France Football and FIFA to split up over FIFA Ballon D'or

>FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon D'or will become two separate awards again.

Finally we can have a patrician Ballon D'or award again instead of the Messi/Ronaldo popularity contest.

>They waited until Penaldo was at clear decline to do it

>tfw Neuer would have won it in 2014

Thanks FIFA

He wouldn't have because he didn't deserve it, sounds like you people want to turn it into whoever the best player in the winning team should win and not give it to the actual best player in the world

pro tip: ronaldo will win both of them

t. American Messi fan

>Sneijder deserved it in 2010
>Inesta in 2012
>LCIM in 20123
>Neuer in 2014
>Suarez in 2015
>The coach of Haiti and Micronesia just voted MEssi or TSU for the may mays

>Iniesta in 2012

There's Haiti and Micronesian opinions and then is yours. 2 (TWO) good weeks in the whole year makes you deserve a BdO.

You people really don't watch this fucking sport, can't even bother reading the rest after that first choice

>Messi wins one and Ronaldo the other

>sneijder 2010
>Tsu 2011
>Messi 2012
>Tsu 2013
>Suarez 2014
>Tsu 2015
>Tsu 2016
Not even debatable

and he will deserve neither

>not Robben

Will the ballon d'or go back to being voted on by a small group of journalists?

>tsu 2015


afaik Ballon d'or will keep the current system and FIFA World Player is gonna use just journalist now

I said its not debatable
I would say go watch a football match but >Portugal

I was actually talking to a guy at work today and we both agreed annoyer should win it this year.

why the hell would they do that? it was the exact opposite before, France Football has the journalists and FIFA had the coaches and captains

Ribery was better than Robben in 2013.

that was I heard in the news. something something Infatino saying ''the election should be only for specialists" something

i think its the opposite. ballon d'or will be journalists only

probably, argie sport journalism is a joke

If only journalists had voted in the last ballon d'ors:

2010 - Iniesta
2011 - Messi
2012 - Messi
2013 - Ribery
2014 - Cristiano Ronaldo
2015 - Messi

>messi's the best In the world but he doesn't deserve an award
Wew lads


thats how we know they are retards

ty reddit

>I would say go watch a football match ...

2010 was literally one of Iniesta's worst years, he was injured for half of it and not in his best form for another half. But he scored the WC winning goal so everyone thinks he was the best player in the world.

Xavi >>> Iniesta in 2010

>implying anything will change
>implying any of the "football experts journos" watch a single full game instead of just watching goals and, at most, highlights
Cristiano and Messi will keep on winning as long as they score 50+ goals per year.

People right here are not interested in the truth or facts, even less in watching games. They want the memes and that Iniesta was somehow the best player in 2010 the world is one of them.


Is it possible for someone to win both in the same year?

good now they can give the award to the best player in the world, Lionel Messi


Years later Iniesta admitted he was suffering from depression back then, and he didn't even want to play. When he was fielded it was only because Pep thought that would help Iniesta recover. (in the end it did, though)