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cusb desu



explain why my team won't make the playoffs

your GM just got suspended for 30 days

>le gold glove man is back


Explain why the cubs won't win the Eries

They are the Cubs

They're going to spend the next two weeks relaxing since they clinched already. By the time the playoffs roll around, they won't be in the fighting mentality and will lose the NLDS 3-1

exiling of steve bartman

>1 game winning streak

jays boys

seth lugo throws a one hitter in wrigley field


o's win the wild card desu

We have the good ol' Canadian boy Michael "O's Slayer" Saunders if it comes to that.
Like 20% of his runs are on you guys this year and your team is the only reason he became an all star at all.

Do you guys think winning the wild card game gives you "momentum" going into the playoffs?

Other teams sit around waiting for a few days while the team that plays in the wild card game gets to keep playing

say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens

explain why baseball is a white man's game

It isn't
It's a pure balance of skill and strength so no one race dominates

It's not. It's for anyone who wants to play it

Possible. Both teams in 14ws were wild card teams

>tfw no MiLB gf

Looks like it'll be El Paso vs. Scranton for the AAA championship

Someone post the whaddup black Philip image

>The 2016 National Championship is set for September 20 in Memphis, TN, live on NBCSN.
Better get comfy.

>the comedy that is the AL WC race
Its so funny it almost hurts, thank god the sox are 2 games ahead of the pack so its unlikely they'll get impeached

Not really, its all based off how good the WC team is. Its possible that sometimes the best team just gets dicked into the WC slot out of bad luck

what is the giants' schedule like for the rest of the year?

Hoping for a repeat of this series.


Because they'll be swept by the Mets once again in the NLDS


>lagares back today
>duda back saturday
>degrom starting sunday

Hanukkah up in this bitch. New gift everyday.

tfw the captain comes back for the wild card game and hits a walk off ding dong

if the cubs win the world series will they get rid of the fucking brick wall already

Future Mariner desu


>world series game 4
>bottom of the 8th
>up 5 runs
>captain gets a cheeky pinch hit appearance

Tears to my eyes senpai


Jesus Christ

>the City of Milwaukee


yes please.

>cubes will play meaningless baseball for a month


It's not meaningless if Mune is on the field and getting interviews after games.

Move the Brewers to Montreal

Ya boinhad some nice shades for todays game breh

tell me something how the fuck do you meme out when you get no playbg time? Id be depressed

team a beats team b team c wins the division?

this semen slurping sport isnt for me


cubes not celebrating when they lost rather do it after winning even tho they clinched before todays game

cuck as fuck tbqh famalam

muni is just that amazing, his bench presence is unparalleled

tardinals cucked the cusb bad

>Miggy Mont doing big things

Wow, that was unexpected against any pitcher of any caliber.

Also, Addison Russell should finish top 10 in MVP voting. He's the second-coming of Jimmy Rollins.

Damn, what a quality response. I don't know how I can even refute this solid argument. You fucking got me, man.


>not so fast literally everyone

Keep telling yourself that









>haven't felt this feeling since 2008
It's been too long bros

Hey bros why the fuck is it so hard for people to understand loyalty?

I live in Philadelphia because of work and today I saw multiple cubs hats and even jerseys.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

There is no hope for humanity.

Cubs have fans everywhere like the Yanks and Sox, what did you expect?

Maybe they were Chicago transplants, Philly is rapidly becoming the new place for jobs, had a friend who recently took an offer and moved there

>65-82 4th place eliminated from playoffs

>1st place to clinch playoffs

>what the fuck is wrong with people

Are you clinically retarded?

>no hope for humanity

Oh fuck off!

He spent a few seasons learning with Ichiro and ate dinner with big papi, EE and Jose every time he came to Toronto. The man has stockpiled enough happiness for the world and shares it whenever someone puts a mic and camera near him.

Cubs fans are cancer

>what are bandwagoners alex

>tfw out of state Cubs fan
All the success with none of the shootings.

>What are tourists?


RIP Harry Caray

>worships Kershaw
>wants to hit in the NL
>dodger fan as a kid because of Nomo
Makes you think....

t. Butthurt whos fag

Nope, not sure why you assume that tho

Nice shitposting/propaganda you got there

mfw the cusb bench beats the broors

>s-stop making fun us life-long fans

How fucking retarded are you

Seriously, please tell me you aren't this much of a faggot

Typical Cubs fans

Weak minded people who have never faced adversity in their life and they have too much pride to be associated with "losers"

Fake plastic bitch niggas basically

Go M's fampai

pls be good tonight felix

Never fucking reply to me again unless I say so, DG.

