Smith has literally never fought anyone. Canelo will murder him. Still sells 40,000+ tickets to cowboy stadium...

Smith has literally never fought anyone. Canelo will murder him. Still sells 40,000+ tickets to cowboy stadium... when will boxing fags admit their stupid sport is more like wwe nowadays? The outcome is predetermined by mismatches

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Why did Canelo vacate the belt?

>Mexican boxer
>one loss ever
>fighting in Jerry world
>a billion Mexicans in Texas

You really wonder how they're gonna sell tickets?

Mismatch? Smith is a world champion


>tfw the Canelo meme ends may 2017

I hope Canelo gets KOed for ducking GGG and then talking shit
I don't know a lot about Smith but he better bring it

I'm from Kirkdale and I crossed paths with Liam Smith a few times growing up and played football with him and stuff. We're similar age and it's a small place. He never really struck me or anyone else as a stand out athletic guy desu, he just seemed like run of the mill dude. It really drives home to me how far you can get in some sports with fair to decent ability and a good work ethic if the talent pool isn't that large.
Regardless, it's epic seeing a lad from Kirkdale fighting in cowboy stadium. When you think of how poor we all were and how shit it was, it doesn't matter what happens desu, the fact that he's got this far is fucking amazing and the payday alone is life changing. My heart says upset but my head says mismatch. Whatever the result, it's a pretty cool thing to see for me desu user.

GOATnelo will eat this who
>brishit boxers

Genuinely cute story user

His 3 brothers all box so I imagine it's like a family trade thing. Callum's meant to be the one with world class potential.

Yeah I know, the boxing club they all boxed at was a 5 minute walk from the street I grew up in in Kirkdale. My brother boxed there too when he was younger but ended up in prison and nothing came of it. I was always more of a nerd (hence why I'm here) and ended up going to uni and getting a boring normal job user. It was a mad place to grow up looking back on it but I wouldn't change it for the world.

didn't santa cruz get is bum slapped by the UKs own carl frampton?

to avoid mandatory matches with top contenders


He's a giant fucking pussy




>Canelo vacated the belt to run away from a fight

KEK. He can't be GOAT at fucking anything. Kell Brook could probably beat him.

Why do you think he's losing to Willie Monroe Jr?




When Canelo stops being a huge wuss

British people dont know shit about boxing

>britscum talking big

what did he mean by this?

ps smith is a very good fighter but canelo is a class above and if he manages to go the distance, which he is capable of, i'd be happy.

>The outcome is predetermined by mismatches
happens 90% of the time in every single sport, not every game is a superbowl final

>the fights tomorrow
>barely anyone talking about it
i-is boxing dead?

I hope this fight sells like garbage and forces Canelo to take a real fight next.

And if the sales are good I hope Canelo loses every round and then receives a mammoth KO in the 12th.

Now, I've always been a reasonable man. I've been demanding, but yet, this is because I choose to take the position of my fighter's needs.

Having said this, I will not put Junior at risk. I think that he is the best. My concern is not for Junior, but for his opponents. In this way I am a caring man, a good man.

My deliberation in the build up to these fights is based on examination. If I can make a point, I ask the referee to mind Juniors opponents. And of course they take it as typical boxing rhetoric. But be mindful, I sincerely worry for fighters.

>tfw watching old 24/7s and all access on canelo and remembering how much you used to like him

he should get out from under golden boy, they are ruining him

after golovkin turns 40

hahaha, do a mayweather

quintessentially "English"

I've got a gut feeling Beefy will lose but give a decent account of himself in doing so.Problem is we don't know how good he is because we've never seen him tested, but he passes the eye test when he's switched on.

fucking pussyass de la Hoya ruining Canelo. Dude probs wants to fight GGG but is not allowed to.

I think "beefy" will get ruined and then fade into obscurity. believe dat, pedro.

GGG literally fighting tomato cans and claiming to be a top fighter. Canelo was fighting pros in his fucking teens and has beaten top names in his short successful career. All this GGG hype shit is way out of hand.

Canelo wins tonight, despite fighting a tomato can himself. He's basically just resting up and cashing a check.

Who /BoxingScene/ here?

Yeah Chicano who vacated their belt to run away again?

We mexicans don't fuck around. GGG I will fight you but at a catchweight also you must wear 16 oz gloves

>be the biggest draw in boxing
>opportunity to make the biggest fight in boxing
>instead fight a Labour voting, apartment sharing, single father and part time door-to-door carpet salesman called 'Beefy' by his mates after seeing him punch the bag on a 'test your strength' arcade game in a pub in Burnley

Bravo, Golden Boy!

I'll fight you RIGHT NOW. But not 2 months from now.

His face on the poster doesn't look too inspiring

>fuck it, at least i'm getting paid to get my ass kicked.


>part time door-to-door carpet salesman

Uejz b e7uwoz. Euisisoqhvr iwus uh dhd #TBT #TMT #TBE

>Canelo is -1200 favorite
>two other fighters on the card are -1800

REEE make competitive matches boxing orgs

Willie Monroe vs Rosado is a competitive fight on the undercard and there's also Usyk vs Glowacki tonight. Also why are you using shit tier American odds lad?

can't believe I laughed at that comment


His dad is known for dowsing his own cornflakes with anabolic steroids and being very pushy he used to drag all the Smith brothers to the nearest gym. Beefy is clean as are all the Smith brothers but they are all mediocre. It won't get much bigger for Liam than this. Easy nights work for Saul.

