/cfb/ - Week 3 thread #1

Week 3 is officially underway!

The big game up next is Florida State at Louisville. Not only would a Louisville win be huge for Louisville and their Heisman candidate QB, but it would also be huge for Houston and their Heisman candidate QB, as Houston hosts Louisville in the 2nd-to-last game of the regular season.

Saturday's marquee matchups:

>FSU at Louisville (ABC)

>Oregon at Nebraska (ABC)
>Bama at Ole Miss (CBS)

>Ohio State at Oklahoma (FOX)
>Michigan State at ND (NBC)
>USC at Stanford (ABC)

Late night
>Texas at Cal (ESPN)

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first for G5s uniting around Houston

>I agree.
Who else does?

>tfw your school hasn't been top-tier since before you were born

Meanwhile we got the Oklahoma back-up QB running his mouth here

ESPN is lovin' it

Of course, Sports Center is on it too

Forgot about it and the Xbox cut off
I think it was 14-0 Cinncy in the 2nd
I could be confusing it with another game

Btw the other games
A&M got out to a 24-0 lead
Auburn scored a TD with :12 in the first half and got the 2 to get it to 24-8
But then A&M got a hail Mary
Malzhan's probably gone

>my face when people actually think the team with the best defense and a top 10 offense in the country will miss the playoffs next season

>Brandon Peters (objectively and statistically the best QB in the 2016 recruiting class, it isn't even debatable)
>Ty Isaac (best RB in the game who will be 100% healthy, unlike the entirety of last year. he will put up 1200+YDs/10+TDs/5.0YPC)
>Jake Butt (a top 3 TE already going into this season, 1000+YDs/7+TDs)
>Sean McKeon (literally a Jake Butt-clone)
>Amara Darboh (top 10 WR, 900+YDs/5+TDs)
>Jabril Peppers (a black guy trapped in a black's body, one of the smartest players in football, elite measurables, incredible upside)
>Kareem Walker (one of the fastest and most explosive players in football)
>Joe Beneducci (best blocking FB in country)

>Best pass rush in the B1G
>Best LB corp in the B1G
>Best secondary in the country
>Top 5 D-Line

Barring major injuries to key players, there is literally no way the Wolverines are missing the playoffs this season

The Michigan B1G championship drought ends in 2016-2017

You can't prove me wrong

Cap it

Is baker gonna light them up?

4 goals now*

It is not. Liverpool is just the shadow of what they used to be and Chelsea is not doing so well since two season.

Note that Urban Meyer is the next Nick Saban. In fact, we should make Ohio State and Alabama play each other every year during the regular season at a neutral site

This is a problem
I don't believe this score is possible

Objectively wrong

Keep it in the huge thread for that game blowing up Cred Forums right now (my answer: there are only like 12 good teams in soccer that hog all the talent, like 5 of which are in England (most American-owned), and this is two of them playing here. Plus they both have brand-new coaches who are legends (the new Chelsea coach for what he did at Juventus and the Italy National team and the new Liverpool coach for what he did at Borussia Dortmund). Plus the Liverpool vs Chelsea game late in the season with the national title on the line a couple years back was GOAT as Liverpool GOAT hero Steven Gerrard slipped on his ass and gave Chelsea the game-winning goal and cost him a career of zero (0) national titles. Lol

>Oklahoma will still find a way to choke

>Conte and Klopp
Pick one

The hype PL is getting in the US is beyond me. The marketing branch of PL did a hell of a job desu senpai.

Which league do you suggest then French friend?

Bama is a lock to win.

Note Urban is just 1 national title away from joining this list

Every league has his upsides and his downsides:
- Tbh La Liga is the most competitive soccer league in the world, two blue bloods, one rising force, and a pretty decent group of Europe League caliber team (Sevilla, Valencia, Villareal, etc...). And it's someone who hate Barcelona and Real who says that.
- Bundesliga is by far the most intertaining to watch. The number of goals per game is the highest in Europe, they got pretty decent team to watch beside Dortmund and Bayern.
- BPL has the most known team but overall the league is not THAT good. And desu only Liverpool and United are "true" blueblood. Chelsea became decent in the 2000s, Arsenal in the 90s, City in the 2010s and for Tottenham they will never be a thing haha. And I'm not sure the bottom of the league is far better than in Liga, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga
- The Serie A is far awat from his level in the 90s but you never know, despite(?) the loss of Pogba Juventus looks stronger than ever, Milan just got bought. But desu the league seems to be weaker and weaker.
- I'll end with Ligue 1 the league I'm the most familiar with. Of course it's not the most sexy league in the world, Guingamp, Caen or Nancy are not very appealing but it's almost Team Chaos every year. And this year seems to be the same. Of course PSG is stronger than everyone else but Monaco looks good, so does Lyon and Nice. And if you wanna watch some wonderkids it's the league to watch. (Watch Monaco's Mbappé, the kid is not 18 yet and he is a stud)

Well I don't think any league is far better than any other and I just don't like the "only BPL is real" vibe that is going on right now. Of course BPL is a good league but it's not the only one, and Stoke City is as bad as Troyes, Hertha Berlin or Osasuna.

And what are your thoughts on the best /cfb/ conference to watch? I personally watch the best games of all the best teams when they play each other. Same as in soccer. Dumb to follow just one conference, same as in soccer

2 out of 4 from West Virginia. Do other states even try?

every team in the top 4 loses tomorrow

its been working out very well for your state
keep up the good work, friend

gotta get out of WV somehow

So do I. But they're overhyping a lot of english teams.
Did you watch Monaco - PSG three weeks ago? Probably not whereas they are in the top 16 teams in Europe but you didn't know the game was on. But you must have heard of THIS TERRIFIC GAME BETWEEN THE POWERHOUSES SWANSEA AND ASTON VILLA.

