What is the verdict?

What is the verdict?

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Why would you even consider watching it?

Because Skip is entertaining and the girl is hot.

It's a great show really gets to the zeitgeist of the current sports world,all while being entertaining and challenging the viewer to really think.

this show is so good

Does Shannon come with closed captioning?

Are you a member of the KKK?

I understand him just fine. I've gotten used to his mannerisms they annoyed me at first.

Nowhere near as good as Speak for Yourself

>Skip is better than Stephen Ass Shit
>Joy is hotter than Molly, and is less annoying
>Shannon is a hater and sour grapes shithead.
8/10 would watch it again.

>Joy is hotter than Molly
I actually thought Molly was hotter until I went on their instagrams. Molly is still hot but you can tell she was a dime piece in her early 20s that corroded with age.


While I am not against it, Molly did put on a few pounds. You can see her hiding her pot belly in a few segments where she is standing.

Is she preggers?

This show should be called SECOND Take.

Who know she's getting piped by Jalen Rose lmao

good couple 2bh i ship jolly.

If its on a Fox network its shit.

They do literally nothing well, and their sports coverage is abysmal.

It is basically a paletteswap of First Take.


With oogabooga sharpe
Dude does so much coke he cant breathe out of his massive negroid nostrils and you cant understand a word he says. Not that he ever says anything worthwhile because hes an idiot.

Ya no thanks

I only watch Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen. If theyre in a rerun I'll look for His and Hers.

>watching ooga and booga, race bait and feminist: the show unironically

81 babies

Nice tits.