Early celebration thread

Firmino will score twice and qtinho will put in the final nail as liverpool beat keksea 3-1 at scamford bridge tonight

Klopp will bring this team back into the CL

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That is all you fag boys ever hold on to


Liverpool will never hold onto the Premier League title though





Klopp will bring Liverpool closer to relegation than a CL spot (like he did at Mainz) and leave for a bigger club

My dubs confirm we will within the next three years


Damn that was close



You could use this for pretty much every team in the league


Only bin dippers are that delusional every year. Even Arsenal supporters are more realistic

Get outside and speak to some normies about football. I think you'll be suprised

>18 posts
>6 posters

Cringing pretty hard, it's the same furious ABL posting every 60 seconds, just imagine how pathetic his life is and pity him.

liverpool 3 - 2 city
>we beat city we've won the league
>that liverpool feel
>champions elect la
>look at gerrard what heart
>we go again! xD
norwich 2 - 3 liverpool
>grinding out wins is the sign of champions
>how many will be beat chelsea by la
liverpool 0 - 2 chelsea
>anti football, were still top of the league
>defending is easy
>palace is a fortress city wont win there
palace 0 - 2 city
>everton will do us a favour
everton 2 - 3 city
>they let city win
>its still on if we beat palace and newcastle by 7
palace 3 - 3 liverpool
>b-but rodgers said defending is easy
>city will lose to villa
>villa are good against the big sides
city 4 - villa 0
>west ham will do us a favour
>b-big andy with the 90th minute winner
>i-it's not over yet
city 2 - west ham 0
>t-top 4 was the aim
>w-we overachieved
>n-next year is the year

It's a failure, an absolute failure. You get into that position with four games to go, if you had gone into that dressing room today they would not have been celebrating anything. I think it will be massive disappointment - Alan Hanson

If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing - Bill Shankly

Friendly reminder that Stephen Gerrard said "this does not slip" to his team-mates after beating Manchester City last season when Liverpool were in the driving seat to win their first title in 24 year, before he literally slipped to let Demba Ba score, resulting in a home defeat, before they threw away a 3-0 lead at Crystal Palace, meaning that the first time in Premier League history that Liverpool went into the final day of the season with a mathematical chance of winning the league but with no hope of winning it whatsoever, meaning they finished in second place, ultimately choked their best ever chance at the title, and decided to write a book about it being some sort of success before selling off their best player and replacing him with Rickie Lambert

The Tottenham, Arsenal, West ham, Watford fans I speak to never think they will win the league. Only thieving scousers are that thick and delusional

Four people isn't a significant sample size.

They're a million times worse than us

Well done Liverpool, I present you these dubs as a congratulation gift

What a fucking autist, KYS

It's absolutely tragic that somebody spent the time making this and spamming it every day

>barely beating Arsenal on the opening day
>a feat that the mighty West Ham and Aston Villa have accomplished
>suddenly a million times better

Liverpool is actually a balanced squad with a phenomenal coach

Klopp has CL skills in terms of strategy, leadership and tactics

If you think they wont finish in the top 4 then you need to start paying attention

>Four people isn't a significant sample size
I live in North west London these are the most supported sides, not only 4 people.

>They're a million times worse than us
No they aren't, Arsenal fans are realistic and only care about top 4. Liverpool fans are borderline retarded never won the premier league, think every year is their year la. Especially as most Liverpool supporters round here are paki glory hunters

dubs confirm emphatic Chelsea victory

>arsenal fans are realistic

Get the fuck out my thread with that bullshit, you will finish 7th this year

>screencap this

>Arsenal fans are realistic

You're completely out of touch with reality.


If they're a million times worse than Liverpool, how come Liverpool only won 4-3?

