Official NRL Saturday Finals Thread

Canberra Raiders vs Penrith Panthers
Kickoff at 7:45pm AEST

Yesterday's result:
Cowboys 26 def Broncos 20

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I'll have my retribution. But not here. One day.

One day.

But not this day.

I was competing with an Aussie for that one time and he reported me for spamming the fucking faggot

That just shows me how much of an amateur you are at this.

But you'll learn.

One day.

>Cowboys 26 def Broncos 20
Why do we always lose?


>cowboys end broncos season in 2012
>cowboys end broncos season in 2014
>cowboys end broncos season in 2015
>cowboys end broncos season in 2016
It's getting to be a worrying trend.


Reminder that true Aryans support the Cowboys.

Friendly reminder that no one here lives even remotely close to North Queensland.

Where is that seething fucking casual who thought we wouldn't get 400 posts yesterday?

We got over DOUBLE that, I hope you're embarrassed with yourself

So close to 900 too.

>Wayne Bennett got divorced


Suicide when?

Which /nrl/ poomunity member are you m8?

>tfw we went from careers to corporate companies to holocaust denial

I said we would struggle to reach 400 by the end of the game, and I was right.

walkcunt blogging about not having a job, and tipping his fedora against religion for 450 posts after the game until 3.30am does not change the fact that I was 100% CORRECT.

>this seething fucking casual in damage control
kek, end your "life"


I'm just here to correct the record.

You can accept the facts or continue living in your fantasy world.

The choice is yours.

Reminder that the referees handed the game to the Broncos and they STILL lost.

I literally do

I think the cowboys got the rub of the green in the second half to be fair

Everything north of Noosa is north Queensland 2bh.

is that the dad holding the baby?

How come McGuire is allowed to deliberately elbow people every game he plays?

i went to cairns once

i wont be going back

That's Ben Hannant.

Same reason Fifita can throw punches every time he gets tackled.

That sucks. And to get elminated as well would be devastating. I hope him and his family are okay.

Parker gets away with that sort of shit all the time as well.

Actually, the only Broncos forward who isn't dirty is Gillett.


Walkcunt on Nobel Prize watch

Women don't like being with beta losers.

McGuire's deliberate elbow into Matt Scott directly led to the Broncos first try.

Who is your favourite /r/nrl user?

>3 major games from 3 different aussie sports on at the same time saturday night
>sundays are empty

why the fuck is this allowed? I just want to watch the wallabies, raiders and swans



What's the third one?

Paul GODlen

the wallabies game

le bloods XDD

We reached 500 before the full 90 minutes of the game were up.


>he only follows one sport

Certainly not that Grubnulla cunt TonyAbbotPuhh or whatever that annoying cunts name is.

Pooate to Manly lads


Want to get him to start posting here, just so he can piss you off Walkcunt.

Can we reach 250+ posts before the game even starts lads?

Huh? What? Why do you think this?

That's me u fuckwit.

>following multiple sports
nice "life" you have there

Sexy_bethany Forums/comments/5311xw/kiwi_makes_an_elite_and_muscular_post/

Mildly amusing lad. Nice username.

>nearly 3000 views

Is this the most famous /nrl/ post of all time?

We just watched the grand final game last night.

Nothing will match up to last night's game.

KEK, this will struggle to reach 100 by kickoff, and will definitely struggle to reach 400 by the end of the game.

Wasn't even an /nrl/ post, it was /poog/

Rugby union 2bh.

Reminder that the best possible outcome for a good grand final will be Cowboys vs Raiders/Panthers.

Reminder that we will very likely instead have a disgusting, dour, wrestlemania with Melbourne vs Cucknulla with few points scored.

Reminder that this will be the worst grand final since the absolute shitfest of 2012.

You win this round ivGOD. I didn't realise we were so close to getting bumped off because I'm set to last reply. I will pay closer attention in the future

Who's excited for BBL? :)

How many unique IPs itt? Can't see that stat on clover.

Should I turn flight mode on and off a few times to bump the numbers up a bit?

I did this to threadcunt 2bh.

I got the last post in the Boston Marathon thread.

>tfw you go to /gif/ for a wank, but then feel shame afterwards as you quickly run back to /ck/ to try and feel wholesome again

WalkGOD on new father watch

Here's a tip from the best in the business.

Bump the threads yourself that are further in the catalog/pages than the /nrl/ thread, and once you have successfully pushed /nrl/ to being the last thread on page 10, make the last post and create a new thread to push /nrl/ into 404.

Make sure the image is a small file so no time is wasted uploading it.

There's more to it than this, but this is an important strategy.


/gif/only gives me ideas to wank to 2bh. Its a starting point, but not a finishing point per se

Melbourne's play style is the best. Flashy play is for ADHD addled children. Fuck off.

yeah, find a webm, get sauce, wank


I know this strat m8, and i know theres more involved. I was literally attempting to do the captcha to post when i was interrupted and lost 2 minutes, but its my own fault for not knowing how far fown the list it was at that point. Better you than that poo peelander anyway

You don't know 10% of what goes into it.


