Is there a clearer sign you should swipe left? Do those grills seriously believe they are funny or some shit...

Is there a clearer sign you should swipe left? Do those grills seriously believe they are funny or some shit? toppest kek

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>not putting the collar on her.
Step it up krautbro.

it's called a thot filter for a reason.

desu senpai!

girl who hate their nose would love this probably

Sometimes they're actually hot, but yeah, usually I'm swiping left

Who /bumble/ here? It's truly the Patrician dating app, hotter girls who are usually down to fuck after a classy date or two.

Plus you don't have to deal with 18 year olds who want you to chase them around some dumbfuck EDM concert while they puke their brains out and pass out before you can fugg.


(OP) #
girl who hate their nose would love this probably

Bumble is pretty good but I feel like they send the first message like hey or some shit then I'm like how's it going then they never answer again half the time. I've only ever met one girl off there though versus like 6 from tinder.

>you don't have to deal with 18 year olds
You don't have to deal with them on tinder any more than you do on bumble.

What's a 'thot'? I'm being serious.

when something really gets your neurons firing

I could easily get a gf if I wasn't so physically repulsed by basic bitches

>tfw all the intelligent artsy hipster girls you're attracted think you're a loser

>have to sign in with facebook

>artsy hipsters

>they never answer again half the time

I know that feel. It's just part of the current dating culture though, girls ghost, guys ghost, no replies - it feels shitty but it happens to literally everyone.

>This thread

>asked a girl are you single because her latest instagram pic is a pic of her and some dude with the caption 3 years with my man, dated 20 weeks ago
>she says yes haha i would hope everyone that uses tinder is single

what should i say now?

say "Well do you wanna make that Single a Double this Saturday? as in do you want to go to Wendy's with me"

HEHE damn I'm good.


"What's up with your last Instagram picture then?"

I think she is pretty funny. I certainly would rape her.

reminder that virtually all women are the same deep down and the "intelligent artsy hipster girls" are just wearing a different mask. you dont get a gf to have an intellectual equal, thats what bros are for, you get a gf for sex cuddling and romance

>doggirls will never be real
>instead all we get is this bullshit

death in sleep when

more like tells you she's been skating by on her looks all her life so she uses a 'funny' filter to make others think there's more to her personality

who /fucksunhappymarriedsluts/ here?

can't get a root on tinder to save my life lads

help me

don't think I could live with myself if I was doing that

truly pathetic

I would proceed as if you hadn't seen that pic, but if shit starts to get weird (things start to crop up regarding the guy in the pic/she talks about a recent ex too much, indicating she hasn't quite moved on/etc), flip the abort switch and rocket out of their faster than you can say "daddy issues".

Seriously though, don't give up too soon. If you're just looking for some tail (as I assume you are), best not to scare her off early by probing too deep into her personal life right away. She might have only recently broken up with the guy in the pic and decided to go on the prowl for some good dickin'.

Simply proceed with caution, unless you don't think it's worth it.

>tfw thick 220lb gf so don't have to deal with this shit

I heard you can buy a dog girl in deepweb

>Is there a clearer sign you should swipe left?

lavender dyed hair and tattoos are much clearer

>Is there a clearer sign you should swipe left?

No cause i'm not looking for my future wife just pussy.

It's not pathetic, but it's not good if you believe in any sort of karma or whatever you want to call it

Or you could just believe in real life consequences and end up dead.

They are hiding their hideous noses

Eh, odds of that aren't high. I've had older women come onto me and while my dick said yes I always thought it's something I don't want happening to me so I could never do it. Any guy who focuses his anger at the guy is doing it wrong, she's the one who needs to get it

>arrange to meet girl
>speaking for a few days
>loads of photos of herself
>instagram with about a thousand followers and basically the same photo
>"OMG I love my girls! Can't wait for this weekend!"
>pictures of her with her stupid scotty dog
>be really nice to her
>arrange to meet her
>she can't wait
>say how eager i am to meet her
>go and stand on a balcony slightly above the court yard we are meeting
>she is sat there waiting
>text her horrible abuse
>she reads it and looks upset
>call her a fat cunt (she wasn't, probably an 8/10 most days) and that she is fucking hideous and a moron
>looks like she is crying
>block her number and walk off

I have done this four different times and I have no intention of stopping

this sounds illegal in britain


>Dude misogyny LMAO

You haven't haven't talked to a girl in 4 years you dumb cuck.

only if he has a tactical attack spoon in his possession

Won't you be jailed for this?

>he doesn't get messages like these on tinder

I'm usually fine with them but I honestly think I'm losing it.

I robbed a gypsy in Germany. I stopped at a petrol station to fill my car. I walk back and he approaches me with a hold all full of fake watches. He doesn't understand that I'm not interested. He motions me over to his old BMW to show me the rest of the stuff in the boot.

For whatever reason I pushed him over, grabbed the sports bag and ran to my car. I then drove at about 130mph to a small town in the middle of nowhere, got out, vomited with excitement and gave the watches to some kid sat on his own on a bench.

i don't, and i use fake model pics

must be the shitty area i live in

They think I am a vet from Swindon called Robert.

nice, i actually fuck the girls though because i'm a sex addict ;_;

I would bone her doggy style 2bh, my nigga

You've never even seen a gypsy in your life and I'll be fucked if you've been to Germany. You've never stepped foot outside of Derbyshire and you still live with your parents. You work at Tesco. Give it up.

back the frig off him?!

Cool write a book about it someday

What upset you the most? Tell me which bit so I can work it harder on them.

shut up virgin

>tfw no matter how many girls you fuck on tinder you will never have a gf that loves you as much as you love her back

im empty inside

>tfw dick is up but heart is down

I'm not the only one that sees a tip of a dick instead of a tongue there right? Do the girls really not see that?

Fuck off nerd

Hey Bby, what do you say we grab a bottle of henny, we head to the momo and you let me clap dem cheeks


pls post any media that you have related to this

Easy way for them to hide how hideous they are by making themselves look """"""cute""""""