I always use vegas odds for fights desu

It's just easier since they have the odds up first and have more obscure fights listed

It's for his sister she posts in /heem/

Forget this Canelo bullshit, Glowacki-Usyk is one of the fights of the year

I think Glowacki is going to stop him in the late rounds

Decimal > Fractional >>>>> American

>Thinking you can take down the Smith brothers easy


This fight is priced weirdly, bet365 have Usyk at 1.33 which seems too short as Glowacki is coming in off the back of wins over Marco Huck and Steve Cunningham. Usyk has the physical advantage and is taller but it's a close fight on paper

I think it'll look like Lomachenko-Salido except Glowacki is deadlier and cleaner

Usyk is a super talent but his style has not yet been optimised for a 12 round fight against a tough as shit Pole trying to knock him the fuck out

Mind you, if Usyk pulls off the win then he is the TRUTH

Glowacki is probably the #1 CW. I think he's a bit more impressive than Lebedev

Oleksandr Usyk vs. Joe Joyce in the WSB -

Bear in mind that Joyce is a true Heavy while Usyk is just a Cruiser in pro terms

Btw, doesn't Joyce look much faster here than he did in the Olympics? Is he already past-his-prime?

He's turning 31, he won't cut it as a professional his technique isn't great. I think Usyk wins this fight but the odds imply he has a 75% chance which is off

>He's turning 31, he won't cut it as a professional his technique isn't great.

31 isn't that old for a modern Heavyweight though. I think he's 10-20 lbs lighter in this video than he was in the Olympics, so maybe he just needs to slim down a bit

Re. his technique, I think he has a very good jab. It even had some success against Usyk

Joyce isn't great but there's no reason he can't get 10-15 wins quickly before cashing out against Joshua or another elite heavy

Richie Woodhall reckons Joyce can do 12 rounds already so I'd like to see him fighting for the British title within 12 months of his pro debut

Btw does anyone reckon Ian Lewison could upset Dillian Whyte next month?

Whyte looked super flawed against Allen, who is basically a walking heavy bag

No one cares because Ducknelo is a coward bitch and I won't ever give him money again.

Whyte the banter merchant will heem Literally whoison

Boxing is such a joke. Fraudulent 50-0 record guys who would get booty blasted by the average MMA fighter are fed to the maybe 5 actually decent boxers in the world.

>Le vacate the belt to duck GGG then almost kill myself trying to make weight for light middleweight spic man

but he fought mayweather and cotto

Having a civilised conversation about a competitive boxing match tonight then 2 casuals with a USA flag jump in to whine about the the only 2 middleweights they know zzzz

Why do you even care about Canelo vs Golovkin? Spoiler: Golovkin wins and will only get beat at Super middleweight.

I've just seen Canella's camel toe at the weigh-in so it's confirmed then she is trans???


You cocksucker


how long til usyk glowacki

i need a stream btw :^)

This is going to be the most promexican crowd ever. Makes it even harder smith is british.

few hours yet, it's 9.30 pm sky sports 2 in UK

I hope Trump shows up

It's not winnable for him anyway, he likes to stand and trade which plays into Canelo's hands but there will probably be a few exciting rounds when Liam tries to put it on him

esé where my hub caps gone

I hope Smith and his corner aren't planning on it going the distance, because there is no way he'll win a decision in this situation, what Froch and bunch of other people are saying is exactly right, he needs to go for the body early, and focus solely on the body if he can, Canelo has shit cardio and hates getting hit in the body, I hope he can pull it off

Yeah Liam is very good at body shots that's his best bet try and put him down. He's not technical, I can't see him dancing about for 12 rounds he needs to go looking for a war early

Smith is going to get blown the fuck out. how do people think this will be competitive. I haven't heard of a single one of his opponents. he's a classic british can crusher

He has nasty body shots and good uppercut, that's probably his best bet, he looks like he just gets blood thirsty in there so I think that's whats gonna happen, he can't use the mayweather blueprint, he doesn't have the footwork, handspeed, to do it but body shots can work just as well and it will be crucial

Canelo has KO'd much smaller guys and people with no chins, he couldn't KO an over the hill Cotto, and continues to duck the real opposition that are his size, he's a protected hypejob and basically wins all of his fights bloating up to 180+, don't treat him like he's some kind of unbeatable machine

Why did Beefy take this fight? He could knock down Alvarez in every round and he still wouldn't get the decision, all these judges are in de la hoya's pocket.

Money. Big step up from fighting box nation shows in Liverpool to fighting on PPV at the cowboys stadium.

If Saul wins does he even defend the belt?

>don't treat him like he's some kind of unbeatable machine

don't treat him like he's fighting a decent opponent tonight

Maybe. He wanted a title fight at Super welter to justify dropping down and giving up the middleweight title. There's Demetrius Andrade and Kell Brook he could fight at 154 lbs. If he moves to 160 lbs after this he can probably justify 1 warm up fight before Golovkin.

Usyk to KO the Polish toilet cleaner inside 7 rds.

Smith to upset the boxing world, KO's weight drained Canelo in 12th rd.

>Smith to upset the boxing world, KO's weight drained Canelo in 12th rd.

Usyk Glowacki stream where? I can't, I just can't be arsed to sign up anywhere and give my card details. If there is no alternative, I'll go for the traditional text round by round update.

Go eat a burger fat boy.

