It's THE sport for plebs, right?

It's THE sport for plebs, right?

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NFL is a league not a sports

Both that as well as for beta nu-male cucks.


>implying anyone not from tumblr knows what that means

Yup. Worst product in America

You're thinking of basketball friend-0

>projecting this hard

Canada is americas worst product.

yep. College is the superior version

College football is pretty terrible

Its all meme teams, no defense, and no consistancy in any way shape or form.

NFL is shit and for low iq retards

So why dont you like it then? Its right up your alley, america jr.

No one cares about this outside the US.
Get your local obscure sports out of my Cred Forums.

I went to a CFL game 1 month ago.

I just can't understand the way north america is enjoying their sports.

cfl is garbage though. not even close to the talent level of the nfl.

> no one cares about this sport outside of US

Tell that to Sky.

i mean NFL isn't for everyone obviously, but CFL is actually terrible lol

soccer is just as boring, honestly.

and i've played it since first grade.

Nobody watches CFL expect rednecks living in the prairies

Cred Forums was created because of the NFL you fucking nonce

Hockey is so much better right? Get fucked leaf.

If ESPN has an obsession with it then it's a pleb sport

So literally every sport?

It's not even really about the level, even if handegg has some peculiarities (like the fact you have to follow half of the game on the giant screen if you're on the opposite side of the action, as the only thing you can see is a pack of players moving en masse towards some place on the field and piling up on each others).

It's more about the global environment, like:
-woofers yelling "make some NOIIIIIIIIIISE" or "D-FENCE" every 2 minutes
-guys on the touch line hired to stir up the crowd, giving coupons to get discounts on beers, and people in the crowd constantly shouting "funny" stuff at them
-other guys selling beers/pop corn/ ice scream/whatever passing through every 5 minutes
-even lasting for 3 hours or more, half of it being players just standing around waiting for the TV broadcasters to end their commercials
-timeouts, tiemouts, timeouts, timeouts, timeouts, timeouts, timeouts...
-people starting to go away 20 minutes before the end (the fact the game was a blowout didn't help I guess)
-wasting time to show silly events on the giant screen like kisscam or other shit

Basically, it just feels like the whole stuff is 50% about the game and 50% about the side events, and that people enjoy those side events just as much as the game and that they wouldn't even go to the game without those side events. And that they're perfectly OK with a huge part of the game just about waiting for the TV to be ready.

>not wrestling
>nor ultimate mixed ultragon kickfighting

>going to live events
>not watching them in the comfort of your own home with all the amenities


well that's just football, it's a TV sport. you're ignorant to lump all of the north american sports into that same culture. go to a basketball or a baseball game.

Yep, scripted like the WWE

those things aren't the sport's fault, blame television and capitalism


I like Football but its almost certainly going to fall off in the next 50 years due to all the CTE shit and not succesfully breaking into the international market.


OP said sport

baseball never broke into the international market, aside from a handful of small countries, and it's been going for 140 years.


mlb didn't, but baseball did

MLB has a shitload of international talents and baseball is extremely big in all these Latino countries plus Japan/Korea.

Since we're talking CFL

They are in many ways fucking trash.

Montreal whatever the fuck their team name is, has two intriguing QB's on their team but received no interest because rakeem cato is rail thin and ready to shatter. Then Vernon Adams is rumored to be 5'9 or so and then was shitty at academics.

They have only played rakeem in a game just now after the team started 3-7. Instead they would rather start a random CFL journey QB. In his one start his numbers looked pretty impressive.

Rakeem would have been a mid rounder if he played for a larger school and wasn't labeled despite really no injuries.

That league is a dumpster fire, same with the AFL. Wish there was a proper development league for football where athletes had a better chance to make their way into the NFL if they fall out or are rejected early.

also the potential for growth is better because you can convince a group of skinny, malnourished african children to run around and throw baseballs to each other
how do you do that with concussion collide

in the majority of latino countries soccer is the biggest sport. baseball has taken over some of the central american countries like cuba that are very close to us but south america has a completely different culture. japan is the most notable country where baseball is big, but that's still not a lot of international support compared to soccer or even cricket.

The Most Interesting And Dominant Baseball Player In The World Plays In Japan

2016 stats: 123 innings pitched, 2.12 ERA, 151 strikeouts. He has also put up these stats this season: 288 at-bats, .326/.425/.611, 22 home runs.

Would be fun if he went to the NL and tore things up.

I mean, soccer is in a league of its own.
I think MLB is more in competition with the leagues here than with soccer. No one is ever going to compete with divegrass

in Venezuela, Baseball is the #1 sport.

Who is that semen demon?

are u serious

Well we are comparing it to Football here, not fucking Soccer which is in a league of its own.

Baseball is in a good position and I feel it will continue to grow internationally cause of its skill based style (and all the rags to riches stories) as you don't have to be a athletic freak to play it. Basketball is the most individual sport so its easier to market its stars and thats why its #1 in international market but there's always the height and athleticism issue.

Football is fucked in all ways. The whole CTE shit is a killer.

katie ledecky

we'll see, the television ratings are only getting better and better. i don't think this country is going to just let our #1 sport die. if not the NFL then someone else will take their place.

It's a game for plebs & patricians alike.

I'll never understand the backlash. Take soccer for instance. Now that is a caveman kick skull sport if I've ever seen one. Primitive to say the least.

CTE really is the biggest threat for football.

If the NFL/major uni's were smart, they would invest heavily into helmet research/design.

Helmet removal, brings down excitement of big plays where the player is no longer fearless of consequences. Then current helmets aren't good enough to reduce injuries, preventing parents letting their kids play. Kids not playing means less likely to watch the game as well.

Just remove helmets all together. It's better publicity for the players anyways.

I-I-i don't want to, I have fallen in love with the massive collisions and the complete lack of awareness for safety when they hold nothing back.

Keep the game the same, just keep searching for a cancer tier solution.

When runningbacks lead with their helmet & I throw up..

I mean getting your bell rung is a right of passage in this game, but making your helmet a weapon should be HEAVILY enforced.

I'd ban fuckers.

> Be a parent and let your kid play RB

Not only is it the most dangerous position, most guys are practically done after their rookie deal. Shit has the poorest longevity in any sport position.

It's the glory position. Fuck a quarterback, you tell a fellow son your kid is starting runningback & their dicks get hard.

*you tell a local father

The quarterback does a lot. a runningback does all that & blocks.