Memes aside, what does Cred Forums think of this man?

Memes aside, what does Cred Forums think of this man?

Most overrated QB. Dude makes so many mistakes but gets bailed out on the regular.

Luck >>>> Wilson

I hate the seacucks but like him only because he butt blasts the racewar meme victims/mobile qb's are a meme retards

wilson doesn't have an ounce of blackness in him despite what his skin color might lead you to believe.

this. Too overrated. Gets bailed out by a solid defense on the reg. Biggest meme QB ever

case in point

Hes good but not great. A step below the Brady/Rodgers/Big Ben tier.

Also, he may as well be white, which boosts his long term prospects.

He's a meme that much like Pepe, people have trouble containing.

He really only has ONE go to move; the roll out.
He has to rely on this one trick because he's a manlet who can't see over the line, yet for some reason teams blitz up the middle which allows him guessed it: roll out

However, once he escapes the pocket he is pretty efficient. He is very reminiscent of Doug Floutie, only slightly more hyped because he's black.

His stats are irrelevant.

Why doesn't he throw to Graham

They don't have a line because they traded for him and he still throws to tight ends not named Jimmy

Jimmy only knows how to play with a good quarterback.

Wilson's ball placement is nowhere near as good as Brees'. Jimmy is still "learning the offense" aka learning how to play with a less accurate qb.

no, if he had a black mindset he wouldn't be as good. he would crumble in high pressure situations like cam newton.

no as in you're a racewar meme victim as evidenced by this very post

i don't give a shit which race your cuckass thinks he represents dummy

well i don't know why you think he buttblasts me, we're not even in the same conference let alone division.

I like him as a player, I think he's fun to watch. As a person though he is, a LITERAL cuckold. He let his fiance cheat on him and he is now raising another man's child.

Wish he was my qb

Le ruin Jimmy graham's career man

I dislike the Seacucks. But I like him. I like him even more after the Vikings game last year. He never gave up trying to win the game. Unlike Scam Newton who refused to dive for the ball during the Superbowl. Also the questions of his blackness on Cred Forums make me kek. A bunch of easily triggered white bois discussing who is black and who is not.

Defense and Beast Mode babby, but still a top third QB.

Last year he posted pretty legit stats iirc, I wouldn't mind him being my QB by that criteria, but fuck he might be one of the most annoying people on the planet.

His entire life is one big reality show that he posts on Twitter. This guy unironically made a big deal about "losing his virginity" to his wife (who's son was fathered by another man), and then snapchatted the event of said "virginity's" loss. He's a massive faggot and a cuck.

But he's a good QB, statistically.

I think he is elite

He's good but he ain't no Smeth.

Greatest Quarterback in the NFL



>Le wife's son man


Even Pip Boy knows the deal

>memes aside, consider this meme

Great QB. He's been top 10 for a long time now and is a good leader. Doesn't mean that interception against the Cheatriots wasn't funny as hell though.

Us12 here. I know he's not great, but he goes our team perfectly. I would only trade him for a couple qbs, like Brady. Other than busy or maybe brees, there's no one who can do what he does. I'm not talking about pure accuracy, but his passing+ running+ energy+ charisma+ ability to slide is unparalleled.
Call him overrated all you want, SB48 says otherwise.

Probably second only to Rodgers when talking about the best active QB.

>would trade Wilson for Brady

You're a fucking idiot, the only QB I take over him is Rodgers

Literally any other NFL QB in the decent to eleite range would get murdered behind that o-line. The Seahawks would not work with anyone else.

That's what I'm saying, I'd include Cam in that but I still don't believe he's that good. I've accepted the fact that this belief is entirely based around him being black but it is what it is

The devil gone come Frm all angles but I'm cover wit Angels..

As a QB, debatable, he's got a great arm and lots of mobility, but I wouldn't say "elite".

That being said, as a person he seems like a great guy. I had the chance to talk to him for a bit when he played for Wisconsin and he was extremely humble and a sincerely nice guy. And all the stuff he does at children's hospitals and everything can't be ignored

Pretty good. He's literally black Alex Smith.
But since we live in the sjw age, the simple fact that it looks like someone diarrhead all over him makes him considered a top 5 elite QB while smiff is dumped into the 10-20 range

These are all QBs in the twilight of their careers. Give Wilson another 7 years and have this conversation.

this guy gets it

>Pip Boy
this better be fucking bait

he's a future HOF

literally a robot. real good player tho


RB baby and a complete hack for allowing brady shitposting to reach another level

He's the perfect QB for the Seahawks system and very likable desu


Best QB in the NFL right next to Brady. Don't know how sees him below Roeth and Rodgers when he beat the Steelers last year and he's 3-1 against the Packers

People can hype up Doug Baldwin all they want but Wilson doesn't play with nearly as talented an O line or WR corps as those guys

So he's a meme then

His fiance didn't cheat on him, she had the kid before they met
Still dumb that he's raising it though >had the best QBR last season behind the worst offensive line
Come on pham

Cam had less than Wilson had last year and cucked them twice. Lets not forget
Russell Wilson has/had
>The best running back in the league
>Better receivers and Tight Ends
>arguably a better defense(Panthers got injured late last season)

Cam:1 MVP

>inb4 hurr durr Wilson has a ring
Carried by his defense and Marshawn Lynch

Cam>Cuck Wilson

>thinking an MVP is more important than a ring

You dont know what youre talking about, right?
Wilson was the best qb second half las season, better than Ben, Brees, Brady and all for his 4th year.

The dude is fucking elite.

Breddy gud QB

Cam and co got cucked twice by them the year before that, or are you so new you didn't know?

>Never missed a game
>Best scrambler to ever play the game (apart from some Vick)
>Compensates for his O Line
>Doesn't throw games away
Frankly, his durability and scrambling ability are the only reason he hasn't been benched. Take away those and he's just a memeier Kaep.

He's a very good quarterback who is slightly overhyped at times.
He is also completely insane.

Kaep was never the best passer in the league.

>Probably second only to Rodgers when talking about the best active QB.

Not even close, based on what? His winning percentage? He's been on a great team. If he does good this year I'll consider it but without an elite defense and running game he's probably fucked.

LMAO @ this post

>no title
do you rate steve nash too?

>someone who watches this much football but will rate QB's based on who they "Beat"

I'm glad we can just rate QB's like its tennis or boxing it's just that simple.

>Big Ben
>Not better

Big ben is overrated as fuck.