I'm on Britain with this one, I hope Mexico gets BTFO tonight

It's on sky sports 2 at 9.30 pm UK time and polsat are showing it in Poland


thanks boooys.

People are underrating smith. Yeah he hasn't fought anyone but he's undefeated and a lot bigger than canelo. He's not going to get blown out of the water, he might get stopped late tho.

awareness shit, his sister have autism

He's only 1 inch taller, at the final press conference liam had shoes on that gave him and extra inch height. Pic related is how they really compare. Canelo is quite robust, thick neck. If Liam Smith steals a few rounds it won't surprise me but if he won it would be a bigger shock than Fury beating Klitschko

hahahah Canelo and Oscar should be so fed up of this guys

not cool bro :(

christ Liam at least take a trip to Burtons for your big bout

did the undercard fights start yet? my stream provider, or however you wanna call it, has scheduled the main event at 3am, isnt't that a bit too late?

it's not too late, time zone differences. I think we're 5-6 hours apart so if it starts 10 pm their time (which is when it usually starts), then you can imagine.

Danke, my friend

trust me you don't miss out much. I'm just going to read about the fight in the news and that's it. The cruiserweight fight of tonight is the real deal, as it establishes who's the #1 CW in the world.

Better be Usyk

is spicnelo fighting a substitute teacher?

refs got payed off to make santa cruz lose

unfortunately he won't, DLH invited him to the last one

damn white niggas takin over boxing man wtf happened

CW is shaping up to be pretty gread. bredis is also an up an comer who I'd like to see in some bigger bouts. also, what happened to drozd? he's no longer ranked at boxrec.

Canelo early undercard streaming

How long till smith ko's CANelo stiff?


Anyone got a sky sports 2 acestream?

I'd fucking love Canelo to get humiliated tonight but he only needs to be in the ring to get given a UD.

Dear anons. Anyone knows what time is the fight being broadcasted at in Europe?
I wish Liam gives a good fight. Boxing is slowly fading away.

>People dont rate Liam Smith



The IRL shit posting he would get would be immense

Will start 4am in Italy, Willie Monroe vs Rosado on the undercard and Canelo vs Smith 5am Italian time. Glowacki vs Usyk will be on soon though so find a stream of sky sports 2

I thought the event starts at 9pm et but I see that the stream is live. I wanted to watch the super lightweight fight. Did I miss it?

>given UD
Lara, Trout lost legitimately. Lara less so, but it was a close fight you cannot call robbert, it was a freaking SD anyway.

The only bullshit scorecards were the Khan-Canelo ones up till Khan got heem'd

I'm from Guadalajara and I crossed paths with Saul Alvarez a few times growing up and played football with him and stuff. We're similar age and it's a small place. He never really struck me or anyone else as a stand out athletic guy desu, he just seemed like run of the mill dude. It really drives home to me how far you can get in some sports with fair to decent ability and a good work ethic if the talent pool isn't that large.
Regardless, it's epic seeing a lad from Guadalajara fighting in cowboy stadium. When you think of how poor we all were and how shit it was, it doesn't matter what happens desu, the fact that he's got this far is fucking amazing and the payday alone is life changing. My heart says upset but my head says mismatch. Whatever the result, it's a pretty cool thing to see for me desu user.

>Lara, Trout lost legitimately

Canelo landed 5% of his jabs against Lara

He clearly lost that fight, but Gayweather is the only defensive fighter ever allowed to win by using defence

He's injured, but I think he'll be a mandatory challenger for the winner of Bellew-Briedis

Also, Lebedev, the unified WBA and IBF champion, is facing the Cruiserweight Beterbiev, Murat Gassiev, in his next fight, which should be just as epic as the main event tonight

people are mostly basing it on how the Khan fight was being scored, because that was just blatant fucking corruption, its going to be even worse in texas

this is why judges should be separate from the crowd in a soundproof room or something, if they still score fights like that, then it will be obvious they were bought off and can't call for that bullshit "listening to the crowd" shit

The only real point of interest in the Canelo fight is how well he handles the weight. I'll laugh my bollocks off if he's a zombie like he was against Floyd, even though it'd ruin the potential GGG showdown

Yeah the judging was abysmal in that fight, Khan won the first 3 rounds easily

Irish Mexican vs Irish Brit

lets all be honest, we all know golovkin would fucking destroy him, so it wouldn't even matter if he does lose to Smith tonight

One judge had it fucking 4 to 1 Canelo dude, Khan was clearly, and unquestionably winning the fight before he got KO'd, it's honestly just disgusting, that being said I gained a lot of respect for Khan and Brook even though they lost honestly

So they're Both British?

>liam smith is 28 in that picture

>implying the ability to play football offers any indication of how you would be as a boxer

Kys autist.

Trump is actually a Golovkin fan. Remember when he showed up to the Lemieux fight?

Smith has a chance in this fight i think

If he can make it past the first 6 rounds Canelo is gonna gas

>lets all be honest, we all know golovkin would fucking destroy him

Honestly I don't think so. I think Canelo is his biggest challenge below 175

with the manlet boxers they tend to be good footballers because of their alpha balance tbf.

I don't think Golovkin Destroys him desu..

He's going to have to respect his power. I think he'll win convincingly on points or get a late stoppage.

He can't just go in there like he did With Kell brook.

