Shilling Edition
old Poirier-Johnson 2mrw

Knuckle Up: youtube.com/watch?v=H6YD96sQZ00

If I Did It: youtube.com/watch?v=h7WEL7PrUE4

Care/Don't Care Preview: youtube.com/watch?v=4eAJbNq9VCg

MMA Vivisection: youtube.com/watch?v=uo6YyB1S7eI

Heavy Hands: youtube.com/watch?v=HD116OzVxT0

Diggin' Deep: youtube.com/watch?v=dTfKl3fMLmU


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Better thread

reminder schaub eats callen's ass weekly
reminder the day is tuesday


Is "doing powerlifting" code for "doing steroids" in the UFC?




you're thinking of "horse meat diet"

Anyone going to watch legacy fc?

shit, why the hell did i think it was Kongo v Rampage Jackson on Bellator tonight? was that ever billed? btw, Chael really is hamming it up in the interviews. dude missed the spotlight. excited for Rory, too. it was cool seeing Tito shaking his hand.

schaub is

Johnson/Jackson, its understandable

Yeah my cousin is fighting

sure, i'll check it out

cup kek haramgo

shit fight

maybe your gf is a hardcore fightfan or maybe not....

Upcoming events:

9/16: Bellator 161 - Kongo vs Johnson
9/17: UFC FN 94 - Poirier vs Johnson
9/23: Invicta FC 19 - Maia vs Modafferi
9/24: UFC FN 95 - Cyborg vs Lansberg
9/25: RIZIN 2 - Cro Cop vs Myung
10/1: UFC FN 96 - Lineker vs Dodson
10/8: UFC 204 - Bisping vs Henderson 2
10/15: UFC FN 97 - Lamas vs Penn
10/21: Bellator 162 - Shlemenko vs Grove
11/05: UFC FN 98 - Dos Anjos vs Ferguson
11/11: One FC: Defending Honor - Aoki vs Folayang
11/12: UFC 205 - TBA
11/19: Bellator 163 - Chandler vs Henderson
11/19: UFC FN 99 - Nelson vs Kim
11/19: UFC FN 100 - TBA
11/26: UFC FN 101 - Rockhold vs Souza 2
12/10: Glory: Collision - Verhoeven vs Hari









Me too

This is a bellator mainevent in 2016..

fucking stand them up already


>main event
>3 rounds


better than Maia/Laflare, kinda

you should be happy, this shit for five rounds would be wack

my nigga

would you want this fight to go on for 5 (FIVE) rounds?

Imagine getting paid to sit down and be sweaty.

GSP on the right

LEFT I said left

>5'11' and 6'0'

So...Alex Jones?

the ultimate clinching championship

> lellator main event

I've missed most of the event, did Chael P. Sonnen make an appearance?

well that fight sucked


that can barely be considered a fight

it's cheick kongo, what'd you expect? Honestly the UFC card is not looking a whole lot better, really bad week imo.

whats painful is having to listen the commentators still trying to hype it up


That's a UFC thing and have you even been watching this fight?

Did anyone screen cap when he held the piece of paper up with Medical Test : XRAY - COWARD he held up for Tito?

>Sal Dee Amato

Seriously? Chael is such a pathetic cringefest.

Tyrese Gibson defeats Harambe via majority kekcision

>Callen narrating

Aaaaaaaand channel changed.................

>Khabib Nurmagomedov Lets Friend Borrow $100k Mercedes ... Who Then Crashes It


is lellator oficially pre-early-prelims?

>Bellator Greatest Hits
>Voiceover by Brian Callen


Yes, that's right, shit on Bellator for a fighter's performance... Yes, you're right, the only good promotions are on UFC FightPass, just keep repeating it my good little goof

ill go with that lankletweighter in this one


>Bryan Callen

>Eugene Robinson

what should i watch now that lellator is over lads?

Callen has an in with the guys at Bellator? Do you think he could get Schaub a job doing something there, maybe even as a fighter?

Big John is such a cuck, bullshit stoppage in Mitrione's first fight


Watch some Daniel Cormier fights to remind you that hw/lw wrasslin can actually be good

Was thinking more "Cred Forums moderator"

Holy moly

watch bellators greatest hits volume 1 on heemstream then i'm gonna do some derek brunson fights

Google Justin Slayer vs Macy Lane

Kill yourself

jesus Paul Daley can still fuck people up.

sick heem

pillar i will heem u stiff


Think I'm just going to post some webms


how it feels to chew 5 gum.webm

sage on legacy tonight was hilarious. sage is such a nice guy, he sound like a pokemon trainer.


