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>thread wars

have sex

I concede. This thread wins.

>you will never be america and go to prom at high school and dance to this song and then make out the girl that you have fancied since you were 12


what a classic.

Tipping for the brit that was betting baseball with me.

NYMs -1.5 tonight.

mongy post this

>He doesn't rate Toto

wat did u say prick

Good song, just the post was written by an odd little man.

>odd little man

meet me irl

only if you stay at least 1 meter away at all times


feeling dangerous

brits are ruining /bet/ tipping shite division 2 and 3 footy games which are boring as fuck to watch and on top of that the tips never win LOL

imagine being a mug and actually going through the pain of betting and watching a division 3 soccer match and actually LOSING money PMSL

betting on mainstream is the most +ev thing that you can do, prove me wrong.

You boys might wanna sprinkle a bit on Nicolas Jarry, hes giving popisal all he can handle.

Canadians v v odd

need a LARGE bet tbqh

This is true to be honest.
When the fun stops, stop.

>you now remember that Liebermann was going on holiday to Canada

but i wont get respect from the curly haired scot and his band of banterous pakis

Lieberman scares me.

>you now remember Agamemnon, son of King Atreus and Queen Aerope of Mycenae, the brother of Menelaus

NEED this character in the discord chat ASAP

chaturbate slash barbiebangs

v v odd couple here

seen them before, that chick is hot, boney ass fake tits, the dude looks like one of you brits

Can you cam2cam on chaturbate?
Bit of a exhibitionist desu

v interested in how this arrangement came about, guessing she's just a whore?


hes done, was a good chance

Absolutely QUAKING at how easy it's going to be to have sex during freshers week.
Girls are LITERALLY going to be unable to find their way back home

have sex

Bragging about fucking sluts is the same as acting like a big boy because you can profit off a 365.

>tfw can't do either

CANNOT put on mass v v depressing

Yes, very enjoyable
eat more

eat McDonalds 3-5 times per week
drink 1000 calorie shakes
eat a 800-1000 calorie pizza every single night (£1 frozen pizzas are fine for this)
eat chicken thighs instead of chicken breast
eat until you feel absolutely full and sick

shaking at how huge i'm going to be

i did this for about 8 months and only around the 6-7th month did i start to actually get 'fat' (face looking chubbier, slight lovehandles and lack of visible abs)

if you do this while working out 3-4 times per week lifting intensely then you will add some good level of mass

you can then cut, get rid of some of the fat so you look better and feel better

then 80% of your strength and muscle should remain and you can just train normally, eat a slight surplus and grow while remaining lean

Can someone write a guide on how to have sex? Keep getting told to do it but not sure how.

It's in the sticky pal

I would hope having sex involves him going into the sticky desu

No its not. Just checked incase it had been added. PLEASE take me under your wing.

do you mean how to get a girl to have sex with you or how to put your dick inside a pussu?

has anyone here been taken under ANYONE's wing? Thinking of giving up desu

would even be content with Hass' sparrow-esque wing at this point

Need the /bet/ detective to post his findings ASAP. So so sleepy

The problem is Euan Park sees everything as profit or loss, in pure monetary terms.

He think 'why would helping someone out make me more money?'. He doesnt realise that he could build a possible friendship, a betting partner and most of all make himself feel better by helping someone.

He is a nice man but has a bitter and angry streak. He is probably quite depressive often too. If he gave back to the community and helped out those less fortunate he would start to feel much better I think.

I am currently writing out a long letter to Euan. Explaining to him why it would be a good decision for him to take me under his wing. I hope it convinces him and he does take me, I will learn so much.

Once my training is over I would come back to /bet/ and probably take someone under my wing too. We will all become shrewder and richer together eventually.

This. Have you noticed how Euan, Hass, BT etc never ever give sources for where they find their information?
Do you know why? It's because they want us to remain DAC and for us to be dependent on them.
Pure and simple.

This is exactly why I respected Liebermann and Derfell because they weren't tipping for their own ego, but to actually help /bet/. The trips we have now are just angry little men

>replying to yourself

I was continuing my post. Thank you for your output.

>exactly why I respected Liebermann and Derfell
Confirmed nibs/clueless

who wants to come under my wing lads?

I see that you've won one bet?
Not nibs. Derfell posted some good tips (apart from that large Malaysian tip) and Lieberman was always positive and it's a shame Euan and his band of banterous pakis scared him away. He didn't tip much but they were good tips when he did.

won one bet in the last 2 hours which has given me a net profit of over $500. That's $250/hr.

I'm guessing you didn't see my screen caps from earlier today. You might wanna check them out ;)

Think before you post.

You also lost 230 dollars from that same screenshot pmsl

you're clearly not a mathematician. that's ok. there's always shelves to be stocked, that's where your life can find meaning.


Reminder Beta ">le cashout man" Knight will never EVER set up a TT because he knows just how EXPOSED he would be

Is it another point out how bad metaknight is episode?
Quite like these desu

i dont give a shit about TT i dont even know what that shit is about. You think I care if you clueless mugs actually believe im DAC?