Yeah, 70% of it is not having a job and moving back to west mackay to be a part time cabinet maker and staying up late shitposting when you want

Critically, though, you have no idea what the final 20% is.

And therein lies the difference.

Pretty sure its either pride or autism

/hayne/ is up lads

>tfw next year is our year


I study at one of evocca's direct competitors, they are shady af. The owners of evocca set up another school in the same industry and had a URL made up so it was basically the same as ours at a glance. Apparently they also tried to poach a couple of our teachers at an expo

>absolute shitfest of 2012

>STILL being pooper-ravaged



Ivan is a cowgirls fan m8

How do these cunts even get these ideas and make it a company. Who's backing these dodgy companies?

"Yeah let's scam shit loads of students out of their money".

Roosters are fucking BACK lads

walkcunt on suicide watch

Waqa Blake is out for tonight lads.

What did you study? Did it end up helping you?

I really feel sorry for people that studied those VET courses, I feel like most HR managers would look down on certs and diplomas because their value has been so diluted by dodgy vendors virtually giving them away

Bikecunt on handsome intelligent watch

This scam works because the government is slow to respond, and they thought privatising the vocational education industry would save them money in the long run

Honestly, it's one of the best legit scams I've ever seen.

Yeah but who's funding these private educational institutions? Who the fuck is investing in a dodgy company to get it up and running.

Good thread.

Walkytalky pty ltd

3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games. I wrote that previous incorrectly, Evocca are shady, the place im studying at are pretty good, they were one of two VET schools that passed inspection last year. I am learning alot from it so far

Probably mostly legit investors, and a mix of hedge funds

Investing in a private VET vendor knowing the government is going to push to privatise VET training is a smart move

It probably ended up being a good investment too seeing as they scammed a shit load of money

What's the IP count?

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

Investors aren't really the ones who get in trouble are they?

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

it's one of the only things i do that can keep me occupied for hours without getting bored, so I decided to do something with and pursue a career with it

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

>walkies general thread deleted
L mao

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

No, an investor's liability towards a company is entirely limited to their shares. This means if anything goes wrong the most an investor can lose is their shares, so not their house, personal savings etc.

The owners and executive board can get prosecuted by ASIC though

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

Australia has schools?

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games.

>finals thread
>18 posters
>struggling to 100 posts
Is nrl finally dying?

I wish

These photo is genuinely funny.

It's good you're doing something you like but if you want a job after finishing you'll need to have a pretty good portfolio to show you're elite at whatever it is you do

Because I cant see why a HR manager would hire you over someone that did a bachelor of visual comm./digital media/communications unless you're amazing at 3D animation/whatever

thats what they tell you day 1, i plan on dedicating a year after the course is done to focus directly on a portfolio.

You should get your TAFE certificates at a university 2bh. It will look better on your resume.

>Not thinking Cred Forums is borderline darkweb

its not certificate im after, its a portfolio heavy industry. im there to maximise my understanding of the software im using

How do you get a TAFE cert from a university?

I noticed that it states they are Queensland's first dual sector university.

Are there universities in other states that also do TAFE/VET courses?

some universities offer TAFE level I-IV Certs, most also offer diplomas, graduate certs and associate degrees

Which universities do this?

I am going to start a TAFE course to get Centrelink off my back, but if I can do the course at a uni rather than tafe that would be good.

where do you live? Just google your local university and have a look

I know UON and USYD do them

I live in Alice Springs.

>only 31 unique posters

everyone loves a good circlejerk

>2020 NRL season
>West Coast Pirates win in extra time thriller over the Titans in their first grand final
>Melbourne2 and NZ2 play their maiden seasons
>Ipswich Jets take the minor premiership
>Roosters and Manly announce they will be folding at season's end
Good times ahead.

Someone just knocked on my door.

Had to turn off the TV and hide under the covers.


the alpha move is when you just ignore them

make sure they know you dont do as they say

>Hey I just knocked on your door better come and talk to me!

why? i don't want to, you don't have any authority here door knocking scum

I like to just pretend I am sleeping

just turned $22 of my austudy into $4500 playing poker on the net

student life lads

betting on NRL is fucked you get shit odds most of the time

It's probably the census people.



this girl I used to work with like 3 years ago who I thought was pretty cute is now fat as kek


kek isn't fat.

wait till youre 28 and all of them who you grew up with start to look like theyre fucking tired all the time (they probably are)

that youthfulness you just accetped as a given evaporates and they become sore bitches

like imagine a millionaire from 15-25, all the things in the world they want, life is good

then the money (looks) start to dry up, you cant afford the things you could before (guys arent that into yyou anymore) but youre so used to that millionaire lifestyle you keep acting entitled

this is how they are at 28+, they expect the world but theyre ugly and old and noone will give it to them anymore


>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games



So what are you supposed to do then? Just settle for them being stuck up?

lolz at Thaiday that fat piece of shit

>3D Art & Animation specialising in Video games

>the hamlet of thaiday


>Central Coast Bears still didn't make the 8

>afl thread made 10 minutes ago
>already at 90 posts
>will run down nrl in the next 15 minutes
KEK, nice "poomunity" you have here

GOATnulla up 6-0 in NYC

fucked if i know

you compromise and get with a bitch
you pump and dump and never settle down
you become a fag
you become celibate
you hit the jackpot and find one who was ugly in her youth and lost weight and discovered yoga and small portion eating in her late 20s

what percentage of married blokes do you see who are actually happy after 10 years? like, 5% maybe?