>turkey at the end sneaking a peak


this looks exactly like the bellator main event that just happened

>yes sir

much respect


Those are some big huas.

post ur wok out song



i wanna eat where the white folk eat cuz' i'm white on the bottom of muh feet~~



the entire time he doesn't tap


favorite octagon interviews?

Is he dead?


yeah via guillotine

>he died doing what he loved


Don't walk into the light Tyrrell

I wanna say it was Dan Miller who applied the choke but I cant remember if the guy received any lasting damage from that.

Heavy weight landing a hook kick is always funny.

stay woke brotha stay woke!



we need some SHW fights to bring in some laughs in between the big serious matches.






>that sparta kick


pretty sure this was a FW fight, that dude needs to drop to FLW

>Not knowing what a teep is

Get in my long guard, faggot

cat just missed, goober reacted too late

Watch it again he actually dodged that shit.


nope, it brushed his shoulder and he reacted

What the fuck did you just fucking say you dimwit?! It was a clear dodge. Had he not begun mewvment prior to shoulder contact it would have hit his face you fucking autist. I'd Heem you motherfucker BRING IT.



Some day you'll watch enough cards to realize Lellator cards have a tendency to wind up sucking, even if it's no fault of their own and they did their darndest to set up an interesting matchup.

this guy gets it



>tfw he didnt do it for her





Can someone post webm of Glover getting heem'd by rumble


Are tomorrow's fights on fight pass?



maybe the ref blew out his ACL?


also slow mo


I'll give you brutal and hilarious


I love that one. I wish there were more self inflicted heems

half expected the punk fight to end similarly


Why does amateur cage fighting look so barbaric and cruel like chicken fighting or something.

Hard to watch these faggots fight when they wince so much. Really makes you think about how tough the pros are.

I think visually its the poor lighting and colors that give it that washed out, warehouse brawls aesthetic.

yeah, really puts things into perspective huh

jesus, that half assed right had

Just got home from CPK. Was Bellator shit?

is it ever not shit?


I tried to think of any instance hen it wasnt and I couldnt come up with anything.


I was really Hoping to see Hendricks fight Rory, now it will never happen. JUST

It was not too good but not shit I guess. Main event was garbage but the Warren-Kakai fight got a finish, the Yankova meme almost ended and the opener was actually pretty active. It was just kinda average with a shitty end.

be careful

BJ is on Inside MMA and he actually believes he can with the 145 title.


penn thinks a lot of stupid things


you would have been interested in that fight no?

actually yeah I would've liked to see that.

damn that's hypnotic


I fucking hate women so much, no woman should step within 50 meters of a barbell.

Rose, I'm unimpressed with your performance.

what about WHERE'S YOUR KID AT and his attempt to destroy his spine?

not even one tenth of one percent as good

So isnt it sexist for the political correct American tv standards to call someone Wonderwoman on live tv?

Damn Tyrone if you demand respect you have toearn it with your attitude bruh?I dont remember anyone calling Neil Magny or DC a nigger because they dont act like one

my fucking back

What kind of Herman Musnter shoes are those?

Wonderboi......what is the secret of your power?


love me some wonderheem


3 mins in

left/right/right high kick

so brutal

Why isn't Dee an obnoxious egomaniac like Conor? She always seems chill and well-mannered. Look at all the other celebrity wives, you wish you could push a dull pencil through their trachea when they start talking.

I can almost understand Tyron's grip for life.

>like Conor
Do you know him personally?
He only trashtalks prior to fights. As soon as a bum is KO'd he switches to nice guy mode.

that's all a shtick, conor was a talentless failed plumber 5 years ago

Imagine being this butthurt over the fact some random muslim canadian makes you look like more of a giant loser than you already are

love that sneaky headkick Wonderboy throws

Yes he is definitely a very humble man, chasing the shadow of Floyd Mayweather as far as antics go.

Is TKD elite?

he is a karate practitioner

conor's a good boi

The Irish are just masters of communication. That little irrelevant island has a disproportionate amount of Nobel Prize winners in literature.

That's a TKD kick

>Taekwondo was developed during the 1940s and 1950s by various martial artists by incorporating elements of Karate and Chinese Martial Arts.

It's both


Yeah that's a TKD round kick.

