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How embarrassing.

they will go doopin' mental

dear god this is gonna be some cringe

doopin mental levels of cringe

Shall they have part time dentists on scratchmen list or technical staff?

I don't know, guys. It makes sense because we like clapping, too.

Good thing it was invented outside of the US or Viking would have to buy a license to use it.


>its an America embarrasses itself episode

My favourite kind

To be fair that describes 90% of episodes


What are the other 10% about?

*clap* *clap*

Maybe it could create some atmosphere at an American sporting event for once. Apart from college sports, your fans are embarrassingly bad.


>It's mohammad stays up until 2 am to watch real football episode.

Pst, another rerun.

Murika shoots itself, obviously. Do you even watch the show?

Spain being cute

every time

>implying I watch advertegg

I don't watch homosexual sports mate

why are americans so fucking embarrassing

>It's another yanks think people give a shit about their sports episode

Seen this one 100 times wish they'd stop showing


>real football
you have nearly the least claim to this term

>Foreigners are mad at our dominance

I won't even apologize for it, must be tough being beta.

congrats on dominating a sport no one else plays

>yfw the was invented by Motherwell and has nothing to do with vikings or icelandic culture

America is such a cringe worthy country.

How do we stop americans?

That's not American cringe, that's Reddit cringe in general

dry retching here


Murica is literally r*ddit: the country

my god

Who is that guy?

>a new tradition starts Sunday
I don't think that's how traditions work

>clap based

This meme was made for Americans

I don't get it, what's bad?


We are entertained easily...





Imagine if a foreign country started doing your USA USA chant

I doubt it is that comparable


oh boy



>I feel like you'd have my back if I got ugly on a Man U punk in the pub

This has to be a troll

That Iceland team was full of pretentious cringe-worthy tossers. They really got over their head just because they managed to beat Englel.

I'm so glad Ronaldo reminded them that they were nobodies that will never achieve anything.

Iceland stole it from Motherwell, so they can't exactly claim it as their own


>being this obsessed with america while probably posting from a shithole in northern UK or Wales

what are they going to do?

woah there 9gag

Yurosemens are asscucked since the Vikings social media intern (who has already made like another 15 posts) told the fans that this would be a good chant.
The chant or whatever is the one that Iceland used in the Euros when they made it to the semis.

Yurosemens are just obsessed with America though and it is sad as fuck

At least they won a match in 90 minutes.

Penaldo should have never been able to leave the group stage.

wed dominate rugby within 5 years if we put our best nfl players in it

we go mental

There is no way that's not a troll.

Although some of you guys do speak very poorly of reddit, so...

nfl is too violent for rugby standars.

Also nfl players are dopped as fuck....

If rugby players can't figure out handegg, how can you expect niggers to figure out rugby?

wait...what....what the fuck did i just read?

>Boreball entertaining

far more memorization and pre-determined coordination for handegg. they'd get it maybe handeggers wouldn't drop the ball as much as they should though.

finland is literally ylilauta: the country

But that just makes us EBIN

>Post an American actor in an American show
Stay obsessed

Is that a soccer team?

Both NFL and College are drug tested regularly
i would argue learning a 100 page playbook takes some iq. our team would be 3 catching rbs (Riddick,David Johnson,Sproles) 3 big wrs (green,jones,bejamin) 3 athletic edge rushers like watt and mathews and a big ass punter for kicks like pat odonnell from the bears

It's Icelands National Team

for fucks sake America

Yeah, they'd stick to the playbook and get caught out all the fucking time. Then they'd run into their opponent and get confused when they stood up and continued

>freedom spreads throughout the world
Is this supposed to be bad

Is this real? Is this actually going ahead?

>tfw no jamón

Of course not.
NFL teams tweet a minimum of 15 times a day.
It's just some butthurt Yuroboo (OP) dug this up. Go to the Vikings page. There's already 10 more posts all of which have more likes and shit.

Not sure why Yurosemens can't just look for themselves

>practice before you go to the game
>practice clapping
>practice putting your hands together and pulling them apart

>its a euros think they have any right to make fun of us thread

Why are american posters hurting so much because of this? I know they hate criticism but this is just embarrassing

Link posts that you believe are butthurt

>It's a Vikings embarrass themselves on national television episode

embarrassing tbqh





great thread

>My first match day in Germany was spent at a pub, after I learned the horrible reality of trying to buy tickets without a club membership. Now imagine a happy-go-lucky American college student, bright-eyed and fully-clad in FC Köln attire, walking into a pub full of excitement to see the FC Köln vs Borussia Mönchengladbach game. I completely understood the rivalry, but I didn’t understand how serious it was. I knew soccer was a sport of passion, but I guess the longing to finally be around fellow fans overcame that.
>There were two rooms: one for Gladbach fans, one for Köln fans. You would never know though because to my shock, nobody was wearing any attire.
>The only people who would do what I did would be people actually going to the game; everywhere else, people wore normal clothes without a trace of fandom. So you can imagine the kinds of looks I got with my jersey, scarf and jacket. I also tripped over a chair trying to get to an open table, so that didn’t help.