>Billy Butler said, “I thought I was signing with the #Tigers,” after release by #Athletics. Butler wasn’t sure he wanted to resume playing…

>After #Tigers showed interest Tue., Butler decided he indeed wanted to play again in ’16. #Yankees called Wed., offered better opportunity…

>With #Tigers, Butler would have been reserve. #Yankees starting him against LHPs. Butler was not eligible for playoff roster either way.

Hmmm this guy sitting in the bleachers looks awfully familiar...

>I live in Philadelphia because of work and today I saw multiple cubs hats and even jerseys.
That's because they're part of Ryne's Posse.

>MFW he came to sing the 7th inning stretch and the fans treated him like he never left.

get your yankees-red sox predictions in now

how many runs will the Rays win by tonight?

Go rays/indians/red sox!

i thought fulmer had qualified for the ERA title? is it because there are 4 days between starts and he'll qualify after every start?

mariners aren't pulling any meme magic this year, get over it.

Get in here you fucking cunts

You need 162 innings for the ERA title, but if you're playing game 100/162 then you need 100 innings to qualify at the moment


fucking umpball already

Windians vs. Detoilet


Tigers @ Windians

wouldn't want to shitpost in a >rags general



Memeiners annually lead the league in complaining

i am trying to delete mine senpai

>who are jays fans

Nats @ Braves

Yes the author of that article is clearly a mariners fan

That's not the whos.

>blog post
>get gorillion (Yous)
What the fuck happened to this place?

Why the fuck are the Rays so good when it matters the least?

138 games of this

It's just bait for memeiners fans to use so they complain to pathetics and analslime fans and act like they're a cellar dweller this season, when in fact they are just plainly mediocre and don't know how to properly develop their prospects

September is callup month for teams that aren't proceeding to or fighting for a postseason spot.

It's usually when they call up their young prospects fresh from a full season of triple or double A.

Bad teams who have good September's is usually an indicator of their callups tearing it up.

Playing spoiler means that those prospects can compete on the same level as good teams making postseason pushes.

What we can conclude is, watch out for the Rays next year.


>How do we fix this shit
Pic releated, increase the hit ration to 100% and no longer have slow paced game suitable for infants.

who are you quoting?

speak english, achmed

Silent majority who speak time to time.

>watch out for the Rays next year

Next year, all of the Al East will be over .500, and officially named the best division ever.

But seriously just looking at these scorelines, they must have some incredible young bats. Hope they tear it up soon.

Sounds legit

>literally whos from literally wheres coming out of literally where to fuck up prominent wild card contenders

I love baseball

this al wildcard race is so good

gonna be so many butthurt fanbases on september 30th

in particular, the memeiners

the rays have always been pesky as fuck to the good al east teams. I think they have a winning record or around .500 record against al east teams this year

There's nothing wrong with my english, Juan.

>Orioles pounded on the Rays major leaguers all year
>Get BTFO by the Rays minor leaguers in the last most crucial month
I don't get this logic

You seem to like complaining about the whos

>hating on the memeiners

they're one of the most likable teams in the AL desu

>Silent majority

You realize Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the World, right?


And do you realize the game is flawed in it's current state?


Felix Hernandez has never pitched in a playoff game hahahhaahahah




Average game lasts over three hours, and it's slow paced.

>I don't like it, so it's flawed

Great argument. Millions of people around the world love the style of play of regular Baseball. Yet absolutely no one outside of Finland watches Finnish Baseball. This is because the game is flawed, right?

>a bloo bloo

Ah yes the typical american, you just have to have your daily commercial quota fulfilled, right?
>Absolutely no one outside of Finland watches Finnish Baseball. This is because the game is flawed, right?
No, it's because no one has never even heard of Finnish baseball.

no they'll just vanish like they always do

Well I've heard of finish baseball, watched a game, and didn't like it.
You're grabbing at straws lad, come sit with us and watch a comfy game of baseball.

>ads all over their bodies
>ads all over the field

did a baseball player fuck your girlfriend?