>sitting on your computer all afternoon

nice "life"



What are you listening to right now lads?

Name my crew

>this is what Cred Forums virgins actually believe

The Johnathan Thurston Experience featuring Jason Taumalolo.

me on the bottom right

DCEL (Does Coote Even Lift)

Should I install a distro on my laptop lads? Getting sick of OS X tbqfhwy.

/afl/ is making fun of us again lads


Is Morgan autistic?

unironically yes

His wife looks like a trap.

Do something, dead poomunity

Gonna get a PS4 Pro and PS VR when it drops lads

Any of you cunts take opiates?

What VR games you gonna get?

>tfw you want to cum but you dont have a tissue wrapped around your dick so you edge it off so you can get a tissue ready but then you cant get yourself to cum again so you have to spend another 10 minutes looking for a new video to wank to

I just cum on myself and take a shower afterwards before going to bed.

Just get your phone and wank in the shower. Fuck, I used to just take my laptop in, set it up, played it on mute, and blew all over the place

Just cum in your mouth. Makes cleanup fun and easy

Idk desu. I'm a seething casual and don't know much about it, but a m8 at work has been talking it up a fair bit and reckons it'll be good so I might get on the bandwagon.

Walkie, you here m8?

Goosey, you here m8?

>getting close to orgasm
>think it would be pretty hot to eat my own cum
>instantly turned off and disgusted by the idea

i cum on my sleeping tshirts but im starting to notice that the cum doesnt come off the black tshirts

might have to just use the white ones or sth

Spannerhead, you here m8?

Kinda. Not really. Doing some research on opiates.

Connie, you here m8?

made this mistake at least fucking 10 times when i was in a horny state, only swallowed a couple of times tho

>mfw i cum in a girls mouth and then tell her i cant kiss her again tonight

you bi guys are too much for me

Just cum on the ground or your stomach

>10 times

I learned my lesson after the second time

I've never came in my mouth, but in a super horny state I've worn my mother's and sister's underwear and came in them, and also shoved a chopstick up my ass.


Bet the lads from the Storm pump this on their bonding sessions

Based Walkie.

i made out with my gf all the time after blowing in her mouth, same with her kissing me after i ate her out
>just cum on the ground

Based Sean.

Based WalkGod.

Cumming on the ground is easily the best and least gay way of doing it (at least if you have floordboards). Then you can leave, get a paper towel or something and clean it up with no hassle at all.

when i was high as fuck i once jacked off on the carpet while sniffing my sister and mothers underwear

>also shoved a chopstick up my ass
i'm fucking dying cunt

>i made out with my gf all the time after blowing in her mouth, same with her kissing me after i ate her out

theyre supposed to kiss you after you eat em out, i finger them and make them lick it

100% have been more than willing to taste their own pussy juices

ive never kissed a girl after head thats disgusting (for me, being not completely bi, not judging you senpai)

Worst fap I ever had was masturbate on the side of the road at 7 in the morning.

Had nothing to get myself going but the danger that I might get caught was enough.

The chopstick in the ass was while I was lying face down on the bathroom floor doing some "prone masturbation" (look it up).

Sister knocked on the door saying she was coming in to wash her hands.

I heard the door knob start to turn so had to quickly jump up and hey back in the shower.

Later she thought I must have been splashing around because the floor was all wet.

Based WalkBro.

>being not completely bi
I'm straight, I just don't care because when you're horny as fuck you'll do anything. You share a shit load of germs when you make out anyway.

>Later she thought I must have been splashing around
Fucking kek, just picturing a grown adult splashing around in the shower like a kid. Imagine you slipped over and the chopstick got stuck in your arse.

its not a germ thing its a eating cum thing

youre bi

no wukkaz mate i think most lads are

I masturbated on the side of the street early one morning around 2am while walking home from the pub.

Was walking through a residential area hoping to peek inside and see some lady undressed or whatever, but no luck.

Ended up masturbating behind a tree in front of one of my old schools.

is anyone watching Union. it's boring as fuck right now, but better than nothing.

I didn't eat my own cum. She swallowed. I just didn't care about making out straight after.
Join in on the masturbating talk lad.

Anyone have that webm of those qt blokes splashing around on the bathroom floor at a gym or school?

