ITT: Non americans post three NFL teams they respect the most

ITT: Non americans post three NFL teams they respect the most

Green Bay Packers
New York Giants
New England Patriots

>watching commercialegg

No, thanks, cuck.

1. Steelers (my team)
2. Bills (OJ)
3. Lions (suffering)

Is there a soccer team thats even comparable to the Lions over there? Just decades of sucking, records for all time sucking, wasting the careers of HOF players, etc.



Not to the Lions extent. Schalke is pretty suffering but they never had Barry Sanders/Megatron level players retire cause they taking the piss.


Toxins (muh AFCfu)

>not respecting success

New York Giants
Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos

>Respecting the cheaters and ref babies


Could be any other team for the same effort the only teams that i know of that suck as an organization are the chargers and the 49ers i dont follow enough fluff for an honest opinion.

Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals
Minnesota Vikings

49ers only suck now. They're still one of the winningest teams in NFL history. They averaged 12 wins a season for 2 decades.

Perhaps a combination of Liverpool and Leeds?

I'd say Liverpool, because both fans just won't shut the fuck up about their 'special season'. With Liverpoo and their 2005 EC win, and the Loins and their 2008 season.

Liverpool wining the Champios League is on par with winning the superbowl desu

My Fantasy league team
My Fantasy league team
My Fantasy league team

Yeah. That's totally what I was hinting at with my post.


I was talking more about the current owners i dont hear much but what i hear is that they have a retarded owner could be wrong though

1. NY Jets
2. Washington Redskins
3. San Francisco 49ers

what do you respect about the Eagles?

What do all you euros see in the the fucking jets

The fuck is respectable about the Jets? They are a trash team with even trashier fans.

it's probably because we're one of the few teams in the league that doesn't have completely shit uniforms.

1. Chiefs
2. Seahawks
3. Patriots.

Don't mind the flag, I am using a proxy :^) I am actually 100% weeb.


>implying the Jet's uniforms aren't shit
Patriots (kinda excluding the logo because Pat is better than the current logo) and the Bears have the best uniforms


Philadelphia Eagles

there really ain't nothing like blinding white and green. everybody knows when we're on the field.

Dolphins and Colts are more easily recognizable

Dolphins' colours look like shit though. Colts' look boring.

The Raiders and the Jets look the best.

Pats, Broncos, Ravens

>implying that Raiders dont have the best uniforms

2016, shiggy diggy, etc

1. Patriots
2. Packers

I don't respect any other teams and pray for a Packers Patriots superbowl every year

My team, plus it makes Cred Forums mad.
Theyre fun to watch and rodgers is the best homosexual QB in the league
Hoping the win an owl in my life time.

That team with the fat niggers

Started only watching this season.

I like QB from 49ers. Seems like a fun player to watch, not falling down when enemies close on him but fight for yards.

Decided to support falcons, cause friend support them.

just in terms of respect



can't think of a third one, I guess I'll just say Burrs because that 85 bears episode of America's Game was great. I hope they win an owl at somepoint within the next 20 years

Steelers (fav)

Thanks Latviabro, Gabbert confirmed for best QB in the league

based german bro

If you suck too much in our football you get relegated and disappear into the pages of history. Maybe somebody like Everton would fit the bill though for the premier league

>the only good thing about the jets is their uniforms aren't shit

1. Packers
2. Patriots
3. Broncos

Didnt know Argentina fielded an NFL team :^)

based anglobros

Jest (sole Australian Jest fan reporting in)
Seacucks (respect but loathe)

1. Pats (mah team)
2. Packers (Rodgers)
3. Steelers (Big Ben)

not including my team, giants, saints and steelers

Aston Villa or Nottingham forest

i don't fucking get the
>hand egg
its an oblate spheroid for fucks sake
not shaped like an egg, also at least
American football doesn't have advertisements superimposed on the field like soccer what a trashy excuse for a sport.

Patriots and Raiders

>not captioning image "drops pass internally"

So assuming there's actual toxins fans outside of the states, I want to ask you niggas how it feels rooting for a team named Texans. Like do you say I'm a Texan or I'm a Texans fan or what? Can't really explain it well cause I'm sleepy but ehh.

This is how non-americans picture Texans. Maybe picture a fatter sheriff.

Ravens (my team)
Vikings I like what they are doing there and fun to watch from time to time
Falcons kind of

Seattle Seahawks
New York Giants
Baltimore Ravens