Who cares what that meme team does

I'm reporting every non American in this thread right now.

>Considering the awkwardness most Germans still have about being loud and proud about their national heritage, this awkwardness goes down to the club level too.

literally autism

Jesus fucking Christ, Americans are spastics. A jersey, scarf AND a jacket?? He would've looked retarded inside the stadium as well

bruv Wales might be 3rd world but it's fuckin beautiful

This isnt real, its pasta right?

Didn't know Kurt was a manlet, he's still gorgeous though

Looks pretty comparable to me m9

>imagine a happy-go-lucky American college student, bright-eyed and fully-clad in FC Köln attire


Guns, mostly.

What the fuck

please stop

fucking hell


Nothing. Notice all the posters bitching are from Islamic based nations. They mad at the new alliance between white men.

wtf i love americans now

their whole existence is comedy gold

I kinda feel sorry for him 2bh.

>mfw handeggfags felt superior to the soccer master race

Delet this

>has never bought a single ticket to support the team in his entire life

>Football Masterrace

FTFY, but because you understand that football is obviously superior to handeggadvertball, I'll allow it.

this thread is a goldmine

>I wanna Diskerud all night and party every day
All of these are fucking awful and a prime example of why MLS should be nuked, but this one especially doesn't even make sense. Diskerud sounds nothing like "rock and roll", same number of syllables but that's it.

What the fuck does it even mean? What is "Diskeruding all night"?


>songs not included on this list may still be sung during the game

every time


I am a proud American and Packers fan fagtron.

God I fucking hate soccer so much

N... Y... C... ***Clap***

Best thing of all was NYC ultras attacking random red bulls families at the New York derby, which was like the clubs 3rd ever game


monkey see monkey do

embarrassing that so many of these people are well past their fortys

this ends now

Fuck your packers
Thanks giving game 2015 reporting in.
nothing made me happier than to taint your shit qb on his shit day lmao

NYCFC will probably win the league this year... Not bad

it's crazy enough seeing Gerrard, Villa and Pirlo together but having Vieira as manager is surreal af considering I used to watch him play a decade ago

the absolute madmen

Damn, I forgot Arsenal used to be a pretty based club.

>tfw Sweden is being overrun by Muslims
>tfw Swedish-America (Minnesota) is being overrun by Somalis

Really makes you contemplate.

>really mental
>not doopin' mental

back in the day son, back in the day


This is really embarrassing

Bears fans are actually pretty cool compared to Vikucks.

>vikings fan for life
>going to opening game
>see this
>feel like selling tickets
why are nfl fans so cringe, its such a fun sport?

Shehawks and the Viqueens are made for each other

>a bunch of random part time players from Iceland led by a dentist coach beat an overrated English "team" in a major tournament and they celebrate with their fans by doing this celebration
>this is somehow going to be used at an nfl game with hired hood rat roused up giga niggas with nothing tying them together except their hood rat mentality

Why do people have to ruin everything?

And this is why I was devastated when the Whitecaps went "pro" and entered the MLS

Fucking embarrassing, desu

100% plastic

oh my god just kill me

>nothing tying them together except their hood rate mentality

yeah, if you ignore the hard work they've all put in together, their shared goals, their shared geographic location, and common employer. Otherwise they've got nothing in common



t. Nigger

Good for you guys. A team in our football league just got their fans on board with this and I think it's good for the game. Gets people passionate and fired up.

You can be a contrarian faggot and dislike it for whatever reason but it's bretty cool desu

This is Seahawks levels of homosexuality.

Oh my god i'm picturing a bunch of overweight 40 year olds sitting at their computers clapping

Do Americans have souls?

They seem so artificial

god damn, this is us12s level of autistic cringe

Fans of sub-tier sports (American fans of American soccer teams) or sub-tier teams (the Vikings, the Seahawks) adopt Euro customs and stylings in a pose meant to seem devoted or at least interesting to paper over the fact that they have no real identity and no identity with any sort of historical currency.