I was 13 m8, not an adult.

Has anyone ever masturbated during class at school?

Apparently it's not that uncommon but I couldn't understand how you would get away with it.

Literally why wouldnt you just go home to jerk it

playng poker listening to tina arena and 4chanposting

I once masturbated to the thought of my great aunty in my nanna's bathroom. I hadn't wanked in a week. The orgasm wasn't even that good either.

Was staying at a friends house and didn't have his wifi password or anything on my phone.

i didnt but i know 2 blokes who did

both were bi eventually, i think one is straight up gay now

they were wanking in female teacher classrooms in an allboy room so i guess it was the idea of the lads around them watching moreso than the piece of ass science teacher or whatever

My mate used to go off to the bathroom to jack off in school over some of the hot teachers. I never had the balls to risk that. Cunt doesn't give a shit about anything even to this day.


who the fuck is gonna catch you wanking? the toilet police?

No. But I do in the gym showers all the time.

And it's usually AFTER the Indian cleaner has finished for the night, so my cum is all over the floor and walls.

Would love to see the look on the bloke's face who showers after me some time.

>mfw Broncos

Idk cunt, it was just the thought of another student or teacher walking in. The very same mate got suspended for being on his phone in the toilet. The teacher accused him of filming other guys.

Should I mix my blue eyes with a brown eyed qt like tina? Seems disrespectful to ancestors

What opiates should I do lads

didnt ur shit school have doors in the bathroom cunt? wtf

Where should I go for actual NRL discussion? Reddit?

They did but he didn't lock the door properly lmao

Meditate and exercise for that natural and beneficial high you junkie faggot

what's the fastest way to make 2600 dollarydoos

League Unlimited

The game hasn't started. We'll talk footy when it's on.

>We'll talk footy when it's on.

Wanked at work once, it was fucking horrible

Then I did it again

Never a third time though

net poker

Yeah you're right, that's wishful thinking.

Acquire a minimum wage job and work for a fortnight.

>yfw the masculine raiders smash the twink and roided panthers

Josh fagsour is the most DEF NATTY cunt in the NRL

I'd love to hear what testing they do

How big is your cock fully erect lads?

Be honest, nothing to be ashamed of here.

6 inches here.

>implying anyone would hire me

7.5 but it bends like a banana so you need to measure with a soft tape

with a straight ruler its 5.5, quite the bend

Is that really Corey Parker?

hard to tell since i have a massive bend in it but at least 5 and half

i'm more concerned about how skinny it is

Acquire Newstart.

Wait 2 months.

Yeah mine is bent like you described, might be a tad bigger, who knows.
>i'm more concerned about how skinny it is
iktf bro

Is it socially acceptable to message a girl on Instagram if she had her profile in her Tinder bio?

matt moylan on twink watch

I wank in my work washrooms and make sure to cum all over the seat

Does jelqing work lads?

>tfw mates always used to give me shit about my pencil dick
>i didnt care
>one day i film a POV porno of me fucking some girl and show them and they casually see my 7.5 thick white cock
>suddenly theyre all acting like betas


People like you will never live a happy life.

Fucking hell, don't overthink these things.

I seriously fucking hate you just for posting this retarded question. I would honestly murder you if I ever saw you.

Bet 1000 on the Panthers

5 inches. Go ahead and laugh

The average vagina is only 3-4 inches deep. Not sure about male ani

Nah, 5 inches aint the worst.
Yes, if you're safe about it, but it takes like 3+ years and you have to maintain it for the rest of your life.

Just like 3 pics in a row to get her attention and wait for her to like your pics or message. If she doesn't do either than move on she's not interested

Pic? Asking fro a friend.

Don't bully people online pls

lots of off topic posts in this thread

only if you want to burst cock vein

Shut the fuck up, or I'll add you to my hit list.

You literally don't even know who I am mate

Based Ivan

someone needs to clean up this thread

Do I like the 3 most recent pics or doesn't matter which ones?

MRW /nrl/ memes make it to american news

Nah it's been pretty comfy really. No arguments or anything. Just enjoy it lad.

off topic posts need to be deleted

That post was off topic.

I don't think I'll ever enjoy my life until I have 100% accurate confirmation of your death, Walkcunt.

>spend every second daydreaming about being more popular in high school

WalkGod on Nobel Prize watch

Just ordered Pizza Hut for dinner lads

Doesn't matter. I usually find the sluttiest ones so she knows that i want to fuck. You can like her nature pics or w.e if you wanna come across as a nice guy

Really annoys me that those guys steal Walt's barrels of money.

>tfw was bullied for 12 years of schooling
>quite popular outside of school now

Sweet, thanks m8, I'll do this.

kys walkcunt

>anthony griffin's face when panthers win and go further in the finals than the broncos

probably better than being invisible 2bh. there were people who had gone to school with me for 6 years and still didn't know who i was by the end

live in Townsville lad

>tfw I peaked in high school
>best physical condition of my life
>consistent sex with different girls
>looked up to and respected by everybody
>no 24 with a beer gut, receding hairline and 4 years without sex

Growing my beard back out lads

Where did it all go wrong lad?