This is what keksea has amounted to, fucking autists praying for victory through dubs

My fucking sides user

I'm really not sure if you're trolling. If not I'm quite clearly talking about the fans


this was gold, everybody seems to have forgotten clueless and facefucked mourinho


Get on my level faggot

>be Liverpool fan
>turn up late to a FA Cup match
>be drunk
>be violent
>start CRUSHING people OUTSIDE the stadium
>start stealing and getting into fights
>THOUSANDS OF US vs a couple of dozen of grunt officers
>Match Commander "Shit, we can't control all these young, drunk, violent people who are crushing people between the official entries and the thousands of them behind, if only they had turned up ON FUCKING TIME..."
>"I know, let's let them in the back exit, they get in, nobody is crushed, the thefts drop and we don't have a riot asking for the LATE LIVERPOOL FANS, THE VERY SAME FANS WHO STABBED PEOPLE TO DEATH IN BELGIUM TO ENTER ORDERLY IN THE CORRECT ENTRANCE"
>[Le open door]

The stadium was illegally open ANYWAY. Blaming the police for these deaths is the same as blaming the toll keeper on a bridge that the bridge collapses when it's covered bumper to bumper with cars.

Fuck you, Livercunt fans. Always the fucking victims


You caused this yet you have the balls to claim you're the victims. 96 wasn't enough.

I'm so glad that man is continuing to be exposed at United

t. chelsea fan

hardly balanced, they are overflowing with attacking options and lack proper CMs apart from Henderson who is shite

Wew lad

He's the best manager in Chelsea's history, why are Chelsea fans having a go at him again?

Because they are fucking ungrateful cunts.... They bash thier best player all the time

>"At last! Justice for the 96 gorillion"

>being this mad while the game hasn't even started
Someone screencap this shit

>why are Chelsea fans having a go at him again?
Some people are fickle cunts. I'm huge fan of Jose but his magic has faded. He has failed to adapt, tactics, mind games, etc.

>They bash thier best player all the time

We Aryan now, Liveroach.

>Since Llopp took over no team has scored more than Liverpool

tfw if we had a 5/10 defence we would challenge for top 4

>bash thier best player all the time

Frank Lampard? What? We defend him in every "xavi pirlo iniesta best midfielders evar xD" threads. Lampard was the GOAT midfielder.

He tried to ruin the club, people like will continue to make excuses for him however and call others fickle, when in fact Jose never cared about Chelsea

KEKpool will probably go up 4th on the table but lose position tomorrow

Top kekkk

>He tried to ruin the club
By doing what exactly?

No ifs, no buts, no coconuts


He got lazy and gave players extended holidays so they could fatten up like they're gonna walk the league again. Fabregas, Costa and Willian all got fat and became absolute dogshit.

Hazard was injured more often than not thanks to a not-so-intense pre-season and because of that his fitness levels dipped until May.

Costa obviously lel

Needless abrasive behaviour towards the board, picking fights with players, the Eva Carneiro thing, playing players whilst not fully fit and leaving >us one point above relegation when he was sacked

I'll admit jose always wanted the united and barca job. But you cant deny what he has achieved. I bet you liked it when we appointed the FSW

It rare to see actual facts on Cred Forums

Bravo user

Who slags off Costa?

Yeah mate loved it, jumped for joy in fact. Would've loved seeing Di Matteo continue to drag us out of the top 4 even more though

Some ''fans'' hate him because of his outbursts

Imho he is the nicest player in the prem and a perfect fit for england

Liverpool needs better defenders and they can make impressive progress in the CL

>nicest player in the prem


>nicest player in the prem
Maybe off the pitch.


Mug, do you even go to games?

Chelsea 3-1
Screencap this

>Some ''fans'' hate him because of his outbursts
He's never been sent off though, so I don't see a problem with his outbursts

Kek all the ultra skinhead fanboys are keksea fans.... The club is literal shit all around

Dubs confirm your analysis to be.......

chelsea fans are pretty ok besides muh nazis, nowhere near as bad as scouse and arsenal scum anyway

not really. nazi skinheads aren't exclusive to lelsea

hurr durrrr plastic hurr durrr Solid argument there cunt



I assume you don't watch Liverpool matches

It's almost as if it's gameweek 5 and there's 18 teams that play after us


really makes you ponder

Klopp is a big game babby.

Always has been. They'll lose to someone like West Brom at home and this good result will all be for nothing.

Hey look it's a contrarian no nothing memelord faggot

Great post retard