The Golden State Warriors unironically broke the NBA regular season record with 73 wins...

The Golden State Warriors unironically broke the NBA regular season record with 73 wins, came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder, gained a 3-1 lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, and then lost 3 games in a row and did not win the championship. Stephen Curry unironically won unanimous MVP, back to back MVPs, and exclaimed "We not goin' home!" during a game, before being blocked by LeBron James a record 7 times in one series and indeed going home. Klay Thompson unironically said in a post game interview after going up 3-1 that basketball "is a man's game" and LeBron James "got his feelings hurt", LeBron proceeded to average 36pts/12ast/10reb and won the next 3 games and the championship. Draymond Green unironically avoided suspension for kicking Steven Adams in the balls twice, then STILL continued to play dirty and finally got suspended during the most important series of his life and ultimately cost his team its once historic and now infamous season.

These things all actually happened, the thoughts of this reality stay with me at all times. I go to sleep at night looking up at the stars, wondering what celestial being aligned the universe in such a way to make an event as amazing as this occur. I wake up smiling every morning knowing that the Warriors genuinely went 73-9 and choked a 3-1 lead in the Finals. That even if time is a nonlinear fourth dimension, going to back to stop it from happening will simply create another universe where it happens again. That the state of ass-blastedness emanating from the city of Oakland is eternal and infinite, it crosses countless dimensions of the multiverse and its unending torment knows no bounds. I gaze into the endless cosmic wonders around me, still in disbelief that it actually happened, but knowing that my purpose in life was to be born just in time to see LeGod get one for da land.

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>cry to silver to ban draymond for a game so they can get home court back

That NBA Finals has a giant fucking asterisk next to it breh. Lebron is the bitchest of niggas.

The only thing worse than people who use the word "ironically" improperly are people who misuse the word "unironically."

Stop being a whiny cunt, you're making the rest of us look bad.


That said ,the NBA is as real as WWE

based lelbron

Lebron fans wish they had lost game 7, now it's all over for the rest of the NBA.

This. And I'm a huge ball/nba fan

NBA has been rigged for the past 14 years as far as I know.

>going back in time to stop it from happening will create another universe where it happens again


Durant isnt even that good. They'll be a 50 win team at best

The Warriors only lost the finals because Harrison Barnes missed a million shots, just imagine Durant in his place.

>its a bandwagon brazilian tries to show his here after being btfo episode
>he thinks we dont remember
>he thinks signing LeGod's eternal bitch boy will save him

>Durant is not even good xd

I love memes

i cant wait to watch and relish your second mental collapse next season when legod rapes your team in front of your eyes again. your posts during the 3-1 chokejob made my dick diamonds



Hmmmm.... Sounds like a bunch of improbable things happening all at once, like a fairy tale or a storyline or something.



my new pasta, congrats, op

If the team is healthy no way we lose the next championship. NO WAY. If we lose I'm going to travel to US and give each member of /nba/ a blowjob. Like I said, it's not going to happen. Literally impossible.

capping this post.

When this happened, my friend who runs a pub quiz in England phoned in sick, so I filled in for him as the trivia master. He has most of the questions written already, but I had to write questions about that week's news. One question I asked was:

"In American sport this week, the Golden State Warriors were crowned the greatest team in the history of their sport, with a win-loss record better than any other team ever, then won no silverware after being beaten in the finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers. What sport am I talking about?"

I thought it was a top bants question, but most people there know nothing about sports, so teams gave answers like "women's football" and fucking "team badminton".

can you not just accept that lebron is really fucking good, top 3 all time, and shit on your "team" and your faggot "point guard" to the point where you needed the 2nd best player in the league to join to compete with him? fucking brazilians


>can you not just accept that lebron is really fucking good,

I accept that.

'>your faggot "point guard" to the point where you needed the 2nd best player in the league to join to compete with him?

Curry already beat Lebron in the playoffs, I don't know if you are aware.