Im staying in on a Friday night, I have bigger problems in my life.

Doea anyone else think the canelo fight will go the full 12 rounds? Canelo by decision is at 3.6.


hope a few got on the Mets bet tonight

got on,

up to $68 now

Hassy is my mentor

i did -2.5, even better ;)

>bet on rice
>lose by a half a point

i had rice +28.5, cashed out and lost $50 when i should've won $400. I know that feel NA bro. Don't worry, we'll recover it over the weekend.

any value in the dota bets

What you got this weekend? I've got Ohio State -3 not sure what else I want to take

I'm a noob, obviously

i wouldn't touch those dota bets. especially when it's 3 way match winner.

How much is a clean 365 worth?


Anybody got Louisville +3 against FSU tomorrow?

imperial -1.5 1.61 is a special

>all wnba favorites win today
>the biggest favorite has a nailbiter finish
>I actually win my 4x accy
what a day
SURELY I won't lose another bet on rugby league due to a draw this time right?

Dunno lid, you followed casuals that come in once a week to past their small bets

same as the random american that turns up once a week to tell us his nfl tip.

>In saying that i'm on Penrith tonight

might post it on tt but dunno if i cba with custom form

I actually followed /r/sportsbook LOCK of the day and I saw someone say it here
pic related
Although I guess the guy won, I still lost because my bubblegum bookie only offered 3 way winner
Also when I checked at around 2 am in my timezone (around 30 minutes after the match ended) they credited me my winnings but when I woke it up disappeared
going to go SMALL on the penrith so I have a reason to stay up and post in the game thread
although the last time I bet on a team with a panther logo they got btfo in the super bowl

forgot the picture oops

unlucky, this is Main stream in australia so it's pretty lotto, but think match fitness on Penrith will be the key as if Raiders lose one of their 2 best players who are both struggling/returning from injury they are done.

On Forza HT against Laos

Is Oregon moneyline a sucker bet? I just don't ever believe in Nebraska.

11111111111 forza

pretty sure Laos are playing with 10? although one of Forza's players has had a few too many pancakes so could be -ev

Thanks, I'll put cheeky tenner on panthers today
Don't think my site carries nonamerican live sports so good luck on your own
But I do wonder what would happen if I bet all the money in my account so they wouldn't have been able to take away my winnings

worth putting in 40 @ 1.25 forza to win?

Very good post.

Not sure from here, think they could concede tbqh but laos should run out of legs.

feel like it ends 4-1 with 3 2nd half goals

I got FSU -2 earlier in the week. I'm thinking about doubling down now that it's moved to -1.

Accy for tomorrow:

FSU (-1) vs Louisville
Virginia Tech (-230) vs Boston College
Oregon (+140) vs Nebraska
Michigan St (+7.5) vs Notre Dame
Ohio State (-1) vs Oklahoma

Also think Bentleigh win but give it 10 mins to get to at least 1.8

love the UFL


Are you not worried about the derwin james (safety) and some defensive player (don't remember his name now) being out? They've got like 10+ injured players right now
I like tOSU as well but I'm biased about that, don't know anything about the rest

wat do

eagles at +1 seems tempting

or eagles to qualify

I like Bentleigh but the price is tez still. avoiding it.

rebacking forza o5.5 WORLD

Bentleigh's great and all, but I'd place trust on Edgeworth for once. Not putting any money on this match, just a shitty opinion for a great character.

VVV worried


>ending up ev after being on from 0-0

feelsbadman, did it all so wrong.


need a pinoy contact ASAP



>Davis Cup rain delays
Just wanted the last leg of my multi to win, is that too much to ask?

Sydney Swans SW @ 1.61 is literally, LITERALLY printing money

I fell for the West Coast and Hawthorn odds ruses already, these final rounds are too unpredictable so far to trust. Points overs might be a good bet or at least Eddie to score 2+ goals too.

Noticing that my hairline is receding. Is it time to take a break?

I've only backed winners so far this finals.

trust me lad.

are you the lad that said that tennis acca was 100%

can't afford a loss

Raiders + swans free money?

I haven't been on bet in months, lad.

been shite for ages, just thought I'd drop in since I was in /afl/.

you were going to go bald no matter what

>Didn't wake up from the alarm for the Yokohama game

Could be maturing hairline, which would be normal. Or.. you're fucked. Welcome to the club! :^)

Richmond vs Nother Geelong is about to begin. This is a play off match which will see Richmond be relegated if they lose, and North Geelong promoted if they win. They are playing at a neutral ground (Oakleigh Cannon's ground). The idea was for the game to be played halfway between both clubs, but North Geelong have had to drive well over an hour to get to the ground in comparison. North Geelong unchanged after beating Thunder 4-1 last week. Tough to call which way this will go, so getting on o2.5 goals may be the safest bet.

>literally can't get on a tip posted in the last hour
where did it all go wrong

On Mitchelton +, were dominant against the Lions 2 weeks ago before 2nd half collapse without their best goal scorer, he's back. might go cheeky on the mitchie ht.

