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>best midfielder in the world and the best defensive midfielder in the world
>get completely outrun in midfield
How did this happen?

>le alien head nignog man

Poor mans Drinkeh

>le tackle inside pygmy

>le can't make a good pass autist

> le run around the entire pitch hacking players just to pass to a player with actual talent man

>le carried by drinkwater man

>38m for the swarthy joe allen

>tfw no water to drink

>38 million from an nigger alien from Namek

>aaaahhh Drinky help

>38 million for a non-dabbing black man

tbf both goals were down entirely to cahill fucking up

>38 million for the minstrel Lee Cattermole

>38m for a shit ramires

Wortw├Ârtlich wer?

>3.8E7 for bald black midfielder that isn't cambiasso

stop bullying kanteh

really bong? even g├Âtze is better.

You guys know leddit have officially taken over this meme right?

No. I don't browse there

If this is true then that sucks.

>le black meme mid that doesnt even dab


pretty big influx here too m8. example:

How the fuck?

In the first goal, he was covering up for david luiz and azpilicueta being out of position?

wtf i hate Cred Forums now!

don't flatter /sp./ that meme was made ages ago by teenagers on twitter

>38m for the non dabbing pogba

>50 million for the french Mo Farah

Now all these people will pretend they don't know what happens on reddit

Mo is actually a really nice man

He's not good enough for a top team, being able to intercept / make tackles isn't enough for a defensive midfielder in an actual top team, you need to be able to pass and read the game

He's perfect for a team who finish 5th - 8th

Any higher than that and you need a real defensive midfielder

He was the heartbeat of a team that finished first though.

>itt: racism

sad to see ABC's have to sink this low to have a go at chelsea. pathetic really.

fuck off faggot

but he won the league

fuck off racist filth

go write a tumblr post about it you fat fuck

what about cahill, ivanovic, matic?

they were pretty meh too

go write a britain first facebook post about it you dense fuck

What did he even do for Leicester that was so great last year? Honest question. I'm pretty sure Vardy, Mahrez, Drinkwater, and arguably Huth or Schmeichel were more important to them.

well teenage boy the older you grow the more you hate niggers and muslims

asians are always fine tho, very nice race

What the fuck are you doing

I thought he had a good game defensively. didn't contribute anything going forward but then again he was never really that type of player. his passing/passing range has actually improved a shitton since he's been at chelsea though


im 37 you little toerag.

i've been posting on Cred Forums since before your ballsack dropped.


Just because he's black footballer doesn't mean he's a Frenchman.

Racism's pretty bad nowadays.

kek imbligyn Chelsea can move from midtable to champions just because they buy a single player when the rest are fucking dogshit

another 10th place finish this season, I'm afraid mr. Abramovich!

You should not be proud of that. You are braging about being a loser from the beginning

Prem is gonna be all fucked up again this year, looks like

Liverpool will be taking their rightful place at the top though

>being on Cred Forums means youre a loser
When will this meme die

> Turned down champions league football to be a shitter at Chelsea

oh my how I'm laughing

RIP in piss Kunte

Are you autistic?

Maybe if you have a negative iq

Honestly surprised Vardy and Mahrez stayed

>France is white

>le non dabbing discount pogba

Vardy will most likely retire at Leicester. He's nearly 30 and has settled with his family.

Mahrez will move in the summer if Leicester aren't in the CL next season.

King Kante

>Leicester aren't in the CL next season.

So Mahrez move to 4rsenal confirmed?

But if you have a negative IQ then you're probably either a nigger or mudslime...

>Covering for Luiz
Look the the replay he literally went to cover Luiz when he should have been covering the far post

When it stops being true.People here are mostly social rejects that spend their time here instead of Facebook or twitter.

>There are people on this board that rate Kante over Casemiro



Absolutely fucking disgusting.