BPL is pretty much the SEC without the titles.

its true tho

Because all the other football programs have coaches from the state their located right?

>implying that Colorado won't beat Michigan on a hail mary

first for Lacrosse-Football being the most patrician broship

>Implying Kordell Stewart is the Colorado QB and Colorado is going 11-1 and finishing #3 with their only loss to the eventual consensus national champion in the midst of Colorado being one of the greatest powerhouses in college football
>that's what it was like that year

Is this sport even popular in the US?
(Thanks American Pie btw to have made me discover the Lacrosse)

2 out of four from bama. Do northern states even try?

Lol I've lived in 6 cities across my region of the US and never heard of lacrosse except for American Pie. Eventually, i vaguely learned that they play lacrosse on the East Coast. But now that I'm an old fag, lacrosse has actually come to my big city in recent years: both my high school and rival high school field lacross teams now. Football is still by far #1 here, but i welcome all the new sports (hell my high school has all kinds of new sports we didn't have when i was there, even a bowling team!)

Best podcast for College Football discussions?

Gameday is up and running at Louisville!

SeanyTizzle @ FireFighterNole
Louisville crowd chants "Overrated" when the SEC is brought up

Someone post the pizza guy copypasta

As someone who atill considers Techmo Bowl as the GOAT football video game, i like this sign being held up in Louisville for Gameday

Usc is gonna beat stanford, stanford new qb sucks

at Notre Dame, Trumpets Under the Golden Dome with the Notre Dame Band begins in 7 minutes!

This. Ohio State may have been the best team last year but we'll never know because this isn't a thing.

Pitt probably has the worst fight song ever. I noticed this in their game with Penn St after they scored. They sounded like a high school band

My interest in club soccer isn't to the extent of watching any of those leagues other than La Liga probably. I do like watching the Champions league and international tournaments though.

Also I don't think anyone thinks EPL is the only good league, they just have the best TV contract and the games are accessible. They play on standard cable TV on Saturdays before college football comes on.

Bear shouldn't be there. 1964, 1973, and 1978 are all illegitimate.

on the east coast it is, like in New England its the 2nd sport here, its also big in Pennsylvania, Maryland DMV area and the Carolinas and a little in the south

its a niche sport but its based



I want FSU posters to leave.

I want Heather Dinich to sit on my face tbqh

Following La Liga-only would be like just following a Power 5 conference with 3 great teams, 2-3 solid mid-level teams and a bunch of Div 2 caliber teams that play in Div 2 caliber stadiums and shouldn't be in a Power 5 conference
Better idea is to focus on Champions League (the playoffs of the best teams from all countries/leagues, like the playoffs in American sports) and the big games from across all the leagues during the regular season. For ex, in the Scottish League, Celtic/Rangers is just as fun to watch as Barca/Real in La Liga

Odds that Bama shits the bed against Ole Miss again?

I see that there's a High School match on ESPNU later tonight.

Is it worth to watch it? FNL and all that

There's also the Baylor game.

Well I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be crazy!

I hate female """""analysts""""" talking about male sports.
You never played football.
You don't know shit.
Same goes for that ugly nu male nerd on ESPN .com.

>ugly numale nerd

If I'm Bama, I really, really, really hope I beat Ole Miss this weekend.
Once is luck. Twice is talent.
Three times is having your number.
If Bama is truly this unstoppable superpower, no one should have their number.

Cool which college football team do you play for again?

I don't think they can beat them 2bhwy.


Do you think an unconvincing win by Bama would be enough to drop them from #1 if, say, FSU does well against Lousville?

We'll see if those five former head coaches working for Saban are worth their salt.

Yeah Baylor gonna BTFO of the scrub team they play but it's the best thing to watch tonite to scout the talent Baylor has as this is the first time Baylor plays this season without better games to watch going on

Is the AAC even a G5? They get more street-cred with the networks than any other G5 school. Stop trying to steal support from non-power conferences simply because the CFP took away your automatic bowl berth. Houston chose to leave C-USA to go to the AAC, before the meltdown was final.

It's the principle of the matter. Actual head coaches of SEC college football teams tried to slow down the game via regulation in order to keep the tempo to their advantage. It shows them for the fucking snakes that they are.

No because FSU beat ole miss unconvicingly(ish) while Olemiss was on the road.

If bama wins even by 1 it's a full season of SEC dickriding... again

... and that's what we're gonna do to em aggs

Don't forget that Bama can possibly lose to Ole Miss, not play in the SEC championship, and still get a spot in the playoffs.

Anyone who denies this possibility doesn't remember the 2012 BCS championship. Every season is SEC dickriding season.

Yes, and I actually think that will happen.

A win tomorrow puts Saban tied with the Bear for #3 in most wins over ranked opponents

>scrub team
Rice wins 56-54 cap it

Yeah the AAC isn't P5 but it's not trash either. Like, they actually belong in FBS unlike some other conferences.

SEC / B1G / PAC12
CUSA / SunBelt / MAC

I dont understand, why isn't Urban on this list? He even coached in the SEC in its prime.

Sun Belt deserves to be higher up if only for App State and Georgia Southern.

>Like, they actually belong in FBS unlike some other conferences.

The AAC is only where its at right now because the Big East consistently raided Conference USA to remain relevant. First in 2005 and again in 2013. Stop trying to make yourself feel better.

By that logic, C-USA deserves to be higher because of Marshall and ...*shudder*...WKU.