Pretty much

It should actually be a pretty fun fight. They both have clean, aesthetic styles

GGG will rape Canelo



He looks like an old man and a little boy at the same time kek

god damn it looks even bigger when the place is almost empty

Canelo will land huge punches on him in the pocket. But I think his cement feet will let him down in the end

Ahh the casuals are here who think GGG is invincible with a chin made from a soviet union science experiment.

Canelo has the power to KO golovkin. And the speed to frustrate him. But to keep GGG off him he won't last the 12 rounds.

You think? I think Golovkin walks him down, even though we saw that outboxing really frustrates the fuck out him, I don't think Canelo is really that big of a deal for him, Golovkin has crazy power, and he'd go to the body for sure, and canelo is prone to gas

GGG feels a guys power and then decides if he wants to go full retard or not

He boxed Lemieux up because he respected his power

why are Irish so good at box?

fucking kek

Englands brave Kirk Arlington

Because even in the Womb Irish fetuses have to fight their own mothers alcoholism to survive.

Canelo would not win a round against GGG. The style that seems to give GGG problems are guys that can move, and canelo with his cement legs is damn sure not a mover. He would get ran over. Its just a horrible style for canelo. Not to mention canelo can't box off his back foot, and we know when you fight GGG you're going to be moving backwards or else you get your face broken.



Eubank would be a more entertaining fight

Canelo is the best in the business at punching with his opponent, and his accuracy, punch variety and form is near-perfect. And his head movement and guard are very underrated. In an inside exchange he would have the advantage over GGG

>ywn get punched in the head for 12 round for 5 million quid

hurts desu

hate the guy as a person and hate his style, but man was he a good boxer
>mfw people tried to tell me he shouldn't have won because he didn't attack as much as Canelo


>a counterpuncher fighting the most defensive boxer ever
it was a shit show

i dont like canelo but floyd could make anybody look a mug

He was a zombie in that fight too

Anyone Got an Acestream for Usyk fight ?

Will pay with appreciation.

What round will smith get heemed in

Smith heems Canelo in the 11th


2nd round, this literally doesnt stand a chance

Towel gets thrown in the 8th

6th round TKO

Smith is too pig headed and tough to get heemed by Ducknelo

Smith heems Canelo with body shits yeh


>Body shits

Remember when Canelo said "we don't fuck around" through an interpreter and then gave up his WBC belt to avoid Golovkin? Obviously you do, but do you actually realise how fucking pussy a move it was?

fuck, body shots, you know what I meant lad

GGG is one of the most feared fighters in history i think

Dude is 34 (past his prime lets be honest) And everyone runs scared

how does body shits work?

You hit someone with so much force, Shit spews forth from their bellybutton.

Ducknelo has lost so much respect though. This PPV tonight won't even get 400k buys. True Mexican boxing fans all hate him.

I think the Usyk fight is starting shortly

your average Mexican will still buy it, just so there's something to watch during their weekly barbecues

no we dont

>you will never be a sexy af world class boxer with promotion girls literally pining for you

Pretty sad, enjoy watching your idol who literally chickens out of fighting his main rival and fights smaller guys instead.

'no nos andamos con mamadas' is a very mean way of saying "we don't fuck around". I was expecting him to fight GGG on may. Fucking disappointment

nigga I'm not a Canelo fan where the hell did my post even imply that?

this, everyone who has even a little bit of an idea of what goes on in boxing knows Canelo is ducking everyone dangerous to fight smaller guys

People can't even say he's doing the "mayweather" thing when Floyd basically fought the best most of his career

Why are all the best boxers today white?


>Floyd basically fought the best most of his career

He fought the best when they were either greeen or old

Floyd fought basically zero prime fighters in his career

I have the impression that Sergio is gay

>ywn make a career exposing hype jobs in their own backyards
>ywn score the one punch heem of the century

stay mad, cowboy stadium is going to be packed for this fight

All slavs

Are you saying Slavs aren't white?

Because that would be retarded.

You forgot chocolatito
>Slavs, a Gypsy and a blackie


He fought Hatton in his prime when he was undefeated bro, Corrales, Castillo, he fought Canelo when he was young but Canelo was always the bigger fighter, Cotto,

He has a better resume than Canelo when he was young at the very least, because forget that people were ducking mayweather when he was still pretty boy floyd and didn't fuck up his hands, he used to have a more aggressive style before switching to the outboxing type

Glowacki vs Usyk is now

waaah waaah those white people aren't a specific type of white so they don't count.

It's not even going to get 60k people. Isn't it a 100k seater stadium? We had over 80k for Froch v Groves at Wembley.

>He fought Hatton in his prime

He also fought Hatton at 147 not 140

>Corrales, Castillo

He whooped Corrales fair enough

But he lost the first Castillo fight 100% it wasnt even close

Froch vs Groves was a much better fight than Alvarez vs Smith though

Nah man, Hatton was past his prime and his weight was wildly fluctuating between fights at that point. He was a mess.

thanks amigo

It's Mexican independence weekend, the stadium should be packed but it won't be cos a lot of Mexicans are pissed off with Canelo right now.

thanks ladfam

That's true, but I guess at that point Floyd had already come up and Hatton was planning on moving up to welterweight after beating Kostya Tszyu, everyone was talking about how Floyd was ducking Hatton when he fought Zab Judah

Yeah I won't really argue with you there, early on there were some fights that were really close, or really lucky getting out of decision, I just think Floyd had a better resume, especially when he was calling out everyone back then, Oscar, Shane mosley before he got old as fuck etc

It honestly saddens me what happened to him after he lost to Floyd, his career really took a down turn

Why is Usyk so spooky?