I saw people in Grade 12 that I hadn't seen since like grade 8. They were like ghosts at school.

i peaked at 23 and it wasnt even that great a peak, i was rooting a 9 and a 6.5 at the same time and i had a bit of cash but not heaps

then i got fat

still fat, getting less fat, but complacent as fuck everytime i lose 3kg i put it back on like a numpty

when he was born a canadian

crazy how that person has a mental illness and they just go along with it likes he's normal. I think it's because they're just trying to make themselves look good but deep down inside you know that a dude in a with makeup on is a sign that he's mentally ill

Should I post a picture of Walkcunt to /soc/ and see what they think?

his entire life peaked at high school kek

in a dress*

post one of pantherfat

Come on, Australia is just Canada except it's most of the time.

>Come on, Australia is just Canada except it's most of the time.

based illiteracy or dyslexia making this sentence funnier than it has any right to be

No idea m8. It was just a slow decline you never see coming. Friends moved away so I began to stay home more on and spend time in this shit hole. Stopped exercising and caring about anything

they are New Zealand on a good day

If you were a girl would you get a job rubbing footballer arses all day?

kek i meant to say
>Come on, Australia is just Canada except it's hot most of the time.

>Uate possibly heading to Manly

Manly 2017 incoming

Gotta be one of the GOAT tries.

I'd sell my body to rich arabs

>Been lifting for nearly 2 years
>Went from fat to builtfat
>People starting to compliment last few months
>Compliments make me complacent
>Get lazy

fuck lads need to learn to ignore everything people say think or do

one bloke said he felt like half a man infront of his wife cause i was that much bigger than him. that cant be what she wants to hear/see

Just post a pic of your tits on seeking arrangement and you'll be set for life

You shouldn't be doing it for other people. Do it for yourself and you'll never get lazy.

prime uate was unreal

doubt she cared


They've been playing the same loop of the JT/Morgan try over and over again without breaks for the last 15 minutes since the broadcast started.

But why am I doing it for myself? To what end?

that's a lot of wasted space

Still my favourite try of all time. I miss 2010 Uate and the 08-11 era Knights who just didn't give a fuck and chucked the ball around everywhere.

"She" has admitted to being 18 years old and has autism.

To improve your health, physique, self esteem, strength, endurance, power, long term goals, purely because you enjoy it as a hobby and interest.
Its all very surreal.

>To what end?
tfw this makes me give up on any idea i ever have

When did you realise that there is no free will?

Kys Sam Harris

>watch some afl on the ol fox box
>fucking white faces everywhere on all teams
What the fuck?

There is only the will of WalkGod

>tfw channel 9 playing black skinhead on nrl


but how did you make the choice to shitpost?

peer pressure/approval


We NEED less white people in sports created by white people that are played in country that is 80% white

I didn't. My life experience up until that point in time caused me to make the decision to post it

>peer pressure to shit post
This website is anonymous you fucking retard, you don't even have to post at all.

Boongs invented AFL m8

afl was created by a brit and therefore a brown skinned muslim

There is free will but your actions have consequences

Just started listening to his podcast

Pretty good 2bh

All this time I thought it was pronounced “peep”

Thread ruining post.


He's a fucking hack who knows jack shit about philosophy and wants to nuke all brown people.

Are you fucking retarded cunt. It's like "pe-pay"

He doesn't hate brown people

He hates Islam

it's correctly spelt as Pepé

I pronounce it "peep" because Tyrone pronounced it like that in one of his videos.

>tfw Tyrone lives in Australia

>wants to nuke all brown people.
would we really lose anything?
at least sports would be more competitive

Sharks panthers grand final lads

Arsenal v Hull on SBS tonight can't wait come on you gooners!

>He hates Islam
Who doesn't

when AEST?

Who do you think could come out of retirement and still play great footy?

people from Melbourne

it's a cows vs storm grand final and storm win it's already been predicted by channel 9 lad


This Stan ad with NRL players is absolute cringe.

Big Strong Special Broadcasting Service

what's with the #ImWithStan thing? did they get threatened by terrorists?

Everything to do with NRL is cringe except the Lowes ads.

this thread is absolute diabolical

Stan is actually a lot better than Netflix content wise. Really hope it doesn't' die off.

gal is the worst actor

>it's a walkcunt shills for stan and spouts blatant untruths episode

Your mum was a bad actor when I fucked her cunt.

and it's cheaper too
they're both worth it though imho

Agreed. Best series you've seen on a streaming service?

>paying for ones and zeroes
>paying to STREAM ones and zeroes

>tfw phimosis so bad i can't clean it probably and it often leaks and itches

>yfw no nsw teams in GF 2 years in a row

You always make me laugh WalkBro.

can't tell if you're shitposting or not lad

11.22.63 is the greatest show that is original to a streaming service. That and The Man in the High Castle.

better call saul

Seriously can't believe people do this.