A's vs. Rangers

>taking away the best part


baseball will never die, but you will

Commercials only happen in between innings, and during pitching changes. What else are they supposed to play then? Nothing else is going on.
>No one has ever heard of Finnish Baseball
You'd figure that it'd get more exposure if it was supposedly superior. Or maybe, just maybe, some people just like regular baseball more.

No one is asking you to like Baseball. You're just as bad as the Americans that constantly try to "fix soccer".

Couldn't care less about ads, commercial breaks are not acceptable. The point was Finnish way of pitching anyway.

elbow/bone spurs/Tommy John/shoulder
elbow/arm fatigue
elbow/shoulder/bone spurs
elbow/Tommy John/forearm soreness
shoulder/labrum tear

based reverse jinxer

Where's the Astros @ Mariners thread?

not for 2 hours senpai

Game doesnt start for 2 hours anonymous

Oh crap I didn't sleep for as long as I thought I had. Screw time zones. Thanks guys.

Where's white sox royals thread


Make one friend. I'll post anime in it.

fuck the cubes senpai

ever since you started posting that the mets postseason odds have increased
why don't you ever learn, pissboi

Blernsball > Pesapallo

Would Dusty Baker have pulled Rich Hill?

If the Fins were smart they would start playing actual baseball so they can make that $$$

fuck no

dodgers imo

Cubs handily took Cards in the NLDS last year so maybe. But that momentum didn't carry them through the NLCS.

You can only reply to this post if your team has clinched a playoff berth...

Hold on there everyone except the Cubs.

>make lebanon great again

Jesus Christ that's disgusting.



I posted it the whole time the mest were shitting the bed as well.
>implying that a team wins or loses depending on whether or not I shitpost a random meme.

How are you guys enjoying Brad's last few days of managing?


almost back to back dingers

>tfw the Fulmeme is over
he'll still win mvp in 2 years
picc related

Max Schezer Cy Young
Daniel Murphy MVP
Trea Turner ROTY


Maybe not, but they're all in the conversation anyway.

I agree

could happen
not close

Turner doesn't have enough games but he's having a sensational season. As good or better than any other NL rookie.

Yeah, it would've been a really good ROTY race if he did play the whole year.

RIP Joel Peralta


>tfw traded moncada to the mest for syndermeme 1 for 1 in the show
>syndershit starts to bust two seasons later while moncada is an elite 2B for the mest

>20% of his runs
lemme guess, buck and tabby gave you that stat on tv along with all the other useless statistics they talk about because they have nothing better to talk about when the jays are not hitting




you got that Napoli homer?

I mean I guess

Sorry Tigerbro, gonna miss bradposting


>bregman out for rest of regular season


I did not expect a comeback

Get em Zach

I've never seen less effort go into trying to catch a ball than Yasmany Tomas right there






Bourn is based. Thank you Windians

>haven't watched the last 8 games
>want to watch tonight
wat do bros? if I watch will I end the streak?

Mets win

There was another guy in the thread last game who said the same thing. You'll be okay pb. join us

tigers record against the 2016 Indians after tonight:


he is such a god

STL Cardinals vs SF Giants

10:15 PM ET | 7:15 PM PT

what in god's name was that? how far did that fly?

I love how the closest Zach Britton has come to blowing a game thus far this year was due to a ball taking a flukey bounce off of a base.

jesus christ

ty user. i shall join

Napoli is stronk.

450+, easily.

Buck truck rolls on

Britton remains perfect

Why Kim doesn't play every fucking day, I have no idea

>team doing well
>start getting superstitious


It's ok, you won't be the one ending the streak


7:10 PT


2 fuck niggas

>Fernando Abad delaying MLB Tonight

No worse crime



fuck off canada

jints will lose tonight because of his mere presence
cap this

>any reliever getting cy young votes
>not meme

actually, they win when he's there.
he's done it a couple of times when he was with OKC.

>first day of new job
>manager wants all his employees to do a trust fall
>you're up next
>you're excited and amped and ready to do this
>you climb up on the desk to fall backwards so your fellow employees can catch you
>you're hype af
>you cross your arms on your chest
>happy af
>take a peek behind you to make sure your lined up correctly
>catch a glimpse of one of the people who are assigned to catch you
>its josh donaldson

>not a meme

>Indians statpadding off literal WHO pitcher who can't get an out
>No MLB Tonight

>first day of new job
>your boss is a blue jays fans

You can put your faith in Josh Donaldson, user.

