What do athletes do after the game?

what do athletes do after the game?

do they go home?
do they party?
bang gangas?

what do they do?

Volunteer at the Children's Hospital


same thing you would do after work if you had a job

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Different people do different things


they probly celebrate a little in the locker room, go home and watch the other other games that day then Netflix and Chill with there girl

They sleep at the stadium until it's time for practice

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I've actually wondered this a lot about college football players

Do you guys think the home or even away players hit up the frat parties or whatever after the game is over?

College football players have a curfew when out on the road, and usually go back to their respective campus after away games.

At my school (uga) they party downtime if they win

What about home team then? Like a team like Alabama has a Saturday night game, game ends, you think they go right to parties?

What if the game is early in the day?

Baseball players tend to drink during weekend games, see Lackey and crew for the Red Sox for a perfect example.

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go back to training
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depends on the type of win. If they win a regular season game against a mediocre team it is just like you getting home after work on friday. They are kinda happy but afterall it's not a big deal.

If they win somethinmg important is as if you are getting a promotion or whatever. They will party with their team maybe pick up girls or fuck their gf afterwards.

I dont know what you expect but in the end a lot of those athletes will probably also not really party all that much. A lot of them have been raised to be an athlete since they are a kid and all they really care about is their sport, sure they enjoy the benefits that come with it but in the end all that matters is their success in the sport. Any really athlete would chose to win the biggest competition of his/her sport over a 10/10 girl or partying every day.

Alabama is probably a bad example, as their players probably have to go back to their Saban assigned holding cell for 'mental reconditioning'

For most places though they probably get a drink or two after wherever campus nightlife is, but might be a bit exhausted after the game.

When i was 18 i went to PSU over the summer after hs. Girl i knew started college early. My friend new one of the football players. We went to his dorm room and drank a bit then we went to some frat parties. He was like a linemen or something so it isnt like everyone was gonna know who he was.

>*Any non-Brazilian athlete would chose to win the biggest competition of his/her sport over a 10/10 girl or partying every day

Fixed this for you

The same thing people do after their day at work : various things depending on your hobbies and pass time preferences.

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