Something is off about him, still a great talent tho

Dont get me wrong Floyd has an amazing resume if you go on a purely name basis

But i think its important to take into account the ages and condition of the guys when he fought them

Floyd is the p4p best ever at fighting guys at the exact right time

Who are >we supporting lads?


usyk gonna beat his ass desu

my nigga Glowacki

>It honestly saddens me what happened to him after he lost to Floyd, his career really took a down turn
Yeah it was sad to watch, he had a homecoming fight in Manchester against Vyacheslav Senchenko and he lost badly, people in the stadium were crying and even the commentators sounded like they were choking up. He was crying too and he retired on the same night.

polska stronk

Is slavic immigration the solution to Hostile Blacks?

Who else Cred Forums here

he should have joined the money team

Poles act and look real tough, but they're quitters deep down. Pole will crumble first sign of danger.

Oh no I agree with you, he took the fights at exactly the right times and took advantage of that, and made sure the fights were always in the peak of his favor

Though I guess I have to respect that he did at least fight them rather than blatantly duck them like canelo is doing, or at least fight some names while he waited for the big names to get older and weaker, at the end of the day Floyd did beat Pacquiao, a post JMM KO pacquiao, but did fight pacquiao and prboably made a shitload more money letting it simmer, so he was always thinking about the money, I feel like Canelo doing it pisses me off more because he's fighting much smaller guys after saying he'd fight Golovkin right then and there

That's incredibly depressing, he seems like a nice guy and he was honestly very skilled, he had achievements he should have honestly really been proud of, he talked about how he fell into deep depression in those times, it seems like he's doing better now on that aspect so I'm happy about that

>not posting based Ewa Swoboda

No it was too late

usyk moves like a middle weight

Yeah Hatton had a severe cocaine problem after the Pacquiao fight and he nearly died from his poor diet. He's much better now and he's running a promotional company, but he's got major issues with his parents who want money for supporting his career. He's worth about £30m apparently and they want about £10m. Fucked up situation and it's been in the tabloids.

and he is a big guy, thats

shit parents tbqh

Why are ukranians so athletic?

Klit bros
This vampire looking muthafucka

Can't be coincidence

Happens a lot with lower class families. Get so much welfare during your life you have 0 concept of the value of earned money.

His parents ran pubs and nightclubs, they were never skint but they want money to retire and move to Florida or something.

Chernobyl superpowers



Tasty fight boys, Glowacki becomes desperate late and gets stopped looking for a KO.

Saw it here first.

Usyk well in control of this


How long to Canelo?

4 bongs 30 bings about

even the interviewer can't help but pull a big fucking grin
gotta love Kovalev

just reach the end of the video, he drops a bomb

He has traditional values.. Most men in the west hold the same but are just too pussy to say it.

he speaks his mind, it's just the way he is and I respect him for it

Sky Sports have completely given up on pronouncing Glowacki's name

They're saying "Grovotsky" now


when triple g is at least 40 and has lost a couple times

The Big Grobowski

If he was black u know people would be getting the racism card out.


haha I said the same thing

>a man with grey hair in his 20s who has a world title yet still lives with his parents and still not even the best fighter in his own house

I just want GGG vs BJS so GGG can unify the division

He'll be the only unified champ in boxing

I cant even remember the last true unified champ

I like it more


Ye, Lewis or Tyson was it


chris algieri was 30 years old living at home with his parents when he fought pac

Jermain Taylor was in 2005-06

Its Lewis or Hopkins i would imagine

Could be some minimum weight fighter or somethign more recently but i dont watch manlet weight

Usyk putting on a clinic

And he got BTFO. What is your point?

There was one fight Scott Quigg had where they filmed him walking out of his parents house to the ring to fight as it was 2 minutes away

>Ole Piss red zone offense
absolutely pathetic

>Could be some minimum weight fighter or somethign more recently but i dont watch manlet weight
you couldn't possibly be more wrong - those divisions almost NEVER get unified champions because they move up so quickly (2 pounds move, 3 pounds move)

Heavyweight is the most unified division ever and the lower the weight you go the less unified they are

>Proksa in charge of judging

Oh god dont bring that up lad

here it is

ah damn that's what happens when you have 5 threads open

also why hasn't Usyk finished it yet, he could be robbed if it goes to the judges

I wasnt saying it was more likely that lower weights were unified, i was saying i dont watch them and thus i dont know if they have been unified in recent years

I know Lewis was the last unified HW champ, but i couldn't name a single manlet weight fighter who unified

>Mexican ginger punching below hi weight

I remember a tougher cooler Canello. Was it Pretty Boy schooling his ass or the fear of GOD GGG brings that made him a pussy?

>Insults have no effect on the contemporary NEET

>i dont watch manlet weight
you are missing so much

>this Polish scoring


What a last round





Some knob will give the last round to Glowacki

so, who won according to you lads?
Usyk imo

USYK is a monster...