It's literally the dream for these companies; consumers paying money for NOTHING.

>it's already been paid for by channel 9


I need to check that out. Haven't started it yet. You watched No Activity on Stan? Fuck that's funny.
It's pretty good.

And chicks for free.

it's a shitpost but it's also true

Can my Panthers actually win?

Oh look, the game hasn't even started yet and we're ALREADY at almot 400 posts

Yet seething freshcunts will STILL doubt this thriving community

>country that is 80% white
Not for long, whiteboy.

Just told my irl mate that I think JT is a whinging grub. Currently waiting for his response.

Why don't you just kill yourself?

oh wait i want to change my answer to fargo


I've tried and come to the realization that I just can't do it.

gotta maintain those underwater cables lads.. plus all the marketting to make sure the consumer knows we exist

I'm not coming back next year. Staying till the end of the grand final then I'm quitting Cred Forums for good. Haven't touched Cred Forums and I'm slowly weening myself off this website in general. Can't wait to leave this shit hole.

this promo is pretty good. shit song tho

would love too but a few members of my family would be devo'd

both teams are even money tbqh

very strong attack with decent defense

canberra got the edge cause a couple of sstrike players missed last week due to injury aaand theyll return with extra energy now

I want to but I'm actually a massive pussy

Before they were playing based Kanye West's "Black Skinhead".


Best of luck pham

>tfw will be the last man standing yet again

I badly need to have sex with a panthers cheerleader that is incredibly unsatisfying for her

Why not try quitting yourself. This entire website is fucking cancer.

Dire Straits are shit you fucking faggot.

that show had the best waifu

i geuninely forget that the nrl even has cheerleaders

Yeah I love how aggressive they are. they had such nice trys last week but I haven't seen the Raiders play this year so don't know how they match up

The Panthers are the College Dropout of Finals teams

The Raiders are Yeezus

Just saw the lamb ad, where the fuck is Sam Kekovich?

Utopia on SBS on Demand is also great

>music elitists

I prefer The College Dropout.


This vikuck clap is fucking cringe.

God damn I feel embarrassed watching it.

Is SBS, dare I say it, elite?

you know someone's a freshcunt when they don't consider steven 'steve' menzies the GOAT

Fucking off Polyshitskin

SBS and ABC have the best content. People would rather watch Scott Cam on The Block though. Fucking normie cunts i swear.

I normally do too, but shiny black leather/latex is my fetish.

It's based as fuck. You're literally seething that you will never participate in one great movement like that.

>SBS and ABC
Fucking melbourne cucks I swear.

Reminder that the Maoris would easily dispose of the Vikings in war.

>mfw Croker misses a game winning penalty again


>watching the block
>watching the farmer wants a wife
>watching house rules
>watching the bachelor
>watching masterchef
>watching "z grade" celebrity survivor
kill yourself degenerate cunt

been about 5 months since i deleted facebook and i don't feel any happiers just more lonely

Is Shannon Boyd related to Darius Boyd?


SBS today is shit compared to how it used to be. I miss when you could turn on SBS on a saturday night and see an awesome kung fu movie or something and it had tons of anime on it. Also South Park/Pizza on a monday night.

All the anime is on SBS 2 now.

Is Darius Boyd related to Darius from League Of Legends?

I don't watch television dumbcunt, only normies as you put it, watch tv. So you are a normie.

off yourself weeb scum

Dumb Smelly Coconut

Are they related to Darius the Great?

sbs 2 has a lot of good weeb shit

kys boring cunt

I saw anime on Briz31 the other night, weird as fuck.

nah utopia is fucking shit

>people unironically think panthers will win tonight

Remember when Blake Austin was good lads?

It's so forced and cringe. GOAT Australia comedy is Review With Myles Barlow.

Isn't Sutton supposed to be an assistant this week?

i hope you are confusing utopia (uk) with utopia (aus)

there would always be a french borderline porno on at like 2am

He just scored.

Are you the Australian branch of the alt-right? My name is Waleed and I'd like to ask you some questions.

This was never.

*Glass shatters*


>tfw forgot to get on raiders 13+

The city of (You)

>canberra got the edge cause a couple of sstrike players missed last week due to injury aaand theyll return with extra energy now




He's already made a shit call

>It's another "Team falls for the Blake Austin exagerrated dummy and step" episode

That's good, considering Penrith will win by 10.


Based elite muscular intelligent Austin


Raiders showing how to smash these fucking twinks


Des has the fucking bulldogs broken

Is Nathan Cleary, dare I say it, shook?

Panthers are so shit that its like walking down a walmart aisle.

shartie in martie?

Is Josh Mansour related to Robbie Farah?

Anyone else hate Mansour cause hes leb?

he's a christian leb though lad, the best kind of leb.