You guys aren't real foight fans, yeh?


fuck cain and werdum

stipe vs dc is the fight to make

no i dont want any more cross weight class memery

the fuck is she doing?

DC wins easily, Stipe can't defend dat single leg.

>undefeated at hw
fuck off goof

"i'll take the mask off really fast so nobody notices it doesn't fit"

The unheemable vs he who heems.

DC wins.

meming out her childhood traumas

#arizonadiamondbacks #firstpitch #tuf24

cardio, cardio e cardio.
Cheguei no limite do meu corpo.
É dificil, dói, a mente quer desistir.
Não sei o motivo de escolher viver longe da minha familia, treinar e viver sobre pressão.
Mas eu sei que alguem vai pagar por isso.
Eu vou lembrar de cada minuto, lembrar de quem acreditou em mim e de quem ficou pelo caminho.
@kennethleverich obrigado por estar sexta feira a noite ao meu lado, não deixando eu desistir de pedalar, remar, correr, pular corda depois de dois treinos.
Dificil planejar um treino quando você ja chega sem energia, kenny tambem é competidor e precisa ser egoista, pensar no seu desempenho, e no seu descanso.
Ao contrario estava ao meu lado nao me deixando desistir, e depois do choro me fazendo dar risada.
Ser atleta é realmente dificil, poucos entendem essa loucura de querer a perfeição que nunca chega.
@kennethleverich você eu, e alguns atletas somos abençoados, vivemos na dor, mas vivemos sem medo, sem medo da derrota e da dor, choramos e ao final fica somente a sensação de ter feito nosso melhor.
Somos para a sociedade loucos sonhadores, mas eles não sabem a sensação de se olhar no espelho e ter orgulho de fazer oque muitos não tiveram coragem.
Orgulho define minha equipe!

#teamgabigarcia #gabigarcia #belibe #jiujitsuforlife #wmma #painistemporary #occf #cardio #core #finalcamp #rizin2 #rizinff #rizin2016


>Google Translation
cardio, cardio and cardio.
I got in my body limit.
It's hard, it hurts, the mind wants to give up.
I do not know the reason for choosing to live away from my family, train and live under pressure.
But I know someone will pay for it.
I will remember every minute, remember who believed in me and who was on the way.
@kennethleverich thanks for being friday night next to me, not letting me give up cycling, rowing, running, jumping rope after two workouts.
Difficult to plan a workout when you already comes without power, kenny is also competitive and to be selfish, think of your performance, and your rest.
Unlike I stood beside me not letting me give up, and after crying making me laugh.
Being an athlete is really difficult, few understand this madness of wanting perfection that never comes.
@kennethleverich you me, and some athletes are blessed, we live in pain, but we live without fear, without fear of defeat and pain, cried and at the end only gets the feeling of having done our best.
We are to society crazy dreamers, but they do not know the feeling of looking in the mirror and be proud to do WHAT many do not have the courage.
Pride sets my team!

>you see, MMA is actually the WWE and your words don't count if you say them because it's all a big farce
These people lmao


would ronda have beaten cyborg and carano?

>that reach
>those nails
>jon ready to eyepoke some goof

Conor is a nice boy also, even Aldo thinks so. No bullying please.

wow all those natty girls, jon would surely never do any illegal performance enhancing substances

Carano yeah, Cyborg maybe earlier in her career, she seems improved now

Tim Johnson @tbeartim
Perks of the job. #bouncerlife @Alexis_Texas

don't know why, but i love big doofy looking HW fighters. It's like attack of the plumbers

what is this submission even called?
inverted bulldog choke?

what a little slut

>tfw fights tonight

a cute, A CUTE

It's funny coz Aldo has earned almost 1m in just base pay since his fight with McGregor. That's probably more than his entire earnings as champ.

I like to call that the sidewinder choke because it reminds me of a snake rapping around it's prey


lellator is looking good tb h

this is what will happen to wonderwoman again lmao

underrated filename

>Woodley pretending he chose to fight Wonderboy

>Tfw found out that I have spike tv on my tv
now I can watch chael beat tito, rory, wanderlei and fedor in that order for free

thanks coker

>thanks coker
Yeah man, love your inferior product that makes me feel like a wrastlin' fan

Good Christian girl

ur OP absolutely sucks

Oh I didn't know you got your sports news from imageboard thread OPs.

I just got blue balled tonight.