If it's a draw that would be disgusting

he's so young & could have a genius resume, but he'sa bitch now?

had it 9 - 3 usyk

last round was almost a 10 - 8 imo

Usyk could outpoint any heavy right now if his chin holds up

Usyk easily


His speed and movement would give them a lot of problems

Usyk fucking schooled him

usyk easily 9-3

He's 6'3 he's not big enough for the new generation of heavyweights

Povetkin is 6'2

He boxed Joyce's tits off before, and he's a big lad even in the modern HW division

Jesus, heavyweights today are huge. imagine Mike Tyson fighting today

Povetkin is a lot better

Povetkin got beat by Klitschko and would lose to Fury, Joshua, Wilder


Wilder is dog shit lad

Man that delay had me worried

I was already typing up an angry post

Will the canelo fight be on the stream?

povetkin would kill all 3 of those bums



can't wait til wilder heems joshua


He's 6'7 and has heart, he's not going to beat Fury or Joshua and someone like Haye could out point him but I think he would of done Povetkin if that fight had gone ahead

same stream? no

Povetkin would just take his right hand away and the fight is over

Wilder is just a but right hand

he couldn't even ko'd Arreola

cruiserweight division is pretty good right now


Wilder is good. I dont think he has the longevity to be a good fighter in the long run. seems like a glass cannon

>online golden boy PPV $65
kek fuck you man

Tony Bellew got the WBC belt as well

my fucking sides

>Forgetting the best Cruiserweight in the world

Bellew lad

Joshua is as unproven as Wilder. We've yet to see him against someone who can hit back apart from Dillan Whyte who put him on shit street for a moment

Gassiev is a beast too


Joshua is a lot less proven than Wilder

Wilder is super flawed but I have him pegged as a more natural fighter and athlete than the big stiff idiot AJ

The difference is Joshua is atleast fighting undefeated fighters

Wilder is just fighting cans like Éric Molina and Johann Duhaupas, i mean really?


>i don't rate anthony joshua

undefeated means nothing

Molina and Duhaupas are better boxers than Martin and Brazeale

Why did De La Hoya decide to add to the sham?

Is the that much more money helping him sleep at night?

It doesn't matter though, boxing odds aren't determined just by past fights they're determined by reading fighters. Joshua is extremely quick and built like a monster and his technique is improving. Wilder has beat Stiverne that's it. If Joshua beats Pulev on November 26th are you going to give him credit then?

the absolute madman got himself into another controversy.

How do you want the media to represent you senpai?


are there any fights going on now? sky sports is doing some mls shiet

Kovalev should have heem'd her stiff right there and then

ok got the undercard youtube stream

Canello could be GOAT status with 10 plus losses.

He is now a pussy. Fight the best you glorious cunt you.

my bad, knew i forgot someone on my list




Seething casual here, I've watched Canelo fight, think he's overrated, but is this a good matchup? Predicting a good fight? I know nothing about Smith.

>If Joshua beats Pulev on November 26th are you going to give him credit then?

Absolutely, that would be a great win. But boxing is about levels, history is lined with guys that have run up 20-0 records and folded when they fought someone decent. Look at the previous British heavyweight gold medalist for example.

Reading the thread would answer your question. This is why people despise you casuals, you're so fucking annoying and needy about it.

What time is this on at?

Joshua is good i think

But people need to realise that Fury is on another level, Tyson Fury is the best HW since Lewis

Dude is too young still. Right now he's a major talent being wasted.

that bitch was just hoping to make controversy

I love how non-cucked eastern euros are. Women do not belong in sports at all, especially combat sports. Then again sheilds hardly classify as a woman.

Cheers what a good cunt.

they should be husband and wife imo

yeah it looked like she was a fan who was into him..

So you take a loss in a battle with genedy.

How does that not make you more money than you are making now?

Anthony Joshua is nothing like Audley Harrison, Audley Harrison got by on size until he got found out. Joshua has way more to offer already, he is much more explosive and showed he can pace himself in his last fight against Breazeale. I think he'll beat Pulev by late KO

Joshua is a beast, so hyped about him. Would love to see Joshua vs Ortiz

Took out Khan as well.

That would be an interesting fight but probably won't happen because Ortiz doesn't draw, they've got Pulev, Parker for him to go through then probably onto the money fights against Fury, Wilder, Haye

36 minutes from this post, by my info

Heavyweight division is still a shit.

Until the Ward Kovalev glory, why are you talking about it?

>Now he gets Smith, who will face his first top-10 opponent ever.
>first top-10 opponent

Aw jeez

>Stepping down in weight

Give me a healthy Michael Moore & would run that.

Sadam Alí match is about to start friendos

Is this his first fight since losing to Vargas?

Damn, that's a big stadium



Where are the streams at?

this is going to be a comfy ass night

anyone has a stream? Please i want to know if i will win money or not !



these smith boys are decent

they aren't world class but they are good

Reckon it's worth staying up for this?

I assume the Canelo fight won't actually start for another 3-4 hours...

i bet they are going to put it down when the important fight starts, they did the same with Golovkin vs Brook

Callum could be world class one day, he's already got a leg up on everyone by being a big bastard

GGG knows how to box and not get hit when he needs to, Lemieux is a big puncher and golovkin knew this thats why in that fight he worked the jab more than you ever seen him do and shut down lemeuix completely.

That fight was pure blow out scity. GGG held him up. Kell Brook was amazing out there & yes underwieght, but GGG's best test pro wise.

GGG nearly killed the man, but weaknesses where found,

2am UK and 9 EDT/6PDT

I want to try to get a workout in and pick up some pizza before it starts.

Good point, but i do think Canelo is a better boxer than lemieux.

But i think GGG will respect his power until later in the fight it won't be a blow out.