I am more leaner and muscular than most people think . . .

Can't get any more cheeky than odd/even markets. Free money or tiny loss if you're responsible about it

Why wouldn't you just play roulette? It's not even a game of skill it's pure luck.

please be bait.

if not, off yourself.

Toras tip looks tez. This ones worth a lay desu

Hope you lads got on. North Geelong up 3-0 with 30 minutes to go



good tip

Do you ever sleep lid

Not really during the weekends. Went to bed at 2ish, set my alarm for 5am for a game, placed my bet, went back to bed until 8. Then proceeded to lose half my winnings from The Gap unders on UFL so I'm not having a great morning tbf.


also fucking dota players are such fucking MANCHILDREN

lost my handicap on WGU because they fielded a stand-in on the very last minute

NEED that Kawasaki miracle comeback

Also wouldn't mind a Seongnam goal if that isn't too much to ask for

Thanks based /bet/ting gods

>Thanks based /bet/ting gods
You are welcome

don't let me down now

>sydney at 1.012 odds now while going into the 3rd
S-safe to go to sleep now?
>panthers getting btfo when I never got on

So so comfy on Espoo +

can't see the crows coming back from this desu lad

trade out if you want to be safe

True, thanks for the tip

Romansergio and his character so so so dangerous but still oddly enjoyable

Juve laughing with HASS and MIRTH

Def safe, no way will Chokelaide perform well when it's crucial.

Also PLEASE stop jobbing Kuznetsov, just take this set.

>implying american bubblegum sites will let me cash out
don't even think I can hedge since they don't cover live matches pmsl
and thanks for the tip if that was you
ok I can get a good 7 hours before running back to uni library to borrow the computer
and good luck with the russian tennis

BOOOM! Kawasaki!!

>didn't tip this

are you pin head

Had cheeky fiver on Espoo HT @11

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta


hedged tho

Can only imagine the utter GLEE passing through every vein in Euan's body right now.

Good post this

Mackers and Ross wtf?

Hass was probably just memeing. Bet I'm the ONLY one UAC laying Toras.

>he didn't attend the /bet/ meet
Not memeing desu. Nothing in her ""info"""" suggested that they'd cover -1.5 and +1.75 and upwards was clearly a bet with the supporting rball

you'rr hardly comfy with a £15-20 roll.

>you'rr hardly comfy with a £15-20 roll.


Hass any tips today? need to get my roll back on track

typo lid. shit happens.


Northern conference football is more exciting than watching tottenham play

would LOVE to live in england and go to these matches on a sunny saturday arvo

>this damage limitation


>gambling is profitable

le goal as staking meme

Reminder "beta" ""knight"" LITERALLY lives in a garage

betting is profitable

unless you trust anons a bit too much and pull a muggy move

>IE still on your taskbar

Destined for failure

its Microsoft Edge now, lid

edge is actually faster than chrome lid

it has no ad block so i dont use it but i'd swap if it had that function

same garbage, m8. Pls no bully

Only just woke up lids.


Got to say, the last month in the facebook group has been above and beyond. Thinking of quitting my job and going full time.

what is it?

Manager in retail, started as regular staff about five years ago.

quite nice, don't quit that job m8

the fb group? is it paid


Why would you top up now when she will be above evens in a few weeks?

Did your professor say she would win the election so you're on special now?

pmsl pmsl pmsl

why not that job sounds painful

Bobekek @AbsolutelyRektPmsl How could know who is fraud and who is not? I can't be all the time on Tipstertube. But lost a lot allready at some tipsters on TT.

Reminder Hilary will win because Obama told people to vote for her :^)

>not topping up every day
Just got matched @1.62

even if she wins its a clueless bet

purely betting is not good for the mind

even wageslaving is important tbqh

not untrue, call it the coattail effect.

If she doesn't die first, ofcourse.

this desu even though you're probably Cred Forums

Will Hass EVER be able to show his face again once Trump wins?

>they don't have Clinton to win the US Presidential Election as a leg on every bet they make
You get better odds on a bet for FREE

Manni SUCH an odd little man.

What to bet?

I need money for my tacos, pls help.

Carneiro vs. Robertson to go less that 2.5 rounds at 6/5

Free money

Need Euan to give his thoughts.

Sterling 7/1 first scorer

who /3 digit IQ 5 digit roll/ here?

>Not Iheanacho

who /5 digit IQ 3 digit roll/ here?

who /2 digit IQ 6 digit roll/ here?

(not even joking)

>Carneiro vs. Robertson
u wot m8 wasn't o 2.5 the bet

>3 IQ

You are taught that Lions will attack you if you go too close to them. This is backed up by the fact that Lions often attack people.

You are forced to walk through a jungle where there are Lions and you see one nearby, you speed up and get ready for danger. This is normal behaviour.

Yet if you see a black man or god forbid a group of black men in the street. If you hurry up or prepare for danger then you are racist? Hmmmm.