He's my favourite Panthers player.

the best kind of leb is one who lives in another country and cant get a passport

I honestly love him. He should be first picked for the wing for Australia.

Wish he was a Queenslander.

Yeah maybe but we're still full.

Those are the worst because they don't hate Jews

He doesn't get enough ball. Cunt looks angry as because he gets ignored.

Trent Merrin on Dally M Medal watch

getting tired of these penalties to get the raiders out of their half

Where are the refball whiners?

He got heaps before Peachy got brought into the centres.

Mansour is a beast. Strongest guy in the gym at Penrith.

>needing video ref for that

Banish this mong to U20s

Yeah he's not the biggest but you can tell he's a straight up beast. Wish he got more attention.

THe most blatantly natty player in the NRL

Smug natty cunt

Are you using the term natty ironically?

Boring game.

Isn't this guy supposed to have a broken spine from Ryan James a few weeks ago, or was he just pretending?

No those delts are natty as fuck AND its completely normal for a leb to be stronger than a fob, that is basically a givven

Compared to last night it is, but compared to last night it was always going to be

>He'll never spread your legs and enter you as you close your eyes and enter heaven.

Fuck he's hot.

I'm hotter.

That was James Fisher-Harris

>take out someone for the rest of the match
>no penalty

should do this more often

post a current pic


They got a penalty you dopey cunt.


I like your caliber.


Doesn't work. NathGOD sounds better.

anybody have the source on this pic?

>almost 500 posts
>not even half time

there needs to be a field goal i love field goals to be honest

who /field goal/ here

>It's another Raiders get refball episode



I feel like it takes all the joy and excitement out of a potential try when they check the replay every fucking time.

panthers to score just before half time

And people STILL doubt this community

>he doesn't like black chicks

Lebbb fuck just got CLOWNED ON

Wheres him and his twink mate throwing passes back and forth this game?

Did they have a falling out over a kebab since they played the dogs? faggot lebb and twink

It's bloody true.

Raiders to score a third try before half time. Screencap this post.

Why are Canberra allowed to strip the ball all the time? Are panthers allowed to do that?

Rate my gf.

Moylan is pro gay marriage and the leb cunt doesnt cop that shit

Partnership is over, no more back and forth passes

Its like when a chick gives you blue balls. She teases you but you can't celebrate just yet.

>Elvis at the game
Absolutely fucking BASED.

Panthers Status=Shook

>bet raiders 1-12

>Didn't even get to 500 by half time


Half time lads and we hit 500.

Based fucking /nrl/.

i'm staying in this thread for the potential 1k

There he is.

There's walkcunt rushing to make the new thread.

Gotta get that OP cred.

Gotta get those (You)s.

Gotta get those upvotes, fellow redditors.

Post half time games boys.

>in 2016

Is Josh Mansour the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel?

Fuck this shit

Pendulum is timeless you fucking Chink fuck off



Fallout 4 sucked cock

I want to rub my nose on her mound.

Why is the audio like half a second behind the mouth movements

This desu

Agreed. NPC's felt so fake and lifeless.

>he doesn't like black chicks

nice taste lad.When I get married hopefully my wife looks like pic related

What did she mean by this?

Game of the year 2bh.


She's absolutely stunning.

Best game of the past 5 years



>not the witcher 3
What the actual fuck is wrong with you cunt

Now THIS is fucking disgusting.

This is heavenly. Source?

Wallabies getting btfo btw

Todd pls


Hot af. Who is this semon demon?

Too long in the oven mate.

Oh those fairy fucking talentless private schoolgirls are embarrassing themselves again? What else is new

do people think this is actually squirting works? women shaking around and convulsing, having about 5 orgasms in a few minutes while pissing everywhere?

They actually have a healthy lead right now and have been very good

This thread is FULL

Move to the NEW thread

nah we're staying here


Fuck me that was intense.

Your ass is FULL of my dick

Wasn't even high.

Raiders getting refballed to victory.

Literally ducked into the tackle.

This thread won't even reach 600 by the end of the game.

her new pics aren't very good scroll down a bit and you'll see top tier cute pics
>tfw no dark skin gf

Dubs say other wise.

Just hang around centrelink

This is a high energy, high contact nrl football game we have here lads.

This second half will be a cracker.

Can't wait to see you all at the other end after a few cold tinnies .

Enjoy the game everyone!

BTFO Black fellas on suicide watch.

I mean like a cute one lad

Hand is next to the ball, no downward pressure. Try.

Has there every been a high score semi final lads? like 40+

Based fucking Croker is so handsome, elite, humble, intelligent and is also on nobel prize watch.

>people thought raiders would lose this

>ground ball on leg
>lose ball before it hits the grass
Refball as fuck.

SIX out of SIX finals so far decided by refball.

You can't have something that doesn't exist

It's a try you whiny faggot.

Fixed af

Seans gf

I want to marry Jarrod Croker and have his babies.

