I feel like this must be some kind of prank

I feel like this must be some kind of prank.

At least whoever wins can call themselves world champion and it would have an actual meaning...

Also, what is the point in having National Teams in this weird font. Just type it normally ffs

leave them be, it's the only thing they have

Why is there no American team I thought boreball was Americas pastime or some shit

As the old Australian adage goes: 'if it's a sport, we play it'

You...think the winner of a (U-23) tournament with these countries can call itself the champions of the world?

>chinese taipei

if i was from taiwan id be mega pissed

Why do they steal Fifa's graphics and all?

You know they compete as such in every international sporting even they're ever in, right?

no they dont you dumb american fuck

Our young players aren't going to risk injury and a potential MLB contract just so they can win an international tournament nobody here cares about. The problem with American attitudes towards baseball is that we don't consider it a global sport even though it has more international appeal than any of our other sports. So nobody here takes international tournaments seriously. Our best players don't even bother to show up for the "World Baseball Classic".

Why? Taiwan is China according to the Taiwanese government. But they can't call themselves China so "Chinese Taipei" is the next best thing.

The only American sport that has any international appeal is basketball.

next best thing would clearly be chinese taiwan.

I didn't see the U-23 the first time...

Carry on mocking the tournament,

What you meant to say was "global"

OK what the hell. Who plays baseball in Austria?

Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. What country is basketball the most popular sport in?

kids who are too fat to play football.

I don't even know we have a baseball team

Another silver medal is coming home

Remember that time the Netherlands embarrassed Dominican Republic?

So key me guess, the demo final is going to be Mexico, Korea, Venezuela and Japan

What happened to Pork Arico, and the Dominicans?

>olympic logo in your teams logo

the government don't even consider it an actual sport,