Name a better cfb analyst than based Heather.. you can't

she knows her shit

That was all Saban dick-riding. Instead of giving Saban a second shot at the title after he blew it at home during the regular season and letting him play for the national title without winning his division (which they would never do for anyone else besides Saban), it should have been the team that ended up finishing #3... Big 12 Champs Oklahoma State who had 1st R QB Brandon Weeden, 1st R WR Justin Blackmon, 1st R CB Justin Gilbert, 5th R RB Joseph Randle (2× First Team All-Big 12) etc etc

That Oklahoma State team reminds me of the Saints team that won the Super Bowl. High-flying offense with a mid-tier opportunistic D that was elite in forcing turnovers (and the Oklahoma State D was #6 in the NCAA with most forced turnovers that year)

>it should have been the team that ended up finishing #3... Big 12 Champs Oklahoma State who had 1st R QB Brandon Weeden, 1st R WR Justin Blackmon, 1st R CB Justin Gilbert, 5th R RB Joseph Randle (2× First Team All-Big 12) etc etc

I remember being so excited when Todd Monken came over to Southern Miss because he had coached those guys. USM had a pattern of good head coaches who previously ran the offense at Oklahoma State. Bower, Fedora, then Monken. He just didn't have the patience to sort out the shit that Ellis Johnson left behind.

>Stop trying to make yourself feel better.
I went to a Big Ten school. I'm just saying my impression of which teams can occasionally hang at that level and which ones are going to eternally be viewed as literal-who cupcakes.

We will be seeing this same thing happen with Meyer in the next 12 years (Meyer is 12 years younger than Saban). Meyer will go undefeated and lose at home to undefeated Harbaugh/Michigan and they will still put Meyer as the #2 seed after #1 Michigan.

Remember the season Ohio State and Michigan were #1 and #2 all year long and all the talk of a rematch for the title regardless of who won the Mich/Ohio State game? That was the year Urban Meyer and Florida BTFO of Ohio State and the SEC reign of a gazillion straight national titles began. Well now Urban is at Ohio State

Meyer will go undefeated and lose at home to undefeated Harbaugh/Michigan and they will still put Meyer as the #2 seed after #1 Michigan.

I would love to see this happen if just for variety's sake. But its highly unlikely, given that ESPN owns the SEC until 2023. They'll pimp their investment until the SEC is even more bloated than it already is.

>forgot fucking greentext.

This OSU autist copy pasted this shit in another thread once, its a little sad. I like how you try to play up OSU's talent when both Alabama and LSU's defenses are all time greats. I believe every starter on that Bama defense went to the NFL.

Bama lost to the #1 team
Oklahoma State lost to an unranked Iowa State team a week or so after after Bama lost.

The clear two best teams in the country that year just happened to be in the same division. They were fucking stacked.

No CBS has the SEC contract. ABC/ESPN (same company) has been pumping the shit out of Ohio State/Michigan, putting then on ABC even when they play scrubs, like how NBC does with Notre Dame


>Can't argue with objective facts
>better spout m-my memes!

LSU's D had Honey Badger but their offense was shit. Oklahoma State vs LSU would have been a great game. Only delusional Bama retards think otherwise

Note how the Oklahoma based retard subconsciously ignores the other matchup, oklaholma v. Bama, because he knows bama would have won that too.

I dont think Oklahoma State could beat either one of them. They lost to a shitty 6-7 Iowa St team lel

The SEC has a contract with both. The 'SEC on CBS' slot with CBS and the SEC network is with ESPN.

Iowa State is a top tier program though. It's a quality loss.

Alabama has a history under Nick Saban of getting torched when they play quality spread passing attacks. Fortunately for them they got to play SEC teams all year so that was never a problem.

CBS gets one SEC game per week, the rest go to ABC/ESPN


You cannot doubt me. Go Cyclones!

So you're saying 6-7 Iowa State was the best team in college football that year?

Here's your (You)

t. Oklahoma St redditor

The 2014 National Champ Ohio State team that beat the shit out of Bama in the playoffs lost 21-35 at home to a shitty VT team that went 7-6 (3-5 in ACC)




ESPN/SEC Network is joint venture and its a minor channel nobody watches

Southern Miss actually. I'm simply wise to the bullshit.

Why can't anyone ever take Iowa State seriously. We are a good program we can win games too.

The difference being that VT game was the first of the season, I believe.

Oklahoma St lost to Iowa St in late November. Everyone knows that you don't lose late in CFB and if you do, you better hope those in front of you in the polls lose next. Which is what happened for Bama.

Doesn't Woody have 5 AP poll championships? If they are going to let Bear have all of those claimed titles, then they should atleast put Woody on the list.

>tfw Rice will go 0-3

I can guarantee that the Longhorn Network gets more viewers then the SEC Network.

Iowa State will kick your ass if we played you.

She literally only spouts off FPI rankings.

Sounds right

OSU has 7 I think... 2 recent, 1 was Paul Brown, so that leaves Woody with 4. But some of his weren't AP titles

I listened to her for the first time the other day. The thing that got on my nerves was any time she mentioned anybody's name she just randomly spouted out their hometown and never expanded on it. Like she was inserting a fun piece of trivia

ok st beat andrew luck

Stadium has 8 different years for titles
>5 for Woody
>1 for Brown
>1 for Tressel
>1 for Meyer

Yeah. Well I beat Bama in 2013 in a bowl game.

If you're actually a student there then you've got that whole education thing working for ya.

desu national titles from back then were kind of stupid. I think in the future any titles from pre-CFP will be viewed similar to NFL pre-superbowl titles.

I love me some canadian football

In that case, Saban and Meyer are tie for most natties.

