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9/16: Bellator 161 - Kongo vs Johnson
9/17: UFC FN 94 - Poirier vs Johnson
9/23: Invicta FC 19 - Maia vs Modafferi
9/24: UFC FN 95 - Cyborg vs Lansberg
9/25: RIZIN 2 - Cro Cop vs Myung
10/1: UFC FN 96 - Lineker vs Dodson
10/8: UFC 204 - Bisping vs Henderson 2
10/15: UFC FN 97 - Lamas vs Penn
10/21: Bellator 162 - Shlemenko vs Grove
11/05: UFC FN 98 - Dos Anjos vs Ferguson
11/11: One FC: Defending Honor - Aoki vs Folayang
11/12: UFC 205 - TBA
11/19: Bellator 163 - Chandler vs Henderson
11/19: UFC FN 99 - Nelson vs Kim
11/19: UFC FN 100 - TBA
11/26: UFC FN 101 - Rockhold vs Souza 2
12/10: Glory: Collision - Verhoeven vs Hari






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rothwell is god


thanks man

why do you have to hurt my feelings so

this honestly

no problem
how do you feel about blaydes vs east
east takes it imo

literally who gives a fuck

>shitposter makes post from mobile while using wifi

>turns off wifi and uses mobile data

>replies to himself


the succposting is sarcastic

decent match as far as wbw goes
old name vs rising prospect
should be a decent fight for the division as well, it's a good clash of styles

>decent fight for the divison
*decent fight

Shit OP. KYS.

Anyway Based Chael is going to bring the memes to Bellator. Didn't he say he want Charlie Sheen or JCVD to walk him out? Make it happen Kekator.

i just hope he doesn't get his ass kicked or look too washed up

did he ever say that? i thought only dana said that

>tim kennedy going to fight for infowars.com

>DurianRider was heemed by his vegan girlfriend

>9/11 was an inside job


some shitty card on saturday

Thank you!

Any FanZants around?

What is she trying to tell us?

How would Eddie fair against Connor?

UFC Fight Night 94 Weigh-in Results:
Dustin Poirier (156) vs. Michael Johnson (154.5)
Derek Brunson (186) vs. Uriah Hall (185.5)
Evan Dunham (156) vs. Rick Glenn (154.5)
Kenny Robertson (170.5) vs. Roan Carneiro (171)
Chris Wade (156) vs. Islam Makhachev (155.5)
Maximo Blanco (145.5) vs. Chas Skelly (146)
Gabriel Benitez (145.5) vs. Sam Sicilia (146)
Augusto Montano (170.5) vs. Belal Muhammad (170.5)
Antonio Carlos Jr. (185) vs. Leonardo Guimaraes (186)
Joey Gomez (135) vs. Jose Quinonez (134.5)
Randy Brown (171) vs. Erick Montano (171)
Albert Morales (135) vs. Alejandro Perez (135)

Youre fucked in the head buddy

>not selling her own unwashed workout clothes instead


>that filter

Ground and pound Conor's face in

you might be his only fan




I think you'd be surprised, I think he'd get fucked up

I could heem everyone here and twice on sunday

How do you think you'd do in a wrestling match against Cain?

hahah that durianrider vid is good stuff.


>she will never belittle your LWC until you cummies all over your face for her

Valentina is a harsh mistress tbqh.


>white """"""""""""men"""""""""""" think this is bunda

>pretending not to be white on /heem/


no that's what I meant that dana had said that

>no profanity

why are americans such mind police cucks?

I bet you're happy men's strawweight exists

>Cruz vs. Garbrandt



how much till Bellator prelims?


Our guy

sorry, misread bro


it's all good

they just got to stop fucking around and make shit happen is all



bold prediction: garbrandt deletes cruz's chin


Very bold, but he'll get decisioned.

take that back

It feels like McGregor/Aldo again, but Cruz won't get shook and I think Cruz will actually get in Cody's head

My rationale is that I believe Garbrandt has the best hands out of anyone Cruz has ever faced

More likely than the opposite happening.