Or who knows maybe he catches him early and puts him away, like he has caught so many of his opponents early but let them continue.

& that weakness. Shake & bake with POWER.

Canelo vs Smith will probably start at 4am depends how much you like boxing, will probably be pretty entertaining in the first 4 rounds

That can't be right. 2am is only 1h10mins away and there are three 10 rounders and a 12 rounder before the main event starts

sure but I think people overstated a little bit the GGG getting exposed aspect

Kell brook being a natural (and a very good) welterweight was bound to throw these high speed, accurate balanced combos. Someone like canelo wouldn't be able to hit him in that way

is that when the undercard starts or is that the main event?

yeah you're right. I don't doubt that canelo is strong enough to knock him out. I just don't think he will unless triple G makes a big error. we've seen with triple G though in his few longer fights that he can keep up the intensity and keep hitting like a truck for the entire fight, I feel lots of people underestimate him and think he's just a hard bastard who hits hard, but I see him as a smart boxer who knows how to properly exploit his own strengths

Hips with a solid punch. Sounds like Ward to me.

at bit off topic, but can you watch an acestream off a chromecast?

I don't have it on yet, anything decent on the undercard or what?

blow the whistle

It might be the undercard, there is a fight right now.

Willie Monroe Jr vs Rosado is a legit middleweight fight between two gatekeepers who both need to win to stay in the picture for a title shot

Gabe Rosado is fighting so you can guarantee a face full of blood and a valiant loss

Its funny how arabs from NYC just turn into puerto ricans

I kind of hope Canelo loses

>It's a "no one knows when the fuck the main event is starting and we'll all be awake until 5am again because of stupid ameriburger TV scheduling episode

stream where


Whoever wins, whites win.


If it's not on the East Coast then the opening bell of the main event doesn't usually ring until 4:30am

Too much for me tonight. I already got my fix with the Usyk fight

any acestream links please?

what a fast motherfucker

Nah I'm definitely staying up to see Steven Gerrard's mongy cousin get pummeled by Canelo

timezones should not exist its bullshit made up so we cant all watch boxing and have bongs and mexicans insult each other.

then dont watch, Muhammad

Anyone else seen the HBO preview show with Canelo riding that horse in slow motion with the super cheesy music? It wins my vote for the most cringy thing this year in boxing.

Should all be in London then it's 6pm ET and a reasonable time for Europe and morning for Australia. Saw lots of Americans say they liked the earlier start for GGG vs Brook

Ali pretty much dominated this fight desu

but I mean he got KO'd by Vargas lol

remember that absolute catastophe of a show when dave hosted one of joshua's fights

many keks that night

Olympics are shit with four hour delays.

yeah at least people can watch on the screen though

David Haye was on Dave, Joshua is with matchroom who are exclusive to Sky

nope, pacific and central time are perfect

Britain has a better crowd atmosphere for boxing anyway

Yeah I had to turn it off it was unbearable

ur right my mistake

it was hilarious though, the sound went out. that awful lethal bizzle performance

Not for us. If it's in Las Vegas we have to stay up until 5am. Luckily the power has shifted a bit

Stadium looks so empty...if Beefy sons Canelo any future fight with GGG will definitely no longer be a "megafight"

I wonder how bad the Pacquiao vs Vargas PPV will be since HBO wants nothing to do with that shit lol

he looked like shit at the end

All the mexishits are outside the stadium getting drunk

Will bomb probably Top Rank are doing that themselves as HBO are all in on Ward vs Kovalev

Isn't it going to be on network TV or something?

Sad that GGG had a PPV then went to basic cable fight.

No one comes in until the main and even co-main event.

It was on regular HBO because it was on in the afternoon US time, they won't make it a PPV if it's on at 2:30pm in California.

is anyone elses ace link showing some fight in some tiny arena where its raining?

>dancing your way to the ring in an empty stadium

>This salty nigger shilling canelo because GGG makes him mad
Hope Kovalev KOs this overrated vacated the belt coon

Who's going for a quick wank before the fight?

I'm at the boxnation stream, which fight happening now?

yeah this isn't the real event

I am, senpai

Don't want to blow my load in case Canelo loses

Alexis Salazar vs Larry Smith

Waiting for the ring girls to come back on



the white guys tattoos are ridiculous

is yours in english? I'm stuck with some polaks or something

thanks compadre

Because nobody gives a fuck about the nobodies fighting right now. Box nation is terrible though, Sky so much better

Is Diego DLH fighting right now?

It is but there's no fight, have the fights even started?

this is in english

not yet

>Box nation is terrible though, Sky so much better

Bullshit! The Sky talking heads are fucking morons who don't know shit about boxing. Their coverage of the Usyk fight earlier was piss poor

Buncey and Lillis know their shit and Barry Jones is a good laugh at least

fight starts in 30 nings

thanks lad

no the stream I have is some other event entirely. I presume it will change at 2am

No. It's these two:

god damn time warner cable i ordered the fight and its not letting me watch the prefight or the countdown. i swear to god if i gotta call them im cussing someone out

i think the PPV card starts at 6pm pacific time

How much was it, like $70?