I'm doing grad school in Rice and I graduated from UH a year before Tom Herman

>downgrade in grills
>downgrade in football

Should've went to UT


Rice will win 55-21. Go Owls.

Bama lost straight up to LSU AT ALABAMA and Bama didn't even win their division much less conference. Everyone knows no team that didn't win their conference should be placed in an NATIONAL TITLE tgame against the same team that beat them when you have 4 other Power 5 Conferences Champions out there you are leaving out. Except for when it is Saban. Then an exception is made. They will do the same thing for Meyer at Ohio State. Hell, this year ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today etc all announced preseason they will put both Clemson and FSU in the playoffs regardless of who wins their regular season game at FSU as long as both win out otherwise. How is that cool to the 4 other power 5 conference champs fighting for the other 2 spots to not mention teams like Houston?

>mfw they get to BIG12 instead of UH

I got accepted to Rice for undergrad but I decided to go to a more local school.

Prediction of the FSU vs Louisville anyone?

FSU sucks but Louisville is a meme team so FSU wins and FSU fans whine about how FSU should be Numberwang

Why would you do that

I didn't want to go all the way to Texas alone because I am physically disabled.


pls stop avatarfagging

Oh out of state huh, thought you went somewhere in state like shithole lubbock or something


I'm quadriplegic so I needed to go somewhere closer. But I liked the campus at Rice it's very pretty. Too bad their football program is bad.


>haha rice is so smart le best school in Texas XD

Newsflash: literally any university north of the Mason Dixon line blows your piece of shit """school""" the fucking out

thinking about rice for post grad, is it really a southern ivy? how selection is admission?

Do you type by blowing into a tube?

Do you speak chinese?

newsflash: only like 30% of undergrads there are from texas

all the good schools in the south are filled with students from the north

What subject? Graduate school is all about how well ranked your school is in your subject/ how well they place

I have limited control of my arms and three fingers on my right hand and four on my left.

no but I speak German and Polish fluently, plus i can communicate fairly well in Spanish and Czech

>le rice gook memes

Emory/Miami/Rice/Vanderbilt = Overpriced schools for faggots from northern private schools

ANY university? I mean, you're clearly using hyperbole but maybe you're trolling.

economics from a state school in Massachusetts, pls no bully

post >yfw App State beats Miami tomorrow

I'm not chinese
Pretty harsh, I needed a shitton of recommendation letters but the academics is pretty good.

I live in Houston and the only people I know that went to Rice were all adults who went for the MBA years after graduating from elsewhere.

>its a shitty offense episode
Dammit Big XII I didn't want this.

Well tell me you at least have rich family in houston that can pull some strings?


im doing post grad at a community college arnt i :(

UMass-Amherst? They are known for being a school full of socialist economists.

Also I considered Rice they have a Economics PhD/Stats Masters which seemed cool but I just went full stats

>mfw graduated HS 7 years ago and haven't gone to college yet

I'm trying to enroll for classes early next year at a CC and then transfer to a legit uni, but damn I'm gonna be a 27 year old fucker in classes with 12 year olds.

God you fucking Meme XII schools are so shit. The spread offense meme was debunked over a decade ago, but you idiots still abide by it. Literally impossible to watch.

Thankfully my school is in the Big Ten, where you can enjoy both quality offenses and defenses

The only conferences that take football even remotely seriously are the Big Ten and SEC.

HCC's football team is better than Rice's at least.

>booty shorts with tights


no, Westfield State, UMass's shitty brother

i had the grades for their Buisness school but i didnt like the campus and size of the school, fell in love with Westfield State when i went on a visit there after spending a semester at a CC
>had a few joint classes at Smith College
>nicer campus than the majority of NE schools

>grades for their Buisness school
for UMass** but i favored WSU, plus tuiton was 900 dollars for a commuter student

>that cheeky trick play in Archbishop Wood - St Joseph Prep

Tha's pretty sad

Also it's co-ed inter-mural flag football.

Still better tho

>the rice stadium is literally not even a quarter full

Literally how? Is there anything better to do on a Friday night there?

Here we go!

Nerds and rich people don't care about football.

>Friday Night
Son, I think you need to think a few more seconds before you speak.

Chinese people don't like football

>3rd and 12
>run a draw play

Every Rice student and almumnus in history won't even fill up the whole stadium

Rice has a big stadium despite being a small school.

My fucking dick



this is not good

Overall half of all football stadium are in TX

But you go to Rice

>Rice football
I'm sure anyone looking to watch football on Friday night would probably go to a high school game for $5 instead of paying to see Baylor shit on Rice.

>notihng wrong with Baylor shitting on Rice


W..what else would they be user?

>Owl Offense


How's that?

Nice INT by Rice.

all Asians are the same

>Asians in the crowd

Proud to see you guys out there ;_;
Go Owls

Big XII actually playing defense whoa.

I think the most pathetic thing about Big XII football is how they are in the absolute heart of recruiting, but still have horrible teams. Easily the worst coached conference and it's not even close.


It's tru

Baylor is starting to look more and more like Wake Forest now.

How mad is everyone going to be when Colorado bootyblasts Michigan tomorrow?

not worried

Pac 12 is down this year too.

hammering the Michigan -19.5. you pissed off harbaugh, you dun fucked up really bad.

not too mad desu

>Chinese people don't like football


I find it weird that people in the Northeast have to pay for school and people in the South like Florida and Georgia get in state tuition for free

>harbaww can't handle the cheeky banter

>Hong Kong


Fuck off we 1990 now

>Baylor vs Rice
>Absolute slugfest

Someone please explain this.

is that a HS team?

What station do I analyze for again?

it's an amateur team

go owls

I completely agree.