It's okay. He's trustworthy =)

regional coverage is cancer

Josh just because you're DHing tonight doesn't mean you can use your phone

Josh Donaldson ran out of steroids and that's why he sucked and now isn't playing

Tigers are unironically brining in Mark Lowe to face Mike "Triple shy of the cylce" Napoli with the bases loaded and no outs

hello josh

Is there a worse team to have been a fan of over the past decade?

Only reason the inning wasn't already over was a fluke grounder that bounced of second base.

Britton is godly.



Yankees by default




Windians 2bh

And we welcome all of you to MLB Tonight


this 2bh

What hitter has the closest batting stance to Mike Piazza?

Trying to make him for my diamond dynasty player on the show.

the very idea of another team trash talking the royleles gets me hard

that's assault...

who was that madman that hit him


It's an Eric Byrnes TYPE thing to do. So I'll just assume it was him until proven otherwise.

literally the best

it was Byrnes

>Hello everyone, Robert Flores here

did anyone else see that jonah hill thing on reddit lol

granderson maybe? stance is kind of wide tho

plesac is the only one whose attempts at "humor" are worse than flores

phils marlins in the 11th.. anyone watching?

Uh I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that anymore

Yes I'm watching the double play on MLB Tonight!

>mlb instagram account posts a picture of mike trout holding a puppy
>all these thirsty solid 7s commenting with hearts and kiss emojis
>meanwhile im sitting at home on a friday night stuffing my face with doritos watching my fantasy baseball team shit the bed
life is not fair senpai

Mike Piazza's stance is Legend 27 if I'm not mistaken

Oh, hi Robert.

Sounds fair to me. Drop the doritos and become a superstar if you want the ladies.


>ywn be a millionaire superstud athlete with legions of instagram hoes calling you "daddy" and begging you to choke them
feels bad, my man

>tfw you turn on quick pitch and he's hosting it


too wide

will sort through those.
some of you brazilians are alright
dont go to the next world cup

>tfw you turn on quick pitch and Josh Donaldson is hosting it with Heidi

i didn't really have a problem with Flores in ESPN but he's really bad on MLB Tonight.

>OP BTFO edition

>Rangers are 34-10 in 1 run games



Lots of chinks at the Tribe game in left field today




You have had every opportunity to root for Chicago's true baseball team

>Up next: a segment on Bartolo Colon
fucking yes


A perfectly executed outfield assist is the best play in baseball

Let's just hope that the Cubs go long enough to make their fans forget about the election. God knows they're all Clinton supporters.

now someone post the dodgers play against the padres

you know the one

Say that to my fucking face not online see what happens faggot.

>bitching after you win a ring this century
fuck off

too bad they'll probably get swept out of the NLDS by the mest

mariners season over

you guys were right

im sorry

>winning rings

pfft, get on my level faggot

B-But King Felix!!!!



dat nigga will retire without a single postseason IP

You misinterpreted my response. I want to MAGA


speak english you furry faggot

Chris Sale is averaging 8 1/3 innings and almost 120 pitches per start over his last 6 starts


How many wins though?


2 wins, 2 losses, 2 nd

'member in the offseason when /mlb/ thought the Rangers weren't going to be a good team and make the playoffs?

Yea yea 'member when /mlb/ honestly picked Seattle and Houston over the Rangers to win the division?

'member when Nolan Ryan still pitched?

>inb4 member 2 strikes away
Get new material


Member when the Rangers won the World Series?

Oh wait...

member when the Diamondbacks won the offseason eries?

Are the royals done yet?

Rangers Dodgers WS would be the greatest world series of the 2000's.

It will literally save baseball.

one strike away?

rip felix

you'll always belong in my heart

>haavent been paying attention to any teams other than my own
>look up the royals

wtf happened?

Are you allowed to report posts that are both made by a poster or 1 IQ and incorrect in every way?

fairweather fuckboi

>a world series where texas actually wins

would literally be yet another reason to laugh at the dodger franchise

Rags dodgers would be good for the jew.

California V Texas watching

RIP Methinals

They're really tanking.

Can't wait to see my ex lose it on Facebook.

What the FUCK did he mean by this?



Lmao this shit fake right?

