Toronto Blue Jays @ Anaheim Angels

Jays about to obliterate these fucking disney fucking faggotts lmao

jays boasting a (80-66) record while the angeshits have like what the worst record in the league (?) at (63-83)?

get prepared to anal raped again L.A. angels

btw the rams suck dick lmao

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wew lad but I concur

sup sean

gg angelbros

>both the red sux and oreos currently winning their games

why wouldnt they reschedule the angels games to be afternoon games so toronto can watch them as evening games instead of this shit seeing how angels are irrelevant who cares about their scheduling; it should all be about playoff bound teams in september

Particularly tomorrow's game. Why have a weekend game that plays late at night back east.

14 games

why are there still these old dumb blind umps in the year 2016

>Dickey vs. Weaver

This is gonna be a barnburner, isn't it?

>Weaver's been excellent
>ERA over 5

who the fuck are these Angles announcers?

he hasnt lost against the jays

Don't worry our shit announcers agree

he allowed the second most HRs in the league LELmao .. im expecting some dingers 2night

RA dickey has the best ERA for 5th pitcher in the AL east, so i dont wanna see anyone hating on my dickey

Typical Jays inning lately. Travis sets up the inning by getting on base. The big bats leave him there. Time to guess which of the first five innings Dickey gives up a four spot. I'll say the third.

Except you traded a package worthy of a #1 or a #2 for him.


Too bad we pay him like a 3rd pitcher then

Also Thole.

Please see

One of Alex Anthopolous' worst trades.

oh yes that really puts a strain on the salary cap oh wait lol

I thought poopholes retired


first hit for pujols against dickey since ever


Strong fucken flag

Strong fucken bias


that was a qt blond in the stands

too bad she wont be my gf, she looked like she was with that guy :/

this captain morgan sign is triggering my alcoholism

dickey throwing inside a lot

has LA angered the DickGOD?


that was 2 fucking close what fucking game are you playing dickey

Quickly! Attack these red cuck fans via insults!

Now I see why we traded away Thor for a knuckleballer in his 40s.

which inning do you guys want me to streak onto the field at? also what should I do while there, should i try to attempt to approach a hot head like trouts or bautista?

>its a dickshit episode

still waiting for my no hitter episode, fucking cocktease writing

good thing we got rid of this perez spic, hes terrible kek

holy fuck that bitch got beaned with a bat KEK

>literally killing a fan while striking out

quit baseball forever

Give Dickey a kiss for good luck, lad

>you're a knuckleball catcher
>unable to catch the knuckleball



Remember that you're putting up with this guy for the privilege of having Dickey be a below-league-average starter for you.

Really makes you think

what is the league average for starters?

What prank should I play on my GF? Im thinking about cumming in her eyes while shes sleeping so when she wakes up globs of cum stings her eyes


Dont listen to that idiot, dickey is the best 5th starting pitcher in the AL

4.37 ERA

You should play the one where you get the fuck out you fucking normie

kill her family

Why do you keep saying this as if it's impressive? 5th starters are *bad pitchers.* That's why they're starting 5th.

yeah but theyre supposed to be bad and hes the best of the bad, so it could be worse :)




cmon use your imagination and help me

is thole elite?

barney got btfo in that pickoff


le suspiciously bad baserunner man

>Getting hurt and a TOOTBLAN on the same play


fucking weaver pitching away and getting away with it again

>smash a steel fucking helmet into a guys knee
>somehow the guys knee is perfectly fine, in fact, he doesnt even rub it
>the guy with the helmet is concussed

really makes you think

Knees are hard. Brains are squishy.

your moms tits are squishy

Classic jays

is Trout a meme?

>Pujols suddenly can hit Dickey


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no, he's been the best player in baseball since his rookie year and will continue to be the best player in baseball for a while.

No one cares, though, because he's on a shitty team who will not contend for the duration of his contract.

If the angles had any decency they'd trade him.



hahahah eat shit angeshits blown the fuck out lol cocksucking amerifats btfo


2lo tbqh



>Asking for opinions on Cred Forums
>This actually happened

Will Tulo haters ever recover?????



Trips says no...

how autistic do you have to be to wear a Saskatchewan roughriders jersey to an angels game


>Saskatchewan fans

Lol does anyone outside the prairies even remotely care about the CFL


>Dickey is outpitching Weaver


Carrera was super pumped about that easy pop fly

Thole is my spirit animal


2 FOR 2

>a player who isn't a pitcher has a .462 OPS on a major league baseball roster

what the fuck how does this guy have a career?