>trying to outrun a wild animal
>trying to outrun a black man

SO true. Would LOVE to see libcuck Hass try and argue this

"The stock market is the crack cocaine of gambling" never hear anybody saying that

>Bayern right now

hes probably frantically calling his professor right now for a response PMSL

Anyone got one of these new fivers yet? Cant find a cashpoint giving fives tbqh.

No idea what you are talking about.

Too busy putting on my FA Cup acca lad


This lid.

>Cavani suddenly good again

No. Fairly excited for it though.

Have sex.

Just because you're so poor you've never even held a regular £5 note doesn't mean you should be so angry at those of us who actually have money.

anyone have mainstream specials?

bizzaro projecting here lad

bizarro [reojecting here lad

>Caring if people think youre racist.

West bromich.

Might have an mlb one in a bit too.

>The English have only just got plastic bank notes
pmsl fucking hell

absoloute kek if you don't like toto africa

>your well-meaning and well-adjusted nature results in no one ever calling you racist

Feels good

literally everyone does


Being brown and Indian probably helps, too.

>literally everyone
lol probably only 5% of the worlds population have heard that song


AAAAH YEEEP thank god i was too slow

good call

love chadli

Has to be nibs

also charlton is the bet of the day at @1.95

they just scored though so you wont get the same odds

this, Toto SO obscure.

What yous reckon lads ?

jokes on you I didnt even bet on them I just found that tip on some tipster site

this is the bet of the day

Don't understand why people do this. Where did you find this picture?

posting mug bets zzzz

posting bets after it wins zzzzz

I took it myself ??

westbrom stadium so empty


Can you explain the bet and why you made it in a shop?

What kind of reaction do you get if you place hundreds on a Kolmonen game in-store?

poll of the day:

Best song?
Take on me or Africa

Nick Goff sticks his head out of the office and yells "MASSIVE DANGER"


bob dylan is a good man

the bets are self explanatory

i made the bets myself because i was bored outside waiting for my mum to finish up at the job centre

the former

make this a strawpoll lid, it's a tough one. Take On Me probably wins if anybody's carrying

Aight, thanks for clarifying

heart in my mouth, dota 2 such a fucking meme


It's a win rush....

I go to the bet makers rather than online cus if your bet comes in you can get your money on the same day rather than fannying around for three or four days waiting for your money to cash out

Wake me up before you go go?



love pulis

only reasonable man in the bottom 10.

gritty football with quick counter attacks

chadli doing well


>Tfw cheering on Somalia at the Paralympics

SO proud of my homeland.

Tone down the judging then?

are u somalion?


MYinsanity getting absolutely clowned on. 10/10 so fit

If you're not gonna keep up to date with /bet/ memes then you should just leave

sorry :(

It's not a meme you dip.

>True things can't be memes


its just a fact of life that 78% of all Somalians have an amputation.

no need to be sorry m8


TennisTipster asks that you please stop impersonating him as his Somalian internet is currently banned for Tinder posting so he can't defend himself

In 1000 years time no one will know what UCD Waves was. No one will know the joy we all experienced from that games. It's just going to be lost in time. Sad.


hope this cheers you up lid

also, rebacking wimbuldeon

>RB Leipzig still getting underestimated
Wonder how much longer they will have them as underdogs even against the weaker teams. Also SO excited for the butthurt when they keep winning.

i only made £40 from that game, and that was pre stake

I was wageslaving and missed it entirely.
Made me know what it feels like to be Dutch.

what were you wage slaving as, i was watching them score but never had the brains to cash out and re-back

Even worse here. I made 0. Funny story actually. I had only browsed /bet/ for about a month or so and was muggy as fuck. I quickly got the message of not betting on the PL and other top leagues, plus I think they had just finished too so it wasnt possible.

I still didnt understand value, and still felt scared that I was betting on teams I knew nothing about. So I remember sitting in the thread seeing everyone go mental and me being scared to put any money on this random womens team.

Now that I make all my money from teams where I couldnt name a single player unless I had recently looked at the team sheets, it's pretty funny looking back.

Cheers for reading x

Just working in Asda

Finally downloaded the bet tracker excel sheet.
Feels bad


Fucking hell

I have a question. the profit counting does work? I do not think. I also see that the count is sure that you do not update in real time. Now I'm putting the winnings manually, but everything is still

>DAC man refuses to believe he is DAC

had a 3/10 myself pmsl, was scared to put anymore on since I missed out on the very best lines

the guy that posts 10/10 on correct score bets isnt he

imagine playing for a team called santa claus

actually found a neet who is willing to research games for me when i pay him min wage.

Taking girls to my local Somali restaurant SO +EV.

>Ethiopian restaurant
What do they serve? Air?

>implying he won't enjoy getting paid while shit at the job then quit when he actually gets good so he can use the knowledge himself
Really not a smart move

hmm, it appears I'm DAC. PMSL. literally CURSED

how much do you get for them?

Odd little man. Cow foot SO good.