Finally a correct decision.

cows last year beat the sharks 39-0 so sorta

I guess we have different tastes mate

I want to marry WalkSis and have her WalkKids

Please don't post racist white supremacist nazi frogs in MY thread

Awesome, cheers matey.

go cowboys

>tfw they go b2b

Raiders ARE winning the GF.

Do the raiders get free maccas

Is that why they have so many fat guys

What is it like to be in a team full of manly men? Is it fun boys?

Winner of this game plays Melbourne in Melbourne right?

You're thinking of Cronulla m8


Panthers attack from last week is all gone

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How'd they even get this far. Playing shithouse.

Flat at best.

Raiders decided to defend like they did against Melbourne.

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National Refball League

y-y-you too

Fair point. Raiders all the way.

Panthers are honestly really fucking flat tonight though. Raiders are also playing with two injured players.

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bretty gud pass

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Muy Bien

How do they pass like that? I've never been able to pass even half that.

dat kino zoom on the posts

Put your whole body into it.

Don't be a pussy and throw like a girl.

>implying you could throw 30m passes

Virgin detected

You put more spin on the ball with your top hand and you can throw it faster and further

It's not that hard once you get the technique down. It's all in the hands

>There are people in this very thread that are unable to pass well off both hands
>There are people in this very thread that are unable to pass

>delusional virgin poster thinks piss is squirting

I made your mum squirt faggot.

I have no arms you ableist fuck.

Canberra is shaking right now lads


Are Canberra choking lads?

Canberra will be next to score. Left edge Penrith is weak.

Why is Moylan's voice so high, I want to check if his balls dropped yet.

Has anyone ever actually unironically liked braith anasta


>raiders right now

who /straight sets/ here

Feel bad for Baptiste desu. Gets like 15 minute games.

I do. I like Phil Gould and Wally Lewis as well.

>White supremacists cartoon frog

I'm scared lads.

Jodi Gordon

lol the raiders are the warriors 2.0


When he got punched in the face.


Warriors didn't make the 8 let alone the top 4.

>You will never be Nathan Cleary

Imagine all the teenage pussy he gets lads

What kind of woman pisses when she cums?

Will there ever be a /nrl/ meetup? I'll bring the condoms.

i mean't that they always fall of at the end of the game, like the warriors

Shame about the chin genetics though.

he's 18 man

>he didn't come to the Caloundra meet up last month

Fucking Rapana with the knee.

If they did they wouldn't have finished in second place. I agree their defence is questionable at times though.

take the 2 and that's gg

panthers were offside there

This refball has to stop at some point

That's very polite of Panthers to give Raiders the two points instead of one point

Raiders win.

fisher harris must have put money on the raiders

game over

>injuring yourself from your own player

Nothing happened??

Paulo molesting Cleary there.

>lose ball



Agreed and I want Raiders to win.

>one on one strip


>refs ruin a great game again

Melbourne are going to have a lot of fun with these shitters next week

every time i bet on a team they lose

Wouldn't mind if the entire refereeing team were laid off between now and next season

Except the blonde touchie, she can stay

>betting on Panthers.

Raiders held Melbourne to 8 points the last time they played them.

Melbourne are going to fuck these shits

The only referee that got suspended was literally the best referee left in NRL.

>a wild luke lewis appears

Literally furious

You'd know all about watching someone fuck someone wouldn't you.

People forgetting that Raiders fucked them over a few weeks back.

>he doesn't realize it's gonna be a cows vs storm grand final and storm win
>he doesn't realize it's predetermined


>people doubt /nrl/

I'll be back when it matters. You'll know it. You'll see.

>the fat sportsbet bloke is on The Dr Blake Mysteries.

We are getting this bad boy to 1000, Andrew.

Good one mate

Are we having a NSW Cup thread tomorrow lads?

Who's playing?

BBQ shapes taste like shit now too

Jets and Cutters, preliminary final.

There's a stream on the NSWRL site

Ipswich Jets vs Mackay Cutters?

Are they related to the Newtown Jets and Illawarra Cutters?

Who the fuck cares?

Patrician Rugby League fans

Neither team could cut it in first grade

The Holocaust was a hoax.

agreed, there's no way they could of cremated 6 million bodies with so few ovens and such little time. Concentration camps were slave camps, not death camps.

Sean u here m8?

Wanted to ask if you actually learnt anything going your cert in fitness, or did you just learn bro science?

just took 100mg of codeine lads


Those kids are fucking terrified

I learnt more outside of my fitness course than I did in the course. It did teach me a fair bit about bones and muscles although most of that I've forgotten.

Sounds about right. Dont let that experience make you give up on getting qualifications though

I won't. Although I won't ever be going back to FIA Fitnation.

last comment wins

We're being autosaged, lads

>next years top 3
>cows go b2b this year

WalkGod on Nobel Prize watch

Use the one with the correct colours.

ok thanks

No problem.

my pleasure

My heart is racing.

This is tense as FUCK.

what is?

Roosters on premiership watch.

cowboys will go back to back