Literal who soccer players are in better shape than the best NFL players

Literal who soccer players are in better shape than the best NFL players

Why is that?

There are punters in the NFL who are in better shape than that

Literal everyone can make better threads than the best Australians.

Why is that?

Punters are literally failed footballers who got a great gig doing nothing for 99% of the game.

Doesn't every American Football player do nothing for 99% of the game

>tfw baseball is the best sport in USA

Yeah, but a punter does nothing 99% of the playable time of any given game. Because he's on the bench.

that would be icehockey

What's your point? We are talking fitness, not ability to play soccer

They're fit because they are failed soccer players. And even failed soccer players look fit.

Do I have to spoonfeed everything to you?

Spoonfeed? No, but you can stop pulling shit out of your ass any time you like

JJ Watt could probably kill an entire soccer team with his bare hands

NFL is more demanding anyone will wreck """"soccer""" players shits who just dive and cry for about half an hour on the grass to the point where we wont even need to water it ever again and all that because he stepped on his shoe laces there is no pride in being a weak faggot

Having muscles doesn't necessarily equal being in shape

I can define better so that 5th grade spanish teacehrs are in "better""""""""""""" shape than Autistralians

doesnt change the fact that he is not in shape and physically unattractive

hi dad

Your post is factually not true the fact that you managed to say such things in the same breath is beyond me

Would it change your opinion if he were brown?

Neither does being able to stand around on a pitch for 90 minutes

Go do your homework nigel

Is that grandpa?

You told us grandpa was dead.

>All American football players are out of shape

And thats a kicker

Most players are gassed out at half time and just walk around with the ball untill the ref release them from their suffering the worst part is when they just try to get freekicks when even the fresh subs do jack shit

and most of them are not even good at it. Rugby kickers are better and they have the other skills of the game too. NFL punters have one single job and they can't even perfect it.

You must be an idiot if you believe that
You have no idea how draining is the contact

>worshipping the male body

Why are /fit/ posters the gayest posters sitewide?

How'd that Jarryd Hayne fellow fare again?

Oh right, he shat the bed and proved that the best rugby players can't do shit in the NFL

i dont really give a fuck but that was rugby league not real rugby just meme rugby for manlets

>this obsession

hey pal there's literally nothing gay about appreciating the aesthetics of a built male
it's recognizing that hard work paid off

>that unsymmetrical piece of shit is what you use to defend hand egg

>admiring a man's body
>not gay

Sure thing fagboy

t. Massive homosexual

god i would suck that guys cock. no canadian men are ever that strong or ripped

Not an argument

He isn't a rugby player

He played babby bogan ballthrow


NFL linemen just strength train because they obviously don't have to run/job

there is literally one nfl punter with muscles. fuck off

>the state of the punctuation in this thread