Best Stadium Food

Best Stadium Food.

Pic related: the "Italian Stallion" pizza by-the-slice at Gillette

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Looks like your mum lol

that unironically looks disgusting 2bh

why doesn't anybody outside of new york know how to make pizza? such a strange phenomenon.

>outside NY

I had some smoked beef in a bread roll with gravy tonight, it was pretty good

>getting pizza outside of New Haven, CT

That's what happens lad




>tomato bread with a slice of cheese
Pizza belt runs from DC-CT as far as I'm concerned

ni cememe

can you get goza at the wrigley park?

stop ruining our culture

Yankee Stadium has the best food.

Stop being a country that people don't want to live in.

Is it called italian stallion because it's covered in horse cum?

I'm not a country

>buying food at a football game in the first place

do they have frozen pizza in italy?


>school lunch pizza with a slice of mozzarella cheese melted on top
Why would anyone buy this? It probably costs like $10.

Stadium food is disgusting. I've noticed the current trend is beer floats. Beer on ice cream instead of root beer. American food culture is grotesque.

There's a Jamaican food stand at Nationals Stadium that is fucking goat. Also got some fine ass ebony gril's that work there as well.

You're really doing it wrong if you're buying ANYTHING at a stadium, it's overpriced by triple what it's worth considering the quality, and that includes food and beer.

Eat before you come in, and sneak in a flask with hard liquor. Boom, done, you're now a pro.

What's with the aborted fetus beside it?

>pizza outside of chicago

Stuff at stadiums in Texas are pretty good. Lots of BBQ. Had a pulled pork sandwich at NRG stadium when I went to the OU-Houston game that was surprisingly tasty, and only cost 7 bucks, which isn't bad for stadium food.

Glob of greasy cheese, aka American pizza.

>this is what Germans think Americans are like

nice dubs, nice b8

That's right you're not. At least you're self-aware.

That thing is only big enough for 2 slices per person, how do they expect that to be a full dinner?

I've eaten pizzas twice that size myself.


Americans be honest:
What % of the crowd at a baseball games just came for the snacks and the banter with other fans, and don't intend to watch the game at all?

Is that a semen stained "pizza" slice?

Don't be envious, It's unbecoming of an American. The rest of the world is suppose to envy us. If we start turning against each other the terrorists win.

>your stadium doesn't serve this monstrosity

it's better than restaurant pizza in the rest of europe though

I'm Bulgarian and I can tell you that frozen pizzas in Italy are as shit as everywhere else. In fact a lot of regular baked pizzas are pretty shit too. Italians insist on putting horrible veggies on pizzas like asparagus or rapini or arugula. I can honsetly say the best pizza I've had has been in Bulgarian pizzerias

Pizza in Croatia and Austria was pretty good desu

There's also an excellent cafe run by some Italian people that does decent pizza near me but I had to stop going there because of an incident.

Pizza can be good everywhere. It's fucking sauce, cheese, and meat on top of bread. Not hard to do.


well duh. My point is that Italians know they're supposed to be the kings of pizza so they try too hard and overdo it

>implying its not bread

What the fuck kind of pizza are you eating?

Too bad Italian pizza is garbage.


I certainly hope you arent saying that margherita pizzas arent amazing.

>that'll be 23.99$ sir

>pizza without meat

American pizza is superior to that in every way

All it needs is about twice as much meat and It's perfect.


>hating pizza without meat
Non-mediterranean confirmed

Anyone else think Eurotards fall for the thin crust meme way too hard? I seriously had someone try to convince me their shit pizza was good cause it was thin and "is what pizza was meant to be." Random pizza from Indian places is pretty great in Vancouver

Probably about 60-70%

Because out of every pair of two people who came to the game together, usually 1 of them is just a woman there to do something social with the person she came with, and sometimes 2 people go to the game together just to drink beer and shitpost irl

so this?

what about breadless pizza

Literally can't even imagine a better pizza.
It's so beautiful.

>falling for airbrushed chain shit promos
i gotta remember to thank my parents for not bringing me up in the midwest.

Papamurphys 5 meat stuffed? Get some tonight. GOAT pizza

it looks exactly like that irl

>implying I'm from the midwest
If you're not from the southwest I would hardly call you American. In fact, I bet you're a liberal.


>not talking about the incident

why dont you go eat a toast sandwich

Your culture ended with the Romans and had a little spark during the Renaissance and it was just one stupid oversized village.

Your country and culture is approaching Greek levels of poverty.

Sorry, naan.

>Soy sauce
And its ruined

>babby doesn't like a little umami

it looks like the fake vomit you get from a Halloween store

95% anyone who says otherwise is delusional, or maybe it's a playoff game

Why the fuck does Foxboro serve such shit?

>pic related, Danny Amendola's favorite pizza in Providence

American in Argie and the pizza here is pretty well done.

Just the napkins are fucking construction paper and literally do nothing.

I like to eat a tradicional brasilian food called Are Care a Jet (acarajé)

My favorite pizza joint in Miami is Argentinian.

that looks like something gave birth

As opposed to British food, which usually contains afterbirth?

It may be my American genes, but that looks comfy as fuck.

Best food has got to be the crab pretzel at Maryland football games. Anyone know if other teams sell it there?

Chicago pizza a shat.

A grat one.

A big one.

0% unless they were a guest of someone else. the food is overpriced and not much better than you could get at a shopping mall. if you go to a game just for that you will quickly realize it was a mistake.

crab sandwich at safeco is the best tbqh not even a Mariners fan

I just visited

This reminds me of my cock

>tfw almost no pepperoni here


cuz of all that cheese right?

you don't go to baseball games much do ya?

