him an above average keeper.

>Especially those of you that have strayed here from the Arsenal general.

I threw that last bit in for banter but I am being serious.

Got any questions?


He has often saved the belgian team, he seems to play better for them

wtf happened here?

I don't know, I am not into dating. This just happened by chance. I met this guy at uni today and we went back to his dorm and fucked. I left with his cum still in my boypussy and I don't even have his number or anything.

I don't know why Chelsea persist in buying Belgiums. Every single one causes problems and the only one good enough to ignore it from is Hazard.

is that will keane?

>British fucker going on about football as if he knows anything about the game other than that it's an excuse to go break some other supporter's ribs

Robert Mak became GOAT again

wtf? i hate defending now!

>mfw a terrorist organisation has one of my favorite bands' name

Jew's Magic is being weakened by the growing power of Lord Kek.

Bless be Lord Kek.

He who controls the memes, controls reality.

Also Kokorin is legit, so is Witsel.

>Good at sports

>not preferring the superior cult of luna

the numbers on the left represent the minute during the match when the event occured
the yellow rectangle represents a yellow card (or caution)
the black and white circle represents a goal being scored
the red rectangle represents a red card (or ejection)
the names besides the events tell you who did what
the numbers in the middle tell you the score of the match
any other questions?

>like Kevin de bruyne

Please don't post white nationalist memes on this board


never in the chelsea academy

being under 21 and rotting on the bench is classed as being in the chelsea academy


>They beat AC Milan
Beating an Italian team not called Juventus isn't impressive. They litterally changed the rules of the whole competition so they could actually get 4 teams in the CL group stages again.

explain this

>Kokorin is legit
>le too scared to leave his babby league man

>meme result


The only exception was De Bruyne, who was actually good. Only problem with him was

Do we know what that fucking indirect free kick was awarded for yet?

He is legit though, in that league, he also just performed in CL, so kinda irrelevant.

is cross linking other threads on Cred Forums the latest meme

find it amusing that poleaboo gets banned for posting "i'm a girl" but the janny leaves up the posts graphically describing gay anal sex haha

>all these faggot shitposting
and don't come back
de brownie would have literally been a greater asset to chelsea then hazard. And they let him go.


>he's legit in a shit league
So not legit then?
>also just performed in CL
EL. The babby league version of the CL.

>can't even crossboard link
back to freshcunt

Only if you're new.

I am the mod, fool.


I forgot to add a third meme arrow don bully pls

Who cares, he invades anyway. So shut up Amir.


>Conte: If someone does not have a good attitude during training session, or good behaviour in different circumstances, I prefer to kill him.

Fucking hell, just remembered 7-1

Antonio Conte? More like Salvatore Conte amirite?

more like absolute conte

Who is he talking about? Fabregas is the only name that comes to mind

conte? more like donaldo

Conte... more like Jose Fonte.

Conte? Kante


kek why did this make me lose

maybe he's just speaking generally

lads can we make >cunte a meme? we can post it if chelsea concede a goal in the match thread. they wont know what hit them


I wouldn't take a punte on antonio conte hahaha

He would be in the Arsenal thread if he was speaking generally

Pogba? More like Pigba


I've just thought of a new meme:

>de gay

>Mouyes overpaid for a player by €35M
Chump change, right lads?

Have United officially surpassed Arsenal as the biggest joke in the premiership?

that makes no sense

Not even sure if that's possible considering the premiership doesn't exist



Holy shit lad, that's brilliant

is that asap rocky




Is there a way of checking what Zenit's odds were at 70 mins?
or 82 mins?

they would be extremely high

why is this interesting?

dat N'Golo tho. Not only is he the best defender in the league, he's also good enough with the ball to let the team not have to play around him

Webm pls

Is managers acting edgy/hard the new meme?

It gives a quantitative measure of how a team and how they are positioned, far better than reading the formation.
For example, does the Chelsea one looks like a like they wrote?

Also Matic is shit. Look at how he closes himself off. And when he does it he also closes of Eden and Cesar, making them have to pingpong passes between themselves without really doing anything


he was just joking around with Henry, lad

Though that's only when Chelsea have the ball.


what are the triangles next to azar, william and big bum serb

That's a lot more interesting that the position when defending, that one depends too much on what the other team is doing.