ITT: Players you want off >your team

Top fucking kek

Jesus fucking Christ. I read that and now I can only see him as Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

oh wait


yes. twitter hasnt looked like that in years


O i am embarrased

He's very expensive, injury prone, and unproductive at bat.

it's not real

Apologies to Busted Pussy of the Frisco ""giants"" who now has two (2) HR's after the AS break

Two whole HRs? Like not just in his career, but since the AS break?

>Rags dodgers would be good for the jew.
They aren't going pass the NLCS
>California V Texas watching
Yeah that will be nice but it's going to be a different Cali team

Yes, two (dos), jonrones since the AS break.

Cringe: the post.

there is literally nothing the dodgers can do to stop the giants from winning the wild card game unless someone throws at bumgardners head or something

my body is ready


You know bumshit has failed to show up in do or die games right? This isn't 2014 anymore. This is two years after. I actually want Frisco in the NLCS just so bumshit can take an L against the Dodgers in a game 4 situation.



barry bonds has a vigina

>chewing on piece of wheat
>walk into film session

Ya'll need me to teach you how to hit homers off kershaw?


Rangers aren't gonna choke this year they are just way too clutch. Start getting ready for epic Rangers shitposting.

Why do they act like such gigantic faggots?

Any KBO/NPB games tonight?

Don't forget to pay your respects to those who are no longer with us.


no keep him. it's hilarious and the best your "team" can do is be the court jester for major league teams.

Gotta admit, they've been a great sideshow during Cubs off-days this season.


Remember when people were kicking around the idea of a Cubs-White Sox WS this year? Like back in the first two weeks of the season?

yeah senpai. I usually wait for MLB games to end before posting anything

a couple KBO games going on but can't find a decent stream

NPB dragons vs carp on right now

couple games start in half an hour. I'll probably be watching giants swallows for yamada and sakamoto.

Why are you people always so mean to us?

Fuck shields. Fuck him and fuck the padres and fuck this stupid fucking fo for trading for him.

Yankees finish miracle comeback to win wildcard, media prays for Boston/NYY ALCS matchup and it ends up being Rangers/Indians, fitting because of historical reason the Texas Rangers were created. Just like their namesake, will proceed to murder Indians.

He flew too high and melted his wings...

you guys aren't very likeable. the dad and broors are pretty embarrassing but at least they aren't constantly complaining.

red sox are sweeping the Yankees out of contention

Now that's just not fair when our complaining is warranted.

Have you see this team and FO?

Why can you laugh at our poor situation and we can't complain about it?

Explain that to me?

you have won a world series this century. fuck off cunt. go cry and masturbate to old konerko and buehrle clips


Doesn't that just means the dads and broors have no passionate fans who care about when their team is struggling?
What happened to "through thick and through thin"?

No that means the dads and broors understand they won't find much pity outside of their own gamethreads and not to shit up the general crying "woe is me"

That is sexy

yankees losing how they did last night erased what little shot they have at a WC

We're not Yankees fans and we dont live in the past.

We live in the present of constantly losing seasons, one of the worst coaches ever, one of the worst GMs ever resulting in embarassments to baseball.

Again, why is this a problem to you that I still watch my team and get understandbly frustrated with how bad they're doing every year?

Wait but you get to shit up the general laughing at how embarrassing the team is but the fans of the team don't get to defend it or voice their displeasures?
Where's the sense in that?

That's not the problem. The problem is whining in general threads about it. By all means, get frustrated. It's what real fans do. Shit up your gamethreads even.

>can't talk about baseball in the baseball thread

yeah ok man, I guess dodgers and giants false flaggers shit flinging each other and everyone endlessly getting baited by the same tripfag is better

How is exactly is posting that I want the worst starter in the history of baseball off my team "shitting up the general"?
Besides I was simply responding to what someone asked.
And then got attacked so of course I had to respond in kind

shut up faggots

cusb fans are cancer and just derailed the whole thread

Thanks user, I'll be watching the jints too

>Cusb getting overconfident again

> Reddick



>Yfw Daniel last year was also named Murphy


They will remember.

The audio of Jim Hunter losing his mind to it adds so much.
What an ending.

How will they choke this year? My money is on an NLDS sweep.

I live in Chicago and I fucking hate Cubs fans

They're all stupid drunk fat sweaty white people that drive in from the suburbs and clog up the red line

It's funny how insecure they are that they target a 4th place team on the cusp of elimination


What would be most delicious?

A first round exit?

Swept in the World Series?

Next year watch out.

A pennant is still an accomplishment, so they definitely need to lose before the WS.