Cruz and Aldo have wildly different styles
Aldo got heemed because he ran straight into a counter
Cruz never runs straight into anything, and his style specifically counters boxers, his legs are his weak point

How well do former boxers do in the ufc?

don't talk to him like that

Even bolder for morons

Cruz knocks out Cody in the first round

I mostly just meant long term champion vs young cocky knockout artist. I agree I think Cruz is much smarter and won't get emotional

>Garbrandt has better hands than Dillashaw

All Garbrandt does is throw hooks and brawl
He has more power, but not better hands
His wins against Mizu and Almeida both came by countering them against the wall like this
Cruz would duck and move out of they way instead of opening himself up like they did

i think cruz clatters mcgoobers head off the c-canvas in one round

Just marathoned the third episode of TUF. This season looks good even though my fellow negroes got btfo the fuck out

>off the c-canvas
kek every time

Has he ever really faced boxers though?

Hmm, maybe you're right.
I had picked against Garbrandt in the Almeida fight because I thought his striking was basic.
I just feel like he has a good enough understanding of boxing to not run around in circles chasing cruz for 25 minutes.

Literally our guy


his punching with short, fast hands reminds me of what cats do when a dog or something comes close and they starting paw-slapping it

If people are earning title shots for beating people ranked #11, where is Struve's title shot?

thanks alot man

Apparently he has a feud with Helwani and mmafighting.com never sources him when he breaks news

God I hate Garbrandt's fighting style and his stubby little limbs. I can't wait for Cruz (or anybody really, I don't care who) to embarrass him. Was hoping Almeida was gonna shut his lights off. Oh well

Have you ever deleted anyones chin?

It's coming la, Struve is the lineal champ

This nigga is even worse than Dillashaw. I don't see how he poses any threat to the dominator.


*teleports behinds you*
*taps you on the shoulder*
*uppercuts you into your cheeto-flaked screen*

nothing personnel kid

this dude is terrifying. hes winning the belt 100%

Do you think he's finally gonna crack DC's legendary chin?

Dustin Poirier vs. Michael Johnson
Uriah Hall vs. Derek Brunson
Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn
Alejandro Pérez vs. Albert Morales
Roan Carneiro vs. Kenny Robertson
Chris Wade vs. Islam Makhachev

DC's chin is hanging by a thread. That Gus knee took away at least 50% of its original power.

If DC stands and bangs with him, sure
They fought before and Rumble got wrestlefucked, gassed and got choked late



How good is islam makhchev

good for lellator. #allowpPEDs

Russian wrestlefucker, think a discount Khabib


The writer has a point though.

i remember him hitting dc's forehead last time, not the chin

Dustin Poirier
Derek Brunson
Evan Dunham
Roan Carneiro
Chris Wade
Chas Skelly

if you had to cut one fighter from the ufc who would it be?

The only possible way he can win is by clipping Cruz in an exchange and knocking him out, which he has the power to do
He has a puncher's chance

Jessica Eye

bargain bin khabib

That would be great, if only he wasn't facing the least hit fighter in the UFC. So his chances of clipping/catching him are at like 2%. The way he was making TJ miss was hilarious and downright embarrassing.

he really doesn't though
he's acting like Chael's the only and worst person to ever cheat just because he got caught and admitted it
he's acting like everyone else on the bellator roster isn't already on steroids and signing Chael is this horrible travesty because Chael is a known steroid user
It's bs

artem vs no love


he literally has nothing for dom

has no range and is goes for the early KO vs. least hit fighter in MMA history. if he doesn't win in the first or second he's completely fucked. dom has the highest pace besides mouse and will gas anyone except for mouse

TJ also has much better striking than cody and cruz beat him on 1 fucking leg while limping around with plantar fascia after 2 fights in 5 fucking years

ya cody has a shot with the early KO, but if he can't find it (against fucking cruz) then he is going to get slaughtered for another 50-45 for the dominator




Mickey going heel against Dana's meme fighters and cleaning them all out of the UFC would be great

Chael should be sent to the same gutter as every steroids cheater tbqh
Now he'll be praised like a hero triumphantly returning. Even if he pumps up his gas again, we'll have a fight worse than Dada x Kimbo. Bellator is doing everyone a disservice.

