Houston Astros @ Seattle Mariners GAMETHREAD

King Felix vs Collin McHugh


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*9:10pm ya weirdo

Go Ms!


But seriously I don't mind if y'all make the playoffs as long as you destroy the >rags

The game is in SEATTLE, user. SEATTLE is within PACIFIC TIME.

>that atmosphere

wish i was there right now

We got this!

win it for the king


It's time

Who dat doe



Damn that midget is annoying

this is fucked

come on fefe

get the out felix


Who's rocking the KEEP FIGHTING facebook profile filter?i

Normally I hate those things but Im digging this one


I dont do those things

He'a playing.

I thought he was staying in Texas

>king peenlix

these balls aren't even close

come on felix

got em

Astros going to slay this shit

>this is going to be every Felix inning

Felix just fucking threw 93


Nah, he was faking y'all out. Bregman is R I P for the season though, unless we make the postseason.


Rip bregman, 2017 is the year

>tfw Seff Smiff will never be your actual dad

Agree 200%
Bregman will become top tier, Correa will improve even more, especially consistency-wise, Springer will mature, Altuve will be even better, Keuchel will return to form, gurriel will settle in, and the bullpen will be even stronger. Barring a disastrous offseason, we will be elite in 2017.

Guys seriously though what the flying crap is up with aoki's batting stance? What do they teach those guys in Japan?

Tiger are down by 6 in the 8th!!!

why are mariners fans so autistic
would a playoff appearance finally make you faggots normal again

See also: Dae Ho Lee

Bruh settle down. I'm not an M's fan but let's keep this thread comfy.


based windians

>bases load 0 outs


I think we're just fine

Kek his belly rivals that of bartolo

stop walking them



How you like your starting pitcher efficiency, my guys?

tag the base guys



>It's a "Felix has no control" episode

thank god the bullpen is rested

you have to be kidding me



>it's another "get score update notifications from MLB at bat before the stream catches up to real time" episode

Too many fucking balls in the dirt.

Felix can't keep this up.

>can't keep this up
I see what ya did there

ignore it

heh, i didn't mean to do that

Good gracious that was a beautiful hit by marisnick

>It's a only bought a sixxer but should've gone for a half rack episode

Pls get it together Felix

You too ofense

Go StroBros

Mon negroid

Based Martin

Felix, pls pull your head out of your ass and throw strikes.

way to go martin


fuck off back to Detroit or Jew York City asswipe

thaaaaaaaaaank yooooouuuu!!!!!

Dang, nice play. I thought my boy Yuli had hit it out.

Not him but I've been trying to find out for the longest

Not him but you seem rather angry

>he didn't even play that game!

And THAT is how cool dude is

She has no right to be that curvy. I'm calling the police.

Not me, but yes I am most of the time

Cred Forums doesnt help desu

>mfw the Astros broadcast team is so neutral that I just now realized that's the broadcast I was watching

Why are they playing crappy country in Seattle? Like in Atlanta or Arlington I could understand, but what the crap

aren't they suppose to show a little bit of bias?

Save us Martin

Yeah but not to the point of ignorance. Good broadcasters don't feel the need to badmouth the other team. Cleveland's guys were doing that a couple weeks or so ago. It's just not professional.

why seager


Based Castro with the bullet

why would you do that

Seag, what was that?


playoff pressure to much for the m's

>aging imperfect King
>big bats looking small

c'mon guys, sake this shit off

I swear if we don't step it up tonight we need to fly in Griffey to have another talk with them

>mfw Altuve finishes with .340+/25+/100+ and still gets robbed of the emveep

>not starting O'Malley


>implying theres a large enough sample size to make that statement


mlb would hate to give the mvp to an hispanic manlet

wish he would win it tho

Nah, that was gonna be a base hit. He just couldn't not choke.

well he's easy to overlook

>felix sucking
>seager running on ball 5-10 feet away from home plate
>ball completely passes marte's glove

they're choking.

Mike trout has been robbed 3 times already

see you next year lads...

stop giving up runs

>imfreakingplying the SJWs wouldn't eat up that diversity


Fair point, but the Astros are not as abysmal as the angels

B A S E D C O R R E A D O E S. I T. A G A I N

M's need to chase McHugh. If they do that then there's a chance the offense can go ham.

McHugh fucking kills the M's

Y'all M's fans are a spastic group, but overall breddy nice


Do you have anymore? Can I save this one?

this is my fault

My ex was kinda like this;_;

Kek aoki literally always looks like he's crapping his pants

lets get some fuckin dingers mariners

ur ok pb

sure go ahead

Post pics my guy

pb, hit the showers.

Sorry. Have this instead

I don't care if it's handing altuve a lawnmower or a drywall knife and telling him to get back to work, just do something offensive guys

>ywn motorboat in a rowboat

Vogelbach is a chubby boy

what is that white thing?

I miss Mike Montgomery, I have the awful feeling that vogelbach isnt gonna work out

>not even 1 measly fucking hit


me too

I kinda feel like this might be the type of game long relief guys are built for

I hope not, but...