It's pathetic, especially considering Vikings fans already have stadium traditions like the skol chant. Pretending to be Eurofags isn't going to make that shit team perform any better.

Does anyone have the links to those YT vids of that faggot from the Sounders FC booster club? Those homos absolutely take the cake.

Never forget.


This is definitely a troll, you plebs are way too dumb and fell for it. There's 0% chance this was sincere. 0%. Even for Reddit.


Does that end up coming out as "bgioryls"?

I've heard it at the Emirates

>I am Jacks complete lack of surprise

So how do yurop soccer fans come up with all the songs and shit?

They just take pop songs or american show tunes and change the lyrics

Probably the only good thing the Vikings have done other than getting Adrian.

>>I am Jacks complete lack of surprise

Jesus Christ reddit, fuck off

Whats that in reference to? Did Robin rape a woman?


it is your fault for being so cringeworthy


you clearly havent been around german fans

Texans are not American.

>(shout the opposing team name)



What do you expect from a country who call their teams "franchises" and can move them to another city at the drop of a hat. Absolutely Disgusting.

explain yourselves


Do they pass out chant books in your games and if not how are you supposed to know the words to the songs?

>USA might be a legitimate soccer loving country today but Germany got refballed to a win in the South Korea/Japan rigged World Cup

Most chants have been going for decades. You just know them from hearing them thousands of times.

New chants you just learn them after hearing them a couple of times.

Nice Japanese burger there

Dude WTF!

I love Bridgewater now

>CFL pre-dates NFL



>Americans attempting sports culture

Every time, always so forced

What "dark times" have Dortmund and City had since 2010? Dortmund had half a bad season and still reached a cup final and qualified for EL.

Fuck I hate Americans

its not even a viking thing, the clap started in fucking Motherwell

Americans would be better if they just accepted their mindless consumer culture rather than trying to parrot the European styles

>looking at a post made by someone who would be mocked by 95% of americans
>i hate americans


I'd fucking love to see their """ultras""" run into some eastern european or italian groups

>eplel and buyernwinslol customers do not follow a mindless consumer culture

>classic european clubs like the chevys, fly emirates, t-mobiles and standard chartereds would never succumb to despicable american consumerism

get off your high horse and look in the mirror assclown

Englels in charge of reading a thread

I don't support an EPL team

Who gives a fuck about a random company name on a shirt, rather have that than adverts every 2 minutes

>mindless consumer culture
>sold entire league to fly allahu emirates

it's funny how delusional yurolards get with their snootiness

this lack of self awareness and level of denial are impressive.

>mfw my state is less obese than most of western europe, has higher median income and GDP per capita than any large yuro country AND scores higher on educational assessment tests
>mfw retard smug yuros try to tell me how shitty my country is

ok m8, enjoy your shit sports that the rest of the world doesn't care about, and keep copying Europeans to try fit in

you're doing okay if its your first day on Cred Forums, otherwise you gotta sort yourself out

I don't get it, what is this about? Iceland's soccer team is going to be there?

> Americans
> Giving a shit about whether or not the rest of the world likes anything we do

where's this from?

the kid and the huge faggot bottom right crack me up everytime

Full metal jacket

you septics are so fucking grim. Such a plastic sporting culture. Yanks? I shit em.

>invent language
>can't even speak it coherently

what are you trying to say here mate

>Handegg being influenced by the GOAT sport

Not surprising.

septics = septic tank = yank
grim = kind of self explanatory
plastic = fake, artificial, forced
"I shit em" = a phrase from The Long Good Friday (great film)

if trump were a poor person from england, this is the kind of shit he would say

>cfb commerical shows ohio st, texas, bama winning

oh what a shocker

Am I the only European on Cred Forums who loves America?

>mfw I see mad Anti-Basedmerican cuckposts

Btw, I also love Jews.

>Midwestern States

such a weird place

>all these angry, jealous foreigners
Yep we took "your" clap.
ITT hundreds of butthurt europeons


That frog is a white nationalist symbol, m8. You're gonna get Merkel'd now.

>Btw, I also love Jews.
>posts the racist, antisemitic, transphobic, homophobic, panphobic, minority-killing, race-baiting, holohoax-denying, Trump-voting, anti-cuckold frog
Nice try.

This is cool and shit at the same time.

The fuck is this about anyway?

Are you an American living in Japan, or do you just love some gridiorn action?

what is this?

that was actually really cute

Northern Wales is GOAT but England is an ugly shithole lmao

Gentle reminder that """""capos""""" are killing football.