Haven't finished below 4th since 1996

>haven't finished below 4th since 1996
>champions league football for 18 consecutive years

why do people not realise how remarkable that is?

even teams in one/two-team leagues like Bayern, Celtic, Ajax, Barca, Real haven't managed anywhere near a similar streak.

well congrats on not finishing below 4th and getting cl football, two great titles

>champions league football for 18 consecutive years

>0 (zero) titles

>even chelshit managed to win it

>have never, EVER won the Champions League or European Cup
>haven't won the league in 12 (twelve) years

You might as well brag about your club's sponsorship deals or gate receipts. They're worth about as much as what Arsenal have ever "achieved" in Europe.

fuck off foreign shits

>muh trophies
What's your clubs net spend?

>why doesnt anyone compliment us on our consistent mediocrity?!
gee i wonder

>settling for "not lower than 4th"

No wonder Britain is a shadow of what it used to be

you're doing a good job of fucking off yourself, mr brexit

I can already imagine the excitement and celebrations of arsefags around the world when they once again not finish below 4th and get a cl spot again. It basically counts as a treble together with that mickey mouse cup they win every once in a while. Really remarkable feat, fans must be delighted with wenger

Doesn't reply to the British flag above him.



stop being so intolerant, you bigot

>18 CL runs
>0 CL trophies


OOOHH DEAR OH DEAR! IM OFF TO THE CARVERY, anyone want something?

well if arsenal win the CL twice in around they'll equal Man Utds record of 20 years a 2 CL

English teams are just mediocre desu

They've won 4 League titles in that time m8

Hate to tell you mate, but last time Bayern finished below 4th was in 1994/95. Since then they won a shitload of trophies and a treble...

But i guess you can take pride in your failures if it's all you have.

Why m

Bayern missed CL football in 2007-08 because they finished 4th in the league in 2006-07 and the Bundesliga only had 3 CL spots at the time.

Of course Arsenal's achievements are impressive. That's why they deserve so much banter for failing utterly to reach the next level in spite of all their opportunities. They are the Dutch national team of club football, and are treated accordingly.

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Also you're making Arsenal sound like the non normie NEETfag who is always trying to improve himself to try to impress other people while Chads like Barcelona and Real Madrid are fucking 9/10s on the reg

>net spend kek
This has to be bait.

>>champions league football for 18 consecutive years
or win the trophy. Which will be remembered? the winners or the qualifiers?

That CL final will be remembered for the Bayern choke. Chelsea just parked the bus and got lucky.