Yfw liverpool wins the premier league

>yfw liverpool wins the premier league

it literally hurts seeing origibro not getting any minutes, why'd you post him, did you confuse him with shittidge


What is it with Americans and this obscure tv show?
It seems to be some Simpsons clone with Propane is what I'm piecing together from memes...? Too lazy to check elsewhere, it's just that irrelevant.

inferior batshuayi

>king of the hill

u wot m8

it's not very similar to the simpsons at all. koth is just a comfy sliceoflife type show that is a pretty good satire of a simple american life.
why are you getting mad at a cartoon?

why are germans so oblivious to everything?


It's not obscure, you're just too young to be posting.

this post is just asinine



i-is it... i-is it our year boys?

Screencapped. Pic related.

I'm scared it might not be >our year la

It's spelt Aspirin, Ameridumb.


King of the Hill is great

Well, now we know how to trigger cartoon watching twenty to thirtysomething year old American manbabbies.

>yfw liverpoo slips again

Reminder that Dortmund finished 6th in his first year and won the BL two time in a row during his third and fourth years. It will happen.

Can't see them pulling it off without a worldclass striker like Lucas Barrios on their squad.

They will easily buy Mahrez and fix the problem. Sturridge right now is OKAY but has not enough Ballgefühl for Klopp's playstyle. Give him time, he will fix this sorry team and win the PL and meet his former club in the CL.

>Mainz - Liverpool on midweek nights

Might be cool.

its just redditors in denial watching "clever sliceoflife type shows that satirize american way of life"

theres no gerrard to slip now m8

hendo wont because hell get injured before he can



It's the best anime ever

>Tfw no Gerrard to save us from Liverpool winning the league.

>yfw Everton pulls out a lesta and snatches the title out of Liverpoop's hands.


Who cares? 20 years from now Chelsea will be singing about how Jordan Henderson let it slip

I guess you didn't see the first half against sunderland, everton is gonna be happy with a europa league spot

Guardiola is going to run away with the league.

Signing Messi in December is going to get rough on the arab's monies tho.

>Liverpool beating City to the title this year



>yfw Everton wins the premier league

I wouldn't worry, he's shown his quality and we know klopp likes him. It's early days this season.

Reminder that the highlight of Everton's 2015/2016 season was injuring Liverpool's reserve striker, and the guy who did it will now be remembered as a club legend.

Reminder this is what it's like being a small club

>played one more game than city
>2pts behind them
>4 goals worse goal difference
Wait till you're fucking winning the league to brag

Which final are you most proud of losing in?

reminder of crystanbul

you and me both buddy

why is liverpool the most exciting club in the prem?

You're really gonna defend one of the most irrelevant English PL clubs of the modern era?

attack with reckless abandon
high energy up and down the pitch
shaky defense

that title run they had in suarez's last season there was some of the most entertaining and shitty stuff i've ever seen. it was great.

The combination of visually exciting attack and utter comical defense inevitably leads to a shitshow memetornado rollercoaster of dramatic hilarity.

nah I'm laughing at a wannabe scouser trying to belittle his local rivals when his own club accomplished fuck all

I detest Everton, they're the whiniest club going, although that is primarily down to their last two managers

I'm not saying Liverpool will win the league, but they played Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham (all away) and got 7 points from it.

>inb4 they played Burnley away and got 0 points

City only played ManU away.

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>Liverpool boombustcycle.jpg

He's fucking top class I think klopp is the type of manager that doesn't get carried away with the young lads which is a good thing, they need to earn their stripes and do what asked of them when their called upon, origi done that last night he held up the ball well he used his strength he made Chelsea look weak when the ball was at his feet.

Das it Mane

There's a 65.8333% calculated probability this year will actually be our year.



cmon reds


>Tfw can't watch other matches because liverpool are too exciting

[TLF intensifies]

Why dont you get an Engshit/Britshit manager, EPLEL is a literal joke without us Johnny Foreigner, dont you dare being proud of our achievements reeeeeeeee

I told ya 2074 would be our year, la.


stop posting

It's an affectionate parody of middle class Texans. Maybe that doesn't translate to German.