How many will he score this season? 40? 50?

How many will he score this season? 40? 50?

Is he top 3 in the world, the other two being Suarez and Lewandowski?

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le miss 50 tap-ins per game man

idk but he has the best first touch of anyone currently

>forgetting mercedes benz
lewa > suarez > big benz > aguero

Higuain > Aguero

he has a lot of loyalty for a hired gun

1. Suarez
2. Aguero
3. Lewandowski
Power gap
4. Higuain
5. Costa
6. Zlatan
7. Aubameyang

9001. Benzema
9002. Giroud

forgot your Dutch proxy m8

Few clubs can pay more than City

I think if Real Madrid came calling he would have gone though

Pretty accuerate
t.R.Madrid fan

Barca wanted him

1. Suarez
2. Aguero
3. Benzema
4. Lewandowski
5. Higuain

I wouldn't go to Real Madrid. Man City is playing very exciting football and he's under the best manager in the world.

Wrong flag for these kinds of posts, m8.

But seriously. Man City are playing excellently and you have a chance to do something bigger with a club which hasn't really done much over its history.

Tried to sign him before neymar iirc. Agüero's father said in a spanish radio interview his son would go to barcelona on his knees to play with messi if barcelona called. City owner threw a fit and agüero's father had to apologize and say his son was very happy at city. Barcelona then went for neymar instead

How much 6 weeks vacation will he take this year ?

>But seriously. Man City are playing excellently and you have a chance to do something bigger with a club which hasn't really done much over its history.
Man City wont win the CL.And they are playing well against English meme teams that are shit on average

Got it

when will the injury train begin

Giroud is pretty shitty. As an Arsenal fan I agree.
And wenger buys another shitty striker. Now we have two shitty centre forwards. Wenger out.

I think he'll get a solid 32 in the PL, deserves to be on that list of 30 goal greats.

FRIENDLY reminder that aguero has never once been voted into the PL team of the season

overrated af, higuain is objectively better

>b-b-but that goal against a sold-out 10-men QPR

>higuain is objectively better

He will score a few on his return from injury... for the third time this season.



It's pretty weird how he's kinda shit with Argentina, same with Lewandowski with Poland although he doesn't have Messi playing with him.

He shouldn't have apologized, not like it's a tough choice between Barcelona and man city; but under Pep Aguero seems to be putting more effort and even tracks back a lot, they've been a joy to watch this season
What I'd like to know is what happened with Gundogan, he had a medical with Barcelona and wanted to go there, did they not want to risk it because of his injuries? He's perfect for a Barcelona midfield

Aguero was linked to barca before suarez was signed too iirc. Basically messi really really wants to play with his bff but for whatever reason the transfer never pans out.

1. Fit Aguero
2. Suarez
3. Unfit Aguero
*power gap*
4. Who gives a fuck

Reminder that there is an anti City bias entrenched in the league, punditry and officials

>He shouldn't have apologized
it was careless from agüero's father to say such a thing in a public interview, the following day it was all over the press, agüero has a contract with city and saying something like that is kinda disrespectful to the club and fans. The way to make these things happen is to keep them private so nobody gets offended by looking like a punk in public. Kinda reminded me of barcelona publicly saying they were going to sign thiago silva, the psg shiek got incredibly pissed and I understand him. These fellas could buy barcelona and madrid the same day and their bank accounts wouldn't even notice

I think Gundogan was simply a matter of timing between his long injury and barcelona signing other midfielders. Both sides moved on. Reus was also very very close to signing, zubizarreta had already closed the deal and only needed signing, but he got injured before the wc and enrique prefered suarez instead

the reason probably is city has unlimited funds, like psg, nobody is going to bully them around in transfers if they don't want to

he is top 3 in bongland

not even top 40

Explain to me what makes Aguero better than Higuain. There is a reason why Aguero is a bench slut for Argentina while Higuain starts ALWAYS.

1. Suarez
2/3. Bayern broship
4. Aguero
5. Higuain

Side Note: Argentina really do have the best strikers in the world currently. so many that even top talents like Incardi and Tevez get left off. makes you understand why they all cry when they lose finals

this, Higuain is the superior player. probably the best finisher in the world.

oh I am laughing

i think they match up very well with Halal and Barca. Buyern not so much

>I evaluate Aguero over Suarez

except the last 2 finals hes been one on one or had an empty net and pissed himself

>i think they match up very well with Halal and Barca. Buyern not so much
We will see soon.A team that has 2 10's(one of them being De Bruyne Kek),2 wingers and only a pivot in the team would get rolfstomped by any decent team that can into counter attack

his speed, dribbling, first touch, movement

Higuain is a better finisher and has better movement in the penalty box, but he doesn't make as many chances for himself as Aguero because he isn't as good at football

Why Aguero does shit for the national team but not City isn't down to his ability


What are you trying to say, friend?

aguero and messi too :^)

>lewadonkey better than Suarez


City only got the semifinals due to extremely lucky draw and generally played like shit (if memehimovic wasn't shit PSG would've advanced), this season they've played exceptional football. Halal was lucky to get on that side of the bracket as well

>this season they've played exceptional football
They are playing against crap.They are playing a 4-1-4-1.Any team that is capable of counter attacking will rape them unless Pep changes something

>they wouldve lost if they didn't play as well as the other team



t. I didn't watch the match
Memehimovic had Higuain tier chances he choked away

What are YOU trying to say, friend?

t. Said something utterly retarded and is now on damage control mode

Looks like you didn't watch the match

Here's the highlights from the second leg -

Show me these chances Ibra had

What are you taking about? PSG should've won, I don't give a shit about PSG but that's a fact, imbecile

Ibra missed a counter that left him 1v1 that he just wasted shotting from outside the box

>le 0 World Cup goals man

One penalty, which if we're talking about ifs and buts is irrelevant because City missed one too, one header from a shit angle that. The only real chance was the last one. Another fantastic post from you.

>Costa over Zlatan
Apart than that pretty accurate

>Those aren't chances
>That 1v1 he skied wouldn't have been a winner to semis
City were shit, unlike this season thus far which looks promising

You're wrong. As usual. Had ibra scored that 1v1 (which I said was a chance if you can read) then it would've been 3-3 on aggregate, with City advancing on away goals. Just stop posting.

Shouldve would've could've

Shut the fuck up you worthless aspie

imo both City and PSG were awful and none of them deserved the semis. Sure enough those were also the worst matches I've ever seen in a CL knock-out

Doesn't he usually get about 25-30? Why would he suddenly get 50? That's madness.

City couldn't come up with anything, I would've preferred PSG advance because it was obvious Aguero wasn't doing anything

>as usual
No, but you got me with that aggregate, City were still far worse than PSG who was also garbage

tbf he is currently on 9 goals in 5 games


Suarez > Benz > Lewa > Agüero