That's a good philosophy.

picks are closed sorry i fucked up

naw I got it saved so I'll do picks tomorrow

>tfw boy doesn't have a fight

connors a natural 205er

I honestly think most fighters do steroids, not just to get an advantage, but because it makes their life easier.
It's not something there's any facts on, because nobody will admit to it, but just look at how physiques changed from pre-USADA to now. Look at how they change as soon as you leave the UFC. It's clear most, or at least a very large part of fighters is on some shit.
I don't think doing steroids is such a huge deal with that in mind



video of Cody Garbrandt lying to embellish story on radio

>just look at how physiques changed

They really haven't that much at all. Erick Silva is really the only one I can actually think of, maybe Vitor too but that has to do with no TRT more than anything

reem, hendricks

Weidman, Overeem, Hendricks, Rory to name a few
And this isn't just USADA, but as UFC testing got stricter
there's others for sure

Stop shilling this fucking nobody


OC. Do not steal.

he tweets a lot, what can I do about it



>Eminem avatar
>MMA journo
>Alt-right nerd

I need to apologize to Ariel and Cuck Thomas desu

Weidman looks exactly the same


He's looked different since he got off the horse meat, USADA has nothing to do with that specifically


Exactly the same


I'll give you that one

jimmy is actually funny off the cuff when he's with people like anthony/colin/louis/vos, all opie had to do was be able to take jokes---not even be a comedian and he can't even do that



>>stop shilling

>but he posts a lot!!!!



just stop this now

lmao nice main card idiot


he has the spiciest tweets
and he's called everything these past two weeks (including wonderboy–tyron)

what do you like to call yourselves?

>closing picks before the weigh-ins


I think physiques changing has more to do with the IV ban than with roids. People like Weidman who used to look huge as MWs now look way smaller cause they're walking around at lighter weights and were over-reliant on cutting out water weight a lot

>your opinion


nobody posted this but here it is

Is it true that Cody Garbrant's dad got life in prison?

stop pigeon holing people

oh shit belal is on this card


>its a herb dean break in

jesus christ man

omg, did he lose his job??!

i'll take the picks for the real main card

fuck that retard idiot that randomly picked fights

do you unironically watch the weigh ins?

wtf. story?

>Dillashaw beat Assuncao, fighting Rivera
>Cruz beat Faber, fighting Garbrandt

Who's the champ again?

security guard sleeping on the job, gets dead, murdering thieves take shit

I wanted to see Tyron's face as he announced it


>not shooting them

looks more like bum sleeping in a bank's ATM area

Link to that?

follow replies

>those manlet blows

i punch harder than that

>the only 49 days left of the Tyrone meme

he's wearing a uniform

does anyone have the webm of the barncat getting killed?

That's not the time it links me to when I play it.

"wonderboy wont get BLACKED by based tyron"

-t. a fuckin idiot

it's at the start

you wish

Thank you based Dana for a good title fight.

unironic cuck

he's gonna get lynched and won't get the money fight he was complaining about

it's about time

>le back straight up and throw overhand right man
How will wonderboy handle such a diverse striking threat

Found it. Glad he announced it on the UFC Hidalgo weigh ins. Very fitting venue for this money fight.


I don't see how anybody could like this whiner

I watch the non-pageantry weigh ins, it gives you very small insight into how a fight might go

>mfw T-City is out for like a fucking year because his dumbass didn't tap from a Ryron Gracie armbar

I hope Woodley literally kills wonderboy

>Mfw wonderpedo gets rag dolled or KO'd in the first

McGregor's main eventing it, so it's not like buys are going to be an issue

he will get taken down and then its all over from there

Fookin manlet, ye?

Woodley obviously has power to heem anybody, but please don't pretend like wonderboy isn't an awful matchup for him.

>Gave 20% of his awarded purse back to Gastelum when he showed up fat

Oh right, you're a casual 196'er.

So 205 as things stand:
Woodley vs Wonderboy
Weidman vs Romero
Edgar vs Stephens
Cowboy vs Gastelum
Rashad Evans vs Tim Kennedy
Thiago Alves vs Al Iaquinta
Conor vs Alvarez
Aldo vs Holloway
Joanna vs Karolina

who knows he did lose to a heroin addict

USADA really did a number on some of these guys.

getting hit in the face with a flush Woodley shot is going to hurt regardless of USADA

>matt brown just got beat by lelenburger

can't wait for this nigger to get heemed so these cucks are left speechless

>Circling towards the power hand of a guy who throws one punch
Wew lad

Potentially very spicy even without additions

Tyrun: you said you wanted to fight Robbie Lawler and now you’ll get an opportunity to fight Robbie Lawler

If Woodley wins for whatever reason, Conor heems him next

Calm down cletus.

when did edger/stephens come up? and when did weidman/romero get confirmed?

tyrone woods already SHOOK on FS1


I would give Woodley a very good shot to beat wonderboy with pure blacksplosiveness, not sure I like this matchup

The UFC isn't paying him Conor points, lad. WME do seem to be loosening the purse strings lately though.