>cubes fans: hahaha whos fans your team is shitty
>whos fans: yeah they are, it sucks

No matter. One way. Another way. They will be made to remember what they did. And they will pay dearly.

Red Sox aren't even going to get a wild card because of how terrible this is, cap this post

no more cotton candy girl

Baxter BTFO

There are literally 1 or 2 people posting in tandem right now to fan false flames about Cubs fans supposedly shitposting.

These two losers literally don't have anything better to do with their time and this is what they have chosen to do.


Did she died?

What a rude cunt, bullying the mascot. What you expect from Kershit.


feels good to have already clinched an NLCS spot


What teams are capable of knocking them out in the DS? They're likely getting the WC team, other than maybe Mets I can't think of anyone that has a strong chance of beating down the Cubs

7-9 with a home run and a double and a home run the past two days

>Mest BTFO the Cusp
>Nats BTFO the Mest
>Nats BTFO the Babby League
It is written

No but the mariners did

The Dodger play the Nats in the NLDS, right?

How will he meme his way into the ALCS?

Woops, just meant to put home run once


>Babby League
That's pure uncut shitposting coming from the LITERAL free outs newborn infants league for babies only

>Mets @ Giants
>Thor v Bumgarner

who wins?


nice gif dude

so is our Bullpen just doing well to fuck with us or are the Cardinals this bad


you just got faked out by a supreme trickster


No, it's that they only ever do well in low-leverage situations. The bullpen isn't as bad as people think it is overall, it's just that they literally give up runs at the worst possible times

Bumshit is 0-6 in big games since 2014.
Bumshit got rocked HARD in his last meeting against the mets and Syndergaard held a nono for almost 6 innings.

if memory serves, Bumgarner hit a grand salami for the go ahead run in their game vs Syngard




>that image
wb boss

It's true, he's also homered in 11% of his plate appearances against Kershit

He eats even years for breakfast btw.

I have no idea how some dodgerfags can be delusional.. The team is shit against left handers and there is a very real possibility Dindu Roberts loses us the division

i went to high school with him

>Game 7 of NLCS
>In Wrigley Field
>Clayton Kershit is starting

who the fuck even wins
can ties happen in baseball

>making it to the NLCS
top lel

Reminder that the fix is in and the Cubs cannot lose. The umps are on their side and the rules are fully bent
You watch. Foul balls are going to be fair balls for the Cubs. There's going to be balks and catcher's interference all throughout the postseason, and it will always benefit the Cubs

Follow the money people

>The team is shit against left handers
Good thing the Dodgers got 14 runs off Bumgarner's last 16 innings (3 starts).

how many runs did they get off matt moore?

Im waiting for your answer, Pissboi

He's too much of a chickenshit bitch to do anything other than talk incoherent shit and praise himself from a proxy

Ducking harder than Strassburg

mest-doyers and rags-blow gays would be the two most heated LCS's possible and you cannot prove me wrong

>They might be able to break the curse but only if......
They have gathered all 108 Stars of Destiny together I think.

>Ottoman Empire

The potential butthurt provided by those two series alone is salivating
Imagine pissboi ranting against the mets again

Rags Jays would be a powder keg whenever it happens.

Has there been any other developments in the Mets-Doyers since Thor threw at Utley?

>Imagine pissboi
You are fucking queer for this guy, no joke

>Has there been any other developments in the Mets-Doyers since Thor threw at Utley?

no, but I can say as a mets fan that our """rivalry""" with the nationals is one of the most snooze-inducing """rivalries""" we've ever had. I think they would rather have a tea party with each other than face off in the playoffs

>the canadian shitposting after the >rags go one strike away again

fund it.

I wouldn't even wish that on the >rags

>wake up
>Kershaw already in Cy Young form
warm and happy is the feeling

answer my question

They sort of deserve it

comfy thread?

lastros gonna trade for chris sale?

>lastros gonna trade for chris sale?

We can only hope.

White Sox are done(months ago), my #1 guys.

Unless they get their shit together, Cardinals(#2 guys) are done within the next week.

IF both of my teams are out, which bandwagon is the most firm to hitch I ride on if the only thing I have left is to hate the Cubs and not allowing them to defile the World Series?