Ah. It works well for Simeone, wouldn't suprise me if we get a tryhard over here.

ask @11tegen11

What the other team does depends on the defensive positions. Like the very popular 'they playin wit 2 bank of 4s' phase, regularly repeated by the commentators

Direction of 3rd man runs.

Pretty interesting, though it doesn't tell much that wasn't already obvious.

Is there any single quality that makes Pulisic better than Rashford or is it the aggregate of his abilities?

Well, that really depends on how each team play desu.

I guess one side is often going to more influence how the game ends up playing, but that's not always the more attacking side.

He's white

>Matic will start again today and contribute absolutely nothing to the team as usual
C-Conte knows what he's doing, r-right?

Now that the dust has settled,

Who was the flop of the season?

Who was the signing of the season?

Who was the resurrection of the season?

Well who else are you starting? Fabregas together with Oscar? Mikel?

Colkett looks pretty promising tbf, probably won't make it at Chelsea but he can have decent career elsewhere.

>Who was the flop of the season?
Pogba ofc
>Who was the signing of the season?
Mané ofc
>Who was the resurrection of the season?
third best player in the world aza

natty bongo
is mikel even back yet? he's just in nigeria sueing the fa for his money or something




Shows when players' touches are quite spread out in a certain direction

Kante - - - - Oscar

>as if we haven't played just 4 games


the season is already over

man city won


They're not really comparable, and not just because of their positions. They're completely different players. Rashford's best qualities are his runs off the ball and clinical finishing. Pulisic lives off of his pace, and ball controls/dribbles.

>Obama in charge of linkup play

I wish it wasn't

Cesc would be nice, especially with Kante to clean up his shit seeing as he doesn't know how to into defending.
Honestly at this point, any other midfielder can do what Matic does, cause he doesn't really drive the ball forward and he doesn't really defend all that well.

It's just how they were set up. There are matches where he'll drop deep, and help the midfield get the ball out wide, or provide a wide presence himself. But against deep defending teams he gets told to wait just outside the box, then run into it, to confuse defenders. This time it worked out great, because Legia really fucking sucked at defending deep.

You know who would be great for Chelsea. Mata. They should have put in an offer for him.

They did, it was successful

I still can't believe that Mata was at one point the third best player in the world.

Chelsea 2-3 Liverpool

Hull City 0-2 Arsenal
Man City 3-0 Bournemouth (Wilshire gets injured here)
West Brom 1-1 West Ham
Leicester 1-0 Burnley
Everton 2-0 Middlesbrough

Watford 0-2 Man U (no pogba goals)
Crystal Palace 0-0 Stoke City
Southampton 0-0 Swansea City
Tottenham 2-0 Sunderland

Screencap this, you know it to be true

>Man City - Bournemouth
>Wilshere and Gundogan take each other out for 10 months

Because it wasn't true Roman.

Wilshere won't get injured until he returns to Arsenal. He will have an insane season, both internationally and for club, return to Arsenal and have his legs broken by Shawcross or Luiz.


Caption this

way to many clean sheets


Lol no. There's a reason Wheelcheer is on loan at a relegation club, he's not as great as your delusions.


>I said grab the attackers Paul, not dab on them


why dude

What part of my post gave any hint that I thought he was good? Being good and have a one-off season are not mutually exclusive, retard. Do you think Michu is world class because he had a great debut season for Swansea? Wheelchair can still be shit and have an amazing season for Mememouth. Or do you think "one season wonder" is talking about cooking?

wow a bundle with the only two games i'd ever play

because night games are at 5am here

>Or do you think "one season wonder" is talking about cooking?

good, then can he please take Oscar backyard and put a fucking bullet in his head?

tbf Oscar has been pretty good this year
Now Matic, he needs to be put out of his misery

>charismatic midfield balotelli



Fucking grim.

>wow a bundle with the only two games i'd ever play
How much do they want?

Hull wont lose m8 1-1 incoming


Kanté or Nolito


What part of Hull are you from?

Evening lads. I am on the Cred Forums.
Givings of to me you're starting 11 for tonights match.
I am hoping Liverpol to wins.

>Chelsea 1 - 2 Liverpool
>Hull 1 - 1 Arsenal
>Man city 5 - 0 Bournemouth
>West Brom 1 - 2 West Ham
>Leicster 3 - 1 Burnley
>Everton 2 - 1 Boro
>Watford 2 - 3 Man United
>Palace 1 - 2 Stoke
>Southampton 2 - 1 Swansea
>Tottenham 3 - 1 Sunderland

why do you think mourinho can't speak english?