Is he lying? no.

Is he a confirmed pussy like your dad? yes.

this title fight is a good won and worth my 60 bucks

>How I can tell you've seen exactly one Woodley fight

but thats the truth

cuck, there's only ONE tyrun fag here and it's you.


Wow you sure are taking things personally over the internet. Calm down little guy.

his legs will be crushed with leg kicks m8

I am calm, pussy cuck. ;^)

>Chael Sonne signing with Lellator



>They don't test
Oh that's why.

I'm sorry you've done nothing to make people like you, Tyron.

>Everyone is a pimple-faced polturd like me

>tfw we're gonna get to watch Wonderboy Karate meme kick his way to the belt

Why is Conor ducking Woodley?

I've seen all of them since the condit fight but okay bud

>this tryhard photoshop faggot

tyrun and his cuck are shitposting heem again

woodley will never be able to take that leftandshot

It's not outside the real of possibility for Woodley to win desu. Wonderboy has looked phenomenal but we haven't really seen proof of an iron chin and it only takes one.

I'm glad the fight got made, it should be interesting. Not sure Woodley would even want to stand with Wonderboy

woodley would crumble in literally 10 seconds, noone can take that left hand

manlets, when will they learn?

>I photoshopped a picture in 2 minutes just to prove some neckbeard wrong

You're brain-dead nigga

No he hasn't, he's literally just been regurgitating rumors that are already going around

You're a stupid fucking shill, fuck off

>being a neckbeard sturmfag
fuck off m8

dat fist

this is literally tyron woodley and his fuckboi

hey lads, when is bellator starting?

You can just tell who the 196'ers are by their opinion of Woodley.

Stupid mandrama casuals.

Curious do you hate him because he is black or because he ducked contenders?

Then why do you think he can spam right hands on Wonderboy, an expert in distance management and one of themost refined strikers in the sport?

And immediately lose to Maia. Feels bad, lad.


he's been the first one I've seen talking about those rumours in the first place
if you've got someone who's been talking about these rumours before him, tell me who and I'll start shilling them

You're a nigger or a cuck, either way you're a pussy.

>projecting this hard
>getting BTFO this bad

I feel bad, niggers.

>gets Mortal Kombat KO'd by Marquardt
>now has to fight a vastly more devastating striker in Wonderboy

GG Tyron

>What are angles

tyrun is a confirmed pussy buddeh

I was rooting for him to beat Robbie. Then he immediately tried to be Mayweather. That Jerry Rice vid was the worst as well.

fuck you're probably right about that, Maia has no equal on the ground, even with an improved TDD.....

It only takes 1 on target in this sport m8head

>You're a nigger or a cuck, either way you're a pussy.

Sure is some solid MMA discussion there you pimple faced trailer trash. Get on my level kiddo.

So GSP is going to Bellator then, right?

conor's arms are long and hands are big stop trying so hard to be clever

>he's been the first one

How convenient, the shill is a stupid fuck shilling some literal who is oblivious to any actual respectable news source

Gentle reminder.

Conor would heem the fuck out of Woodley.

Diaz has one of the best chins in the business and Conor slowly started eroding it.

Woodley's ducking head would clatter against the canvas in 10 seconds or less.

>ducked contenders

>Beat Condit
>Beat Lawler
>Was going to fight Hendricks

You have no clue what you're talking about.

"It was the truth"

It's also objectively the truth that your dad's a pussy based on the evidence.

Yeah, and Woodley looked like a fuckin tae bo mom against MacDonald. Knocking out Dong and USADA Rob doesn't change the fact he's super limited.

Woodley would rag doll mcgoof and possibly even sub him.

You have no clue who his contenders were on becoming champion familia



>heems champ
>asks for GOAT over some twink

not when rory is there

You sure are mad little guy.

>Condit hurting himself
>Not fighting Hendricks
Wow, what a resume

>bigger than prime arnold schwarzenegger
>some people were actually surprised to see him pop

Lads, when is Lellator prelims?

