>Bacca is fit as fuck
>Plays fucking Lapadula
Fucking Montella.We don't deserve Bacca tbqh fampai.

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milan are dead

Yes but without Bacca it's the deadest.I'm pointing out Memetella's incompetence.

>We don't deserve Bacca tbqh fampai.
current Milan is exactly his level, literally cant do a 5m pass
don't forget his official theme song

I agree, we don't deserve him. Montella needs to realize that Bacca is our "top-player", and you don't bench a top-player, do Real and Barca start without Messi or Ronaldo? Fucking no.
Also nice assist from Suso.
And Lapadula should go back to Pescara.

it worked tho, he was shit in the last two games

what is up with both milan teams playing all these meme south americans?

>enters in 65 minute
>first touch hits the bar
>second touch scores
vaffanculo coglione
Suso has become quite a player since last season.I don't understand why Luiz Adriano never plays.I unironically rate him

He saved this game but he was completely useless the two before this one. He's a great finisher but building up play your are always in 10 with him on the field

Even Messi has bad games and he's the best we've got.In 10 chances he'll score 8.

Those werent bad games, it's his style of play. I'm not saying he's bad or anything, he's a very situational player, a luxury player i would say. He's letahl in the box but he doesnt contribute anything else to the build up play.

True.He needs an assistman to furnish him with good balls.In a team like City he'd score 30 goals a season.

Yes this is what i mean, he's a tap in artist in a good way but he's limited and Milan right now cant help him too much and vice versa, at least not consistently. He either saves the day or is completely useless wich is why someone loves him and someone hates him

True but there are very few players as deadly as him and who help the squad.All i can think of are suarez,aguero and maybe zlatan

Belotti comes to mind too,or Costa, but yeah it's difficult to find that kind of player. It would be better for him to have a partner upfront like Niang last season, they complete eachother well. The real problem of this team is the fucking midfield tho

The midfield causes the goals we concede and doesn't help shit in the attack.Montolivo is cancer tier.If we got a player like Verrati we'd be second after Juve.

let's just hope the chinks are legit and buy someone decent in Jenuary

I think they're serious but i fear we will become like inter who buy good players but play like shit

Eh, at least we'll have good players...
Also inter had Mancini who is a hack and De Boer arrived a month ago, also foregein managers always struggle in SerieA.
But not having to endure Montolivo and Abate every game is enough for the short period for me

You now remember we bought Matri for 11m and Bertolacci for 20m

you now realize we spent around 25m this summer wihtout improving the team at all

You now remember Alberto Gilardino

you now realize we could have gotten Griezzman for 25m two years ago

>G-galliani is good he just doesnt have money anyomer
cant wait for him to die and for his asslickers to fuck off
He's still playing

He'll be gone till January.I hope they bring someone good.

They are bringing Mirabelli

you now remember Aubameyang was Milan's property and was sold for no reason


how can you possibly know?

He used to work for Inter

Get back to the call centre and research a LARGE basketball tip which will lose.

And? He was the one that brougt Brozovic, Perisic nad Murillo, he also wanted to bring Zouma Ghoulam and Obamayoung but inter board dint want them. I'll wait to see what he does before hating him

3 average players who changed shit

ok we'll see

i was hoping we'd get the sevilla man

I was hoping for Pradè or Sabatini but we got that guy instead, i'm not going to trash him before he even started, Paratici was a nobody before Juventus too