You guys don't actually realise how big of a joke the city of Liverpool is:


500 dollarydoos

have you ever seen an interview?

>Poopshichestertnigger Niggershitpoopnited
>Paul Poopbaniggerdiarrhea


I'm... OK with this

he has an accent, doesn't mean his english is poor

none but they play 5 in the back and wait. plus arsenal look like shit


Imagine not rating Young thug


Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool
Hull 1-4 Arsenal
Manchester City 3-0 Bournemouth
West brom 0-0 West Ham
Leicester 2-0 Burnley
Everton 3-1 Middlesborough
Watford 1-2 Manchester United
Crystal Palace 1-0 Stoke
Southampton 2-2 Swansea
Tottenham 4-0 Sunderland

>chief sosa is a defender


Need fantasy team help

Chelsea 2 - 1 Liverpool
Hull 1 - 2 Arsenal
Man City 4 - 0 Bournemouth
West Brom 1 - 3 West Ham
Leicster 2 - 1 Burnley
Everton 2 - 0 Boro
Watford 1 - 2 Man United
Palace 2 - 0 Stoke
Southampton 3 - 0 Swansea
Tottenham 3 - 1 Sunderland

>fredo too

who is savage?

>he doesn't rate 21 savage
listen to the Savage Mode mix tape blud

>it's a /epl/ once again shows it's utterly shit taste in music once again

haha fuck sake you guys are mongs

i could blow you out of water with my musical culture lad now behave you spastic

It's just one french autist, probably the same one that kept hyping up West Ham

robbie savage

>pogba not surrounded by the migos

friday night games were a mistake

beng born was a mistake

Post your jam lads


existence was a mistake

not rating otamendi is a mistake

Hello you are of readings this??


This is England 2016.

No one cares, la'

Cred Forums was a mistake

>Mohammed Syeedy, 21, was found guilty by a unanimous verdict of helping to kill Jalal Uddin because the 71-year-old practised a form of Islamic spiritual healing considered to be “black magic” by some extremists.

Fucking Manure

>WBA winning
I like your style my man. Hopefully Pulis leaves Berahino on the bench

killing 6 million jews was a mistake

i mean we both speak english so its opinion but I think hes one of the worst in the EPL. Lesters Manager is very lazy with his sentences too

not killing more was

Strome at least?

Would put London On Da Track in at #10 behind Thugga, can't pass up on that linkup play senpai.

going doopin mental was a mistake

aight but i'm into rock n electronical shit atm

I mean he can still construct proper sentences, his accent is just incredibly thick, like wenger

someone like pochettino would speak like that though

Oy vey

>Kadir, a former John Lewis call centre worker, was not on trial because he fled to Istanbul three days after the murder. Counter-terrorism detectives are hunting for the 24-year-old, but believe he may have crossed the border into Syria to join Isis.
>Syeedy and Kadir, from Rochdale and Oldham respectively
>Jurors were shown photographs of Syeedy holding an Isis-style flag outside the Jalalia mosque. In another image, he wore a stabproof vest outside the mosque
the wonders of multiculturalism, born and raised in england

>they are perfectly integrated la
>quintessentially british la
top keks

talk for yourself, ahmed


elite opinion: Nolito is the best winger in the prem

>that spaniard that puts la at the end of everything because he's desperately trying to fit in

Only the most retarded of jihadists would join ISIS these days. They are toast. Better to join Jabhat al Nusra, they're looking great this season.

I think he's just misunderstood the meme desu.


>thinks using la incorrectly is a mistake
ah to be young again

Well what do you mean by it? You know it's a Souse thing right, not Manchester.

Shut up la


>Seven years ago, Dr Charles Runels’ lover surprised him at his office, demanding that he inject blood into her clitoris as a Valentine’s Day present. She hiked up her dress, hopped on to the exam table and motioned for Runels to put on his headlamp. She explained that she’d been watching him inject his own penis with blood for about a year, and that while his bigger and stronger erections had been fun, she’d grown tired of the one-sided sexual enhancement. It was her turn. So Runels bowed between her legs, numbed her clitoris with an ice cube and shot her up.

