GOAT choreographies by fans

GOAT choreographies by fans.

Starting with a classic

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Also a more recent one



what did they mean by this?

a homage to Terim, who is pointing the players the way of victory

We have quite a few youtube.com/watch?v=-Qat8KpV7hQ

someone post the Polish one if Europe being invaded by boats of kebabs

inb4 shit MELELS tifos

Tbf Portland has some great ones.

There's a lot of good ones but I could never enjoy the ones where the club is paying for it / organizing it. It has to be fan made.

You'll enjoy this amazing tifo realised and paid for Qatar St Germain© then

(it's supposed to spell "Paris" imo but who can tell ?)

and with the attached file

all this shit is extremely cringey

Your existence is extremely cringy.




The last Milano derby

It's a shame that everyone is doing these today, instead of only italians. i personally dont like when we're doing thembut some of tho old italian tifo's are god tier

t. i believe that we will win




Based choreography, chimp fans.


I give it 0/6


Explanation por favor?

I was gonna post exactly this one. Also Greek derby matches often get crazy af

>being this historically ignorant and uneducated

I'm American ffs and even I get it

Standard did nothing wrong

damn great

How the fuck should I know of every naval battle between Spaniards and the Dutch? Wait, is it referring to the war the Dutch fought against the Spanish Habsburgs?



Yeah got it.

Madre des dios!

This is so Finnish it might as well be part of your heraldry. Which team?



I was under the tifo for this, but thought it looked pretty cool, especially with the effects at the end.



>only successful Finnish team in Yourop
>this level of fan support

I completely understand Spurdo now.


I relate to this pic greatly

Has Pyrotechnik gone too far?


That's not really choreography, it's just a gigantic banner


i'm a romafag but this was goat
the banner on the bottom says "its virtue alone challenges the darkness"
not sure what it meant

jesus christ that's dreadful

>no Amerimeme sports ITT

really makes one ponder

>Copying things from Milan
Pick one, dirtmund

We watch the game instead of holding up banners

>Americans are THIS bad at multitasking

pretty cool famalam



love rangers.

better than the crying hipster Celtic with
>muh palestine
>muh leftwing
>muh refugees

no you don't, you queue up for [insert team name]dogs and take selfies

They litteraly didnt do anything wrong.

>hurrdurr dis dos nut balong in futbol station.

They have undoubtedly better and more loyal fans but the team itself is shit nowadays. It'll be a few years until they can compete with Celtic sadly

A classic one

Based Poles.



a year ago before choreo gala won the league at fenerbahçe's stadium, they turned out the lights to not let gala to celebrate and they start burning their own stadium afterwards because of sheer butthurt. its related, song says "fener dont cry" even sung by sneijder at celebration too


I don't really get the point of these desu


Audience participation to keep them excited during the games.


How do the fans see through these things?

They're only up for a couple of minutes in the beginning of the match. They don't miss much

Doopin' mental



oy vey!

Except they're done before the game.

People don't hold them up for 90 minutes.

there was a soccer team a while back who's fans used the Houston Texans logo for something, does anyone have a picture of that?

Football is war

This was around the time the major economic crisis started youtube.com/watch?v=9SyvJoIVQ64

that was 10 years ago

>i now am forced to remember this