What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

eric decker scored a touchdown in football.

eric decker scored a touchdown in football.


I think she's trying to say that Eric Decker scored a touchdown

Eric Decker scored a touchdown and he also has a big dick.

>and he also has a big dick.
how would she know?

>she is 5'1"
>he is 6'3"
I ain't saying he doesn't have a big dick but she is short as sin so even a 5 inch dick is gonna stretch her out.

also this can backlash badly if he really doesn't have a big dick. his team mates who shower with him will be savage with the jokes mocking the fuck out of him.

I hope that for his sake it is true. T b h, it's kinda weird that she makes such a big deal about it.

women ADORE big dicks

>it's kinda weird that she makes such a big deal about it.


This is true, of course. But you don't generally see women making a big deal about it publicly. I wouldn't want my gf posting stuff like that to Snapchat or Twitter.

women are retarded when it comes to size. they think 6-7 inches is big sometimes. im 8 inches with average girth and ive had gfs say it was too big. which sucks ass; i wish i had a 7 inch dick i feel like that would be the perfect size.

nah, most don't care
It mostly depends on how tight her pussy is anyway

I say this as someone with a 17cm dick, so well above average

>having your wife talk about your dick on social media while taking a selfie
that's what happens when you marry low class amerishart trash

She's already been destroyed by the BBC

>believing this meme


>believing this meme
they know a big one when they see it


>t. virgin

It's okay, your time will come eventually

Jesus Christ he's handsome

Depends on the girl, la. Vaginas come in different shapes and sizes as well. I'm a little over 7 with above average girth and I've been with smaller girls who could take it and taller girls that couldn't.


>posting sports on a Mongolian autism support image board

you guys ever wonder why dick size is so much more culturally relevant than pussy tightness? kinda weird desu.

he looks like the guy in all the adam sandler movies.

because feminism. shame reason why its ok to make fun of fat men but not fat women. or ok to make fun of balding men but not balding women.

i agree, also eating ass is culturally relevant in areas

So...anyone want to watch me jack off on skype? I'll wear the Kylo Ren mask...

i wasn't looking to start a discussion about how oppressed men are or how hypocritical we think feminists are.

I actually suspect that through competition and posturing that men have put idea of big dick importance in the head of women, and then everyone kind of ran with it as the de facto symbol of masculinity.


What I think is funny is that the old Roman/Greek cultures saw big dicks as neanderthal-ish, and that having a small one was considered to be more cultured. Pretty sure that's why all the statues they carved of dudes had tiny dongs.

kek no, its because white people have tiny dongs. those were average to large as far as they were concerned.

>balding women

because there's hardly any at all?

Not sure how it is in the US, but over here fat women definitely get more shit than fat men, at least older fat men

If you're over 40 and get fat as a man, nobody will really judge you.
But for women it's generally socially unacceptable to be fat at any point in their lives.

I'm not a feminist or anything, but that's just how it is.

same here desu. and in asia

maybe its just an american thing

It was tiny because it wouldn't break as easily as a big dick would.The big dicks thing comes mainly from porn.It was never seen as a pro ever before

u r retarded. Read a book, nigger

Nah he doesn't look like Adam Sandler at all

I thought Asian/Indian dudes had the tiniest dongs?

For that autism ITT: "big dick" is commonly used as metaphorical slang for any player who's essentially out there running the field

>Read a book, nigger
>This wishful thinking

Unless he showers with an erection, they wouldn't know. I go from 3.5'' flaccid to 7'' erect, and it can go as low as about 2'' if it's cold/i'm playing sports/have anxiety

they are even smaller. pathetic desu

This is my thought as well. There really aren't a lot of pros to it. It sucks to bang a girl only to have her stop you because it hurts too much.

Most big dick porn is consumed by men.If you ever watched porn for women you will realise that the focus is elsewhere

anyone got the 'todger size around the world' chart?

Stay mad, whitey

what does porn for women focus on?

You don't shower with other men with a full erection? LOL fag.

A key that opens many locks is much more useful that a lock that is opened my many keys.

taboos. interracial porn and lesbian porn are popular among women.

Just search it.Everything is softer and smother and the sex is usually pretty vanilla with lots of kissing and touching

foreplay and shit. You ever seen those x-art vids?

women, in general, don't watch porn at all
it either doesn't do anything for them or it outright disgusts them

you need to realize that the type of girls who do or even just consider doing porn represent maybe 1% (probably even less) of women
for most women porn is a disgusting business, they aren't interested in the product, not as a watcher and sure as hell not as a performer

but those who do watch it, mostly watch gay porn

these big vagina ladies are getting away with murder

I would imagine rape fantasy would be up there as well, most girls I've had sex with enjoy it when you are a little rough with them.

i'm not seeing the analogy here

>women, in general, don't watch porn at all

t. virgin

No, that's the kind of porn men think women like, which is why the women's choice section is basically all lesbian or interracial.

Are right. Women love the ones with that slow ass music in the background, with lots of groping and squeezing.