>get piece of carboard
>put the insides of a pigeon on it
>finish by having a giant bird shit on it

"Italian Stallion"

Im hungry as fuck. What should I order Cred Forums?


You aren't missing much, pepperoni is a meme food, nitrate-ridden shit. Literally any other cured meat is better. People just get it on pizzas because it is "classic."

The Southwest is hardly American. Texas is just Texas, incidentally an American state. Arizona and New Mexico are basically California colonies at this point. Anything else m8? Oh yeah, Utah and Nevada are basically Mormon whom aren't Trinitarian Christians. I don't know man. I'd reformulate your point. What was it again?

Based Speck masterrace.

people get it on pizza because it tastes fucking amazing, faggot king.

>orange goo
>no flavor
>ground up pig assholes


where do you live? if it's outside the new york metropolitan area then you're not qualified to speak on this topic.

It tastes really good on pizza though.


If I want to order pepperoni, is it called salchicon? Is there a specific type?

Also where do you live Anime bro? I'm near San Juan and 9 de Julio. Might be down for a beer or two and billiards if you aren't a total weirdo C:

>Eating at a stadium

What the FUCK is wrong with you? Even if you manage to ignore the hugely inflated prices and the shit-tier tastes, manage to dodge the food poisoning and elbows/shoulders/knees of the people moving around you, you've still got to deal with the fact that you're the only bender who's tucking into a 5 course meal in the entire stadium and everyone (including the person who served you) is giving you dirty looks.

Beer is the only food. Fuck you.

>New York Pizza

Shitty cardboard.

I live in a city where there are brick ovens on every corner, with 00 flour, buffalo mozzarella, and fine san marzano tomato sauce.

>muh water

so you live in new york? alright then.

>I'd reformulate your point. What was it again?

I don't remember, something about you having shit taste in pizza I think.

The bong is right. Eat and drink before you go to a game or you'll just be giving your money to the jews.

I just moved to New York where is the best place to get pizza (I live in Little Italy but it is the worst Italian food I've ever had).

you are right, I eat my favorite stadium food on the way to the stadium, there's a top class food booth right in front of the Westfalenstadion.
Pic related, it says "When I open up, vegetarians cry"

Food trucks are GOAT

I wonder how that compares with Texan BBQ

Americans calling salame piccante peperoni triggers me everytime.
Pic related: peperoni

>stadium food thread
>99% discusssion pertains to obscure pizza buckering

post stadium food

Nice $12 slim jim faggot.

They serve papa johns which is an absolute embarrassment to this city and state

dude, I just looked this up.

I never knew the real name.


americans cannot make proper pizza to save their lives

speaking of dental hygiene.......

With the right beer it's pretty good. A good chocolate or coffee stout and it's pretty good

You couldn't sound any more gayer than right now.

>omg I live for bacon

Fucking faggots that looks horribly greasy and pointless excuse FOR MEAT TM I'M REAL MAN

It's spelt "pepperoni" not "peperoni" :^)

Plus american pepperoni is much softer than your typical dried salami or dried sausage.

go to lombardi's

Chicken, ham and leek pie every matchday.
Usually before the match because the queues at half time don't give you enough time to eat.

>tfw pretty sure the club would have gone bust already if they didn't have the best pie in the country

Looks very white trash to me. Not shocked this post originated from the UGay.

Yuro here. Literally the only foods that the US does better than Europe are BBQ and Japanese food. But holy shit your BBQ is fucking good.

Oh also burgers.

I visited germany last year and ate a "currywurst" (curry, catchup, salsage, potato and salad). It had so much curry it made me cry more than 7-1. Delicious food, better than hotdog. Perfect stadium food.

Won the best pie at the British Pie Awards. That is the biggest trophy Morecambe has ever won.

White trash hotdogs (literally just microwaved and shoved in a pre-sliced bun) are sold but the pies are made at the ground with local ingredients.
Morecambe are called the Shrimps though but selling shrimp at sports ground is OTT. Plus proper potted shrimp is best on toast.

I'd eat it. Seems like it would be comfier considering its a lower league team.

Nothing better than a pie and a cup of bovril at a cold winter game with only about 1300 fans.

Sounds odd.

Well yeah you are basically drink beef stock.

You just drink it straight?

Coming soon, to an /F1/ race near you

Yeah. It's like instant coffee or a cup of tea.

You just add hot water and drink it while it's hot.

You know Bernie almost signed a deal with Subway where by all track food would be replaced by Subway.
Ultimately didn't go through because Subway lost interest in expanding into F1 and because the tracks would lose all the money they make from selling track side food.

I need to try this some time.

How much stock do you typically use?

Not exactly sure.

I don't have it outside of games and when you are at a game they have these disposable cups which already have the granules that they add hot water to.
I thinks it's something like a teaspoon if you are making it at home.

What in the fuck is that? I've never seen such a hideous pizza. Bradyfags must truly be a delusional bunch to enjoy that.

i have got to take an enormous shit right now


I've lived in DC, PA, North Jersey, Boston and Providence. Caserta's is the best pizza I've ever had.

I'm surprised any kind of BBQ humor is allowed in Germany.

I bet you're fun at parties.

>even if you manage to ignore the hugely inflated prices and shit tier tastes

The same applies to beer you nonce. It's often expensive and watered down to stop punters getting into fights or vomiting everywhere.

There's literally nothing wrong with getting a sausage roll, pie or chips at a stadium, and it's not that unaffordable. Would even go so far as to say its part of the experience.

same desu