They pay ME to take them and coach tennis afterwards.

he messaged me on facebook and said he has been betting for 6yrs, i assume he already knows the basics. then again, he wouldn't accept min. wage if he was any good.. i actually somewhat know the guy through some of my younger acquaintances. afaik he's a mug, but you can't really fuck up looking up team info, lineups etc. or making contacts. also he's getting like 8€/h, just can not be a bad deal for me.

Goffy will be getting battered in Newcastle tonight

which leagues are you going to have him look at?

all right lads, what option is better, i have to decide
getting $20 with 100% of success
or getting $30 with ~85% of success

Getting $0 with 100% sex

why did i bet on newcastle and not huddersfield

this is why you should always check stats before blindly following a tip

I've to pass this on

and now charlton have conceded this is why we cant have nice things

not sure yet, i didn't actually expect to find someone that quickly. told him i won't need him before early / mid october so i can make up my mind.

you know you can calculate that, right?

gib fonbet accounts

havent won a bet in like 9 attempts lol

Goff SUCH a hypocrite

He isn't wrong. Absolutely hate when I see footage of people going mental at a footy game or whatever but half of the cunts are just filming whats going on on their phones.
You're never gonna watch that footage anyway you dullard, just fucking enjoy yourself.

Look two tweets up from that you mong

Yeah I know but a) that was pre-kick off so fuck all else is happening and b) it doesn't mean I disagree with his sentiment even if you still think that qualifies him as a hypocrite
Now have sex pls

Wasn't pre-kick off, you sad little freak. Have sex and get off your phone please, Nick.

Oh sorry, 30 seconds into the game. I'm sure there was much to celebrate at that point.

>Line shifting by 6 points 5 minutes before kickoff.

Florida State ML @ evens tbqh. BEGGING for laying this brit to come on and lay this so at least somebody can win

This so good feels like im being played.

laying this

Need someone to take me under their wing

local man loses everything on TorasAngel overs

You must not know who lamar jackson is?

Laying this

>unironically thinking black quarterbacks are good

Does /bet/ play daily fantasy sports like DraftKings?


Anyone willing to risk £200? Got two large bets at just under evens. My cut is 60% of the profit


Did you not get your answer the last 10 times you asked this?

CANNOT stop laying WILL NOT stop laying

I have a special stake for you.

You to not have sex tonight @1.1

Please stop laying....

Manni SO SO SO SO SO annoying. Never has a chin needed testing so badly.

>It's an FSU comes back from 10+ points episode.

Being a tad generous there

StackGainer is just as annoying desu, rebacking dumb lines.
Do NOT understand his endgame

This is value.

>26 shots

rball guy having a laugh right?

>newcastle being a let down again

Lost me £5,000 the cunts.

Never posted in /bet/ before my betbro

I've gone straight up degenerate and am betting on Canadian football

awwwwwww tears little man

shoulda acca edged it XD

This plus rosanerofan

Shivering at the thought of such people actually existing

>didn't hedge it

Hass vs. StackGainer rivalry v v interesting

And goddamn do I need some wins, hopefully my MMA picks will hit it big tonight.

need 2 OTP goals or am down the rabbit hole

I did but just not for the Newcastle game.


>There are people itt who unironically bet on Finnish 4th tier football
Bunch of bloody addicts

i have made more money from the Kolemon than most people make in a week of wage slaving so shut up idiot

had a cig today.. so ashamed. didn't buy any though and still plan to quit. just kinda gave in to the peer pressure.

Any tips for UFC? Andrade won me a decent sum last weekend

>falling for this
pmsl, nibs so easy

Downloaded your copy of Kolemon Go yet lid? Nearly caught a TorasAngel the other day.

/bet/ thread have just become nibs nibbing nibs

>asking for tips from a man who barely has a 1 digit roll
Strange post


up insane

>peer pressure

are you 15

MLB special incoming. Heads up.

Possibly the only time a cash out is shrewd desu. Doubt skybet will payout more than 200k max anyway so not worth risking if you're essentially only getting 10.0 on a 25/1 anyway

Hope you cashed that shit out my friend.

wasn't 100% serious. was offered one, didn't say no.

>trusting a fucking leaf with baseball tips


>You in charge of reading

Sorry I stopped using skybet 2 years ago I forgot how it looks.

Kinda get mad when I see this shit, not gonna lie. Biggest acca I have ever won was a 50/1 and I place muggy accas pretty much every day.

is it happening?

stfu cuck, no more special.

Need £200 quickly!

>playing a certain lucky song to help a bet come in

I can't be the only one lads

What's your current /bet/ song?

Dua Lipa (so fit) been lucky for me so far


>betting on a sport where the best teams win like 60% of the time

I seriously hope you guys don't do this


hey JoMojo is back

Looks like a DAC cunt, why should I care?



>he wasnt there when he had a 40% ROI after 100 tips and mugs were following him as it collapsed to -20% in a month or two

>Losted the 1/6 of my bankroll this morning with aweful choices and unlucky bounces! My apologises to everybody! Even that greek fella who insulted me! Love you all happy betting! Will come back strong

Sounds like easy betting



What did he mean by this?