Can we post some McGregors to cheer up user?

shut up dana

Someone post that pic of Paige with her tongue out and those awesome glasses

Shut up, goof. How'd your dutch memeboxer do in his title fight?

he's english tbqh

stipe clearly tapped m8 everyone knows the refs are paid off

stipe tapped


>Look up Lellator results
>Zero heem sleepies
>Six heem tappies

Were they spicy rollers, la?

What are some neat walkout songs you've seen?

HW boxer Oliver McCall used this

Some K-1 or Pride guy I'll never remember

Reem came out to the Pride theme last week which was pretty cool.


BJ Penn

Rampage and Cro Cop have used it as well.

so has Dong

I like how the guy looks fucking dead and the ref is still counting

why is joe rogan there?


if you look closely that bald manlet is not rogan

I love this webm so much. Conor has the best keking face in all of sports.

>tfw you realize wonderboy is going to heem Tyrone, GSP, Maia, and Diaz in that order


>>tfw you realize wonderboy is going to heem Tyrone

t.deluded white boi

Lads, r8 my mew ink

I'm going for the Mcgregor look


fuq u goof

looks gr8 you'll be knocking out Brazilians left right and centre in no time keep it up


this cant be real

Say it to my face and not online

See what happens


small af

>I can't let you get close

You always talk shit but never post a pic
I bet you don't even lift


too distracted by the unholy mess that is your kitchen or that you seem pantless

wtf is the giant pot for? you moonshining


please tell me this is real

take another pic

both would be hard to guess he's holding his breath and trying to hide he fact he is flexing by being half pump

it's the male duckface instagram shit




reminds me, since we stopped playing the game

this is gleison tibau (glazin'-tebow)

can't even tell that's tebow

People who unironically copy famous peoples tattoos need to die

isn't tebow a baseball player?

You now can't take your shirt off in public, congrats


what about those who do it ironically?

Are Neck Tattoos becoming more popular?

You can't take this left

that's pretty small. you should fight lithkek

looks like something out of where the wild things are
hope it isn't an actual tattoo for your sake though

Conor looking good, was this before his Siver fight?

he will be in the HW division in 4 years at the pace he is going

Rare Goober

Could he be our next CM Punk / James Toney? Snapped up by the UFC right away, making his debut in the Octagon?

Friendly reminder that just 20 minutes of daily cardio has been shown to increase your IQ. Get after it today heemsters.

that pickle tatt tho





good day of college football tomorrow yeh lads?





jesus what a FAG

Those are all different people, la. The McGregor tag on Insta ia goldmine.

Whoa, I'm seeing double... four McGregors!

was he shook?

the touch of death

why do they have such chinky eyes?

>Anthony "Harumble" Johnson will get permaheemed in your lifetime

Really makes you think.

Dee always looks so awkward in these moments

This will be looked back on s one of the most iconic post fight moments in UFC history


now I see it, jesus that is even worse

u dont need a chin if ur a true heem machine

Not the most iconic though

Looks like Dominick Cruz style


That explains why the Diaz brothers are so smart.

>you will never eat comfy Italian food with Longo and Serra

The technical name for that is the "big brown bite down"

Lads missed the Bellator, gonna need a torrent. Anyone got one lying around?


Can u explain why it was ruled a N/C? it looked like Daniels did some legal damage

>tfw 7 weeks until the Chris officially begins his redemption arc
Join the team now

Wonderboy blew out his knee iirc

Nobody bothers to upload Bellator on public trackers until days after the event so you're shit out of luck, try youtube though, their fights always pop up on there so search for the main event and you'll usually find all of the main card ones on the same channel.

So Condit v Woodley, why wasn't that a N/C? Cause Woodley kicked it before Condits knee blew?

Can anyone post the pic of Rumble and Megan looking like she wants the bbc

Because a majority of the fight had taken place.

if oblique kicks are bad why don't they ban them

And no, Woodley kicked the other leg.

>Daniels won the bout by technical knockout due to a knee injury suffered by Thompson that left him unable to continue.[12] The bout has since been ruled a no contest as Thompson's injury was caused by an illegal attack.

as per wiki

Why is MMA biased towards thicc qts? I suggest tits and ass not count towards their weight class.


Member of a grll pop punk band

shit tattoos


Why did retarded memers start spelling it like this? Serious question.


you go post your pic then

Lower center of gravity mean's it's harder to be taken down.