You can't make this shit up.

dual who-methinals fans are literally worse than bandwagon cusb fans

>Leave Cleveland to me

what did he mean by this

You are the worst namefag in this general. At least the master baiters know what the fuck they're talking about. Fuck yourself.

not the dg?

can mariners do it guys....?

t. cusb fan that abandoned the team when they got swept by STL at Wrigley then dropped 3/4 in Miami(after Maddon made then dress up like faggots) then lost a game vs Atlanta (BasedAJPierzynski involved of course) then lost the the Cross Town Cup to the Whos. Now that things are looking up again I see you're back at it.

I havn't been posting much myself but at least it was because I was being a fat slob playing WoW every second I wasn't at work.

Step up faggot, or step off.

I'll jump on the DG spic-up-truck if the Cards won't be the ones knocking out the Cusb and it's LAD.


>yfw that actually turns out to be Josh Donaldson

Are you Josh Donaldson?


Nats desu senpai


We can all agree that KC and NYY are getting no where near the playoffs now, right?

Hey roylels what happened to your free wins against the whos?

More like

Back to 3 under .500 now.

Dare we dream?

Guys, why do
>The Los Angeles Angels
>of Anaheim
suck so much?

I forsee the Indians, the Rangers and The Red Sox all winning their divisions and the Blue Jays and Orioles being the wild cards. I foresee the Blue Jays winning the wild card game and as long as the Rangers have the best record in the AL... guess what?!?!!

Just hold out for a .500 or winning season.
It's a small step, but it's better then nothing after this whole season.

No it means to learn to shut the fuck up and learn your place as the 2nd rate team of Chicago.

>Having starting pitchers who can't hit a walk off

True enough. We'll see what comes.

>Cubs """""""fans"""""""

How insecure can one fanbase be?

You guys had a legit tear this spring, and are currently playing very good spoiler. After the hot start, a .500+ should be enough to avoid fallout for literally EVERYTHING else that's happened this season.
Good luck, Whos.

>proud of being a loser

Cubs fans' values and beliefs are permanently distorted and corrupted from years of failure and shame.

It may avoid fallout for this season, we also need to think of 2017 but all indications so far show they're not going to learn their lesson and try again with a halfassed Band-Aid retool.

But if this current bunch can finish strong, especially with so many games against the central, then I'll feel a little better trying to continue patching up holes. Even 79 wins would be steady improvement.

2013: 63 wins
2014: 73 wins
2015: 76 wins
2016: projected 79

Truly though I don't trust the current FO with a total rebuild/evaluation of talent (see James Shields) but if they want to give 2017 another go, then I guess alright. Basically a desperation move and if 2017 fails too, then blow it all up and start over even the entire FO.

Seems to be the general consensus amongst informed sox fans. Note I say informed because meatheads gonna meathead this year.

The curse states that they won't even be in another World Series until the curse is broken so they will either lose in the Division or Championship series. They won't be in the World Series.

Oh and to add on to clarify, the end goal of 2017 should be a postseason. Not a postseason run or postseason push even but to actually be there in October. Otherwise what's the point of desperation?

At least break up the 9 year drought and that will be considered success enough with this group.

>Marlins get Stanton back
>lose to the Phillies

What happened?


Those trips happened


go cubs!


Nats @ Braves

Why do you think

meme league

>all these soccer threads
>all these college threads

dodgers will fuck up the division

Not enough time

Will get swept twice by the jints desu

I would like to thank the city of Los Angeles for helping us out of this slump and letting us get back our mojo. True bros.


What was he like

if we go on a 5 game losing streak the giants win the division

No, the curse is that they "won't win anymore". The Cubs can be IN the World Series every single year but they will always lose.

The PEDs didn't have enough time to kick in


Hey guys I don't really like baseball but I saw this smug Trea and cropped it and I thought you guys might like it


Cubs vs. Brew Crew

Tigers @ Indians

Nice quads yo

DeGrom scratched, out for the season


Mets obsessed autist is about to have a field day

>Alderson said deGrom to have ulnar nerve surgery on right elbow.

>Alderson said deGrom to have ulnar nerve surgery on right elbow.

>Alderson said deGrom to have ulnar nerve surgery on right elbow.

>Alderson said deGrom to have ulnar nerve surgery on right elbow.

The MLB app just notified me about it

that hurts man, right as we're marching right into the playoffs..

lol the Mets had him throwing the past few days and he was supposed to start tomorrow. that's some quality handling right there.






Am i cool now?



What the fuck?

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