I'm sure you have an idea pmsl

>run hotter than the sun
>looks like I'm barely gonna min cash the tourney
not sure why i bother..

btw has there ever actually been a /bet/ poker night?

>tfw no uk-us /bet/ meet up

fucking stackgainer

All going to Budapest for the /bet/ meet up lid. So +EV


sitting 10/29 with 10bb. top 22 pay, flat payout except for top 2, just fold myself into the money?


cant stop winning

>this could be you if you follow ameribets tips


>games are only one half long
Can't believe I always forget this

Has anyone else who is awful at betting just picked the exact opposite of what they think are good bets and see what happens?

Think I am going to switch to this strategy after this weekend. So tired of losing.

>Forgot to lay Ameribets
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz CANNOT WIN A FUCKING BET

such a bad idea. man i swear i'm gonna bubble. fuck me.

6 runs top of 2nd, aweful "special" tip

I even told you to lay me m8. Can't do much more than that

Why did I bet so much in this women tennis match I know nothing about?

I have NOT been told about this


He is messing with you, /bet/ meetup was confirmed for Pitcairn.

pmsl, would be SO weird.

>population of 56
>probably mostly men
>internet is so shit they have a 2mb usage quota

Yeah but Hass refused to go somewhere where he couldn't be a nonce


First is me
Second is Hass
Dunnoe third
Fourth is Euan
Fifth is Juve
Sixth is that Canadian poster

>restless of irritable when not gambling
this is me.
W-what should I do? Is it possible to recover from addiction but still bet? I have a positive ROI.

u wot? but the men who live their ARE nonces.

>this reading comprehension

20th >you today

so easy.

Im such a cunt seriously

I kept losing on football so I went to blackjack to make up my losses, deposited 100 lost it another 100 lost it then 200 and so on until I deposited 750

on the last 100 I managed to get lucky af and got 3 bj's in a row, I then said fuck it and did £50 rounds and I've clawed back up to 800

not even happy that I made it back, I'm so fucked off that I can't control myself, this isn't the first time that this has happened either

>I kept losing on football so I went to blackjack to make up my losses
Obvious (You) seeking. Do not reply

got some advice for you just listen to me


Get a fucking grip you cunt.

fuck off hes just a bald cunt that think he knows a lot about football betting because he looks like a geezer

>i recommend doing 7-9 team accas

Need to see more of this character

>22 grand up in my lifetime
>biggest loss was 2 and a half grand
Who is this guy? Is this a trader? Is this who I take money from?

wish i was bald n fat as well as having the knowledge

what type of snacks do /bet/ eat?

Pistachios and sunflower seeds. Also a big fan of blueberries

MLB special incoming boys, be ready.

Crisps m8

Walkers sensations are goat

down life changing sums, cannot speak

Do NOT understand how Ameribets is so BAD at gambling. He has been here for at least 2 years and isn't even shrewd for an American like you might think. He doesn't even get lucky wins like mugs who bet on mainstream do.
He's a nice fella but I just don't understand how you can be here for so long and not learn how to be profitable.

life moving too quickly

Came here to post this

you can't even imagine how easy it is to be down thousands if you JUST. CAN'T .WIN. A. BET.
gonna make it all back one day.

Actually in tears p m s l

Is this Peter Webb's dodgy older brother?

>only one video

>no comments from /bet/


Euan tell him to have sex.

Why is napoli's stadium always so empty?

Down sums. Haven't had sex in 23 years. Balding. Skinny as a stick. No family. No friends. Haven't been out the house in 2 weeks. Crying. Ashamed. Hopeless.

some v strange tips from arp here, glad i swerved

Eat. Lift. Sleep.

That is your answer, you will feel much better in a few months time :)

Stadium too big and the lower seats are all shit

>all these normies talking about going to the gym
I'm sure the lads on PGA will be interested in your "gains" and "form" maybe you can even share some do you even lift memes and advise each other on what protein shake are the most epic xD

It looks awful watching a game and all you can see is empty shitty old seats. The stadium looks old af too they should just get a new smaller one desu, the Olympic track doesn't do any favours either

#1 bulkpowders
#2 myprotein
#3 ON whey

disagree? fight me IRL


I was more fa than you probably, I started lifting which got me out the house 4-5 days a week and eat well-ish. My confidence has blown up. I'm still semi fa but I've come a long way. How old are you if you haven't had sex in 23 years?

They're the kinda tips that are value but not winners. Dunno why he bothers posting them.

Just recycling some pasta pal I have plenty of sex and an active social life even though I don't lift heavy objects, mental isn't it. Having a personality really helps.

who /GOMAD/ here?

>i dont lift and i have sex
>therefore lifting wont help anyone

have sex

Yeah but you probably weren't fa before. Obviously you don't have to lift to have sex but if you are fa lifting gives you confidence

play some actual sports or compete in something instead of doing starting strength and getting fat

They will keep it and it's going to get renovated fairly soon, they already got funding (the city of Naples got a loan). They will change the way the seats are distributed which will lower the capacity to 55k, should already be an improvement.

