Who are the 3 best right and left backs currently?

Who are the 3 best right and left backs currently?

1. Lahm
2. Dani Alves
3. Carvajal

1. Alaba
2. Marcelo
3. Alex Sandro



wtf happened to this position and why did it go to shit like this

>I rate cacajal

Bellerin after Barcelona buy him back

RB: Carvajal, Bellerín, Lahm
LB: Alaba, Filipe Luis, Marcelo


>Current Alves over Carvajal
>Current Lahm over Carajal
Simply not true.
>I evaluate current Alves and Lahm over current Carvajal

This one is actually pretty accuarate

literally who

jingle bells

>literally who
The best RB in the world that humilated Alaba in 2014

Ask again in half a year and we can all agree that Guerreiro is #1.

bayern fan her but gotta agree with this gambron

Lahm is not in his prime but he always performs, he's consistency is unmatched. An inspired carvajal can turn into a beast both offensive and defensive wise. Best player on the pitch in the Bayern - Real semifinal.

Alaba clearly the GOAT, Marcelo is massively overrated, Fillipe Luiz shit on him everyday

Alex Sandro? DANI ALVES? Kek

alex sandro is underrated as fuck la

absolutely physical beast. great technique and complete player. just needs some more big match experience

Agreed, but the same was said about Fábio Coentrão and he turned into shit the minute he stepped in Spain

>rating Marcelo

>mfw even though >we already have the best fullbacks in football, we still got no. 3 on the bench

pretty underrated guy

it was always like this. Good right n left backs were always hard to find.
Now it's even worse because the general level of football has gone down

I disagree desu, until 8-5 years ago there were plenty of great fullbacks, nowadays I struggle to name two
When old men Lahm and Alves, and the error-machines of Alaba and Marcelo can be considered top players, you know the position has gone to shit

you now remember rafael da silva

How no one has said Hysaj yet is mindblowing

Who were the great fullbacks a few years back? LB was pretty much just Ashley Cole and Patrice Evra, RB was still Daniel Alves and Phillip Lahm

nostalgia. 8-5 years ago those players were considered as badly as lahm and alves are now.
A full back has to be good at defending, athletic, both fast and with endurance, good at attacking, with a good sense of position to understand when to attack and when to fall back, capable of dribbling and with a good cross, generally good technically.
It's one of the most difficult roles to cover and many fullbaks havve some limits in at least one of the categories above, and even just one will expose them to bad performances in their role.

Shaw and clyne!

Shaw is the best lb in the premier league tbf, Clyne is okay but not particularly amazing

would pay to hear what they were saying to each other desu

I don't really watch Barca, but I thoughtt Alba was rated highly. Is he too attacking w/no defense?

Kys barcafag, you're just mad you have shit players like Vidal and memes like Roberto at right back.

>milan went from Tassotti and Maldini to De Sciglio and Abate

hello 2012

Not the guy you're talking to but pooberto already took cacajal's spot in the nt

Alba is good, better than most


>there's people who don't rate Clyne

Can't believe there's people who suck the dick of meme "RBs" who do nothing but attack

>3. Carvajal