You cannot defeat this revolutionary God-tier formation

>attack down wings
>you lose
Hell it's also not gonna threaten a decent defense

It's obviously not going to work, but what really interests me is how you chose these particular players.

pep pls

Defender & holding mid contain the flank being attacked, & the central mids track down to fill their spots


This entirely

Easy, I chose the best central midfielders, holding midfielders, & central defenders in the world. I went with Morata over Suarez only because I wanted more height

>attacking with just one striker

no thanks

>LCIM+Di Maria
I literally destroyed your meme tactics.Give me a price

>I chose the best central midfielders, holding midfielders, & central defenders in the world
Oh, I see

>get the 11 best penalty shooters on the planet
>play 11-0-0 formation
>win every game and trophy on penalties

>The predominant formation today
>no criticism of having only 1 striker

To build a team? About as much as Manure and Chelsea spent this transfer window.


>Best CBs
Any of the 3 RM CBs is better, even fucking Bailly
Doesn't even play there anymore, Matic genuinely a better option

>Di Maria

Good luck having him healthy



>You cannot name better CD's than the 3 listed.
>You cannot name better DM's than the 2 listed. Busquets is a mong fag & if you list him you are a Barca fedora tipper
>My CM's are based

Fug off

LCIM-Suarez-Di Maria
I am pretty sure that I havent surprassed the budget due the amount of old players

Because it's a tactic that allows you to still win games if your RM and LM can't defend for shit and your CMs don't have the stamina/technique to play offensively

>The predominant formation today
eh, 5 years ago maybe

>implying 4-2-3-1 isn't the most used formation

I hate it too, but facts are facts mate

>Good luck having him healthy
LCIM is way worse than Di Maria in terms of injuries.I just destroyed his for mation with 2 players

Oblak over Navas
Bailly over Bartra
Adrien Silva over Weigl
No objections regarding the rest of the squad

>Mascherano doesn't even play there anymore

What a cop-out, don't pretend he can't play there pussy nigger

>Sergio Ramos

Enjoy your as many ties as victories Euro as much as you can

I had a price cap.Baily costed 40 M and Oblak probably costs around 50(not even kidding)

No Ronaldo/Messi undisputed best XI

I thought you had some strange limitations on your choices or something, because if the formation wasn't bad enough, including Otamendi, Mascherano, Mahrez, Vidal, James or Morata as your voluntary first choices is just mind-boggling.

most used tactics used in the tactically incompetent EPL maybe, I can't remember a UCL winning team using 4231 over the last 20 years (probably only Di Matteo with his bus parking Chelski fluke)


50 million for le no attempt at diving to save pen man?

Still Matic is better than him imo, Mascherano is technically far worse
>Pepe worse than Otamendi
>Pepe not the best CB in the world right now

>Shilling this hard for your paisano

So it's a 5-4-1?

Idk m8, altough it'd be a pleasure to watch Iniesta and Modric playing together your midfield is so weak defensively it hurts

>50 million for le no attempt at diving to save pen man?
He costed like 30 million to Atletico when he was a who.I am pretty sure that right now as he is considered World class he costs that much

4-2-3-1 is the most widely used formation in international play

You do realise that 3CBs is gash against lone strikers?

Good luck with the defence.Drop Silva for a DM.Maybe Busquets

I knew it was an American from the catalog without even checking the flag

You niggas love to pretend to understand "soccer". You've played a couple months of FIFA or FM and you think you are Guardiola

>Look at the formation
>Then look at the players in said formation

Do you still feel it's a 5-4-1?

The DMs will constantly have to track into the wings which is retarded, so your wingers are going to do that which makes them WBs like in a regular 5-4-1. The formation and the idea is fucking retarded

I've been watching long enough to know that Argentina always get eliminated in the quarterfinals (or even in the group stage like in 2002) when Blatter doesn't pave a golden road for Argentina to get to the final. Fugg off

>implying Guardiola is good

>you can only play with 4 defenders

the post

Dunga pls

it isn't




>Argue that I can't have my 3 CD God-tier formation because m-muh flanks
>Imply that 4 Defenders is a necessity
>Not understand that is what you're implying


it's just a 5-4-1 with holding mids playing as fullbacks

4-3-3 is GOAT and Pep is in the process of perfecting it.

Sweeper keeper and two centre backs playing wide
DM drops back between centre backs
Fullbacks push on, they are practically midfielders
Attacking players look to get the ball in that black box behind the opposing teams midfield.

When the players are technically good enough and well coached you can't stop it.


>many more

It is

The problem isn't 3 CB, it's thinking that the fucking DMs can provide wing cover.

3 man defences only work when they have some form or wing cover you fucking moron, that's how they work.

Never has tf, tt been so relevant.

>Fullbacks push on, they are practically midfielders

Then at what point do we call it a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 & not a 4-3-3?

James & Mahrez can track back as needed, they're listed as midfielders not wingers fuck nigger

4-3-3 with woy, idk now
>many more
not a team

>mfw no boateng, modric or busquets
>mahrez instead of messi or robben

that's just the 343 that Giampiero "tactical genius" Gasperini always uses

I feel like it requires your midfield and wide men to work very hard. It might not be good for lesser teams.
>When the players are technically good enough and well coached you can't stop it.y hard. It might not be good for everyone
Oh ok, never mind.


Tottenham have basically been using this formation for about a year now.

i have to guess that this is actually just the greatest trolljob of all time. a whole thread btfo

Really messed up that.