You don't see me going out there and commentating on beach volleyball

They won't let me after I got caught fapping in the press box

The AP ranked only 10 teams for much of the 60s and never did more than 20 until the late 80s.

>Baylor D


Does Houston's QB have a future in the NFL?

Most of those bottom 3 belong in the FCS. There may be a huge power disparity there, but there's gotta be one somewhere. Get it out of the top level.

I wish someone would make another Pro league, or even a amateur with some fans would be nice

So more football can be a bad thing

thats lewd

He'll be the next Case Keenum.

Gary Danielsen

and he sucks

is it the Boobies?

>boobies a great

because you've never won 10 games

I'm gonna shine a laser pointer on the field

watch this

Nope. He's gonna have to become a darren sproles/danny woodhead type, if he even plays.

Case Keenum is a legend

That's better than most

But he isn't a kliffbabby so he has no hope

>Please refrain from shooting lasers on the field




>s-stop shooting lasers guys



Please refrain from shooting lasers on the field.


Didn't you hear the official tell you to refrain from shooting lasers onto the field

I'm not sure when they would play. Maybe Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

Between CFB and NFL, there's not really a day without football.

the tights too

He's the best coach in terms of handsomeness. If I were a 6'7" gorillian pound gay nigger, I would play for him.

>baylor charging their lasers
>refs ask them to refrain
wow how surprising people still fucking with baylor


i was thinking another time zone

India trying to get one done, last two season as alright =|

yeah after he COLONIZES your negro mom on a recruiting trip

Yeah that loss to Iowa State kinda sucked.

If you could think of the second best team in the country (with LSU being #1) then why would you not go with team that they lost to by a coinflip?

Plus did you see how badly LSU got dominated that game?

What's with the Frenchposter in these threads.

I can tell he's not American because he didn't know about based Lacrosse, but why does he like the college football?


>mfw Rice is winning in the 2nd quarter

because he likes it, fuck off


NFL Europe was huge start of seeing Gridiron Football played in other countries. I heard the JAFA, Japanese America Football Alliance is still popular today and other asian gridiron football committees ongoing there too.

his sister teaches at oklahoma state so he supports the school

They were a power in like the 50s but then they stopped giving a shit yet the stadium is still there


How memey would this be if the game ended 3-0?

I hope Rice wins just so they can be happy.

I wouldn't mind something like a summer league. That would actually be tight imo.

Either that or have some type of 'call up' system like the MLB

adidas is so shook
>UA takes their spot as the No. 2 athletic gear company
>panic, /cfb/ teams are leaving them for UA and Nike
>lose teams like UCLA, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Tennesse and Michigan
>create commercials with shit slogans like "SPORT NEEDS YOU"

pervertI need more Americ. Football news ;_;

Pls no, this is why tech has no Defense

Also because Kalen Ballage

>MFW they are wearing those throwbacks tomorrow

I guess you could say...

Baylor is getting.......


Beer League, in other words

yeah, I'd watch too


Pls no, we will win da next STDB owl

Oh fuck I just remembered that.

>Colorado talking shit

lmfao you're gonna lose by like 40 points tomorrow rofl

Why couldn't Zach Thomas be the TTU coach....

Fuck this shit

Chill I'm just curious.
There's no culture of college sports in Yurop so it's weird that one of them kniws about its basedness
Based reason 2bh

I remember his last conference game fondly. :^)

CU by 3. Book it.

You stand no chance. We were born in the STD's you merely embraced them

I have

Here's a great article on this:

>still stuck in C-USA

>played a dynasty on NCAA 14 as a DC at Rice
>recognize all these players
my niggas :')

I was just meming you m8. He likes it because his sister works (worked?) at oklahoma state iirc

That was a fun game to watch as an SEC supporter

Yeah no shit, you proved it last week.

Now we have nothing...


Last original member left. :^(

Lost bowl games for 1964 and 1973. The AP began releasing final polls after the bowl season in 1965 and the coaches poll followed suit in 1974.

USC faced the hardest schedule in college football by any metric in 1978. That, and they beat Alabama, by 10, in Birmingham.


>people ITT don't remember the glorious EFLI

Some of the best times I had on Cred Forums were in those threads

You still have the most handsome coach in all of college football and the (second) best offense too

They're literally just Texas and the entire country leaches off Texas recruits. The true heart is the Southeast. Niggers all over Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia.

That is true, #1 in handsome coach.

That's really all that matters...

Tulane escaped over you. How bad does that feel?

=3 i like you

Baylor is full JUST mode now.

5-7 season incoming.

not pricesely CFB but anyone know a decent site to stream video of HSFB games? There's tons of radio streams but I can't find any video.

Sort of weird that every team that left had been dominated by us throughout history. TCU, Louisville, Tulane, Houston, UCF, USF, ECU, etc.


Try local tv stations, otherwise I've got no clue.

You lost 20+ straight games. Don't go exaggerating things.

What the fuck even are Michigan's helmets? Are they pretending to be the Rams?

Where did Colorado even recruit from when they were good? There are no blacks in Colorado.

they're actually going for it

worst punt ever

Oh god Rice no.

He punted that damn thing 4 yards.

Texas. Coach Mac took them to boulder and when they saw that they wouldn't have to live in texas they committed almost immediately


>There are no blacks in Colorado

You must not have visited recently.

Literally no one broadcasts non championship HS games, if you're in Texas just go watch the game live

Dominated the overall records against those teams tho. :^) and Memphis too.

I'll just be happy if USM gets invited to backfill the AAC in the next realignment. I miss our old punching bags.

wow just bought some creature comfort and all i have to say is FUCK terrapin




Please consider

Oof that Rice punt. That actually hurt me

I used to have att uverse and they had a lot of random HS games at random times of the day.