“I don’t know how graphic you can be with this thing,” he said over the phone, pausing mid-story to ask me about the Guardian’s policy on discussing orgasms. “But the next afternoon, she came to see me, and her orgasms came more quickly – very strong, ejaculatory orgasms. The passion, the thunder, the sounds that she was making …”

He sighed at the memory.

“That’s when I thought: I should try this on my patients.”

And just like that, the O-Shot was born.

going to bed, don't spoil the game for me ok thanks

Isn't he an "inside forward"?

al-Nusra is ded in the water, the peace accord russia and us signed a week ago stated they would go after al-nusra next and any "moderate" rebels joining forces will al-nusra be targeted as well.

he's between winger and 10
anyway best forward

>elite opinion: Nolito is the best winger in the prem

Based Mane

Nolito is what's known as "a hunchback manlet"

'bit gay, mate

What PL team will pick up Gabriel Jesus? Or will Barca/Halal/Dortmund make a move first?

nah, he is usually the widest man on the pitch unless navas is playing

definitely a winger

No one respond

B8? He's already had an agreement for city , will arrive in jan.

he does 'le cut inside' so he's an inside forwardo

how soon until NFL is bigger than EPL in england?

It won't ever be. How could it when people can't even go to the games?

forgot wingers were chained to the touchline 2bh

It won't even overtake cricket or rugby

Big, if true

Time to rekt some fagots tomorrow

how can you identify with such an increasingly islamic team?

Mahrez has been found out m8

> Riyad will be wrecking this tonight

Oh shit my bad.

Kinda figured though that it would be one of the Manchester clubs tbqh

He's probably is from Leicester.

fucking hell, is that pete burns

>british model

Leicester is more Sikh and Hindu though

this is true desu

Don't know mate, scoring 2 goals in your champions league debut is pretty good.

shes hot mate


Brugge are unironically championship standard

his "kek" probably implies that in order to be british you have to have thousands of years of pure albion pumping through you

you do 2bh

So are Burnley and Sunderland

you can't have dark skin and be british m8

/chelski/bros get the fuck in here

livershits get your early apologies in please

Is this on today?

>Friday night football

don't feel like starting this lads, so delete your posts and we'll act like it never happened

I'll put u asleep within 10 seconds u little girl.

It's your fault for starting it desu.

too early lad

where did all ppl go

People are saving up their best/worst shitposts for the match thread.

I'm gonna post >de gay

That's rather daring I must say

I'm going to open with >moyes then go straight into a >mouyes.

What a LAD

lads I might make a post involving a unpopular opinion so I can get replies

Make sure to attach a smug anime girl pic to go with it.

Those trips confirm that is a great idea

>Fabregas will never the CL

What did he mean by this?

Matchfixing obviously

Courtois; Ivanovic (c), Cahill, David Luiz, Azpi; Kante; Willian, Oscar, Matic, Hazard; Costa.

very literary, my friend

conte rotates even less than mourinho, lmao

>no terry
>no cesc

Liverpool win

terry is injury, cesc can't defend tho

Must have saw Leicester and realised never rotating anyone wins you titles.

I wish Moses got his chance over Willian

they have no midweek games though, plenty of rest.

>Ivanovic, Luiz, Matic and Cahill
Oh boy, time for a Liverpool win

So did Leicester :)


He's as bad as Willian, except instead of doing pointless stepovers, he'll be taking pointless shots the whole game

worked for chelsea in 14/15

I wonder who will be the captain once Ivan is gone

at least he....penetrates

I still don't understand why Chelsea bought him and why he is still there

so youre a free man?

Cheap HG option, he did look good when he got to play.

>you now remember Chelsea buying Tal Ben Haim and Steve Sidwell in one transfer window

In all seriousness, rotating the attacking players is alright but constant changes in defence will always fuck you over.

