Minnesota Twins @ New York Mets Game Thread

Berrios (9.27 ERA GODDAMN) vs. Colon


5 5 W I N S

man if we lose this series i'm moving to new jersey

jay bruce has to get some hits in this series, right?

don't let me down iron man

>Colon unironically won't win the Gold Glove because of fatphobic voters despite deserving it

Bartolo with the SPD/DEX+ boost

Let's Fucking Go!!!


we're gonna get shut out by the twins aren't we

sounds like the mets to me yeah
doesn't this dude have an ERA of 9 or something

yeah probably the worst starter in the league lol.

Time to get shutout for the rest of the game

you underestimate how bad the t___k's pitching is

>A threat
>Especially after having back issues
No guys

You underestimate that its the Mets


Back to back jacks

>turn on tv
>literally first pitch I see is a HR

Your welcome mests.


This desu

>weekend series at home v worst record in mlb
>giants v cards for 4 games

This weekend is comfy as fuck

this.. and i'm not even askin for a sweep. we win every series here on out and not only are we in the wildcard but we'll POSSIBLY be able to rest Thor properly for the deciding game

degrom is starting Sunday right?


Pls stop

Don't type this one too often


Got him


Yeah confirmed.

My Extra Innings subscription at my house in SC ran out for some reason so I'm following on gameday. What did Cespedes do?

Dropped an easy fly ball by the knees. Sort of stuck his at out instead of getting under it.

His hand*

Let the man swing!

i guess the t___ks are the only al central team without filthy animeposters

He pulled some similar shit in Washington, didn't he. Made a couple of catches where he wasn't even looking the ball into his glove.

do the twins have a real fanbase on here?

most fanbases besides maybe the redsox and mariners don't have any presence here until they're winning

>'only the loney'
>not 'the one and loney'

Fan pls



You're done TDA

can we cancel the Bruce trade and get lucroy

dae borb


Thanks cespy.

I feel like every time I see Suzuki he's taking pitched off of some part of his body.

>mfw Bruce doesn't even make the postseason roster

Its like Bay never left

>turns out Cecchini isn't a catcher
So what do we do if TDA continues to not develop?

Get one for cheap from FA? I'd prefer one that hits .250 with 15 HRs, as long as he can throw out runners. Fucking annoying to watch TDA go 0-4 and let up 4 steals.


pls family

Terry shoumd do the smart thing and manipulate the roster this series to set up a wildcard starter, along with resting starters for the bigger games, especially since giants face cards for four.

But then again, its Terry Collins.

If HR we riot

this nigga really is the Cardiac Closer

The FA offseason market looks decent.

Lucroy, Ramos, Wieters, Saltalamacchia.

D'Arnaud and Plawecki had their chances and blew them to the point that Terry rather go with Rivera as an everyday option. Its time to move on.


GG Twins


Mets fans, what is the best case scenario for giants st Louis series? One team sweeps the other? Split the series?

Fuck yeah. Gonna grab some drinks and prepare to shitpost in the Gints gamethread. I hope you faggots are doing the same.

I would've liked to see STL sweep SF and bury them. Guess I'll hope for the opposite now.