Listen kid, I've been in the fight game for over twenty years. GSP isn't fighting again. I can look at a guy and Ill know if he wants to fight. GSP has been talking for years. He ain't fighting. Sorry.... Not sorry

DC would have 100% finished Jones via SUCC

Who is your favorite current champion?

Telling by your flag, I can tell you weren't watching at the time, but Condit vs. Lawler was meant to take place at UFC 193, not 195. Hendricks vs. Woodley was the #1 contender fight. You are absolutely clueless.

respecable news sources don't publish rumours retard
now fuck off, he's been the first to talk about several matchups
he clearly is in the know
if you don't want to believe that, it's not my problem

he was definitely the first one to state Alves–Iaquinta was confirmed, in all MMA media. As far as the others he was among the first ones.

>u-u mad?
>confirmed pussy

heh, yeah

>some twink

cringe ;^)

I guess Silva didn't really lose to Weidman the second time cause he hurt himself by your retarded logic huh?

Nice projection 193er

What would be your UFC walkout song?

1 bong 3 bings

What should I expect out of Bellator tonight?

Dustin "Pea Head" Poirier will heem Johnson, mark my words

>Condit hurting himself

Woodley was winning that fight comfortably regardless

UFC 194 was clearly your first PPV. Thanks for proving me right.

they're both absolute shit

Sports entertainment.

The same thing you get from UFC.

Post fiter and actual walkout music if they were allowed to.




189 and proud bitch

>don't publish rumors

Yes they do, they'll say something along the lines of "in the works", you're a clueless fucking retard shilling some other clueless fucking retard for probably absolutely no money

>h-he-he was first!!!!!

First no name fuck to get his twitter shilled on /heem/

You're a fucking pathetic sack of shit. Fuck off already

Cheers homie

As in Bellator in general or this specific event?

This feels sexist to me.



Watch woodley vs Rory, rory showed in that fight that he could dart in and out and control engagement distance with just his boxing. Wonderboy is the best distance fighter in the division and he has them long legs to work with as well. It is a terrible matchup for woodley.

Different user, but your lot is the fookin worst

>Eye poking before the fight even begins

Wow, this is an advanced gameplan

This event, I haven't been paying attention leading up to it


Ive started calling people goofs irl
Its too late for me

Also proving that the typical woodley hater is just a casual 189'er.


been watching since the mid 90s you inbred zilch

Wiedman broke Silva's shin by checking his kick while he was already winning the fight. Come it's knee spazzed while spinning around after a checked kick in a fight that had barely started.

But I guess since the broad outlines fit my narrative xD Benson Henderson really kicked Pitbull's as s the other weak too.

he gets a title shot he doesn't deserve. he KOs my main boy. he thinks he is worth something and want a money fight instead of the inevitable wonderboy fight. through all this i tried not to hate him but then he said it was racist to question his cardio. he really hasn't ducked anyone i can't blame him for asking for the money fight but he was stupid to think it would happen.

Vibe with it


No worries, I do too. It's a fun word



find me anywhere on the internet to mention the alves-iaquinta fight before this tweet popped up


>pro-tip: you can't because he was the first to talk about it

no idea why you're so upset about the fact some "no name" is breaking all the news

are you ariel or something?

If I was Scott Coker I would be throwing money at GSP right now.

Bellator is perfect for GSP in 2016: GSP wants to be able to rep his own non-reebok sponsors, and he also wants to be able to roid his ass off without having to worry about USADA. Bellator can offer both those things and the UFC won't give him either. If Bellator gave him a shitload of show money on top of that, GSP would have to be an idiot not to bite. And I can't think of anything that would be of more benefit to Bellator than signing fucking GSP (excluding never-gonna-happens like signing McGregor and Jones).

>yfw chael beats tito, rory, wanderlei, fedor in that order and retires right after as the GOAT

>fight that had barely started

Casuals are beyond shameless. At least sherdog first before saying dumb stuff like this so you don't embarrass yourself.

Who is your favourite female UFC fighter?

You've got good taste

Why am I listening to this?

