Good trade or bad trade?

Good trade or bad trade?

Vikings are the GOAT, so good trade.

They bet their future on a backup.

Worst fucking trade in the history of sports. GG VIkings! Even if tedy is literally dead, your better off tanking and taking a qb in the second round and continue to build that defense more.

A good GM just went to complete shit and shot any chance of the Vikings have any success immediately down by trading for Sam fucking Bradford. Jimmy garopoolo was a better fucking bet

Bradford is a dead man behind that shit line

>waste an entire year when team is shaping up and adrian hasn't got much left
>a rookie qb next year will play better than a veteran
Gerbschmidt just fuck off right now. Stop overrating first round picks which are by no means a guaranteed commodity

Vikings did right in trading for Bradford and they got a decent price for a similar player to teddy.

Why didn't they trade for Jimmy or Brady? If cuckford is worth a first then Jimmy is worth at least 2 after last Sunday's performance

>implying the patriots are letting go of a qb who has been in their system for 3 years when brady is suspended for a quarter of the season

>Why didn't they trade for a QB that is banned for 1/4 of the season

Really makes one (Christian) Ponder

Also NE makes any QB look good. Remember Cassel?

>implying an inexperienced qb will learn a new system in 2 weeks
>implying Bradford wasn't the fit considering a similar system and his old OC Pat Shurmur is on the Vikings

Superbowl bound

Best trade they could have made, anyone who states otherwise I feel like has no idea what they are talking about and don't have true alternatives besides being negative.

Then the other potential trade partners all wanted to receive a young proven player on top of the future firsts.

What is Sam Bradford's real value? A third or fourth round pick?

>the first round players never pan out meme
Like Bradford?
>a similar player to teddy
If by similar you mean absolute shit and made of glass, then sure they're similar.

Giving up a first and a second to fourth round pick for a player who wouldn't start on the fucking Eagles is hilarious.

Reminder that Bradford is literally twice as good as Teddy

Reminder that Bradford has only played two 16 game seasons in the five years he's been in the NFL.

Laughably bad. They mortgaged their future for decent starter at best. They all-in'd on win now because AP is aging. The smart thing to do would have been to trade AP to the highest bidder and restock for the future. They weren't any elite team even with teddy

Would anyone else want AP? that trade would come with a lot of negative media attention.

A team with division title or greater aspirations would do it. Redskins, giants, ravens, etc. would probably sell their souls for current AP

Literally no one would trade for AP and his massive contract bruh

They are legit contenders with any QB. They have a legit defense and solid run game.

The GOAT at what?

choking desu

2 in 6 now. He didn't play last week.

If he stays healthy

>build a talented team
>can keep average to below QB play afloat
>trade a first rounder and more for that average to below QB for the year

I mean jfc Sanchez was available and they would have been fine with him.

Holy shit you're retarded

>trading a first for a QB made of glass
Bradford will be out by week 6 at the latest and then the queens are back to Hill starting.

Basically wasted a first round pick on a slightly better chance to win a handful of games.

Should have picked dirty Sanchez up for next to nothing and just consigned themselves to try again next year.

Not like they stand any chance of winning the north and likely won't even make a wildcard run.

You have to have a QB if you want to make the playoffs, which the Vikes are a playoff-level team.

At this point their options were to trade for Kaep or Bradford.

You don't necessarily need a QB to even win an owl. Ask Denver.

Bradford is GOING to play, whether or not he has to be a backup, it's O-K to have bradford as opposed to to stave running our offense.

that's better than romo I honestly don't see too much issue in this, shaun hill is proving to be a solid backup candidate anyways
>decent starter
>QB on the Minnesota Vikings in 2016
that's playoffs 9/10 times

Why are they so good at choking? Nobody has really ever done it as well as the Vikings have.

I was with you until you said sign slamchez, slam is for slamming into O line asses
Spielmen don't play no shit boi, Vikes want it more than sanchez does.

>Ask Denver.
>the best mind in football at QB
>don't need QB

look peyton's arm was shit, but he's still 6'5" 240, compare him to nolan ryan or roger clemens at that age, he's still the sheriff, he can still get the ball where it needs to go, don't get it twisted, I saw him live throw a ball to Brandon Stokley on a like 10 yard out route and it was a lazer beam too fast for Stokley

This. Peyton's still Peyton. Also their playoffs run consisted of the Steelers and Pats, both also decimated by injuries. It's not ridiculous to think that a bad QB can be hidden by deficiencies on the other team.

>mortgaged their future

typical casual overvaluing a 1st round pick.

>Why are they so good at choking? Nobody has really ever done it as well as the Vikings have.

Who are the Buffalo Bills? Oh that's right, you were born after the year 2000

GOAT at consistently being on the wrong end of refball

Good if they are done with teddy.

>Best trade they could have made
Not trading a first round pick for literally white teddy bridgewater is the best trade option.