Idk. I don't know where succ comes from either. I just know both spellings indicate the word is being used exclusively in a sexual manner.

it comes from an epic meme from Cred Forums like 6 years ago that Cred Forums found on facebook or wherever they get their old memes they decide to repost long after they died

I did and you talked shit from behind ur keyboard when u wouldn't say shit to my face if it was irl

What does /heem/ think about the rumors that Cuck Thomas left mmafighting.com?

Fuck off underage fag


cant see it

I'm 47

You're the most depressing person who ever came on Cred Forums if that's true.

on Cred Forums

Quit projecting kid

I find it more depressing that you are wasting precious hours of your youth here.

Is it possible to be an inside fighter in modern MMA?


>I'm 47

lmao nah

Good I think, he was always an awkward fit there, given that MMAFighting was explicitly created to be a toe-the-line, UFC credentialed, Very Official style of MMA coverage site.

ahahah youre that schaubfag right you look like shit ahaha lmao

also wtf nigga why did you get that retarded tattoo lmao son I hope that shit is fake

I forgot when an irish manlet invented hitler youth haircuts,tattoos and facial hair

>talks shit
>still won't post pics
>won't clean cheetoh dust from fingers
Literally lmao at your life right now ur not fooling anybody

>nutsack foods

Does Poirier's run at LW solidify Conor as the GOAT?

Really? I've heard about UFC paying sites for favourable coverage but did they outright set mmafighting up?

Why would someone do that to themselves? There's a difference between being a fan and an obsessed freak.

It's obviously stolen from twitter. He probably looks even worse than that guy.

Is that not what wrestlefucking is?

They're probably fake.

probally is yeah lmao he wouldnt even dare to post his own pic for suure

funny thing is all schaubfags are cheeto eating fatasses, but thats okay he just attracts those types of people


Every one of those photos had McGregor in the tags.

>talks more shit
>still never posts pics
>literally can't believe my physique because I'm not obese
You are fat as fuck

>Diaz attempted 7 (SEVEN) takedowns in the second fight

you're fatter than me tb h

you have to understand that im basicly tripping here. If I post my pic I would basicly become a meme

you're already a meme

just post it or fuck off this conversation you giant pussy homo

Sorry for unclear wording in my first post.

SBNation originally set up MMAFighting to be its squeaky clean no dirt site. At the time, SBNation's other properties BloodyElbow and MMAMania were blacklisted by Zuffa. They also had a short flirt with a women's centric MMA site called Gals Guide To MMA, whose most popular feature was Panty Dropper Of The Week. I think Matt Hammill was Panty Dropper Of The Week once.


MMAFighting was owned by AOL before SBN.

this desu, he may be a failure, but you are a failure in progress

>you're already a meme
no lithkek is a meme and look what he does, attentionwhores by posting more pics so he can fullfill his memeneeds

You have to understand that everyone is just going to assume you're a fat dyel manlet because all you do is talk shit but never post a pic. I am literally lmao because there some obese neckbeard goof actually trying to talk shit but is scared to post a pic.

>Diaz got choked out 0 (zero) times in both fights

>thinking I can be obese at 6'5

Really? Huh. I just remember them forcing it really bad when they first had it going, making BE and MMAMania front page have MMAFighting pagelinks and such. Guess I had it wrong then. God bless, stay safe.

>I-I-I'm 6'5" guys
>r-really I'm not fat
>still no pics
Lmao sure thing buddeh


listen up u fukin goof i dont need to post my pic and i can still say u look like shit u cant take me freedoms away fucking commie this is murrica fuckof to mexico now

fucc looks like my ex :((((

>They also had a short flirt with a women's centric MMA site called Gals Guide To MMA, whose most popular feature was Panty Dropper Of The Week.

>this impotent manlet rage
Relax chubs, don't want you having a heart attack.

i thought there were at least 4 feminine dutchies on /heem/


holy shit what did you say about me buddeh? let me open my struve folder

Who's your favorite black fighter?


Bones for skill

Mouse for personality

Poirier will be the next lightweight champion and he will get his revenge against goobs

Mark my words

Overeem is the only cool one.

O' Oracle Hear My Words
Will RDA bounce back from his loss to Alvarez?

