Cubs @ Brewers Game Thread

Quest to 100 wins

Lackey vs. Anderson


lol did you hear the crowd reaction to the replay?

Remember when this was one of the best rivalries in the NL?

Was it? I can't actually tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Remembering past Cubs seasons is too painful.

What's going on ITT

Remember Jeromy Burnitz?

>Remembering past Cubs seasons is too painful

i.e. you're a bandwagon fan

welcome aboard

faintly ;)


remember when Ryan Braun was literally seconds away from being traded for Puig?

Remember when he was caught cheating twice?


remember the last 110 years of utter failure, awful management, postseason choking, and living in shitcago?

I live in a comfy bible belt suburb desu senpai

>Coughlan Steve Austin at bat walk up theme


not sure why i hate chase anderson so much

he isn't good, but he shouldn't piss me off as much as he does


THICC deep dish pizza.

lackey will collapse in the postseason, this game is telling me all i need to know

Lackey is going to be a fourth starter at best. Cubs have to go with Hendricks, Lester, Arrieta as their 1, 2, and 3 guys.

Baez smacking people in the head again

braun feeds on your hatred


oh ok, i thought he was considered better than that. brewcrew checking in.

He is considered better than that, but they'd be crazy not to have Hendricks, Lester, and Arrieta as their 1, 2, and 3

I don't know much about the Brew Crew. Who do they have that's supposed to be good and when are they supposed to be competitive again?

Broxton ded

So I see my boy Susac drew a walk

How you enjoying the GOAT Brewers fans?


pretty good season for broxton

hard to tell he's only played in like three games

Well we have the best pitcher in the MLB since June so there's that..

I just want Braun to be fucking traded already.

I fucking love that little Jap I hope he stays with the Cubs for a while

Munenori is great guy

nice 'offense' cusb



Cold blooded

fucking hell i spoke too soon



wew. good for muni tho

he out

Chris Coghlan has used both Stone Cold's and The Rock's entrance themes and hit singles both times. What entrance theme does he use next?



Cactus Jack

2 runs in 6 innings is pretty good though

he's being carried by the defense


Warming up in the bullpen

Was referring to him getting DP'd

He came out to Shawn Michaels entrance.


Yes! I fucking hated Podsednik. Cubs would always have a 2-1 or 4-3 lead and that fucker would hit a bitch HR and ruin it.

Then I heard he got traded and did cartwheels never have to see that fucker again.
Asked who he got traded to
The muthafuckin whitesox


just got home from work
wew lads

one more lel

quit your lel'in boy


The Cubs are choosing now to struggle against the fucking Brewers.

No matter how much I laugh at these plays, Cubs will end up with the W, won't it?

it was usually a battle to see who didn't finish dead last

That's because their line up today consists almost entirely of bench players



I think the real question is. Who is Nikki? Is she a porn star because shes' got a fuckton of support or those are fake tits she's packing.

>the Cusbs are going to celebrate after getting beaten by the Brewers

cucks tbH

>Already made it a 1 run game
You ready to shit your bed after the walk off homer the cubs are getting as predicted by my repeating digits?


Torres is shook. GG Cubs.


Jeez Brew Crew

please no


get fucked you bandwagoning faggots

>brewers have 4 runs, 10 hits, and 1 error
>cubs have 4 runs, 10 hits, and 1 error
What did they mean by this?

suck my dick you fucking retard

>Get fucked
>Score 2 runs to tie the game at the bottom of the 9th
>Get fucked

I don't know who you're referencing with your post, but the only thing you've accomplished is you've made yourself look stupid

A great edit on an already hilarious gif. Thank you user, I will cherish it always.

why are you so mad? only a shitcago bandwagoner could be triggered by that post

well 3 on base, 3-2, we saved a pretty embarassing walk-off, i'm happy.

chaps looking good

Cubs won.

>post something absolutely retarded
>fuck off retard
>idk why you're so mad, hurr



[W] #94

Miggy ftw



Never doubt the dubs

Why is a Hue a Brewers fan of all things?

hes a troll

Not really a fan, I don't believe you can be a fan if you don't go to the ballpark.
Thing is, I'm really, really tired of this whole Madden on Cubs meme.

time to party

>brew crew loses in extra innings to the cubes bench

>you can't like a team if you haven't physically gone to the stadium

I disagree with that, despite the fact that I live a 5 min walk from Wrigley.

You can like or dislike any team you'd like because you're a foreigner, you guys get a free pass. But I think if you're born and raised in the states, you gotta support your "state team" if you have one

>Chapman murdered 3 dudes for this win

bless you chappy

Cubs might be a meme but they're a very solid meme, unlike the >rags
Cubs have been WS favorites all year because they're a very complete and well constructed team.

I think it's plastic, and to me, there's nothing more beautiful than going to a stadium to support your team, watch a great game and eating stadium food. Let me dream that I'll do that someday on a ballpark.

Yep, no doubt. It just feels funny how Maddon underachieved with the Rays for all these years.

>Madden on Cubs meme
Are you just pissed about Madden's management style, or just the hype train surrounding the Cubs?

"favorites" equals about a 20% chance

but yeah, they look good

>time to clinch homefield

Yeah I was always confused why Maddon failed win to one with Tampa, they had some good teams.
Theo is probably the difference though.

I'm mad because he's doing an excellent job on the Cubs and I literally spent my whole life laughing at the Cubs.

that and the rays were cheapskates

maddon managed to get some good years out of thin teams in tb

People just hate us and the city man. What can you do. They hear "Chicago is the most dangerous city in America" and "no WS since Ottoman Empire", and now finally "deep dish pizza" and people lose their shit.

I'll never understand it, but I don't particularly care, because at least people in the Midwest know who the fuck we are

A 20% chance is significantly higher than basically every other team though.
What was the purpose of this comment user

Saved the pic.

You can see my apartment building in the distance in that pic

idk - i think the redsox have similar odds at the moment - bc AL homefield

It would take Dusty Baker levels of incompetence to not make this Cubs team a playoff contender. It's from the top down where the owner is committed to putting his money into the team, they have a solid GM in Epstein who was allowed go forth in panning for prospects and throw away his first few seasons to build this roster. Madden would have been a damn fool not to take the job. Although personally I'd have liked to have seen Ryne Sandberg gotten the job since he was working through the Cubs minor leauge system before he got passed up and he went with the Phillis. (Not that bad since they were his rookie team and the Phanatic is the GOATAT mascot.)

Nah, Cubs are a much, much better team than the Red Sox - top to bottom.


Not even a fan of an NL team but coming here each night and seeing these arrogant Cusb game threads is mystifying to me. You are going to feel fucking stupid as fuck when you jinx the shit out of this team and the epic fail just like every year. You Cusb fans are so stupid. The butthurt will be glorious.

>This guy is a Sox fan