Unlikeability aside where does he rank amongst the all time great left backs?

Unlikeability aside where does he rank amongst the all time great left backs?

Top 25

top 1

Best in the world for about 5 years, probably top 10 all time

Was the best in the world at his position for nearly a decade. Second greatest since Maldini of the fullbacks I've seen in my lifetime and that's difficult for me to say because he's a total cunt.

Sticks phones up his arse desu

shutdown fullback

2 behind maldini

Only world class player we've ever had

Doesn't hold a candle to R. Carlos, still top 10 tho.

Come on mate, you had Henry as well

James Henry is fucking shit

top 30 maybe

Best English player ever in my opinion.

As an Arsenal fan the guy used to be our best player regularly in big games. Fucking legend, he was supposed to be our captain for the next decade.



Best LB in the world for a decade. There will never be one as great as him for a long time. Or ever for that matter.

He's gotta be one of the few modern English players that never got criticised for his performances for the NT.

Easy pick for England's all time XI and was certainly top 2 in his position throughout pretty much his whole career.

Le 'cant shoot, only pass while running fast' man

English mythomania truly knows no bondaries. You're an embarrassment.

I am with Dzeko

Ronaldo called him the best left back he ever faced.


Well obviously since he used to regularly embarass him. No surprise that Ronaldo's best and only good performance against Chelsea came against Essien.

carlos was a trash defender.

Probably one of the few English players from their ((golden generation)) who legitimately was a world class player

>one of the few

He was the only world class english player since Lampard/Beckham/Rooney/Scholes/Gerrard are all memes for Enland. Cole was the only one who plays great every single game

All it would have cost was 5 grand a week. It also set off all the other players leaving.