Florida and Texas teams mostly but I'd get an occasional Midwestern team featuring a top recruit.

>on a Columbia drug frogs thread


How badly did that Baylor guy raping a chick fuck their program?

Because that team didn't win anything. You have to earn your place in the title game. You don't get in just off the merit of being Alabama. Well, apparently you do. But you shouldn't. Even the computers overwhelmingly voted for OSU.

It can hardly be called a *national* title if other conferences aren't allowed to participate in it.

Almost Penn State levels of fucktitude. Still not as bad as SMU though.

>that Baylor guy
which one?

if only they didn't botch the punt

There's been a Sven and a potato nigger in here recently and I'm wondering what their reasons are.



Baylor games over

It's still amazing that SMU is still the only FBS team to get the Death Penalty with all the fuckery that still happens

>unsportsmanlike penulty on Arkansas State's bench

Top meme.

I hope Baylor goes 0-12 next season. They never should have fired Briles.

I still think Bama was the best team in the country that year

It just so happened that the two best came from the same division.

But now there's a playoff and no one can get butthurt anymore :)

did you not hear them playing all star


they'll go 5-7 at worst. They always schedule 3 cupcakes, and Kansas and Iowa State are sub fcs tier.

They did nothing wrong compared to what other schools have done before or since. They were unfairly punished for being good.

>4% black or African American

>Chad Voytik
wasnt he some top 5 QB recruit? I dont follow Pitt, did he suck or was a bust?


r8 pickems

you can steal muh shit to be goat if you want to be goat as well

I prefer MIZZOU my friend

>I just looked at wikipedia

We've gotten 150k+ (that's conservative) people in Denver in the last 2 years, most of which are lowlifes.

Thanks for believing in us UT Norman

There's literally no niggers in colorado

It's like 45% spic though

"us" I meant

>this baylor defense
wew lad

Who here /biggestgameofseasontomorrow/?

rice is still in it



TD Rice

Fucking Big 12 is such trash

fuk forgot pic

Rice making this interesting.

14 - 10 now.

I honestly didn't in preseason.

But I saw what it was about against Ole Miss.
I have faith you hit the undefeated record again.

That QB is fucking good for a young guy. Not great, but I was impressed.

You shouldn't have a problem. If you do I'll hate you forever again.

>I hated winston and always thought you were overrated (not hated him because of scandals I thought he was bad a football, like oregon game bad, which I feelt good about... but yeee)

>not taking App State

May you be banished to the depths of Hundred Acre Wood to be Lord Robin's sex slave

Sorry >you're gonna lose by double digits tomorrow you delusional faggot.

Cheer up my friend. Our time will come. And hey, if by the time the next realignments come around the Power 5 conferences have learned that TV markets mean jack shit, we could score better than the AAC.

Hell, maybe the ACC? Anything's possible. I'm sure they'd enjoy recruiting grounds and TV exposure deeper in the SEC heartland.

You're so fucking dense.

This guys is kicking like I used to when i first played madden

>based mitten grils
who else /beststate/ here?

So where do we predict Briles ends up? Surely a SEC school would want a offensive-minded guy to fuck up the Saban train?

I fucking hated you guys after that game.

In retrospect it was all for the best and we ended up with Herman.

>Longhorn fan here
Keep it up Rice. keep it up.


SMU and he will lead us to a pre-Death Penalty era of football.


LSU grabs him

We'll take Chad Morris back

what school has an AD that is a Jerry Jones-Tier guy who doesn't give a fuck about publicity and scrutiny

I agree with you there.

But... we had a very good method for knowing the best team in the SEC and the best team in the Big 12. What we didn't have was a way of knowing which of those teams was better. Instead of having a game between those teams, we had a game between two teams in a conference that had already declared a champion.

rice cant make the stops right now

>mfw espn won't air the god-tier MOB halftime bantz

Glad you realize it, white trash piece of shit.

I'm not getting my hopes up for long.

My Colorado friend confirms.

Can't wait to move to Tennessee. It's all the basedness of Alabama without almost no minorities outside of Memphis.

Honestly USC would benefit from him if they would stop pussing out.

None, because the board of regents and donors for universities have their hands in too much of that shit.

>moving from Waco to Dallas
No way SMU can match his salary from Baylor. There's no way the American is that lucrative.

Stop trying to argue logically with a Bama fanboy. It never works. They're the most SECSECSEC of the SECSECSEC idiots.

Arizona State?



I want him but there's no way we'd take him.

Poor Rice




I just want to be good again man. The NCAA Jews destroyed my program.


>No way SMU can match his salary from Baylor
With their tuition and donors? They can pay Briles whatever the hell he wants.

Not to mention they get him on a premium considering no school is going to pay for him full price.

you guys are ridiculously good at hiring coaches wtf

I thought rice recovered

If he was a Bama fanboy he'd say >we

>tfw no gf

Shit I'm in the stands seeing it with my own eyes that we got it.

Wisco fan here, damn this schedule is tough. Think they have any chance against Michigan and OSU? That stretch of ranked teams is gonna kill. Nebraska could be tough also

Don't be so sure. Won't Auburn boosters do just about anything to beat Bama?

You produced Cole Beasley, the great white hope. That's something to be proud of user.

Can we talk about how fucked up it was that Kevin Sumlin gets buttfucked on national TV in a game he was supposed to waltz through and still gets the A&M spot over Fedora?

The alamodome is still around...wow

>this Baylor commentator


They still use it too. That's weird.


Muh Auburn Creed.