>this overcompensating
>r-r-really g-guys I'm 6'5"
Lmao sure thing little buddy

>when you meet the Bulgar Cigany on another board

literally as white as he is black

your tattoo is fucking cross eyed

>Goobs beats Alvarez
>Defends LW before FW
>Dana decides f*** it and delets the Featherweight division
>It will be successfully kilt like he sed ye

Pat barry

Lads Hiro has made the 404 page now have some shitty video play over it

I think he did it for the shekels, enjoy this place while it lasts


gr8 amateur heem

>the Australian that can't handle banter and h8s memes

Interview with fluke

Yep that's me, you've got no argument though and I love it.

paige vanzant

>lol nobody can convince me to not be irrationally angry
U da man

Yeah I'm sitting here seething with anger, how could you tell?
Still not seeing any attempt at an argument either, guess you're just harassing strangers because I'm so mad (as you can tell)

Is this the black version of a karate dance recital?





Where's that argument?
All I see is a man getting so frustrated he's slowly losing the ability to put sentences together.

U r d man.


That's how you deal with shitposters, kids. You press them, they'll tell you you're mad, they'll say 'lol i trol u', but they're the ones getting both emotionally involved AND deliberately trying to look as stupid as possible.


how many minutes until the fights?

U da man


A lot

Any FanZants around?

Guess this fighter

i want to slide a finger in her butthole

conor mcgregor

Is that legal?

stop posting this insufferable attention whore


stop trying to censor the internet

seems unlikely since he basically owns it and started it

i've made a point not to hear that shit head's voice once this year

>They also had a short flirt with a women's centric MMA site called Gals Guide To MMA, whose most popular feature was Panty Dropper Of The Week. I think Matt Hammill was Panty Dropper Of The Week once.

I really want this to be real


I'd "fuck" her if you catch my drift ;)

What happened to Christianity?



do you only save small blurry pics of her aquafresh?

What a fuckin clown this manlet is


I'd spread her legs out like a fan if you know what I mean

Can you guess the fighter bases on this Panty dropper of the week™ article:

Beth’s View

Doability – High. I’d go for very high but he seems like the kind of guy who would shower before and after the act and I try to do my best to conserve water. But damn, he’s so pretty.
Perceived Skills – Doing 500 push-ups while I’m lying on his back, opening stubborn jars, lifting the couch with one arm while I vacuum underneath it.
Imagined Dream Date – A late night stroll through Central Park where he takes on a gang of ruffians who have dared to besmirch my honor.
Long Term Relationship Potential – Low. I’d get angry at him for using my beauty products, then we’d fight, then he’d cry and I would lose respect for him.
Panty Dropper Rating – 4 – Worth the Wax.

Donna’s View

Doability - He’s hot enough, I guess. I know that just about every female MMA fan thinks the sun rises and sets on his ass, but he doesn’t really do it for me.
Perceived Skills - Grating cheese with his abs, tanning, making you go completely nuts as you search through his emails and text messages cause you’re just absolutely convinced he’s cheating on you (which, by the way, he is).
Imagined Dream Date - Expensive dinner (your treat) where he flirts with the waitress and screws the hostess in the bathroom while you go grab the car.
Long Term Relationship Potential - snort…yeah right.
Panty Dropper Rating - 3 – Eh…why not?


Is this an actual serious thing or did you make this up

Get a job

google it

it was an actual thing

overrated cans

tanned, abs, possibly wears makeup

I'm gonna go with War Machine just because it's funny in retrospect.


12 hours until the shit fights


Nope, think UFC



the irish are good talkers, but all their literary greats were anglos


no idea desu la

Luke Rockhold

GSP seems like a nice guy, I don't think he'd be such an asshole on a date

really makes me think


Pantydropper of the Week: Joe Rogan

Birthday: August 11, 1967
Height: 5′8″ -ish??
Weight: No friggin’ clue

Beth’s View

Doability – Yes, I would like to hit that please. Funny men make me want to drop my pants faster than George Michael in a public bathroom.
Perceived Skills – can grill a steak like nobodies business, extensive knowledge of sexual positions and their proper names, can roll a tightly packed yet very smokable joint in under 2 minutes
Imagined Dream Date – We go “off the grid” for a week in the Colorado wilderness. Joe goes out to forage meat while I stay back and tend camp. After killing a bear, we eat like kings and bathe in the blood of the kill. Our baser instincts get the best of us and we begin to communicate using grunts and clicks.
Long Term Relationship Potential – I forsee a long life filled with oodles of laughter and lots of recreational marijuana use. Sigh.
Panty Dropper Rating – 5 – As Big John says, “Let’s get it on!”