A lot of literal whos which is to be expected, but some good prospects and big implication fights.
UFC Vet Daniel Pineda is on the card\
Djamil Chan has been pretty hot for a while and is a good prospect.
Anastasia Yankova is fighting. A 125 Russian Kickboxer who actually has all subs in her MMA career. Heem also likes her because shes fightfu material.
Joe Warren is fighting UFC Vet Sirwan Kakai which should be a fun fight.
And Chiek Kongo is fighting rising prospect Tony Johnson in a potential title eliminator. Actually a pretty good card honestly.

because it's good shit, m8

Karolina, EZ

It's pretty catchy.

Holy shit you're fucking retarded

Iaquinta even said this himself and there's a reply to this in the tweet that points out that "it's been out there for a while"

Why are you so upset someone is calling you a stupid shill for shilling some retarded nonsense about some nobody apparently being "first"? You started posting bunch of other irrelevant shit about him too. Im inclined to believe you're actually him and shilling your own stupid bullshit

Oh whats this??? Thiago Alves-Al Iaquinta at MSG at lightweight? In the works in July????


Who would've thought a quick Google search would've absolutely BTFO you.That's right, anyone

Now, kindly, fuck off

its about keeping the dojo/gym/academy a place of respect

Too many to name. There are a few real good female fighters.
Posting random sheem


U seem upset


I'll keep posting his tweets just to trigger you

>Tfw Gunny "The White Ape" Nelson is fighting soon

Based 2bh.

not long before the next red panty night is announced boys

>tfw my coach swears and makes feminazi jokes

sheem'd her right back to congo

>this will be the most racist thread in heem history

She was 5 mins away from my office earlier this week and I was actually thinking about being autistic and walking over

Tfw no diaz fight announcement yet

McGregor keeping his 145 belt while fighting Alvarez

And I'll keep calling you a retared shill to make you cry again about the fact your boss is nothing spectacular and you're making little to no money for being a cuck

Could you have fucked that guy up?

more rumours lads

I wanna see Aldo vs. McGregor 2 instead of Alvarez 2bh. Even if it ends in 12 seconds, it'll be worth it.

Invicta is a great source for cool webms

You are a pathetic loser shill

good thing you stayed inside reshitposting stale conner memes, don't want to be autistic

McGregor doesn't though

This guy is so based

Cause he's shook

GSP is still under contract.

aldo has the interim belt he can wait

heck yeah

you're mad

but let's test this out
he says a fight on 205 card is in jeopardy
nobody else on my twitter has mentioned it, let's see if he's right

Nah m8 I only post here on fight nights and when there's nothing else on I'm afraid


He can try my guard

It doesn't even matter. You're still a pathetic shill and just got absolutely humiliated on him being first on something that he was two months late on

It was the first round and Woodley kicked the other leg. I hope Wonderboy gives the monkey brain long term brain damage.

>you will never snort coke off her abs and drink tequila out of her belly button and pass out using her ass as a pillow

where can I find the drugs, to numb this pain of existence?


DC has promised to not wrestle and only stand and trade with Rumble.

How based/dumb is that?


The stoppage was in the 2nd round

At least watch the fight before you pretend that fight was off the ground by that point.

seriously thought that was cruz for a second

lol the anderson silva post fight banter got to him

It was literally halfway past the 2nd round you drooling casual.

I agree, you are you no life loser

That's rasis


I don't know if you realised but he's just announced that the fight has been cancelled
No news outlet has reported on it yet afaik
Explain that

let's see who is a reall fight fan. where were you when evan tanner was kill?

DC isn't dumb.

I don't know if you just realized but your claim he was the first and only le one xD to report on Alves-Iaquinta taking place to begin with, was off by about two months


he said it sarcastically you goof. do you just read r/mma headlines and try to post here for (you)s?

>Soon /heem/ will go to civil war again, this time over JJ vs. KK


Any more perv webms? I only got fights because I am a real fitefan

Yeah, and niggas were still tentative and had yet to really engage.


i like this one better he should come out to it

that fucking file name

how does that matter?
isn't your whole argument that I'm "shilling" a guy who does nothing but post rumours he heard from other websites and does not have any inside knowledge?
how could he possibly not have inside knowledge and break a fight being cancelled?

Everyone relax.


Call James Toney idgaf.