I feel bad enough paying £15

Buncey does my head in tbqh and it's all a bit low budget. Barry is good

im in texas and its already past 7 so they should be showing it but noo fucking TWC fucking sucks

i bought the regular ppv which was 59. they got the HD one for 69 but fuck that

Damn I guess Eubank is never fighting on BoxNation again

Sounds like Hearn doesn't want to work with them any more either

Guess he's gotta move to America now

>paying canela for being a ducking faggot
You are the reason that faggot gets away with being a pussy

Just want to him to have a big fight and the big fights are in the UK. Senior cost him 4 million not fighting GGG

really? regular price here in california is $55


probably a mexican

just ate three tacos and some oreos

actual tacos or taco bell tacos?

.....I plead the 5th

I can't understand paying $60 or whatever for this. Maybe if you're having a party with 20-30 people. I remember a family friend had an unscrambler back in the 90s and would have fight parties.

There are casinos nearby that have PPVs, but mostly UFC. Same with bars. But from what I understand they have to pay for the PPV for the max occupancy of the building. So 200 max is $12,000.

BEcause Usyk vs Glowacki and Rosado vs Monroe are predetermined outcomes right?
Because there aren't upsets that happen in boxing all the time right?

Only people who pay attention to PPV fights and nothing else think boxing is in a poor state. Keep your casuals eyes off my sport.

Liam smith looks like the most stereotypical english guy in the world.

Ugly, pale, fucked up teeth.

I fucking hope he can win won for us normal looking people, and shock the world.

He truly is the peoples champ lol

ya idk why i was thinking 59 but ya i ordered the non HD one which would have been 65
and ya im a beaner in texas and i hate TWC because my cable always has some issues and they cant never figure it out so i get pissed

We have the real tacos everywhere here now thanks to the Mexican invasion and people still eat that fake shit. smdh

post the link please I'm watching a shitty 240p stream atm

Is that some fucking tripitas?!
You have good taste m8.

If Canelo wins Ill get some tacos to celebrate.

Until then Im gunna drink guinness and route for Beefy.

Hey Britbongs, this BoxNation channel is going to show the fight, right?

kek, don't even know but it's good


You should be more like this guy

Yeah main card isn't for an hour, can watch pre fights on you tube

He could Fuck your Sister, mother and wife.

Women know real men, unlike you Canadians.

The taco on the right is the one I was looking at. Fried intestines make delicious fucking meat.


Diego de la Hoya now

Thank me later

bought the HD, looks pretty good

Yeah, that's what I thought you meant I just don't know what they call it

This shit was painful to watch.

What time is the main event? Is it soon?

was stuck with some polish shit

It was kind of a compliment.

A nod to the normal working class guy, who goes on to be extraordinary.

All the interview Liam seems like a very down to earth guy. Someone I can relate to.

But nooooo, you limey bastards have to try and Banter a young Canuck.

>desu you probably couldn't even get past my jab
>TBQH you probably couldn't even get past my prime ministers jab.

What's diego's family relation with oscar?

my mate big joe was the sickest boxer in whole of mersey and regularly went toe to toe with the smiths, doing a 5 stretch now though but trust me smith wins.

Diego de la Hoya Right now!!!!!!


I dont understand, this isnt a link?

shit I thought the canelo smith started now, not the undercard

Who is this semen demon?

Ah cousin

our kid just got the call to bash cannys brains in boss tha la

box nation said cousin, maybe they fucked up

TWC is fucking awful. My landlord's lackeys told me I had to go through them but I got AT&T (still somewhat lame) instead. Fuckers force you to buy packages full of crap you don't want & everybody in my building says they raise their rates all the time for no reason.

>yankfatfuckamerican education

no, they are cousins


sorry m8 thought I posted this ages ago

>blobs pay $55 to watch a fight on TV

The way mexicans speak Spanish is disgusting

Diego not as pretty as uncle oscar, shame.


how much do you pay?

Fucking love Roy Jones, what a legend

this arena is fucking empty lmao

Where yall watching the fight tho

The way brits speak english is disgusting

The way british speak English is disgusting


>he has to have a TV license

you are a spaniard I suppose

>he has to pay to see gp

It's on a channel called Box Nation, it's £10 per month and there's no obligation to subscribe for more than one month,

What's up with this guy?

You can pay to watch Box Nation online, no TV license required.

thanks senpai

The judges have to wear ear muffs now kek

lol i would go through you like a knife through butter mate..

boxed for 8 years fought a lot as an amateur. ;) Don't make me come over there and remind you who's queen you bow to.

Because every time Canelo moves the Mexicans will cheer, which could possibly sway the judges opinion on what is landing and what isn't.

good idea desu, especially in Texas which will be totally bias

will post streams inside thread

what weight and where you based my m8?

Can't stand that twat

>Muslim complains about Mexican Spanish

People thinking the judges are going to be the difference make rin this fight are retarded. Canelo wins by legitimate lopsided decision or TKO.

If you still want to pretend that Liam is a top 15 JMW then you might want to know that Golden Boys pocket judge is working this fight tonight.

I was really hinting at why the fuck aren't you streaming it "illegally" but, yeah, you've been informed by the prices.

it's usually £15 tops which would equal about $2 now we've left the EU.

Do you guys know where to watch the fight for free?

Yeah, was just fucking with you.
Of course most of us are probably streaming it, though. It shouldn't be PPV at all; it's not worth it.

>this easy to troll a brit


its in the thread

where though? the only working link is for boxing right now..

Because I am feeling nice, get Acestream and use this

Monroe kos Rosado 6th

if anyone comes across the H.>.B.>O commentary please point us to the right direction!

"this is his 5th defence in 3 title fights, that's a north american record"

just like ggg