Donna’s View

Doability – Are you kidding? Funny, smart, and hot. The only thing that could make him more appealing is if he craps flawless diamonds.
Perceived Skills – Encyclopedic library of porn, installing hardwood floors, cunning master linguist (think about it…..).
Imagined Dream Date – Quiet dinner at a bar where we drink some beers and discuss capitalism’s effect on the American working class family. Then we go back to my place and go at it like Joey Chestnut at an all you can eat buffet.
Long Term Relationship Potential – We’d be like Ward and June Cleaver. I’ll do all the cooking and cleaning, he’ll be a little hard on the Beaver…
Panty Dropper Rating – 5 – As Big John says, “Let’s get it on!”


Panty dropper of the week
Beth's View

Doability - Dude, he smokes the pot. I don't know what could make him more doable in my eyes.
Perceived Skills - Ummm, it's Eddie Bravo. He pretty much kicks ass at everything.
Pet Name - Gumby
Imagined Dream Date - People who say pot leads to stronger drugs are delusional. Pot leads to snacking and lots and lots of sex. It is with this knowledge that I prepare for my date with Eddie, as we have decided to stay in for the night. I arrived waxed and lotioned up with an armful of snacks. Now, ladies don't kiss and tell so all I'll say is if you think The Twister is impressive as a submission, you should see it in the bedroom.
Long Term Relationship Potential - The highest (no pun intended). After a few months of Eddie and his sexual gymnastics, I'm ruined for anyone else. Missionary what?
Pantydropper Rating - 4.5 - A four with a marijuana prescription.

Donna's View

Doability - Are you kidding?? This guy created the rubber guard. My panties would be falling off whenever he was in a ten block radius.
Perceived Skills - Can play every single song in the Led Zepplin catalog, can construct a gravity bong in 2 minutes flat, jumping splits.
Pet Name - Edsel
Imagined Dream Date - So I'm repelling down Mount Vesuvius with Edsel when suddenly I slip and I start to fall. I mean, I'm about to die. Just falling... I'll never forget the terror. When suddenly I remember, "Holy shit. Donna...haven't you and Edsel been smoking peyote for six straight days? And couldn't some of this, maybe, be in your mind??' And it was! I was totally fine! I've never even been to Mount Vesuvius!
Long Term Relationship Potential - Sadly, no. While I appreciate Eddie's commitment to the cheeba, I was never meant to be a dope smoker. And something tells me this would eventually become an issue.
Panty Dropper Rating - 4 - Worth the Wax


literally can't tell if it's from the site or you just wrote that

>Diaz dickrider

Aldo running out to the fans after matrix kneeing Mendes is better

11 1/2 hours until the main card

fucking cuntttttttts


Warren nearly got armbarred than power guillotined a dude

>hint;switched the first two letters of the first and last names

gunnar nelson

holy fuck

is that caviar?


roe joggin->joe rogan?

kill yourself nigger

winner! sending you a free t-shirt

Jog Caviar :^)

thanks la

you need to switch your HMO randall

>I arrived waxed and lotioned up

/heem/ is so cool

no mate it's a general and the cancer that is killing sp all generals should be deleted

I'm so cool I want to die

such a cutie pie

Literally brilliant.

You're getting emotional again

When's the superb owl again?

honda to bellator

early February.

>talkmma: rumor is
translates to
>talkmma: i made this up

is this the new meme

i feel like its late feb early march, because i always watch it o week of uni

it's not a meme
he says things like that, but then when asked later he just says "it was just my opinion"


>this pic
What about Dee? :(

does this trigger you racist white bois?


I hope it's the latter

farting angela has a white bf


What organization is Hill currently the champ of?

>Angela "Racebait to stay relevant" Hill



Is Tyron Woodle the most dindu nuffin figther in the world?


Beard and hair cut time... Dando um trato no cabelo e na barba com o @kscatena antes da viajem, olhem a fisionomia dele até parece q ele vai lutar rsrsrs "Sabe muito"... #haircut #beard #florida #ufc


What the fuck are you tryinh yo say, Pekka?

what a dummy

It's a bit of an odd move to compare follower counts when Tyron's sitting at a pretty underwhelming 91K

Or boy Steve Perceval was 100% right in his actions, he showed everyone what the future of MMA refereeing should be like. Just say "NO" to early stoppages


Bellator 161 Kongo vs Johnson 720p HDTV x264-Ebi

good luck user

This desu.