Is Thole going to save the season?

ee pls

Dickey is the best 5th pitcher in the AL, that's how

>40 hits
>42 total bases

jesus fucking christ

does anyone hve the mlb stat breakdown of leagu ethnicity percentage breakdown

I believe it's about 60% white, 30% hispanic, 8% black and 2% asian

>fiancée out clubbing tonight
>said she won't be home until noon tomorrow
>have the whole place to myself tonight

Fucking sweet, bros. Tonight gonna be a good night.


thats just because you googled it you stupid faggot
am i being ttrolled or do you not realize shes sucking drunken dick tonight

biagenie will only grant you 3 outs

yeah, but they were older statistics, so i was giving him a rough estimate from the little i found

>am i being ttrolled or do you not realize shes sucking drunken dick tonight
No, I trust her. Why would i marry someone I don't trust?

i still dont see how its 60% white

i would have guessed 25% white, 25% black 50% spic

i think its all the spics identifying as white

the only purpose for clubs is to hook up

shes probably deepthroating some BBC as we speak


Go back to /r9k/ and never talk bout someone's future wife like that ever again

is it painful imagining her drunkingly kissing random guys, and random guys just grabbing her ass like a piece of meat?

Yea my dude just got back from the Ticats game

I feel like biagenie is a type of lunch meat


I hope you took a shower when you got home

is Big a Genie elite?

Fuck Tim Hortons field. Should have blown up the local crackhouses and turned them into parking.


Dickey ERA 0




Lol it's funny cause for half the game the stadium smelled like diesel fuel



Don't really understand why benoit is their 7th inning guy instead of biagini. Can someone explain the reasoning there? Seems like Biagini has been better all year.

Checked and gettin' wrecked

>putting martin in and taking thole out
>martin strikes out

gooba sheeba nector fugu


Biagini can go long, which makes him good for coming in early and relieving struggling pitchers in the middle of an inning.

why didnt those jays fans punch #3?

If they use Biagini in key situations then giving him a set inning isn't a big deal

get this fuckin goof outta here

Right? What a bunch of casuals.

>lower batting average when losing

wow what an interesting stat

In terms of offensive ability
Yeah Martin's stats don't look as nice as 2los but he's been easily their third best post ASB

Defense is a shit show. I guess
I would have travis higher but fuck has he been bad defensively lately

buck and pats observations on benoit v pujols was pretty lolz and spot on

based crippler

checked, dubs confirm

dubs and grilli gives up a 2 run shot to tie the game

an extra innings game going to 20 innings ending at 3 am would be pretty comfy

heh heh okay grilled cheese thats enough walks now...

no it wouldnt because we arent allowed to win extra inning games

id rather we get walked off

inb4 simmon gets another hr

>not wanting to see goins strike out the side

>its a griLLi episode

28th bullpen loss of the season coming right up phams


3 AM






it's a shame Grilli is gonna fuck up Joe and Dickey's perfect outings

based martin

lol that wasnt a strike 3 but fuck it

Then he wont freak out at the end and that is unacceptable

There's nothing comfy about September baseball, senpai

And he didn't get the call there on ball 3

:((((((( I was looking forward to that

the only thing comfier than an extra innings game on friday going into 3 am would be if i had diarrhea

3 games up in the wild card after tonight. Jays approaching playoff lock status. Pungent pessimists drinking their pain away by consuming the contents of their pissbottles. Life is good.

implying osuna won't blow it

osuna will blow it

everything about this game reeks of another embarrassing loss probably another inside the park homerun

Well, if there's one thing pessimists are, it's pungent

>osuna is younger than you

i've seen enough jays to know where this is going

>wild card

wow its fucking nothing, who are we even gonna start, estradas back is fucked, sanchize has regressed to full JUST mode like in early 2015, stroshit is stroshit, Happ is the only one we can be confident in but even hes prone to getting shelled

>implying this offense is going to score on another teams ace when fucking jared weaver has like a 2.5 ERA against this jays offense this year

this freaked me out the first time i saw it

Where did everything go so wrong, bros?

If osuna pitches the 8th who closes ? Bring grilli back I wanna see a closer freak out

awww man i wanted an extra innings MAX comfy game with diarrhea

So pessimist cunts. Ready to cry yourselves to sleep again?

are you crazy, osuna closes

What a retard bandwagon question

Holy shit

Andrew Bailey still exists?

russgod doing russgod things


Anyone can fucking close you stupid asshole but he's obviously not going to bring Grilli back out you stupid fucking nigger the comment was about Grilli freaking out after closing, because I really like when he freaks out.
What a fucking serious faggot you are




wow relax, broseph
take a chillpill

keep yourself safe

kys bandwagon

Fuck you, you retarded piece of shit

Fuck you you fucking diabetic loser mart sharter

Re-read it you fucking dog cunt licking imbecile

I am relaxed!!!