>but those who do watch it, mostly watch gay porn
Nah m8.Like 20% of women watch porn.Most of it is just foreplay and vanilla sex with a muscular guy

Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway, senpai.

you ever come across a really big vagina? It's kind of a bummer. but it still works and I would never dream of making fun of someone for it.

"wouldn't" means you don't have one, which means no one cares about what you would and would not do in your hypothetical world of ever getting kissed by a woman.

If you guys want to learn how to handle a woman in bed, do what this guy says and watch porn geared towards women.

only 21% of women, so 1 in 5, watch porn at least once a month

that's nothing compared to the 86%, almost 9 in 10, of men who do it

I've spoken to girls about it and they mostly seem to like guy on guy or girl on girl.

Girl on girl is the most popular though. They all watch that shit, especially the more sensual stuff rather than the ones where they just ramming 10 inch dildos into each others pussy and arse.

>this flag

really made me think

>insecure small dick virgins of Cred Forums think only manlets with small dicks go for short chicks
>they aren't aware that us tall chads with big cocks get all the short chicks and blow their pussies apart before any small dicked manlet loser could ever hope to get his cheezo covered hands on her

what kind of faggots did they poll that they only came up with 86%? And I don't me literal faggots, I'm sure our homosex friends watch at least as much porn as us.

Take a seat, Colin. I know it's rough getting raised by White folk and everything.


How does that word signify that I don't have a gf? Cmon la, we all know Cred Forums is one of the most normie filled boards.

I'll just leave this here.

For both, men and women, the most common sexual fantasy is to have sex in an unusual place, while pedophilia is the least popular among both genders.

>tfw 5.5 inches dick
>think I can't satisfy my gf
>she says our sex is "perfect"
>don't believe her
>get anxious everytime before sex
>can't get a proper boner
>gf says "it's going to be okay, we'll get through this"

I don't deserve her.

thats literally average size juan carlos. for every pornstar you see with a 9 inch peen theres some poor fuck with a micropeen

Don't focus on length. Girth is what matters. The nerves in a woman's vagina only go about 4 inches deep.

I'd probably kill myself if I had a microdick.

This Decker fellow has a massive cawk
and she is very proud of that.

height and penis size have no correlation. all the porn stars are in fact manlets.

they use manlets and womanlets in porn because it makes the dick look bigger by comparison

Don't forget the big dick

Your nation was created by mixing germanic whites with non white celtic tribes.

breh, how deep do you think her vaginal canal is?

they legit have 8 inch dicks though. taller people don't have bigger dicks. it makes no sense rationally but it just is.

Yeah that is average, familia. If you're worried about pleasing her, focus on foreplay. Chicks dig that shit. If you're a master at eating pussy, no girl is gonna give a fuck about how average your dick is.

become a cuck. hold her hand while a chad fucks her. it will make your bond and love even stronger.

I'm 1.84cm (6ft7⁄16 acording to google) and she's 1.61 (5'2). I know, weird couple. I don't think she would fake orgasms with me. We have gone through so much together. She's probably the only person that doesn't see me as a huge failure. But I'm such a pathetic insecure self conscious beta

have you eve bottomed out on her?
I'm no lanklet but 5'2 is pretty tiny, at most that puss is 6 inches deep at her peak arousal.

>But I'm such a pathetic insecure self conscious beta

hi cristiano

congratulations for that euro win

She's his wife.

even if it was proportional to height, the difference between a 170cm manlet and 185cm man would be the same as the difference between a 6" willy and a 6.5" todger

>tfw I'm a 7 inch dick manlet

>26.9 % of men have fantasized about sucking dick

W T F hanz?


its like having a sports car but its locked in the garage forever

>what are gays/bisexuals

Sorry I dont know that feel, got a gf and fucked ~10 girls- being a manlet doesnt change anything, being a social retard on the other hand...

I imagine a good portion of them wouldn't have to fantasise about it. They'd have already done it at some point.

>not sucking your own dick

Most porn dicks are like 6-7
That skinny white dude Chris stokes is only like 6.5 legit. Don't ask me how I know this

Every 4th man and every 3rd woman has homosexual tendencies, it's well known

But only around 5% of both sexes are actually full blown gay

non-white women in particular latinos and island blacks. pornhub statistics those nation's women watch porn the most

>doesn't watch amateur porn
fuck off pleb

hence why they are master race

you're insane to think that lol

my dick is almost 7 inches and i feel like it's fucking tiny

chris strokes dick is long as fuck, without much girth


I'd def love to see them make a sex tape

You can only post in this thread if your country is green.

Not so fast, Japan.

>6'4" tall with a 7" cock
>tfw I've had two women tell me they were expecting bigger

> :^)))))

>Things That Never Happened


I can never tell if a girl is being serious when she says I'm big or if she's just being nice. It's happened twice but once it was with a stripper and once it was with some total slut so I don't know if it was genuine.

>completely average in size
>some girls complain it goes too deep in certain positions
can't imagine what it must be to have a huge dick

obviously that's not accurate, people don't reveal their real fetishes.

not that attractive tbqh

this thread is fucking stupid

kill yourselves losers

only if you do it first