>mfw even jf we make it to October we will have Colin McHugh unavailable because he's in prison for committing rape tonight

>marisnick now has more hits in this game than in the last monthm

and he was mad solid for us too

ho nitter

just awful

Whelp lads. We'll get them tomorrow.

its the 10 over .500 curse

My friggin stream froze and I missed that beautiful play

well at least theres that

and the next day, we just gotta take every series

Idk. I saved it from somewhere else a long time ago.

how do the m's have a better record than Houston? I've watched almost all M's games this year and Houston plays us as the far superior team.

thank you Aoki

good lead off aoki

Because we started the season playing at a high A ball level and then finally got back to normal

Screw you for jinxing it


just short

okay cruz get aoki home

Entering today, 16 games left

12-4 = 90-72
11-5 = 89-73
10-6 = 88-74
9-7 = 87-75
8-8 = 86-76
7-8 = 85-77



Has Cano been worth the money?

Serious question.


it just keeps snowballing


wew gg lads

felix is fucking kill

if we even make the WC i guarantee you they'll have Paxton starting

felix is scheduled to start the last game of the season anyway. He wouldn't pitch in the wild card game

We've consistently kept on pace to finish this game 9-0

Yes, He's already the best Mariners second baseman of all time and he had a career year thus season.

His bat will die eventually, but he's still amazing defensively, consistent in everything he does, and is a great team leader.

I may be in the minority here, but I would argue that Felix's contract hasn't been worth the money. He's barely 30 years old and he's crumbling.




but we will have to totally eat the last three years of his contract

stop it

He has been a great addition to the team. I still think he's overpaid


@ichimeterlady 2m2 minutes ago
Prayers to the child that just got hit in the face by the @astros Home Run. 6 rows behind me in right field @Mariners


I want to see the aftermath


What if I told you about a Hall of Fame pitcher who burned out when he hit 30?

i'll link the direct video when its up

Fuck it, unless we salami this inning, Ihope Servais just throws this game, and doesn't tax any decent bullpen arms or risk any good players

I swear if he burns our bitchin camaro on this shit....

webm when?

going to be weird doing kings court every friday next year when he's not even able to strike people out anymore

hell be fine

(assuming he can figure a way to cheat the drug tests)

They should really retire the King's court until/if Felix can regain some of his stuff.

At this point, its just a nuisance that puts unnecessary pressure on Felix.

I hope you're wrong

can't really see it hit anyone


people said a girl got carried off away though



i didnt see shit....oh well....hope hes ok

this is basically 2008 felix-level

except with a severe dinger problem making his FIP huge

fuck off marte

fielding can't do anything right tonight

i'm going to go take a shower. hopefully they can score 1 run while i'm away

Was it the Gattis or Marwin homer?

someone get on base

That ball girl was a qt

m's can't stop popping up

McHugh pitching his game of the year. This is the momentum the Astros need.

Based on this the Astros will score one run this inning

Any of y'all try that Pepsi 1893 ginger cola? The stuff is incredible

not yet

Can we talk about how both of the best two uniforms in the AL are in this game?

I prefer the m's teal uniforms

nah....white is better ;;; ^ )

I meant the entire sets, but yeah, the teal jerseys are great. One of the few times that different colored shirt/pants actually work really well.

There are more Astros fans at this game than any Astros road game I've seen in quite a while

my mistake

Nah, you're good, man. I wish the Astros wouldn't use their orange jerseys so much though. Or the blue/rainbow alts. They've gotta come up with a better rainbow tribute uni.

It's because Seattle is literally all transplants and pajeets now

Fuck Amazon

>implying Houston isn't 115% transplants
Ever wonder why our fanbase is crap? That's why, buddy

Yeah they've ruined our once fine city. I moved to Kirkland from Seattle, Houghton point is the last bastion of the white race

Why is he throwing at springer's junk?!

I hate playing the Astros so much, damnit.

Anyone else notice every time this season the Mariners have been +10 games they've lost the next one? Has happened 4-5 times I swear

they always see to get the better of the m's

I would trade all of their wins against Seattle for wins against the >rags to be honest

>not one single run

they are saving them all for the 9th

i miss mimo

Leling at the stereotypical numale sitting in the front row behind the plate

>Bregman is R I P for the season though

If that's confirmed, that makes me really SAD

Mike Montgomery's line score from yesterday:

6 IP 4H 1ER 1BB 7K

It was confirmed today. Now I'm really hoping for a mad dash to the playoffs even more because you know that when he comes back he's gonna be an absolute monster in October and it'll be a storybook season for the ages


Kek what's going on?

Lol I wish an M's bro was at the game could tell us what she did

A girl ran onto the field from the pen.

woman ran on the field

time to believe

Was she [spoiler] N E K K E D [/spoiler]?

If we bring Giles or Sipp in then your hopes will become reality, my friend

someone on twitter said she just walked onto the field and strolled around

Top zozzle.

What would y'all do if you were to run onto the field?

good job by the bp tonight

shame about the offense/defense/felix

hug ichiro

I was like 10 when that happened and I was at the game. Weird shit man.

Steal a base

>it'll be a storybook season for the ages

based fucking omalley

only one that cares

>If we bring Giles or Sipp in then your hopes will become reality, my friend

Sipp came out, so it's possible

> -->IF

pls score

tough loss. need to win the series


shut out

gg astros. see you tomorrow

gg, M's bros. Y'all made this comfy and fun.

Poo Jays and Gloryholes win

feels bad bros

>gg astros. see you tomorrow

I know it'll be a more intense game tomorrow.

Lookin forward to it

I'm going to be there tomorrow.

Hopefully Paxton has a good outing. I want to see an M's win in person for once.

Keep it up, Astros. The Rangers magic number is down to 6.