Napoli -2 good bet?

I'm 23 aka a virgin. Plus that guy you replied to isn't me. What do you eat for meals and what gym are you registered with?

reminder that your "gains"""" won't help you when you're six feet in the ground.
Spend the time you'd waste in the gym learning PUA and redpilling yourself instead.

there's time for both

I remember when you were cool and tried to help people, now you just troll so you can get cred with your discord buddies. Pretty cringe.

>what gym am I registered with
My local gym, any gym with a barbell and dumellz will do
>lots of protein (meat, powder, eggs)
Other than that I eat whatever I want

use your profits from gambling to run a cycle of tren more -ev than going to the gym

>supplement vitamin D and zinc
>start lifting 3 or 4 times per week

Do these then report back in a month and we will give you the next steps.

The best thing to do is pay for escorts.

Already have several years of experience in peacocking. The ladies pretty much throw themselves at me when I enter the club wearing my plateau boots, graphic tees, LED belt, topper hat and biker goggles.

>not enjoying satire
And I barely post in the discord group, still don't really understand the point of it apart from having a platform to tinder post without repercussions.

was this arp tip value?

No its not. You will depress yourself knowing the only way you can have sex is by paying for it.

Although you can create a defence mechanism of 'I could pull girls if I wanted but this comes without all of the hassle'. Yet still deep down you wont feel good about it.

v true

What on earth is fa?

The point is to have some banter with the lads you fucking autist. You sound more and more like Euan each day.

Value yes. Winner no.

Aftershave is also important to get it all to mesh together. You gotta make it compliment your look. With the sort of outfit you've described I'd recommend you try Paco Ribon 1 million. Ladies love it

Speaking big sense. Also remember, if you're going to be a bowcat, escorts are the best, then long term girlfriends who you know have showered. DON'T BOWCAT ONE NIGHT STANDS. Cannot emphasise this enough.

Oh and to add to this.

Euan sounds more and more like a good lad each day. Really enjoying his recent contributions to the thread and the discord.

Fascinating double turn.

>It's an anons give advice on pulling while sat at home on saturday night episode

Rice, chicken, tuna, turkey, steamed veggies, dairy, nuts

Yeah I mostly use gin&tonic, pic related. I usually get it from my local supermarket when I do the groceries.

ate the ass of some girl from a club the other night, all I could taste was poo, didnt wanna stop licking though cause I wanted to seem good in bed

>paco ribon

didn't know bootlegging in pakistan had gotten that bad pmsl.

Lol sitting here cosy on the sofa with my gf right now, going to watch a bugs life in a minute. Imagine wondering what sex is like

All joking aside, if you're a virgin or awkward with girls seeing an escort isn't a bad shout.



Post of the thread

Are you white?

vv v v v v v vv v v v vv enjoyable thread




what teams do pakis support


>You sound more and more like Euan each day.
why would you NOT want to sound like the most knowledgable poster in this thread?

Kek it's funny cos it's true

This is meant to be a betting thread and literally 0.00001% of the posts are actual tips

shaking my head at this post irl

Please have sex you odd little man.

Right let's have this out here and now

A bugs life or Antz?

Stop saying that you fucking cunt

Do not give this man (you)'s

I will when you actually do it.

Team A:
Calijah, BT, Hass

Team B:
TennisTipster, Euan, Liebermann

Team C:
JWest, ARP, Albania

Who would you back in a fight between the 3?

Brewers over Cubs boys.

Cubs clinched last night and partied like animals, hungover and resting alot of guys.

Brewers have had their number for the year as well and sit at 2.85 on the ML.

Good value, worth a sprinkle. Good Luck.

Team C.

>Team A

>Team B
>Fit young man could put up a fight
>Not sure if he is fit but has a decent reach on him
>Cant fight v deranged man

>Team C
>Strong and able man
>Another strong and able man
>Deranged man

It would come down to TT & Euan vs. J West & ARP, I think the latter just edge it.

Getting my willy checked for nasty stuff

Team B.
>violent Blackman
>violent Scotsman
>psychotic and violent Dutchman

>J West


>he's not snuggle up with his gf watching a bugs life

Oh wow lmao

Team B wins.

Cannot afford to eat healthy meals. I'll stick to my £14/day takeaway

healthy is cheaper buddy, buy in bulk


Really need to have sex. Your 14 year old girlfriend probably thinks you're a right nonce choosing kids movies.

But she's 16 ??

where am i

Half & Half 1 Half & Half
Large 13.5"
Classic Crust
Ranch BBQ
Domino’s Tandoori Hot®
New Yorker 1 New Yorker
Large 13.5"
Classic Crust
Charity Donation, Thank You. Charity Donation, Thank You.
Total (Including VAT): £17.00


What you think about Lidl? there's one which was recently opened closeby but haven't checked in

V good desu. Meat is better than most supermarkets. Annoying lack if spices and seasoning though

I've probably fucked more bitches then you, that's why I'm giving out advice on not being a fa bitch like you are

It's where I get pretty much all my groceriers. Quality ain't great but decent enough considering how cheap it is.

