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/NFL/ general

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BUF:Bills squander Tyrod's big plays in defeat
NYJ:Ryan Fitz exposes barely-there BUF secondary
NYJ:Matt Forte drops three TDs on hapless Bills D
NYJ:Marshall Miracle: BM returns after knee scare
TB:Cards DC: Peterson won't chase Evans all game
BUF:Sammy Watkins officially active versus Jets
PIT:Markus Wheaton practicing in full for Week 2
KC:Maclin's missed practice not injury-related
KC:Spencer Ware gets in 'full' practice Thursday
DEN:Demaryius (hip) worried about 'getting hit'
IND:T.Y. Hilton misses practice with knee issue
PHI:Zach Ertz (ribs) sits outs another practice

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Who is the NFL Equivalent?

I don't know because you couldn't pay me to watch dive grass aka boreball aka 1-1 tie game ; aka the fans don't even watch the game and just stand around singing songs and drinking beer the entire game

Let's see now
>no history
>only relevant from 2004
>scum club
>scum fans
>scum manager
>loyal player who many like (lampard)

>1-1 tie game
>not 0-0
confirmed for knowing NOTHING about divegrass

>it's a sean thread with his shitty OC as the main pic and outdated news

Well I did say I couldn't be paid to watch that so you may be onto something

Garopollo ia elite


Jags fan here. I'll be visiting family for Thanksgiving. The Jags play at the Ralph on the 27th. Is it worth experiencing a game there? I mean, I won't get table slammed for being a Jags fan, right?

no one pays you to watch gay porn but you do all the same

>in triple coverage

Butthurt arishit tardinals fan detected

How's 0-1 ?

>calling that "triple coverage"

am I being trolled or are Pats fans really this stupid?

Sneak doesn't know shit about football.

don't think you know what triple coverage is

Actually it's my job to watch porn and make visual/audio edits so I quite literally get paid to watch gay porn

>triple coverage

hearty kek

pretty rude of them to make you edit your own videos

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1. lake
2. p12
3. bb

Livia Cavalcanti


Hogan is nowhere near the LB's zone

the single high safety is so far away that he could be wearing a jet pack and not be expected to cover that

so no, it's single coverage you fucking moron.


JEBUS cringe

You wouldn't believe the times I had to make my own MALE moans to replace a woman's shitty moans

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week 2 spreads as voted by Cred Forums

>Favorite (Spread) Underdog
SEA (-13) @ LA
@ NE (-12.5) MIA
BAL (-10.5) @ CLE
@ CAR (-9) SF
@ ARI (-8.5) TB
@ DET (-8) TEN
@ OAK (-7.5) ATL
@ DEN (-5.5) IND
JAX (-5) @ SD
NYJ (-4.5) @ BUF
@ PIT (-4) CIN
PHI (-4) @ CHI
KC (-2.5) @ HOU
DAL (-1.5) @ WAS
GB (-1.5) @ MIN
@ NYG (0) NO

These are always shit and wrong

Why bother


Post a vocaroo or you're lying.

>>>>Hogan is nowhere near the LB's zone
>linebacker, corner and saftey all box towards receiver pre catch
>not triple coverage

this is some legendary backpedaling

Haha you'd have to pay me for that
I don't do it for free you know


56 votes
1. (8.143) New England Patriots [+0, -0.304]
2. (7.679) Pittsburgh Steelers [+4, +0.244]
3. (7.429) Green Bay Packers [+1, -0.595]
4. (7.268) Denver Broncos [+5, +0.444]
5. (7.018) Carolina Panthers [-3, -1.300]
6. (6.857) Cincinnati Bengals [+1, -0.225]
7. (6.607) Kansas City Chiefs [+1, -0.322]
8. (6.429) Arizona Cardinals [-5, -1.606]
9. (6.357) Seattle Seahawks [-4, -1.643]
10. (6.286) Oakland Raiders [+0, +0.262]
11. (5.821) Detroit Lions [+12, +1.303]
12. (5.804) Houston Texans [-1, +0.039]
12. (5.804) New York Giants [+4, +0.604]
12. (5.804) Tampa Bay Buccaneers [+9, +1.192]
15. (5.411) Minnesota Vikings [-3, -0.318]
16. (5.143) Jacksonville Jaguars [+2, +0.061]
17. (5.125) Baltimore Ravens [+3, +0.231]
18. (5.107) Philadelphia Eagles [+11, +1.425]
19. (4.768) New York Jets [-6, -0.773]
20. (4.714) Indianapolis Colts [-7, -0.827]
21. (4.446) New Orleans Saints [+1, -0.083]
22. (4.196) San Francisco 49ers [+9, +1.878]
23. (4.018) Atlanta Falcons [-4, -1.017]
24. (3.875) Washington Redskins [-9, -1.396]
25. (3.821) Miami Dolphins [+0, -0.426]
26. (3.786) San Diego Chargers [+1, +0.045]
27. (3.732) Buffalo Bills [-10, -1.397]
28. (3.571) Dallas Cowboys [-4, -0.829]
29. (3.018) Tennessee Titans [+1, -0.500]
30. (3.000) Chicago Bears [-3, -0.741]
31. (1.107) Cleveland Browns [+1, -1.034]
32. (0.929) Los Angeles Rams [-6, -3.306]

nice b8

>Why bother

>even Bills smart enough to fire their shitty OC while we still keep ours

it hurts bros

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he was in open field, it was hardly single coverage

>11 players go towards receiver when ball is in the air, 11-man coverage

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>this overranking AFC faggotry

bring back /NFC/

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the LB's zone doesn't extend that far you fucking moron. He's not playing coverage at that point, he's running to put himself in a position to pursue a ballcarrier

greg roman>>>>>>>>>>>>>kyle shanahan
roman isn't even bad, they just needed a scapegoat

FA:Free agent LB Manny Lawson suspended 2 games
LAR:Big Rams news: No. 1 pick Goff now No. 2 QB
MIA:Foster (hamstring) draws the questionable tag
NE:Chris Hogan questionable after Fri. downgrade
NE:Patriots list Gronk as questionable for Wk 2
GB:Packers CB Shields (concussion) is doubtful
BUF:Report: Front office forced Rex to fire Roman
ATL:Julio (ankle) not on injury report for Week 2
KC:Chiefs without both starting OGs at Houston
DEN:Demaryius officially questionable for Week 2
KC:Jamaal Charles (knee) doubtful for Week 2
MIN:Vikings rule out Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes

>Cred Forums

Shanahan is ahead of his time you falcunts fail to see that ;^)

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Fans of America's Team sure are quiet lately

>rex ryan says he's going to be the first go go it things go bad
>he throws roman under the bus as a scapegoat
footman, pls

I wonder why

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that is correct, the ball would violently strike down at any given moment to those 11 defenders. Google microbursts.

>LB can't swat the ball ( he can ) but he'll catch a guy 20 yards ahead of him running full speed

lmao this is pathetic


you got me that was funny.

has that happened before? a cloud fell on a stadium in 1991


you're clearly a retard, further replies are pointless

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will diabetus ever leave this team?

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