Look, I'm gonna be honest. I like you Wisonson. But I'm gonna need you to tank at some point so LSU will look weak and hurt the SEC in rankings. So if you could do me that solid, it'd be great.

I think your fat, buttery ass has a better chance of having a heart attack (which I hope you do) than beating UM or OSU this year.

Of course who wants to be known as that school anyway. I'm curious who eventually does hire him.

lol wut what happened

You are really mad at Wisconsin dude. What's your problem man?

The worst kept secret was that Sumlin was already hired. I still believe that it demoralized the team (with all due respect to USM).

Fucking hated that trash ass POS ever since.

it would have to be a g5 team

>and that kick is good, or rather I mean not good..

I think the fact that they lost to Wisco with such a terrible offense did plenty to hurt the SEC

>used by UTSA and the site of a bowl game
>fairly new stadium, opened in 1993
you mean the astrodome right?

the dude said a kick was good when it was literally 15 yards wide right

Your fat, dumb looking like I just left a fart people are my problem. Win one or two games over a ranked opponent and then think you can beat the world just to fucking disappoint your stupid Wisconsinites by the end of the season. Chris, fuck off.

wow u tight

If no one is willing to touch him yet, Saban will probably add him to his head coach collection and use him as an "analysis."

I'm not the same dude man. I don't live in Wisconsin. Why are you mad at them dude?



mfw Lamar Jackson bootyblasts those asswipes from tallynasty

The AP polls all time #1 is playing #2 and gaymeday is skipping it to watch some meme game with a noon kickoff.

How did the producers manage to fuck this up?



Like watching my high school's team

>muh history
tell me the last year oklahoma wasn't a meme team


LMAO, Briles is in the stands

top bantz

because "ALL TIME" doesn't really matter. Nobody really cares about OU


Alamodome is incredibly outdated and ugly is what he means
It's from the 90s and it shows badly

I'll never be able to figure out that hiring decision. I think hiring decision. I think the Aggies wanted to enter the SEC with a black head coach as a way to ingratiate themselves with potential Southern black recruits.

>room temperature IQ quarterback who doesnt know his plays "stares his reciever down and if he's covered he scrambles" and uses his athleticism to stunt on FCS tier rosters will beat a top 25 team that has a defense that can match his athleticism with ease
yeah no, enjoy Kenny Hill 2.0

well I mean his son is a coach on the team

The noon gane features two undefeated teams while the meme Ohio state game does not. What's the excitement at Oklahoma when they lost to Houston this year? It's a miserable season for them. Terrible place for game day. Does this make sense to your barely functional brain?

>The worst kept secret was that Sumlin was already hired. I still believe that it demoralized the team (with all due respect to USM).
Thanks for the respect but it was no secret at all that Fedora was gone after that game as well.

Because the media hates the Big 12, that's why. They only care about the SEC, and the dynasty schools up north and on the West Coast. Big 12 and ACC get the shaft.

Explain Texas you mongoloid.

You do know that Houston booty blasted FSU in their bowl game? Or is a knuckle-dragger such as yourself unaware of that?

>media hates the Big 12

The media will care when the ACC takes another 3 or 4 titles in College Football in a couple years

There are more people at a high school game in houston than Rice-Baylor


This is exactly why bottom tier big 12 teams will never vote for UH

The media "hates" the Big 12 because they suck ass this year.

Your preseason #1 loses in embarrassing fashion to Houston, your #2 loses to Arkansas and plays SJSU close, your #3 loses to Central Michigan, your middling teams lose to Arizona State and Stanford, and your cellar dwellers lose to fucking Ohio and Northern Iowa.

can you explain further, I don't quite get your reasoning on that one f a m


The b12 has played like shit and they deserve to be dismissed.

....and? FSU fans had a terrible season last year bc of that. Same as Oklahoma fans this year

>Somehow not completely demolished by the half

Fight 'em Owls!

Since only Meyer and Saban are capable of winning multiple titles, how long has your championship coach had to fuck over your team?

>High score:
Auburn, two years

>Respectable at least:
Larry Coker, five years

>Crashing this program tier:
Mack Brown, eight years

>Spoiled fanbase tier:
Phillip Fulmer, ten years
Bobby Bowden, ten years

>Eternal embarrassment, no end in sight, just fucking kill me already tier
Bob Stoops, 16+ years

wtf i hate tom herman now

Texas built their own network fuckwad. And any media attention they get is rivaled by any other school with a football legacy.

I hope so

>that stadium
Goddamn does Texas know how to do HS football right

We're only in week 3, I was referring to past seasons. But thank for outing yourself as a hater. ;^)

I'm sorry, were you trying to make a point about UH crowds?

you do know that bowl game was last season? and that teams change year to year?

Kansas State's loss to Stanford doesn't belong on this list. Nobody expected a so-so Big 12 team to win on the road against the defending Pac 12 champion and their magic white RB.

UH joining the big 12 will barely hurt the big dogs like UT, OU, etc. Instead, bottom tier schools like KU and Iowa State will have a much harder time recruiting in Texas.

The popularity of HS football in Houston, and Tom Herman's presence at a game illustrates this point vividly

It doesn't matter for us we should have shown up to win not to get our asses kick against an heavy offensive minded team like Houston.

>But thank for outing yourself as a hater

My school is in the Big 12 :^)

thanks dawg

>3rd and 16
>down by 11
>run a speed option
im sick of this conservative play calling, its like i traveled back in time to 1992

wow that's the ugliest thing i've ever seen in my life

lmao, are you going to provide any context to that pic, rice fag?