*free woman

>tfw it's back to the sprint out of defense and take as many shots as possible David Luiz era
Yeah on the very rare occasion
He can't find a final ball for shit though
I'm still baffled at this point that there's not a single player that Chelsea can buy that'd be better than Willian, he needs to be replaced as soon as possible
Please don't remind me

Looking forward to the cheeky run forward when Chelsea are down to nine players, one goal up, 90 seconds to the end of the game #respect

>I'm still baffled at this point that there's not a single player that Chelsea can buy
they have better players in the fucking academy lmao

>Bertrand Traore

Traore is a striker and he should play as a striker.

who the hell is poleaboo?


breaking transfer news

gf to user has been confirmed

the transfer will take place on the opening of the dating window


Kenedy was loaned out and he honestly seemed like he was miles better than Willian

>not rating willian

Chelsea fans are idiots

Kenedy has attitude issues or something like that iirc.

wasnt he a left back or something?

top lel my lads

I swear Willian only gets rated by people who aren't Chelsea fans. They keep saying he's one of our best players when he really isn't.

Piss off Mou

that image is as old as the internet mate

Because he does interesting stuff, when you're not a Chelsea fan you don't give a toss if he's shit for 85 minutes.

>le stepover and cross into the first defender man
I've heard a lot about this, but I've never actually seen any source or anything for it
Hiddink forced him there, but he's primarily a right winger
All the people I talk to always think he's a really good player cause he scored a few free kicks last season

>Because he does interesting stuff
He does?

i'm new on the internet

>Believing chad.com rumours

you're gonna get your heart broken user.

Sure, probably.

Anyone play the remastered Bioshock yet?

>Liverpool won

And with that Liverpool have confirmed Top 4.

someone fucking pose a challenge to us already, this shit is too easy

did you post this on reddit to pal?

Might kms desu. I can handle losing to a lot of teams, last season was a bit of a reminder to all Chelsea fans pre-2003 that >we aren't indestructible and top 4 is a given no matter what just because the Russian lad came in. But this shit, losing at HOME to Liverslip, looking exactly like the same team Mourinho was trying to destroy and demotivate last season, despite having a fresh new manager and a fucking peeeerfect DM in. It's too much lads, I can't take it. Everything was looking so great until last game. Guess >we're a mid-table side now guys. Just like Liverslip and Manure has been for the past 3-4 years.

Why don't you just support your local team?

I do that too though. Why don't you just fuck off and stop obsessing with who supports what team? I really can not fathom how the mind of people like you work. If the Norwegian league actually had foreign fans I'd think that'd be fucking awesome.

Why does being relevant annoy you? I just don't understand this meme.

I'm not having a go at you lad, it's just that if Chelsea depresses you this much then you might need to have a look at other options.

Liverpool are going to paste you 4-1 or some similarly high scoreline as per usual. Bogey team.


>says you might kill yourself over a fucking football team
>b-b-but why do you care????


Because supporting a team since childhood is like marriage. Unless something seriously fucked up happens you can't just leave your wife because she bores you. Besides I tried to avoid Chelsea games for a little while because they where ruining my weekends and I literally ALWAYS ended up watching them anyway. Theres something about football you just can't explain m8.

Are you drunk Mehmet?

Is this not exactly what united and chelsea fans have been saying you dope

pep is in a new league with a squad that isn't his, literally 1 defeat and all the excuses will be coming out

>b-but its his first season
>i-it's not his squad
>t-top 4 is our goal

Exactly what United and Chelsea are going through now, think you're invincible, get beat

>Might kms desu
>Why don't you just fuck off and stop obsessing with who supports what team?

The problem is not losing, the problem is getting btfo like that.

Ok first of all how the fuck are those relevant to each other, one is saying I might kms because of the team I support, the other is telling SOMEONE ELSE to stop obsessing over what team I support. Stop trying to be a smart ass, it's embarrassing.

Second of all
>taking suicide threats seriously on Cred Forums

Get out.

Yeah, it was fucking embarrassing, looked like a bunch of sunday league players that just wanted to go home.

WHO /IN OFF THE BAR/ HERE????????????????????????????????????????????????



great to see that chelsea are still complete shit

I disagree, it's not great at all.

i'm going to have to disagree with your disagreement

good posts

really poor post

>City v Bournemouth
magic of the cup already?

Chelsea have been getting beat for a while now m8





Liverpool are unironically going to win at least one trophy this year. They'll also challenge for the title.

It comes down to Liverpool and City for the league. Liverpool have proven they can beat the big teams, the loss to Burnley was a blip.




Literally only United, City and Spurs left to beat.

reminder Matip was a free transfer

I want to start a band called Dabbing Pogba.

What stops them from dropping more points like they did at Burnley?

