W-wait until y-you play stoke!!

>w-wait until y-you play stoke!!
>w-wait until y-you play west ham!!
>w-wait until y-you play manure!!
>w-wait until y-you play gladbach!!
>w-wait until y-you play chelshit!!

what's next?

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wait till you play an actually good team? idk
why is a dutch person rooting for man city anyway?

Arsenal will unironically fluke a win against City

Wait until financial fair play


Klopp will shit on City.

kraut dickriders are the faggiest posters here

>what's next?
Wilders will remove you.

Does anyone else think dutchbro is quite handsome?

I'd let him cave in my boipuss any time, no homo

It wasnt a rainy tuesday night at the britania


>hernandez mad because of proud americans that know they're roots

because it hurts your bum


>that keyboard

What the actual fuck man

what? it's a 200 euro keyboard

you've never seen led keyboard before?

It certainly isn't a 200 IQ keyboard.

this desu

>being an autist that spends hundreds of euros on keyboards
>being a gladbach fan
>having a blackberry

no offense toothpaste, but kys

>uses qwerty


based romaniabro

Cool meme, it's delusion from fags who don't want to be whatever disgusting soup they really are
Not that your know, ahmed


backlit mechanical keyboards are pretty popular t b h, you don't need to get hung up on the leds some of those keyboards are fucking top notch too

no offense but the borussia monchengladbach blonde slags after the game were all over my dick



if he was on Cred Forums he'd jus claim welsh/scots are germanic


have you ever used a mechanical keyboard in your life? i doubt it, shit is so cash

plus 200€ is not that much considering you use your computer every day

is it worth 200e tho? I tried one and yeah it felt good typing, but the noise was too much

lowland scots are germanic, highland scots and scots islanders are celtic.

>want to


some are quieter than others, it really depends on their switches, also might not feel as good as the others

worth it? Probably, you can keep one for a decade+ even without swapping out parts, then again a decent rubber one will last you just as long so idk

still clinging to that game you went to years ago to feel like a "real supporter"?
that's pathetic mang

also I should mention that not all of them are 200 euros, you can find good ones well under


blow job lips



>i pray god forgives me
Sides status: gone.

>this handsome motherfucker has tapped over 200 pure aryan dutchwomen over the years and you're wasting your life away on Cred Forums

feels fucking bad t b h

Sure he has

>German humor

I smiled, leave the poor kraut alone.

Wait until your players start dying of fatigue from their 100mph pressing bullshit every game in about December/January time and you, like Arsenal, have a massive collapse just as the other top teams are hitting their peaks.

City will finish 4th at best. Pep has no idea how to manage his players in the Premier League. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Also United absolutely bossed City once Mourinho realised that sitting back wasn't necessary. You were a referee mistake away from 2-2 and down to 10 men against a United side in the ascendancy and shooting towards the Stretford end. Very, VERY lucky to get anything out of that game.

at least try Hans Bitterman

You were only in the game because the City gk gifted you a goal

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas

>muh PL physicality
Do you realize that they only press when they don't have the ball, and guess what, they rarely lose the ball. They'll remain the fresher side in the league while other teams run like headless chickens all the time (that's what people find attractive in the PL for some reason...).


poor Cred Forums


This comment summarizes the reason england will never win a world cup.

>being this assblasted
lmaoing at your life kid


>posting a picture
wew lad

Confirmed. City are a meme and will get exposed.

>w-wait until y-you can't outspend every other club by hundreds of millions of pounds

haha all these buttblasted fans of other clubs!! Pep doesn't need to prove anything, he just has to keep buying throphies and there's nothing you can do about it!!

>This entire post

He literally puts chalk marks on the training pitches, says stand there unless x.

englel btfo


>tfw you realise gundogan + de bruyne + nolito cost less combined than pogba

keep it up lad =)


Rip in pieces englel

Mad, Reddit?

>It's a marathon, not a sprint
that would be true if I couldn't remember at least 2 occasions in the last 3 years in which teams won the league in February, namely Chelsea in 2015 and Man U in 2013

>britfags made fun of baynerliga
>pep in the epl is gonna dominate even harder

loving every laugh

>g-guardiola is the most overrated manager ever!
>h-h-he should take up a job at northampton and then win all those trophies!
>only he should be held to those standards to be considered a good manager!

>this handsome mothefucker

don't even joke about this

get rekt

apply those feminine dicksucking lips to my cock please

Thank you based Burger

liverpool will cuck him

wait until you play Barcelona
wanna be the best gotta beat the best

name a current english team that can beat barcelona

gotta be more specific m8
like who's next in the PL?

ring ring




we already have one you fat cunt

FFP hasn't been relevant for years. City are already making revenues of 500m+ per year thanks to deals with random chinks companies.

FFP does not allow sneaky agreements to get fancy money. ManU is next on the hitlist for the same exact reason.

>we already refballed one you fat cunt

Not really sneaky though. Just normal deals with companies like Nissan and whatever. The only deal that was under scrutiny at the time was the Etihad sponsorship, which was something like 400m over 10 years, but that was found to be legit enough a few years ago.

Before Guardiola ohoned Gabriel Jesus, he phoned Gabigol. He said:
"Hello, Gabigol, do you have Gabriel Jesus' phone number?"

just like you refballed most of your CL titles