Holly Holm ducked the biggest match of her boxing career and ran to mma.

ray mercer defeated the greatest hw of all time

I'm going to be alive to see all 3 of my boys hold titles, possibly consecutively.
LW-Poirier or Cerrone
WW- Cerrone



it's only a war if 2 groups disagree on something

and we can all agree that joanna is dogshit ugly compared to the qt pie karolina

me too

>he said it sarcastically you goof

[citation needed]


McGregor about Schaub... really makes you think huh?

>how does that matter

Because you made it matter you fucking retard. You were like "find me a single source before him!!!!!" and proceeded to get BTFO and now you continue to shill for him like he's some precognitive wizard. You're really just a shill and that's it

>isn't your whole argument

I'm calling you a stupid shill shilling for a nobody. This was proved by your previous idiotic post about Alves-Iaquinta. Fuck off

Yoel Romero will HEEM Weidman first round!

still true

joanna actually looks even worse with her mortician makeup

I can ship you my .30-06 and a box of 20 rounds so you can go out with a mind-numbing bang

>Give me ONE SOURCE that even remotely mentioned Alves-Iaquinta

>h-h-hey guys check out this edgy and cool guy who makes all the breaking news! I'm not shilling i swear!!!

In the desert running away with his water

Deep breaths

>stupid shill shilling

stop using words you don't understand, kid.

Does Joanna look better in black and white?

I don't even get how you're even arguing this anymore
Did he, or did he not just break a fight being cancelled 10 minutes ago?
You're an idiot, face it

>You now remember Conor is a brown-belt

>anyone at FW not named Aldo or McGregoe winning that belt


>Wonderboy KOs Juicehead Woodley with a head kick twelve seconds into the first round

fair enough senpai
watch the interview goof.


how fucking old are you

sadly not many pervy Invicta stuff, only a few more cuties

no u


THE CHRISt fucks Yoel up. 1st Round HEEM.


What the fuck is even your point? You just tried painting him as some sort of omnipotent reporter when he was off by 2 (two) months by something YOU claimed he was the first person to report on

>did he or did he not just break a fight being cancelled

That's not even the point you pathetic shill

t. deluded white boi

you now remember the "join the team" meme

why did this guy get so hyped over nearly getting ko'd then beating an over the hill dadbod vitor

I'm convinced you fatsos are so fond of guns because its the least calorie-intensive way to kill someone.


Who is shook?

Grasso is a top tier waifu. Glad shes finally in the UFC. Her boxing is light years ahead most 155ers.
Have no fight webms of her tho

the gloves he beat vitor in are on the ufcstore for $25,000

Lads I have around 10k UFC Reward points and they are shutting down so I have to spend. I can get an autographed glove of either Woodley, Holloway, Rose or Gilbert. Which one?

Roided to the gills this guy compared to how he looked in the Rockhold fight.


that's 11:37 for goofs who press embed and wonder where the part im talking about is.

>find me anywhere on the internet

id rather buy 25,000 UFC hotdog branders

Johnson's shook

>Le europe hating guns meme
Shut up.

Holloway is the only one there with true longevity in store for him

>those sub-saharan tier eyes

lol i wonder how many they've sold

those pants look very good on her

is that pic real


When is Jonathan Bradley going to get hours of arguments and shilling over him for breaking the Alves-Iaquinta fight?

shut up, dropout-brit


Is Grasso autistic? She has those dead emotionless eyes and always seems like she's faking a smile whenever she thinks she's supposed to pretend to look happy.



>nearly getting ko'd

>a glorious tripfag emerges

$100 says I'm smaller, more fit, and 10x more dangerous than you unarmed. I'm not Lithcuck, I'll fuck you up.

you probably have this one too


Holloway, or Rose if you wanna jerk off it in


Is anyone unironically watching Bellator?

>tfw no Second Amendment in Australia.
Eh I am too poor to buy a gun and feed it anyway. My head coach at my gym is a shooter though, and some of the other guys at my gym are too which is neato.

>Dat combo against the cage
muh dick

Why do people pronounce Iaquinta as "I-uh-kwihn-tah"

It's "Yah-keen-tah"

is MVP fighting? if not, no.

when is it on?

Please elaborate

fucking autists


That's like your daily fried chicken budget, right?

>spoonfeed me

A man has to sleep


So which fight is off and why are journo cucks not naming names?

I dont get whats autistic about liking guns OR talking about slick boxing in a thread about fightan sports.