GODAMN what the FUCK thats another oppurtunity where a jays fan could ahve punched that ANGELS players, what the FUCK are these CASUAL fucking pleb "fans" doing?



Fuck off shitweasel I swear to god I'll slash your neck and shove my fucking dick into your carotid artery while shitting on your dead grandfathers grave you fucking piece of garbage




40 ding dongs for based Edwin

>edwin could possibly hit 50 dingers this year

bombston is going to give him an obscene contract ffs

If you read this your mother dies in her sleep tonight.


The Price they will pay...

>we won a game against a pathetic team
OH WOW EVERYONE QUIT YOUR JOBS ITS A SHOE IN you fucking cum guzzling twink

If you read this you sleepwalk and kill your mother with a kitchen knife in her sleep tonight

I dont sleep walk. Shouldnt have made it contingent on me, you stupid fucking asshole.

10 dingers in 15 games is a stretch but hopefully he shits the bed as a red cuck

Go watch the Expos. Being a Jaysbro just isnt for you.

what the fuck are you talking about? Sanchez has had one stinker in the last like 15 games. Are you fucking high? He had a 3.91 ERA in 4 games in August. He hasn't had a single month with above 4 ERA. This isn't even pessimistic point of view, it's just fucking stupid, especially since we know Sanchez's only real stinker was when he had a fucking blister. In 9 games since the all star break he is pitching with a 3.61 ERA. Aside from his last game, all of his bad games are like, 4 runs in 5 innings. Which granted, are pretty bad, but literally any pitcher is capable of that. At least he's not putting up 6 run innings like some stinkers. Fall off a bus.

And how often does Happ get shelled? He's had one bad game out of the last like 20, and it was 4 runs in 5 innings. His last games are 0 runs, 1 run, 1 run, 0 runs, 4 runs, 4 runs (in 7.1, which isnt that bad, certainly not shelled), 3 runs, 3 runs, 2 runs, 1 run. What is there to possibly complain about? Pitching is literally the last fucking thing to complain about with the jays you dickhead, the offense is by far the biggest problem. Not even confident you watch any of the games. Fuck off

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fucking kys after you kill your mother

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Your mom will be leaving here at 2 EST... i will let her know you are waiting.


That would be great if I fucking could watch the Expos, Jays fans are the FUCKING WORST SCUM EVER. Actually most baseball fags are pretty fucking insufferable.

what the fuck is this? what kind of a god damned retard are you, exactly?

Angels have a terrible pen dont they...

if youre reading this youre gay

No point in creating a wall of text for pessimists. They are illiterate and their attempts at comprehensive thought are embarrassing.

lol you'/re gona fuck and kill your mom faggot

lol frenchy go eat some frogs smelly frenchy

So why waste your time in a bj baseball thread?

fuck i like men now

Hurr durr what are you a Anglels fag? How does it feel being even worse than September Blow Gays?

wtf I love Edwin now

81 wins again this year boys!!!!

angels have a terrible everything. They've played 4 people this game that bat like .220 or lower. They pinch hit with a guy with a .500 OPS. if it wasnt for mike trout theyd win like 50 games.

i can feel it coming in the air tonight

oh lord

im a jays fan you stupid frog

Imagine if they still had Salmon? Be so based. They would have to steal the Marlins name.

>he doesnt know about bedrosian

That explains everything

They could sign Mike Carp too

go eat some french fries frenchy

Rod Carew would be their eternal enemy

thank ya dickey

wtf I love Dickey now

you faggots doubted me but i warned you

Osuna shoulnt be taking this long and whats this man in scoring position? lol what the fuck this is a relaxing picnic ... this team is gonna get raped when they face NYY and BOS. Raaaaappppeeddd

>Jays win
>Anglels lose
>Pessicucks slit wrists

See you guys tomorrow for more of the same


im a resident dickGOD poster
i ride and die with the dick

It's like saying you're a great fighter because you punched a little girl in the face, get real faggot.

Please dont fire mike, Angels. Not his fault.

You ride the dick till you die.
Also, you like RA Dickey apparently.

You may have won this time Gadget, but I'll shitpost with impugnity neexxxtt tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!

All about the knucleball... all five of them shuffling that is

I will take solace in you bleeding to death tonight. I won't see you tomorrow faggot.

gg angles, wow what a wild one