>mfw this actually happened

>73-9 Regular Season
>15-9 Postseason
>1 home loss Regular Season
>Lose game 5 and 7 of the finals at home


also needing curry to be crippled to get the W is pretty weak senpappy's

he was shaking guys like kawahi leonard off him all season long, only to struggle to shake kevin love at the end?

not real, not peak, not legit...sorry bronrbons, but i cant take it too serious but gl @ defending.

also 1st for durant to the based dubbies

Where do you play on the Warriors, lad?

It's funny you know.
All of Curry's achievements can be negated by just saying
>regular season
Players and teams don't show all their cards in meaningless games numbnuts.

Playing so hard in the reg season that you can't last through playoffs just makes you an idiot, not some robbed goat

Literally the lesson lebron eventually learnt

kek they sold the farm for a bag of magic beans. The only reason they were successful was by spamming 3s set up by illegal screens. They gutted all those screeners to afford durant. Thompson at least is a good enough player to adjust, but curry is a liability without his precious system.

>implying the warriors even make the finals

>what was the injury in houston

What matters is the death lineup, it got even better with Durant.

Shouldn't you be enjoying the offseason, Varejao?

>watching the wwe equivalent of sports
I hope noot splits this board from NBA fags

Maybe if Green could stop being a pussy long enough to not blast guys in the groin it wouldn't have come down to that.

>watching nigger sports

Basketball is white

>being racist

you're right, the asterisk is that the NBA didn't suspend Green for kicking Adams in the nuts or trying to dislocate his shoulder, two acts that have an established precedent for suspension.

Was a leg injury he didn't fully recover from by the finals. He didn't even play in the 4th quarter in a lot of regular season games. If you can't admit his injury didn't hinder his performance in the finals you are probably literally retarded.

>every day I get to wake up and remember this happened

Life really is worth living thank you LeGod

We're going to miss Delly on the Casv but he will always be a God in the Land, hope the Bucks treat him with the respect he deserves.

>adding another player to your team
>forgetting Lebron already owns his soul as well

Great move

extreme basketball casual here, this shit looked like legends in the making. then they rigged game 6 of the finals so blatantly I even lost interest in game 7

Where was Lebron in 2015
Where was Lebron in the first 4 games of the finals?

How did they rig game 6? The game wasn't even close. Go to bed Ayesha

In 2015.. nigga are you serious? He almost won fmvp on the losing team. Brazilian warriors fan doesn't watch basketball clearly.

Game 7 might be the goat basketball game of all time. Sucks if you missed it

>39% fg
>11-46 shooting with Iggy guarding him

>actually responding to the most retarded poster on Cred Forums
he doesnt deserve (You)'s, just ignore him and post pics of his team getting cucked so he can masturbate with his tears again


So I suppose that means he didn't show up when he went 6 fucking games against a 67 win team with the mvp with no kyrie or kevin love.

Probably a good idea my friend.


He is not that much better than Curry or Durant like the other guy implied, that's why I mentioned 2015. I didn't say he played bad.

>Americans will defend the play off system after this shambles and 18-1

>Lebron fans really think they're gonna get past Boston or Indiana
>GSW fans think they're better even though they lost half their contributing players
>Durant thinks he made the right decision going to GSW and not Boston
>Lakers fans still delusional about everything
>Spurs fans convinced they're getting another title this decade
>Knicks fans praying for a miracle 8 seed season with only one season ending injuries
>Nets gift wrapping us a #1 pick by signing garbage

pls stahp everybody

Indiana or Boston gonna be champs, screencap it

What do you mean? The playoff system is as close to perfect you can get. It's impossible for a lesser team to win 4 games on you, it truly shows which team is undeniably the best. Knockouts are absolute trash. And putting a table before a knockout doesn't change that.

Kek these are just feeder teams to the raps. LeBrons only test in the east is @ the acc


Lowry and Derozan are regular season players. Yall barely got past Indy this year and they had PG and Myles Turner. They got dangerous, and we improved our roster in Boston. Yall lost Biyombo, who could've been the defensive anchor to compete with us and Indy. Stop.

By that logic
No excuses