For missing three gazillions chances against Arsenal?

>misses 1 million chances for uruguay
>misses 1 million chances for psg
>scores against the mighty caen

For now, she's exactly the same as Ibrahimovic in attack. Except he's better in defense. And can improve himself in the future big CL matches, which Ibrahimovic couldn't do in 4 years.


>he is even worse than ibrachokeovic in big matches
>he can improve
>at 29


Do you think he's aiming on target on that pic?

>mon visage caen

>le miss 100 sitters man

>>he can improve
>>at 29


it's not, but the guy is supposed to be in his fucking prime right now
he has about 4 more years at best since his game is based on his stamina, he won't improve

You're an idiot. Get that Fifa/PES mentality off you

He's a fucking target man, he shouldn't even be defending you utter cuck. Ibragoat brought you 4 fucking years of glory in France you imbecil, PSG were literally cow-shit before he joined the club.

Fuck you Sven, Ibra is a fuccking mental manchild arrogant bitch who choke in big matches. He's never won the CL and never will in any time he's be playing for. He's only good to score 4 goals against Caen exactly like Cavani and we have Cavani already. Don't need Zlatan. Bye sven.

you're the retard here for believing a player closer to retirement than to the beginning of his career will suddenly improve and change weaknesses he always had

but whatever, sure he'll win you the CL because he blasted a fucking ligue 2 team with the help of a €500m team behind him

>Has close to 30 trophies
>You compare him to Crapvani

This guys turns into Gyarados in Ligue 1 but plays like a Magikarp in Champions League

Lel rating Cavani over Zlatan, i followed PSG since the takeover and Cavani has been shit, he did score goals but was really shit at everything. I do believe he will get 20+ league goals, but beside that, i don't think he will ever top Zlatan at PSG.

>zlatan made paris and france his personal bitch for 4 years
>"b-but le zlatan, he is merde"
im reading your frustrations loud and clear

How do you define "x top over y" ? Number of goals no matter the competition? By that logic Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world. Hahahah
Zlatan is pretty much useless in 1/8 and 1/4 finals of the CL. Cavani has ALL the chances to do better than that.

Zlatan >>>> Cavani
Lewandoski >>> Zlatan

>Cavani has ALL the chances to do better than that
he already had them, for the same result

No he didn't.

Ronaldo is the best player in the world, or at least he is the best player in Europe for the moment, since he won Best Player in Europe a couple of weeks ago. PSG will not cruise through the league this year either.

Not sure if he's dabing or sniper shooting

Since you have no good teams in Sweden including your piss shit National team, you live through the achievements of Zlatan instead. I'm reading your frustrattions loud and clear nigger Sven.
We showed the door to your god, and we won't even regret him. LOL

Move on mate, Zlatan is old news. We're stronger this year than last year. Why worry so much I don't understand?

You really think? I like the depth and the use of the young players, but i really don't see cavani as a top 10 striker.

Why is it so hard to understand Cavani is better than Zlatan?
He defends more, he can score 4 goals against smalls teams just like him but that is irrelevant anyway. He won't be completely useless in the Champions League like Zlatan.

Where do you see zlatan being better, tell me.

Yes he was taller and more arrogant. But so what?

Zlatan would take part in the build of the game, Cavani just waits for others to assist, every time Zlatan went deep it left alot of space for Cavani some way he always sucked. You can't really be serious and rate Cavani over Zlatan when he hasn't had a better season yet.

>Zlatan would take part in the build of the game
But he wouldn't defend for shit and we take goals and massive counter attacks on us.

There was no future with him, we tried to do with him, we lost. Moving on, trying something else.

What game did we take part in?

stay mad.

do scandis really think Zlatan is their god ?

go support Manure.
oh wait, they're fucking shocking... b-but they have ZLATANIBRAHIMOVIC

No, we have Bendtner

kek why do you hate Ibrahimovic so much?

Ibra is better than Cavani who is terrible, but he's a better fit for this PSG team no doubt.

Oh the Manu fan got triggered.
I don't hate him, I just think he's not the kind of player that you can with the champions league with.
Honeslty I would have kept him at PSG, reduce his salary by half and make him play only against Caen Bastia and Lyon, never in CL.
Hmm at second thought no, that would only make Cavani play less games therefore being less trained for the CL.
So yea, Zlatan out :)

I dont support Man Utd though and I don't really care for Ibra. No need to be so defensive m8.

I actually quite like PSG, ever since the Weah days. I just think you need to chill with the Cavani love. You should go with low expectations and hope he surprises you. He really isn't all that good.

Classic Cavani.

daaaaaaaaaaaab :-D

Dude ur honestly dumb af

The more people are negative and try to tear me down because I'm French, the more I become arrogant and go in the other direction as them.
All you hear is "Cavani a shit Cavani a shit Cavani a shit Zlatant good Zlatan good"
Cavani scored 4 goals tonight and 1 against Arsenal in CL meanwhile Zlatant doesnt play the CL and his team lost against Roterdam.
So fuck every guy that says something bad. Just fuck him.