Hnnnnggg really want a dominos desu but just ate a giant saucepan of chilli

Good one lad, if you'd ever have a gf you'd know all birds love Disney and Pixar stuff.


Soooo Czechs +2.5 or +3 if you can find it vs Canada. Canada much more stacked team but Canada being favored that much seems a bit excessive.

what was the score for Sao Jose EC U20 v Corinthians U20?

u3.75 looked v comfy in 88th min, did they score 2 in the last minutes?

OMG you're back I love u maple



somebody PLEASE tell me

>no /bet/ detective post
at least Euan will post Scottish slags tips tomorrow.



need to go pick my son up from footie training

myunidays so so +ev


3-0 final



0-5 final

Daily reminder that Joe and the boys are laughing at you all.

Want pics of Euan's pizzas

I didn't.

"@NUFC_Banter: All Wolves fans joined in with the 17th min applause. They've been chanting all game, fantastic support! Best yet"

>I was almost tempted to take some pictures of the scenes here but luckily just remembered that taking pictures at football is for nonces.

Goff such a character

PMSL this woman.

test. Jani seething @ escort chat

>InPlay2g Pretty sure no one followed the +, always - EV
3 hours ago - Like 3
>This man is a administrator on a sports tipping site
>This man runs a paid service for his picks

Did /bet/ steal the 'Judge' gimmick from Goff?

So important

/bet/ steals most of its gimmicks.

Goff posts here so no not really

WTB lids

Wuu2 guys?

we take broken and unloved gimmicks and turn them into worldies

Match of the day lad

Need someone to bait out Juve's government name

Wish I had someone to spoon tqbh :/

Wish I had someone to knife you tbqh

Arya is definitely the less attractive brother

Van banter SUCH a lad

VanBanter SO much better

Are there any Brits who make videos like that?

These are typical Brits friendo.

Proxy on Albania.


Looking good. Can't and won't cash out.

best Van Banter video tbf


trust me football and all the other sports are completely fixed, bookies have some sort of technology where they know where all the money is & believe me they will work very hard to make you skint, I'm not mentioning any names ,but I've been informed that it is completely fixed, if your betting in running & you are betting over or under on the goal market, the bookies, can talk to the referee, they will soon take your money, tennis and basketball along with horse racing baseball are completely fixed. you are are the winner if you don't BET, bookies will soon be out of pocket.

Im going to need some to physically restrain me from laying my roll on Christian McCaffrey over 1.5 rushing touchdowns tonight against USC.

wowww, someone is a little bit salty! Where did that even come from lol?

>reminder that I am more shrewd than you
>reminder that I have more money than you|
>reminder that I make more money than you
>reminder that I am better looking than you
>reminder that I fuck more bitches than you|
>reminder that I fuck hotter bitches than you


Palace goalless draw confirmed


N-no they w-won't..

Touch a nerve did I?

In the first class lounge right now, free food and alcohol, it's full of hot Asian girls, and I have a great view of planes taking off and landing. Simply does not get any comfier than this lads.

Did the aussie who was down $900+ ever recover or has he killed himself?

Also, laughing with mirth at slugs who unironically bet on CM Punk to win. Cannot BELIEVE that desu pmsl

Airline lounges are the comfiest places in existence.

I get in because of my credit card though, not because I actually fly first class...

creep an asian for us

Any meme MLB tonight desu?


you missed it senpai,

There are showers here too, may try to chat her up for a quick shag pmsl

You madman.

I said it before and I'll say it again:

99% of games you believe to be "fixed" are not fixed at all.

Not a single game today was actually fixed. Things that have low probability of happening WILL happen once every now and then, i.e. lots of late goals. Big lumps also doesn't mean something is "fixed", it more often than not means speculation.

This is not meant to be a rebuke - this is meant to be a reminder. You are following anonymous claims of fixes with your real money. On fucking Cred Forums of all places. This was especially incredibly sad back in February/March with that Georgian guy and then in May/June with the Albanian proxy - they won 1 (ONE) bet with odds around 2.50-3.00, claimed it was a fix and then post some more brilliant "fixes" that lost in the end. Obviously.

If there is ONE rule /bet/ should have carved in stone it should be: "NEVER FOLLOW ANY TIP THAT CLAIMS A GIVEN GAME IS FIXED". This is the easiest way to lose everything you have. This is more important than "NEVER CHASE LOSSES" and more important than "AVOID BETTING ON HUNCHES".

Stay away from the allegedly "fixed" games and in the long run (which is the only run that matters) you'll be better off.

Also, anyone who posts anything along the lines of "tears at anyone who didn't back..." AFTER the actual game WITHOUT posting the tip before should be shot. If you have a good tip to share then share it - otherwise it means fuck all and your presence in the thread is pointless.

Who the fuck is Mirth? Is he one of Joe's boys?