>Norway doesn't realise the price of fried chicken.jpg

Alves Iaquinta.
Because if journo cucks get news wrong Dana can call them out for lying or spreading fake news and they revoke their press credentials, so they generally stay vague until Dana/UFC confirms it.

Quit responding to the self admitted mandrama casual.


>yoel can't take chris down
>they'll stand and bang
>weidman has better striking technique/gas tank
>yoel has superior raw power

weidman is extremely elusive for a mw, I think he heems him.

Dizz broke this first

Jesus, those tweets made me think it was an important fight. So they're just hinting at it now to be cool and obnoxious?

The Hue's fucked it up anyway by abusing it

>tfw never got enough points to get on stage for the weigh ins

has the donut grease clogged your brain? we don't even have mandrama on tv over here

not sure desu.
I'm only going by what the "nobody" who just "regurgitates news" tweeted

>The Hue's fucked it up anyway by abusing it

>donut grease


I always underestimate The Chris and I'm no different this time. I think Yoel heems him.

When will Jonathan Bradley get his credit from Italian loser shills?

Eddie would honestly get knocked the fuck out by Conor

the only guys that will be able to beat him right now are guys that can take him down without getting hit, and Eddie is definitely eating that leftand shot, his movement and footwork are terrible

how was the trip back home hermano?

Dies that guy even write actual substantive articles? Anybody have a legit pic of him? Just curious as to the state of MMA journalism.

I'm the guy he is responding too

Ur autism

No. He mostly reports shit that's already out there, sometimes an entire two months after the fact!

Weidman's gastank is the x-factor in this fight

That'd actually be Yoel's

Get on Skype. I know its you.


>schaub btfo by mcgregor

Bellator prelims live on heemstream.

No, he's one of those undercover/insider guys, like FrontRowBrian
He tweeted this week that some media sites offered him freelance jobs, but that he wasn't sure whether to take them. He seems to be against traditional journalism

kek is that real?

>Mcgregor knows anything about Bjj

Insider guys tend to be loser assholes


its not the spike

there's only two of them, so it's a bit too small a sample size to cast judgement yet

Yes, Schaub is eternally btfo

All of that is blown out of the water is Yoel steamrolls post-USADA weedman tho.

Like a McGregor FW fight.



The "Scaub shutdown"


Lel, so they they're Twitter journos who break news. How progressive. A. J. Liebling is rolling in his grave.


weidman is an all american :^]


lmao @ this dork's """""life"""""

Weidman is coming back from spine surgery too bud.

We all know Yoel has no gastank. Yoel runs on ether only, Weidman actually has great cardio. If Weidman avoids that super fast 40 year old blitz, he'll win handily.

>supporting a communist over all-americun

You disgust me Joshua, where is your moral fibre?


>fuck you we all love face the pain @lukethomas

seems pretty based to me

Yeah I'm streaming that goof

this desu

This isn't a 5 round fight. Romero is winning at least 2 rounds.

Post link faggot

Fucking retard

I'll take your Timmy and supersize it.

>moral fibre

Timmy ate all that.

fctv u goof

What do you mean?

he's mad you're stealing his streambux

its playing sopranos

Carter you are a dork


>still thinks 'royce gots it'

i'm impressed you found your way into the deep web, kek

The backward caps is the greatest thing you americans have ever contributed to the world of fashion, right behind white tennis socks in running shoes with shorts.

change channels on the bottom left bud

>stream not available in your area



if you have livestreamer just type in

livestreamer "hds://spikelive-f.akamaihd.net/z/spikebellator_live1@62376/manifest.f4m?g=PRBGCDEIIUOS&hdcore=3.1.0" best

and it'll bypass any region blocking

thanks for the virus

too much work for a shitty bellator card desu

sorry m8, I have to stand firmly in opposition to shilling


I love kk

no shilling bud i have nothing to gain

64, squirt.

why do you want people to use your stream so bad when they could watch it directly from source then?

Schaub and McGregor are best buds.

Stop spreading disinformation.

don't forget to add --player mpv


got that in my config la

i'm just giving ppl a way to watch fights

y does that trigger you?


you're the one who started attacking people who were just sharing a link to the stream
seemed a bit dodgy desu

Feeling like a right dingus now, didn't think to edit the config. Thanks m8

no i attacked him cuz he said i wasnt streaming the link he gave

thats y i called him a retard

oh, gotcha, my bad

did he died?