Morning lads


>Chelshits GOAT now lad, it was just our best manager in history slowing us down. W-We'll challenge for the title.

who's your most overrated player by your own fans?

pic related

>2-0 to burnley
lol kirno

imagine being a Liverpool fan


shitty cuckold team, cuckold city, cuckold people

Beta beta cucks!

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking HELL lads it's so funny how fuckig BETA Liverpool is Hahahah

Fuck me I dying here


Cuck team haha

*flies away*

>Aitor Karanka still refusing to play Dimi


>Imagine being a liverpool fan
>One drunk Scotsman destroyed there 'HISTORY LA''
God no.

Was this written by a Liverpool fan falseflagging as an ABL? I prefer the "top myself desu" one

Less European cups than based Bob in 17 more years

Hull City 0 - 2 Arsenal
Man City 4 - 0 Bournemouth
West Brom 1 - 2 West Ham
Leicester 2 - 0 Burnley
Everton 3 - 1 Middlesbrough

kill yourself you fenian rat


By that logic no club comes close to Real Madrid's big toe.

New thread where ?

redpill me on romanian leeds bandwagoner

>lol kirno

Fuck off Kirno, stop trying to force yourself back into relevance.

>Imagine being born in Liverpool

Top myself desu.

>Imagine not being born in Liverpool, but in UK, and STILL choosing to follow Liverpool

Kill my family for failing to get me to support the local side THEN myself.

>Imagine not only not being born in Liverpool, but not even being born in England, or even the UK. But literally being born in another country, a country which hates the UK, and out of all the clubs in UK and the world, you decide to support Liverpool

Literal mental retardation. I can accept people from around the world following United or a London team, but not fucking Liverpool. Utterly irrelevant as a club. Even their own sponsor takes the piss out of them.

Thank God nobody is that stupid though, huh? They'd be ridiculed like they should. Only way to fix the problem would be to kill themselves.

>Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho wants £89m Paul Pogba to not worry about his world record transfer fee.

>France midfielder Pogba has not scored or set up a goal in four games since his summer return to Old Trafford from Italian champions Juventus.

>However, Mourinho says he is "full of trust" in the 23-year-old and insists his performances will improve.

>"The world-record player is always a question, but I want Paul to forget that," said the Portuguese.


>i-i-gnore I spent all this money

>has not scored or set up a goal in four games
ahh yes, what a flop

>Not providing instantly

The fact is, when you pay that kind of money, you want immediate shit.

It's not just no goals or assists, but the fact he's barely done anything. Wayward passes, bad misses. Etc.

For a £15m-£20m signing? Sure. Not £90m.

Why pay that much if you can get the same fucking result using a U21 youth?


It would've been ok if he was a defensive midfielder, but he clearly isn't. He's there to make forward runs and make stuff happen and he's not doing that.

not his fault if he's playing in a shite team

Important poll


True enough, but for £90m, you should be doing well desu.

>West Ham getting BTFO
How's blowing those bubbles going?

you people just don't understand that the pricetag doesn't explain the quality of a player.
There's very few players in the world rn that are capable of "carrying" a team. Pogba was doing very well when he was at Juve, playing with other good midfielders. but now that he's stuck between Fellaini and Rooney of course he's going to have a rough time. He's very good but not good enough to carry a team completely like Suarez could do for example

City of Hull is kill?


I thought this was West Ham's year?

>worst ham

elite opinion: west ham will finish the season above liverpool

>elite opinion

>good at penalties


They've had 3 (THREE) penalties this season and only scored 1 (ONE).


When did English football lose its charm to you?

For me it was a few years ago, there is just no atmosphere left in the games, none of the working class spirit left in the game. I have to watch the lower leagues to get even a glimpse of that any more.

k thx

this is unironically how the season will end

prove me wrong

where is the shitcano ABL shitposter now?
the 10th place trophy is litterally ours pham


>another moot year where city buy the league

>sunderland not 17th
>wet spam not relegated

>5 pts already
City have a GD of 11 too, all the other top teams have 3, 4 and 5.

>mfw i can't

If Chelsea and Man City weren't around, Man Utd would be doing that.

>score great but completely useless goal
>yeah that's right doubters sure proved you wrong with that decisive strike haha best midielder in the world suck it the brownie

Wenger got BTFO so hard today, the look on his face is glorious.