Disagree on Brazil & Argentina, but I see where you're coming from because we're reaching a point where 4-3-3 & 4-2-3-1 are almost indistinguishable. The wing forwards in a 4-3-3 serve the same function as the flank attacking mids in a 4-2-3-1

That's kind of the point, formations don't really mean anything. A 4-3-3 is either a 3-4-3 or a 4-5-1 depending on whether you're attacking or defending.

>not washed up
>le hand in the box man Boateng

Barca fedora tipper confirmed

>we're reaching a point where 4-3-3 & 4-2-3-1 are almost indistinguishable

Except when the "attacking mid" plays as a second striker, then the 4-2-3-1 is really just a 4-4-2.

This meant for

here's how you beat this team just give them the ball, all they can do is counter/press

>Implying my mids can't create
>Implying I don't have multiple long-distance shot threats
>Implying my squad will not enjoy majority of possession


literal memes

3-5-2/3-6-1 master race

This guy knows what's up

Didn't Bayern win the treble with 4-2-3-1?

Also Mou used that formation for Inter in their European games while the 4-3-1-2 for their domestic games and ended up with a treble

Remember Valencia won their league twice using that formation.

4-6-0 will always be the goat meme formation

Hey, Italy, Roma used a 4-2-3-1 in 05-07 seasons with Totti up top as the lone striker but he would drop down and play in that hole like a 10/false 9.

It was a fun squad.

>Having a 3-6-1 meme formation with Morata being the sole striker
Do you value scoring goals or no?

>10 players behind the ball
>James and Mahrez marking the corridors and dying after 10 minutes
>Kante and Mascherano
>All lardasses CBs
>Morata fighting against CBs to retain minimum possession in the attack

Shit and bait

only 3-5-2 works, and it is good mainly in tournaments.
>3 center backs
>protected by two defensive midfielders - one should be creative and able to dribble. the other should be great at sliding tackles at the very least.
>two wingbacks, if one is caught up and can't track back quick enough, the three center backs move sideways so one of them temporarily becomes a full back
>1 attacking midfielder - better be a god tier dribbler because he will have to carry the attack
>2 center forwards. their main job is to hold the ball until the wingbacks can join the attack, or wait until the attacking midfielder is open for a pass.

you get an impenetrable formation, but very limited attack that will rely on long balls, corners, and free kicks. you can create a lot of shots on target but most of them won't be particularly dangerous.

this formation can work with both slow play and counter attack play

more things i should add:

3-5-2 is perfect for shit-but-disciplined players.

4-2-3-1 is better in the attack, and can yield same results in defence - but the team has to be much more skilled and organized. able to deliver quick counter attacks and much more dangerous shots on target.

But can't you dominate possession in with 6 midfielders? That in & of itself eases pressure on the back 3. Also, 4-2-3-1 was at the forefront of the defensive game & eradication of the #10 CAM/playmaker

No, because the 442 is about using your fullbacks to overlap and provide the extra width and only one layer of midfield, wheras the 4231 has 2 layers of midfield, with the central midfielders usually deeper.

Having said that, teams formations are rarely static

Good formations.

352 -> 532
4321 christmas tree
433 -> 442

Meme formations

>today is the day when an ameriburger talked about soccer and was absolutely correct in every possible way

>finish season 0-38-0
>get 38 points
>get relegated

>this flag
>this topic


nice mid table turd

Kys you little piece of shit

* Barça Catalanfag dibs fedora*

you really think they would be able to compete with top teams in each league? top keks pancho

>A team with top talent won't be able to claim (at the very least) a CL spot

k Andreu

Dont think lesta will be able to afford all those players m8

Mahrez cannot track back, it's the main reason Leicester lost to Liverpool

>long ball from drinky to vardy
>instant goals cause the keeper is off his line
weak formation vs counter attacks

this team would draw half the games they played

in what league would they secure cl spots? spfl?

go to bed jonathan wilson

Any formation without a trequartista and 2 strikers is a meme formation.

I personally prefer the 6-2-1-1 or as I like to call it the 'we will make through the Europe cup group stage by parking the bus'

>trequartista required

I love the attacking midfielder Brazilbro, I really do, but it is being ruthlessly phased out of the game by holding mids, le pacy wingmen, & an emphasis on workrate

>in what league would they secure cl spots?
>Implying that the names listed would not get at least 3rd in the BuyernwinsLiga
>Implying 4th would be an impossible task in a top heavy Lel Liga
>Implying any other league outside England is a challenge

Try again

>morata, james and mahrez as your attack
no cl spots for you amijo

Gracias por bumpear mi thread Gallego, pero ya vete a dormir.

Also, you're forgetting the distance threat Kroos & Vidal are. Goals aren't limited to coming from the flanks from le pacy wingmen you know


3-5-2 is tailor made for the Italian Way of football.

That is the formation when they are in possession. When the other team has the ball it's the same tactics he used at Barcelona and Bayern. Intense pressing as soon as the ball is lost. If this doesn't work drop back into a regular defensive formation of 4-5-1.

The threat of the counter attack is always there but it is minimized when the pressing is done correctly. Most teams can't keep possession without going backwards when they are faced with Pep's or Klopp's pressing. Long balls have to be inch perfect or the keeper will defend them easily like Neuer does at Bayern.

It looks bad when they do concede a goal on the counter attack buts it's a rare enough event to justify the tactics.

Bayern conceded 23, 18, and 17 league goals in Pep's 3 seasons
Compared to Dortmund's 38, 42, and 34

Barca conceded 35, 24, 21, and 29 in Pep's 4 seasons
Compared to Madrid's 52, 34, 33 and 32

The system works.