If Baylor holds on to beat Rice, and Oklahoma and Texas both lose tomorrow, Baylor will be the highest ranked team in the Big 12. Think about that

#11/16 Texas
#14/14 Oklahoma
#19/21 Baylor
#26/26 TCU
#32/32 Oklahoma State
#37/NR West Virginia

Won't the big dogs just ram it down like they did with TCU? They fit the same bill as Houston.

Is that really newly renovated Alamo Dome, holy shit that's looks awesome

>Arizona State

The Big 12 was on the verge of disintegrating when they added TCU and West Virginia, that was a bigger issue than making recruiting in Texas a little more difficult. They absolutely had to pick up two teams and those two were good additions. The conference is no longer teetering on the brink of destruction so there is not urgency to add teams ASAP regardless of any negatives they might bring along.

Take your pick, they couldn't even consistently fill the place with a top-tier team and Tom Herman at the helm.

Why are they expanding anyway if they championship game now?

You need 8 votes.

Let's assume you get UT, BU, TT, TCU, OU, OSU. You still need two of KU, Kstate, WVU or Iowa State.

And of course, that's a big assumption that all of Texas and Oklahoma will provide unanimous support.


>Rice making fun of baylor's title IX

>article from Tue, Sept 8, 2015
Wow, after Herman's first fucking game. Amazing detective work, bro.

>baylor kicking


why are there no good games today

It's Friday man. You should be watching HS football.

They can get tens of millions for each extra team from media contracts. Any new members to the conference will only get a fraction of their share and gradually get a larger piece each year.

I feel like all of the big xii's hand being forced to expand could've just been solved if they added cincy + louisville in 2012

It actually hurts the mid-tier B12 teams more, not the bottom tier. It's Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and TCU that will lose out on those Texas/Houston area recruits that would funnel into Houston. OU would probably be affected a bit by it as well just because they're not the strongest recruiting school in Texas in recent years, but Texas is the only one that would come out pretty much unscathed, since they'll still have their pick of kids in the state.

>you only know this actor as "Coach."

The hope is they can make more money with more teams as well as expand the conference's footprint. Plus, a round robin in a 10 team league with a conference championship game is a ton of losses to go around the conference. That makes it incredibly hard for the champion to finish with 1 loss or less, which so far is the cutoff to make the playoff. More teams mean some of them won't play each other, which makes it easier for good teams to win 10+ games and bad teams to win 6 games for bowl eligibility.

>SEPTEMBER 8, 2015
>Top tier team? your pic was prior to any success by Herman
>see pic related from your article

Your making this too easy

try again rice fag

Because they want to actually be the Big "12" in name and reality. They should just rename it back to the Southwest Conference or Southwestern Conference and be done with it.


>getting their shit pushed in

but i have no connection to the local high school and this isn't texas
i don't wanna be the creepy college dude at the high school game

Kicker is mad

Do you want me to go to the Sumlin or Briles years, too? They've been a solid program with great coaches for years now, and yet they still can't pull in a half-decent crowd.

There's a loophole in the contract that is getting exploited, plus there was that presentation that said they had a better chance of getting into the playoff if they added any 2 teams, regardless of quality.

Wait how the fuck is Arizona State losing to UTSA?

>commuter schools wondering why other commuter schools doesn't fill up stadiums

I read that the big 12 isn't going to do the partial deal. which is why they are being very picky about the choices

ASU is one of those teams that is a completely different team at home than on the road. Most teams play a little better at home but the home Sun Devils and road Sun Devils are night and day.

>teammates fighting on the sideline
>teammates talk shit after your kicker misses a fg
nice team you got there

Who cares man? Buy a hamburger, pick a team to cheer for, and just have fun with it. So long as you don't pick a super tiny high school it won't be weird.

I was in Dallas last November visiting family and on a whim stopped in to a 5-A playoff game at Cowboys Stadium. Fucking boss.

That's the past, and in a 60 year old piece of crap stadium.


Why are you so buttmad about this, rice fag?

how does this affect you one bit?

If anything, we'll finally get to bootyblast you asswipes once again

>College game day game is at noon
the fuck

>this fat black girl Microsoft commercial

TitleIX is ruining college sports

college football is the first sacrifice

because pac 12 defense

Don't speak ill of the Rob

shit was /comfy/ af

Did Jalen Rhodes ever play anywhere else? I swear I've heard that name before, and I have never in my life watched a UTSA game.

Title IX unironically triggers me, it should be repealed now that women are over 60% of undergrads but good luck getting women to agree to equality when they benefit from special treatment

New thread

2 early junior

no he's been at utsa is whole college carrier

Why does his name sound so familiar then?

Xavier Rhodes was a star a couple years ago



How does ASU beat Tortilla Tech yet gets assblasted by UTSA?

>getting bootyblasted by literally who u

We're gonna win la

>Arizona State


wait a minute guys, i thought all those satellite camps were going to have the opposite effect, North raiding the South, not the other way around... oy vey, mapfag isn't going to be very happy about this!

where is college gameday?


good morning beautiful people. GO NOLES

Louisville will win.

>Rices band formed a Roman numeral 9 during their halftime performance in last night's game against Baylor


>all those 9's


Threadly reminder that 3/4 did it when there were no scholarship restrictions to level the field. Saban has done it in an era with way more parity.

>have to go to friend's birthday party out at Epcot at noon today instead of watching the FSU game

Goddamnit, Rick. Who the fuck holds a party at high noon? Who the fuck holds a party at high noon in fucking Florida when it's going to be 91 degrees?

Why does Lee Corso still have a job?

I think he works for free

>tim tebow is broadcasting

Isn't he supposed to be on a baseball team?

at least he isnt the janitor

Legacy. Nobody would have the heart to let him go.

New thread lads

New thread lads